A Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Your Name in Roblox

Are you a Roblox player looking to change your username but not sure how to go about it?

step-by-step guide to changing your name in Pubg

In this article, we will explore the process of changing your name in Roblox, the requirements you need to meet, and any limitations you may encounter.

From logging into your account to selecting a new username, we will guide you through the steps to successfully update your name.

We will provide you with tips on choosing a new name that reflects your personality and interests.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Roblox is a popular online gaming platform where users can create and play games.
  • There are various reasons why someone might want to change their name in Roblox, such as personal preference or wanting to start fresh.
  • To change your name in Roblox, you need to have a premium membership and the desired name must be available.
  • To change your name, log into your account, go to account settings, click on “change username”, enter your new desired username, and confirm the changes.
  • There are limitations to changing your name in Roblox, such as a cooldown period and a limited number of name changes.
  • When choosing a new name in Roblox, keep it simple, avoid offensive or inappropriate names, and consider your interests or use a name generator for ideas.
  • What is Roblox?

    Roblox is a popular multiplayer video game platform that enables game developers to create their games that are enjoyed by a growing worldwide community of over 40 million daily users. Roblox offers a diverse range of games, from traditional battle and open-world games to more skilled-based challenges, roleplaying games, and games based around creativity such as designing buildings, cars, or even entire theme parks.

    Everything about Roblox is user-generated, from the games themselves to the virtual items inside the games. Because of this unique structure, it has become a major employer of the Goldman Equation of code equals law, power, and assets from the slightly older game Minecraft, which also has heavy user engagement in world building and game modification.

    Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Name in Roblox?

    There are only two scenarios in which you would need to change your name in Roblox. These are if your name is on a specific moderation database, or if you have an official Roblox account.

    1. RO-Named Moderation Database: A federal requirement for child protection against the Human Trafficking/Pedophile-inspired ROBLOX moderation personnel and inappropriate ROBLOX moderation guidelines, according to DecipherChat’s August 2021 investigation into Roblox’s user-found HRPIS.
    2. Official Roblox Account: Some prominent entities and people have verified Roblox accounts, but must change their username listed here.

    What Are the Requirements for Changing Your Name in Roblox?

    The applicable requirements for changing your name in Roblox are as follows:

    1. You must have a username that complies with all of the moderation policies devised by the Roblox Corporation.
    2. You must have enough of Roblox Corporation’s paid Robux internal currency. As of October 29th, 2021, changing a name costs hundreds of Robux as shown in their website, ($440 according to a screenshot from a Google search for the time I created this guide).

    Roblox’s Moderation Policy requires usernames that do not reference:

    • Profanity (or the avoidance of its restrictions)
    • Sex or sexuality
    • Violent or macabre content
    • Racism or xenophobia
    • Illegal activities
    • Mature conversation
    • Real or fictional people or characters that may confuse a person into thinking the account is someone else.

    The moderation team’s goal is that the username should be something that a parent wouldn’t mind their child using. Users can edit their usernames in their account settings and Roblox users also have to accept a new moderation policy before they can change the username. The Roblox Corporation reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. According to the current policy at the time this guide was published, users must have an active paid Builder’s Club membership in order to change their username.

    Premium Membership

    To change your name in Roblox and force your followers to change their followers as well, you must activate a premium membership. If the name has not been chosen yet, check the name inventory at the membership level, club name system, or employee social app.

    To use name change tools for unique names in Roblox and other content, additional memberships or subscriptions may be required. There are three types of memberships offering different benefits available to changing names of Roblox users:

    Premium – For PC use only, Send friend requests, Buy and sell collectibles, Participate in the Builders Club, Trade players, Sell collectibles, Earn participation badges, Play specialized Roblox games. Note: Gifts can only be sent by Roblox Premium.

    R15 – Enhanced 3D animation Limitations: The user is unable to perform a backward jump. Virtual Reality for those seeking an immersive gaming experience Limitations: Current access solely on Roblox with an Oculus Rift device.

    Availability of Name

    The desired name sometimes cannot be changed because it is already taken or in restricted use. These are instances in which Roblox does not allow users to change their display name of choice. In the past, Roblox did not restrict a user’s ability to register a handle, only disallowing registration one for with is already in use. Now, they have extended this functionality to not allow registration of names similar to existing handles.

    How to Change Your Name in Roblox?

    You cannot change your name on Roblox according to the company. However, available research and user satisfaction data support that people are indeed able to change their Roblox usernames. The process involves R$1000 ROBUX and it requires a membership. Once a new username is chosen, you will receive a system message in Live Chat. According to the Roblox Admin message, once accepted, users are unable to recover the old username so choose carefully. The process does not absorb already-used usernames, but other accounts that own those names may change it themselves causing minor issues in the user dealing with the username change.

    Step 1: Log into Your Roblox Account

    Logging into your Roblox account is the first step to changing your username. Open the Roblox website in a browser, or open the app on your smartphone and tap Log In in the menu. Input username and password. Click or tap the Log In or equivalent button. If you aren’t already signed into an account and have forgotten your password, simply click the Forgot Password link to recover. If this method doesn’t work, search online for another way to change your password. Now you’re in your Roblox account.

    Step 2: Go to the Account Settings Page

    After logging in to your Roblox account, you can reach the Account Settings page in three ways, according to the Roblox name change entry on their support help page. You can click Settings on the top-right menu. There is a vertical three-dot menu on the top right where you can find Account Settings. You can go directly to web.roblox.com and put in the /my/account#/settings website extension.

    Once you are in Account Settings, you are actually in the Account Info tab showing the fields to change your password, not your name, according to Roblox support. You will be sent another account citizenship confirmation in order to change your name as Roblox demands. This is primarily due to the site being marketed and utilized by a younger user base. Once complete, the Account Info page will show a Username field on top where you can enter your new name. Your PIN number may have to be entered here, make sure you have it, for a final verification.

    Step 3: Click on the ‘Change Username’ Button

    This step is required to change your name on Roblox. Once you are on the ‘Settings’ page under ‘Account Info,’ clicking the ‘Change Username’ button will access the page in ‘Roblox settings’ where you can both check your eligibility to change your username and input your new username where you will see the background image provided by Roblox turn green. The ‘Change username’ button is located beneath the ‘Username’ field.

    If you see your message background as red, it means you have not met the requirements for a name change. Roblox allows free username changes only after a certain period, and if your account has already used the free name change, you will have to wait 14 days before you can change it again. If you prefer not to wait, there is the option to purchase a new name identifier immediately. According to Roblox’s policy and the ‘My Username is inappropriate’ page, the steps include determining whether your new name meets user requirements such as being at least 3-20 characters in length, and they must consider whether the downloaded Roblox client is being used to see if the name adheres to the rules. If it doesn’t, the process will let you know and require that you choose another one with the checkmark always appearing in green.

    Step 4: Enter Your Desired New Username

    Users can enter their desired new username once they have arrived at and filled out the recommended fields on the ‘Change Name’ form. This includes filling out their password, entering the new username, and clicking the ‘Buy for 1,000 Robux’ button. Users cannot enter any preferred names once their new username has been decided on, they have typed it into Roblox’s system, and have clicked the ‘Buy for 1,000 Robux’ button.

    Users’ preferences for the names they type into the system will include the exact spellings of the letters and base price. Members who modify their profile frequently might regret the new name. Changing a name on Roblox is not free, however, and the 1,000 Robux charge is not insignificant. Therefore, users should be sure that they have chosen the exact username they want to use going forward.

    If the name is available, the system will return that the preferred name is on sale for 1,000 Robux. At this time only the profile or parents account holder’s page will show the username. If impossible, this step will inform you and suggest similar usernames and offer hundreds or even thousands of alternatives to pick from that are not taken.

    Step 5: Confirm the Changes

    After carefully inputting the new display name(s) up to 20 characters, make sure you have read and understood the name change agreements noted next to the two names you wish to change to you. By selecting two names you are providing a second choice. If the two choices are disapproved, then you can either re-apply with the names again or name them something else entirely.

    Simply click the button that reads buy for 1,294.84, or once again go back and make changes by selecting your old name as your second choice. You will then receive a verification code from Roblox which you should insert onto the next page and click the Confirm button. Congrats! Once you have returned to your profile and see your new name(s) displayed – you have successfully changed your Roblox display name.

    You can only change usernames every 30 days, so plan any further switches accordingly. Name changes can appear immediately before or after you chose them but there can sometimes be a delay. Their username changing article suggests other possible causes for delays if you don’t see your new name after a ten-minute wait.

    Are There Any Limitations to Changing Your Name in Roblox?

    Yes, there are limitations to changing your name in Roblox. Numbers are not permitted in display names in Roblox. They may appear in usernames, but never in display names. Although special characters were once allowed in display names, they were removed so as to prevent the use of symbols, emojis, or special characters that make it difficult to report or remember users. Some accounts created before the rule change still have old display names with special characters. Roblox prohibits swapping display names with other users.

    However, players can change their username and display name as much as they want and in any way they like assuming they are being respectful of convention and are under the 90-day limit before eventually being able to share a past display name with another user. Roblox employees have the right to change or remove a display name if they deem a user’s name inappropriate or otherwise deviates from policy.

    Cooldown Period

    A cooldown period is the waiting time between changing your username, and Roblox has one of 3 days. The game has a waiting period for changing usernames to prevent frequent or unnecessary changes in usernames, as the process might slow down and even compromise game performance. This cooldown applies across all platforms.

    The system will alert you if you try to change your username too soon after a recent change. Though this feature is more designed to stop users from randomly and constantly changing their names for fun. As supported by user feedback, a longer cooldown may be more effective administratively speaking in naming abuses, but the majority of legitimate users who occasionally need to legitimately change their usernames will feel unfairly hamstrung by a 14 day cooldown.

    Limited Number of Name Changes

    Roblox has a limit to the number of name changes a user can make. You can change their Roblox username for free once every 7 days. After the first name change, the next two name changes cost 200 Robux (R$). For users between 13 and 17 years of age, the next two name changes cost 500 Robux (R$) , and for users who are 12 years of age or under, each of the next two name changing after the first one cost 1,000 Robux (R$).

    It is also worth noting that if opposing coins aren’t the same size, the ratio is out of line with the above despite the amounts in the system message being the same – this is part of Roblox’s pricing system based on bases of 10, 100, 500, etc. so that new users can purchase names changes more easily without having to change all their Robux into in-game currency in order to do so.

    What Are Some Tips for Choosing a New Name in Roblox?

    When changing their name in Roblox, users should observe the following guidelines.

    1. Choose a name between 3 and 20 characters.
    2. Consider the new name’s capitalization.
    3. Pick another long name instead of spaces.
    4. Include numbers (only a few digits such as the current year) and symbols.
    5. The new name must be unused and pass Roblox’s approval system.
    6. Check for past or present restricted names.
    7. Look over the new name to be sure it contains no offensive or inappropriate content.

    Keep it Simple and Easy to Remember

    Keep your future name simple and easy to remember, as you have to ask your friends to add you by your new username. Capital letters and numbers can help you get a name that is already taken.

    Try leaving out certain letters: usernames on the internet often substitute certain similar letters. The players DarkAngel and DarkAnge1 are different users on Roblox, so decide whether or not an often-used letter is vital to your brand.

    Here are a few proposals: D4rk_Angel, Chu2ng_Vd4nh (including personal identifiers such as silly00 can make your username unique along the same lines as u/majorharry00), Kareny_Example (middle initial) or HighSchoolMusical6 (number corresponding to the grade when you watched HSM.)

    Avoid Offensive or Inappropriate Names

    Player names must not contain offensive words according to the Roblox name change and Username policy. Such terms are outlined in the Bullying and Harassment section of the Roblox Community Rules under Inappropriate Speech. They include but are not limited to names that are vulgar, profane, sexually indiscreet, terroristic, hateful, racially, ethnically or physically offensive. If a name is offensive to you, it is also likely offensive to others.

    If a player name is found to violate the code under the What To Do Next? clause of the name change policy, then moderators can force a username change in an account and administrators may terminate your account. To change from an offensive or inappropriate name, click Support at the bottom of the Roblox website, and Send a Message to report the name.

    Offensive or inappropriate names can contain random letters, common terms, curse words, and racist or otherwise discriminatory remarks. Here are November’s violations of this type, according to the Roblox Moderator Boards: Aviviy – Ops58ust36282, Axalea2008 – stupid head900, kapakbey – gokhan baydag, Bxy2021 – Fxxxxx, Engrul – UHHHHHHnewtits, shirisk – T., XDetam90, DONOTIS***T, Hahugrq – t.txv, iHitman_ImBack – S, Jzv-_-, A. Lanky, Virluokuhy1, ixoe, XDXDXDXDXDXXXDDXD, IXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX, Cxxpx, Ssssmlkgdre, Me butt4, PZCCCCCCCCCCLLLW, Xdddgq, Sbroque, Desroyer1troty, Anlanky, Darkantlers, Wxxxxmarblexxx, And Depresstone22qb.

    Consider Your Interests or Hobbies

    If you are changing your Roblox username to align with your interests or hobbies, choose a user name that focuses on what other users can expect from your account. If you enjoy playing simulators, use the words Farm, Racing, or Obby (obstacle course) in your user name. If you enjoy space-based games or are part of a clan or group with Star Wars or Trek in the name, use the word Galaxy in your username. Think about the activities or games you enjoy the most on Roblox and incorporate elements of that into the name you choose.

    If playing obbies is your main interest, a name such as RobloxObbieHelper could let other users know that you have a lot of experience with obbies and might be of help to them. Ensure the user name you choose includes something that other Roblox users will find easy, helpful, or simply memorable. You can change your Roblox username at any time for a cost. If you decide on a new username, e.g. focustechco, to reflect other interests, you are allowed to change it a second time if your interests change again. If you want to change your name for a third time, Roblox requires Roblox Premium.

    Use a Name Generator for Ideas

    Name generators let you plug in certain characteristics and interests. A name generator like SpinXO lets you pick categories like hobbies, important words, numbers, and other features. You can get random names from them to use and/or tweak, put words inside of your generator to make a name. And of course, just stick with the names the program generates for you, like some of these examples from SpinXO… `Belfast Gamer, LunarLine747, El Jefe 2360.` Name generators can eliminate the blank slate problem for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Change Your Name in Roblox?

    How do I change my username in Roblox? To change your username in Roblox, go to the “Settings” page on the website or the mobile app and select the “Account Info” tab. From there, you can click on the “Change Username” button and follow the prompts to choose a new username.

    Can I change my name multiple times in Roblox?

    Is it possible to change my name more than once in Roblox? Yes, you can change your name multiple times in Roblox, but there is a cooldown period of 15 days between each name change. This means you cannot change your name again until the cooldown period is over.

    How much does it cost to change my name in Roblox?

    How much Robux does it cost to change my username in Roblox? The cost of changing your name in Roblox varies depending on your membership level. Non-members can change their name for 1000 Robux, while Premium members can change it for 500 Robux.

    Can I choose any name when changing my username in Roblox?

    Are there any restrictions on the names I can choose when changing my username in Roblox? Yes, there are some restrictions on usernames in Roblox. Names must be between 3-20 characters, cannot contain special characters, and cannot be already in use by another player.

    Will my friends still recognize me after changing my name in Roblox?

    If I change my name in Roblox, will my friends still be able to find and recognize me? Yes, your friends will still be able to find and recognize you after changing your name in Roblox. Your previous username will be displayed in parentheses next to your new name, making it easy for your friends to identify you.

    Can I transfer my items and progress to a new username in Roblox?

    If I change my username in Roblox, will my items and progress transfer to the new name? Yes, when you change your username in Roblox, all of your items and progress will transfer to the new name. However, any items you have purchased with Robux will not be refunded if you decide to change your name again in the future.

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