Elevate Your Pubg Profile: Learn How to Change Your Name with Symbols!

Are you looking to personalize your Pubg gaming experience and stand out from the crowd of players?

Changing your name with symbols in Pubg can add a touch of creativity and fun to your profile.

We will explore the reasons why changing your name in Pubg is important, how to do it with symbols, what symbols you can use, and tips for selecting a unique and creative name.

Stay tuned to learn all about this exciting aspect of Pubg gaming!

Why Change Name in Pubg?

You should change your name in Pubg for the following reasons.

  1. Original name is boring
  2. Original name triggering opponents
  3. Enters the wrong name during registration
  4. Email, Permanent Contact Number, Medical ID, Job Promotion, Child Name, and other personal details need to be updated
  5. A tournament with name restrictions
  6. Joining a clan

Clan names can have brackets around them. If you are the leader of a clan, you can have recruiting messages that use the clan tags outlined in brackets.

There are the following main reasons to change your name in Pubg mobile:

  1. Brand Promotion: Teams enter Pubg tournaments by signing deals with organizations that require streamers to promote the brand. To promote the brand, streamers change their names to include the name of the sponsor.
  2. Symbol and style: Changing your name according to the latest trends is another reason to change your name. People include lots of different motifs in their names to make them stand out.


The most common reason for replacing the default PUBG Mobile name is to personalize it. This can include adding symbols, letters in different cases, numbers, emojis, and even entire phrases or sentences. Personalized names make you more easily recognizable to other players in the game. Clantag meme which goes along your personalization aspect can help you portray your team qualities before you even start playing.

Stand Out from Other Players

Using special symbols for a pubg name can help to stand out specifically in the game world as player names are displayed above their heads in the game. Since up to 100 players are in a game at once and they all start with basic alphanumeric digit names while they are parachuting down to the map, distinctive player names are useful for aiding communications and socialization in the game.

Having a unique and colorful eye-catching name is seen as cool and often contributes to a quality battle royale gaming experience. Using a name that includes obscure or unusual symbols makes it easier for other players to find you using the game interface because they then follow you in droves and attempt to take you out to earn cool points based on having defeated a popular player.

Creativity and Fun

The third step to changing your name in pubg with symbols is creativity and fun. This is the most important part according to Quora user Nıck Barrett (15k followers) who is a self-taught coder, and has been a member of pubg since it was in beta, test stage.

Create a fun and interesting name that is easy to remember. This will improve your experience as players comment on your name while playing. For those who want to use names with symbols, the extra bonus should be that the symbols emphasize or expand the theme that is being expressed in the name. Popular, creative, and informal themes for pubg player names include the following.

The possibilities are really infinite, these are just some informal examples. When changing your name, ask yourself if the name will spark a laugh or a funny comment from a teammate or opponent. What has been changed in the name that makes it more noticeable, memorable, fun, or peppy than the old one?

For example, if the original name is the unimaginative NoobKing and the player wants to add a symbol, a change to N◑◐bKing would be a vast improvement. Or an `A2` instead of ◑◐ because alt-2 toggles the mute state on most mobile devices, which makes it easier for players to communicate using voice chat. The name is not necessarily an effort to shock or anger other players, as Sumail Hassan discovered with his p@N1gr@nt`sf0rb@k` name in CoD mobile. No one-ever noted it when his name was Sumail Hassan.

How to Change Name in Pubg with Symbols?

Any straight result in a Google search offers a list of Pubg names with symbols. These lists generally have a search-by-filter option for name length, type of symbols, and so on. Less usual are articles by game informers with over a thousand of logo-free name suggestions. These should be pasted directly, as the Pubg name changing system lacks even basic copy-pasting.

Using Special Characters in Pubg Name

You can change your name in PUBG using the Company Name box in settings. Practically any special character and Unicode character is allowed as of the current version of PUBG Mobile update as long as they do not form bad words. Below are examples of emoticons from Pubg research tools and websites that can be used on iPhone, Android, and Windows devices. Different general categories to choose from are emojis and emoticons, animals, transports, buildings, astronomical symbols, hands, arrows, triangles, boxes, geometric shapes, zodiac, bell, and others. In PUBG on the Mobile platform, you are limited to one special character in your name.

Using Third-Party Websites

There are a few third-party websites that Bay Area Amusements states do not work and playing online games may have to find this out for themselves. This guide specifically covers how to change your name in PUBG with websites that work for this game and others, including MineCraft and Fortnite to generate unique names with special characters in order to gain advantage.

  1. YayText: This works with just about every game and social media platform.
  2. Minecraft.DoGamer: Intended for Minecraft, but generates names for all purposes.
  3. Fancy Text tool: This offers multiple ways to create a unique name in case special characters get replaced and it has a PUBG-specific generator.
  4. regendry.com: A PUBG name generator.

Using Unicode Characters

A third way to change your PUBG Mobile user name is by using Unicode characters. Unicode is a universal character set with standardized encoding that allows users to efficiently exchange text data where the character set and encoding are not known in advance. You can use Unicode to change your PUBG Mobile name by pasting Unicode characters directly into the game. Some holders of high-level passes on PUBG Mobile have more flexibility and can change the names of lessors to include Unicode, but this capability is not available for most users.

Using Unicode symbols to create a name is easy. There are thousands upon thousands of Unicode characters available, which can make it challenging to find ones that work for creating an interesting or unique PUBG Mobile name. To find a Unicode character to use, search for Unicode tables or references. From there, find a Unicode character by category or search for character names. When you find a character that you like and that is compatible with mobile devices, copy the character and paste it into the user name change field on PUBG Mobile. It is always a good idea to try adding different numbers of full-width spaces before and after the Unicode, so the name appears centered, clear, and unique as needed.

What Symbols Can You Use in Pubg Name?

Many types of textalyzer symbols can be used in a PUBG name, including <$ _ % # ! + ? . , ; : However, players should use symbols in their names sparingly because excessive use of textalyzer symbols will cheapen the value of a name. This gives the impression that a player may have a childish or low-quality attitude. The best use of PUBG name symbols should be to make the name unique and interesting.

What Symbols Should You Avoid in Pubg Name?

You should consider avoiding symbols such as the following keyboard, currency, weather, zodiac related, or controls keys for the purpose of easy typing, or when they do not contribute to your Pubg in-game presence. Because it is not simple to use them and some of the bad username impressions are given by some of these designs.

Here we have arranged some of the symbols you should avoid in your Pubg Name. These keyboard symbols are harder to type and normally have fewer aesthetic or style uses. Special characters used as alt codes on Windows computers are symbols that look like they could fit into a Pubg name at first glance, but most don’t, as there is little typography or asymmetry utility for them.

Tips for Choosing a Unique and Creative Pubg Name

Choose a Pubg name that contains the following under consideration.

  1. Combine at least two words: mix and match related or unrelated words based around your preferred central theme.
  2. Use emotion and tone to affect the target username. A combination of words can provide room for irony, potently delivering a message.
  3. Ensure Legibility: even though occasional alt-capitalization may be positive, the preferred username should be easily read and understood.

Is it Safe to Change Name in Pubg with Symbols?

Yes. Changing your name in Pubg with symbols is safe, selective, and optional. Changing your name in Pubg as often as you wish does not result in any performance-lowering consequences. The cache cleared or storage space unused message in Pubg Mobile which suggests that the app and game-related data be deleted from the phone to speed the game up is an automated system notification that appears from time to time. Therefore, you may take the error message seriously as your name change is strictly not causal in operation.


Player Name Changes are only possible in PUBG by purchasing a rename card in the in-game shop for using Royal Pass Reward UCs. Rename cards allow users to replace their existing names with new names (including font-styled names and names including special symbols). You can use any third-party name generator to change your PUBG name to one that includes special symbols.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to trademark issues, Ubisoft no longer sells in-game content, such as rename cards, in PUBG in Turkey.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Name in Pubg With Symbols?

What are symbols and why do I need to know about them for changing my name in Pubg?
Symbols are special characters that can be used in place of letters or numbers. In Pubg, symbols are used to create unique and eye-catching names for your character.

How do I access symbols for changing my name in Pubg?

Where can I find symbols to use for my Pubg name change?
You can find symbols on your keyboard, or you can use online symbol generators or copy-paste from websites to get unique symbols for your Pubg name.

Can I use any symbol for my Pubg name change?

Are there any restrictions on the symbols I can use for changing my name in Pubg?
Yes, there are certain symbols that may not be allowed in Pubg names due to their potential to cause offensive or inappropriate content.

How do I change my name in Pubg using symbols?

What is the process for changing my name in Pubg with symbols?
To change your name in Pubg with symbols, go to your profile in the game, click on the “Edit” button next to your name, and then add the symbols you want to use before saving the changes.

Can I change my name in Pubg multiple times using symbols?

Is there a limit to how many times I can change my name in Pubg with symbols?
Yes, Pubg has a limit on how many times you can change your name, regardless of whether you use symbols or not. You can only change your name once per day.

Are there any restrictions on the length of my Pubg name with symbols?

Is there a maximum or minimum character limit for my Pubg name if I use symbols?
Yes, Pubg has a character limit of 15 for names, including symbols. Make sure to keep your name within this limit to avoid any issues with changing it.

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