Mastering Mic Settings: How to Turn on Mic in Pubg PC

If you’re a Pubg PC player, you know the importance of communication in the game.

A microphone (mic) is a vital tool that allows you to strategize with your teammates and coordinate your moves effectively.

In this article, we will explore the significance of a mic in Pubg PC, how to turn it on, common issues you may encounter, and tips for using it efficiently.

Enhance your Pubg PC gaming experience by diving in!

What is a Mic and Why is it Important in Pubg PC?

A microphone (mic) is a device that records vibrations from sound waves and converts them to an electrical current. In PUBG PC, the microphone is an important component when playing squads or duos. It is crucial for strategizing, feedback, or just simple communication. As per PUBG’s user guidelines, while you can play squads or trios if you’d rather not communicate with your team members, they prefer that you still use the in-game communications system to inform team strategizing. Whether you are playing with random strangers or friends, the mic is essential. The increased precision in communications is key to playing with a strategic squad in the game. As per platforms like Metacritic and IGN, whether it be listening to your team/player’s mic, making a plan, and communicating it, or responding to a plan made by some other member, the microphone is a player’s most important tool. In the past, it was a major means of stopping opposition as well. It was the voice that conveyed the necessary information to the crew. Not using a mic places you at a major gaming disadvantage on platforms like PUBG, particularly in team missions. Therefore, having the microphone functioning correctly is critical while playing online games or on a team, including PUBG on the PC, to increase the chances of survival and ultimately achieve the goal of playing the game.

What is the Purpose of a Mic in Pubg PC?

The purpose of using a mic in Pubg PC is for quicker and more effective communication and collaboration with your team members, be they real-life friends or randomized allies. Using a mic allows real-time interaction so you can coordinate attacks, share important in-game information (like spotting the enemy team or marking out important weapons/items), and alert your teammates to threats around them in a way that using typed chat does not allow.

If you’ve ever played Pubg PC online with teammates who use microphones, you’ve probably experienced what it’s like to only communicate via typed chat, which can be very slow and unreliable. You may then understand why mics are often abused. When you’re typing in PUBG during combat, you’re basically dead. Your time is up. You’d better have a microphone and be in the fray with as few written words as possible. A Pubg PC match is a dynamic, high-tension situation that demands clear and immediate communication. Trying to navigate the game with the optimal strategy, sounds, and locations using written chat can be unproductive and may hinder your team’s ability to succeed.

How to Turn on Mic in Pubg PC?

You turn on the mic in PUBG PC using a variety of methods depending on the type of mic you have. Here are the user’s options to turn on the mic for PUBG PC if this does not happen automatically:

  1. Ensure your microphone is enabled in the microphone privacy settings in Windows settings.
  2. Use the ‘Ctrl+T’ hotkey during gameplay to activate the All Chat option where you can speak to all players whether they are your teammates or opponents. Use the ‘Y’ key after activating All Chat to open the text or chat input tray underneath the screen to type a text message.
  3. If you are using a headset or headphone with a dedicated mic, ensure to enable the communication device in the team management section or open the TDM (Team Death Match) Tab. This will let you communicate with your team specifically.

Step-by-Step Guide to Turning on Mic in Pubg PC

A step-by-step guide to enabling the microphone in PUBG on PC encompasses the following 10 steps:

  1. Click the Alienware Customs Settings button.
  2. Garfield’s smiling face lets you know this is a fun step. Click the Sound Control Panel button.
  3. Click the Recording tab in the window that appears.
  4. Double-click the microphone that you’re using in the recording devices window.
  5. Make sure the applicable microphone is set as the default device if there are others listed.
  6. Close out of the window by clicking OK.
  7. Go back to PUBG, now people will hear your gaming voice when you speak in the Mic. Test it to make sure it’s working.

Follow the above steps if the methods for the particular headset, alternate default communication device, or PUBG settings mentioned above are not working for your Windows PC.

Alternative Ways to Enable Mic in Pubg PC

Alternative ways to enable the microphone in PUBG PC are to right-click on your desktop speaker settings icon, select the microphone then choose the default communication device. Additionally, find the mic icon at the top of the PUBG PC lobby during a game session and turn it on there. You can check if the mic is enabled in the control panel in addition to the microphone settings. The mic used must be set as the default device there.

Common Issues with Mic in Pubg PC

Based on user experience, the most common issues with mic in Pubg PC are that inside the game mic audio is non-functional no matter what setting the player initiates it on or that the Pubg mic is not recognized by the game (leading users to restart the game).

The non-functioning of the mic is most commonly due to incorrect sound or mic settings either in the game itself or in the windows settings, both of which should be set to the Pubg mic input/output device. The other most common reason is that they have accidentally muted their own microphones. Verification of the status of mics both in-game and on the windows microphone settings are essential to troubleshooting these issues.

How to Troubleshoot Mic Issues in Pubg PC?

According to Microsoft’s support page, if volume output is unclear or distorted, it is because the sensitivity is set too high for your microphone. On the other hand, if volume output is too quiet or muted, the sensitivity is set too low. BattlEye, an anti-cheat third-party, reportedly disabled the audio input for some users during two specific seasons of Pubg. For such issues, it is important that the easiest fix is to make sure that you meet the required audio driver in order to play the game.

If you can’t turn off the push-to-talk option and can’t find the Voice Chat at all, it’s possible that selecting the final option in the menu will bypass your problem. Unreal Engine 4 is the game development engine used in Pubg PC. As a result, you will experience similar mic problems with any other games that use the same engine.

Tips for Using Mic in Pubg PC

Performance in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC is dependent on the Steam/Valve summer sale for players who are not already up to date or waiting for a winter sale in hopes of getting the game at a discounted price. It is important to note that features in PUBG PC mimic the mobile version, but there are not multiple external chat tools that complicate the sound settings such as there are in the mobile game (such as teams, clans, and crew voices).

Here are some tips to keep in mind for using the mic during PUBG PC games:

  • Probable Network Delays: Adjusting the outgoing mic volume in PUBG PC’s settings ensures that the mic is clear and your voice isn’t transmitting in large spikes which can cause agreements.
  • Mic Style: A noise-camouflaging headset can help you cope with unbearable road noises or even household noise as you get used to communicating during intense PUBG PC team matches.
  • Prefer Wired Microphones: Wired mics are able to communicate more quickly than wireless mics. It might seem impossible to notice the differences, but to PFPS die-hards less than a millisecond is enough to create a terrible experience.

Adjust Mic Sensitivity

If you want to turn on the MIC on PUBG PC, the closest equivalent is adjusting the Mic Sensitivity. This option in the game’s settings allows you to control how able the game is to pick up sound. This includes reducing all outside noise to its lowest level so only your speaking voice while playing is turned into sound that players you are connected with can hear.

To adjust your mic setting (also called the Voice channel), press CTRL+Y to get the muted microphone indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen. Press ESC then click on the Settings cog icon. Go into the Sound tab and click how sensitive you want your mic to be. Set the Mic Volume to 0% if you want no sound to come from your mic. Otherwise set the volume level somewhere between 1% to 100% based on the needs of other players in the game to hear you.

For better sound control before starting PUBG on PC, you can visit Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Sound → Recording and lower the sensitivity of your mic using the levels control.

Use Push-to-Talk Option

If you don’t want your microphone to be always on, you can activate Push-to-talk AKA PTT in PUBG PC. In PTT, users have to deliberately enable their voice for transmission by pressing a specific button, otherwise the microphone remains off and does not transmit any sound. This can save you a lot of accidental mic open moments.

To assign a key to the PTT function in PUBG PC, go to SETTINGS (the gear icon on the bottom right) > AUDIO > enable VOICE CHAT > Set Key for Dutch Broadcasting Foundation. Keys can be customized for easier command accessibility. A very popular choice for keybinding by many players for push-to-talk is the LEFT ALT key. However, if you bind a function to a key that is already used by another function, the new assignment will replace the other one.

Communicate Effectively with Teammates

Communicate (verb) means release or exchange of information. Thousands of successful professional and amateur e-sports players around the world use mics in PUBG or similar games to communicate with teammates, building strategies on the go, and discussing other relevant game-related information. To activate a mic in PUBG during multiplayer games, one needs to press (Ctrl + T) whether playing on a PC, Gaming Console, or Mobile Device.

Using a mic to communicate with teammates is not only fun and allows you to make friends, bantering while playing games also enhances overall gaming experience once you are used to hearing and understanding a little bit of in-game audio. It helps to develop better chemistry with teammates, increases synchronicity during the game, allows teammates to ask or provide game-related information and decisions quickly, and perform better with better chances of winning.


Mic settings within PUBG on PC are contentious at best, both according to players in user forums and from PUBG Corporation itself. From the godly virtues of audio drivers and ports to the diastrous sins of out-of-date software and low-quality internet, according to user report of PUBG PC technical help.

In the simplest Google search about turning on the mic on PUBG, instructions within Windows settings and using audio troubleshooting tools will come up. While the exact resolution to turn on your mic in PUBG PC will depend on the user’s specific situation, the solution for PUBG itself is less complicated. PUBG maps your Default Recording Device as the mic, rather than having a toggled on/off mic setting. A green bar will appear on the right of your minimap when the mic is turned on, according to PUBG Corporation. If you see the bar but have issues ensure your device is properly paired with the game. To assist gamers having problems there are chat logs available in PUBG on PC to assist

Here are the steps to view them:

  1. Open PUBG
  2. Open your friends list
  3. Select the profile / find the profile in which chat is to be checked
  4. Select the View button on the profile

A better question might not be ‘how to turn on mic in PUBG PC’ at all in order to ask ‘Why is my audio not working in PUBG PC?’ A Google search is always a good place to start for solutions to most questions – especially since even the gaming community themselves admit that finding answers to mic issues can be frustrating. If your mystery continues despite your research as to how to turn on mic in PUBG PC you can contact [email protected] which will redirect to Krafton Customer Support per PUBG Corporation directions. They can provide one-on-one support for PUBG setup issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are questions that are asked more often than others and are important to know despite being simple. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Pubg PC:

  1. Question: How to download Pubg on the PC? Answer: You download Pubg on the PC by buying it on the Steam application, this grants you a license to use the Pubg game. The Pubg download size on the PC game is 53 gigabytes.
  2. Question: How to reduce lag and packet loss in Pubg PC? Answer: To reduce lag and packet loss in Pubg PC, you can try the following steps: a) reduce latency by closing programs running in the background, b) reducing graphical settings in the game, c) disable Windows Automatic Updates and Windows Update services, and d) disable any VPNs.
  3. Question: What anti-cheat system does Pubg use on PC? Answer: Pubg uses a self-designed anti-cheat system named BattleEye which works in real-time, automatically updating and removing cheats from the game. Players can also report other players anonymously if they believe someone is cheating.
  4. Question: Who developed Pubg? Answer: Pubg was developed by the internet service company Bluehole, a subsidiary of Krafton Game Union. Pubg for PC was an offshoot of an earlier release, PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale mod for Arma 2 and then later PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale mod for Arma 3 and H1Z1.
  5. Question: What is the recommended age group for Pubg on PC and mobile? Answer: The maximum recommended age in the United States for Pubg is 42 years old according to the results of a survey from clinic Tripment. 15-30 years old is the recommended age according to Tripment. For those under 16 years old in the UK and 17 years old in the United States.

Can I Use a Wireless Mic in Pubg PC?

Yes. The website Streaming Setup Gear defines wireless microphones as microphones that use radio frequency signals or infrared light to communicate to the receiver device (and then to the audio output device), instead of a physical microphone cable. These wireless mics are used to connect to recording equipment or computers for recording audio.

The wireless microphones are simple to set up with computers, smartphones, and other consumer electronics. Bluetooth and most other advanced wireless technologies can automatically detect these devices and connect them. Plus conventional machines, a wide variety of mobile-focused audio devices can be connected to smartphones and tablets. Wireless microphones are most frequently used in outdoor or dynamic environments because no wire management is necessary and they are unobtrusive. This will help viewers of your stream enjoy the background noise and better experience your mouth as you call out enemies and reamplays.

Unfortunately, as PUBG is unavailable on Facebook Gaming and similar broadcasting platforms. Wireless microphones are typically designed for smartphones and tablets, which favor portability. Regardless, most of these technologies can also serve dual purposes as a microphone for desktops and laptops unless stated otherwise.

Why is My Mic Not Working in Pubg PC?

Your mic most likely is not working in PUBG PC due to microphone access issues with your operating system or malfunctioning microphone hardware not specifically configured for use with PUBG. Different VSAs or security settings, including updates to BIOS, may affect MIC operations in some instances.

These issues are often windows-specific, such as mice not not being detected as ready devices. Viewing your hardware connection status and updating your operating system, device drivers, and audio settings are easy solutions to try. Disable secondary audio applications and pull up PUBG PC’s Tencent Gaming Buddy Controls settings (if you are using that on your computer). Verify that the internal or external MIC that you want to use is selected. Make sure the levels are properly set in the Levels tab. Select the Realtek high definition audio in your Default Communications tab. Remember to click Apply.

If after checking the settings and making sure all the right permissions have been given to the PUBG game and PUBG keymapping tools, and talking to your SOC testing teams, people are still unable to hear you in PUBG game, close PUBG and restart it. Not all PUBG PC applications will accept configuration changes until rebooted.

NOTE: Do Not Verify Options in Every Gaming Session. Most people do not regularly explore Audio settings after setting them initially regardless of whether the microphone has stopped working. But if situations change such as wanting a different or newer external headset one day, it is good to know the correct steps to find audio settings.

How Do I Turn off My Mic in Pubg PC?

You turn off your mic in Pubg PC at the OS system level as there is not a game option to disable the mic. This can be done by right-clicking the Windows logo button, navigating to Device Manager, then to Sound, video and game controllers, and selecting Disable under Realtek audio or the other mic driver you are using.

For Windows 10, you can also disable the webcam by going to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and turning off the switch next to the app.

There is also the option to disconnect the mic physically from the PC, either by removing the hardware or removing the microphone itself from a headset. This is the basic method of doing so in case of drivers not being compatible, disabling other application and software settings, or if there is confusion in the interface without a mic-only option.

You could easily connect the mic back and test. If the issue has not been resolved yet, you could try one of the other options and reach out to the game user guide or your device customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn on Mic in Pubg Pc?

How do I turn on my mic in Pubg PC?
To turn on your mic in Pubg PC, open the game and go to the settings menu. Under the audio tab, make sure the “enable voice chat” option is checked. Can I use a different mic for Pubg PC?
Yes, you can use any mic that is compatible with your computer for Pubg PC. Just make sure it is selected as your default recording device in your computer’s sound settings. Why is my mic not working in Pubg PC?
If your mic is not working in Pubg PC, first check your computer’s sound settings to make sure the mic is selected as the default recording device. Also, check the in-game audio settings to ensure voice chat is enabled. How can I adjust my mic volume in Pubg PC?
To adjust your mic volume in Pubg PC, go to the audio tab in the settings menu and use the slider to adjust the mic volume. You can also test your mic by using the “test mic” button. Can I mute my mic in Pubg PC?
Yes, you can mute your mic in Pubg PC by using the mute button in the in-game voice chat menu. You can also use the push-to-talk feature to only transmit your voice when you hold down a specific key. How can I test if my mic is working in Pubg PC?
To test if your mic is working in Pubg PC, go to the audio tab in the settings menu and click on the “test mic” button. Speak into your mic and if the bar moves, your mic is working properly.

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