A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Redeem a Fortnite Gift Card in Fortnite

Looking to enhance your Fortnite gaming experience? A Fortnite Gift Card might be just what you need!

In this article, we will explore what a Fortnite Gift Card is, what it includes, how to purchase one, where to buy it, and how to redeem it in the game.

We will discuss the various ways you can use the V-Bucks obtained from the gift card and provide tips on what to do if you encounter any issues during the redemption process.

Let’s dive in and level up your Fortnite gameplay!

What is a Fortnite Gift Card?

A Fortnite gift card is any payment card that has pre-purchased amounts of in-game Fortnite V-Bucks or other in-game content on the card. Fortnite gift cards are not physical credit cards but are instead sometimes called gift cards if they have pre-purchased amounts of Fortnite V-Bucks or in-game content.

A Fortnite gift card has monetary value, called a balance represented as a serial number, QR code, or pin, that allows you to unlock Fortnite V-Bucks vults or in-game items without needing to provide a debit, credit, or gift card when making an in-game purchase. While these Fortnite gift cards are referred to as credit cards, they cannot be used for anything beyond Fortnite virtual content.

What Does the Fortnite Gift Card Include?

The Fortnite gift card includes either a code to add to a Fortnite (which may be a brand of a major video game material retailer’s) online account or a physical card to give as a birthday present. Each card is guaranteed by US/CA retail laws and gives between $20 and $1000 of spending credit on Fortnite weapons, skins, and emotes. However, none of the costs, allowances, or laws of Fortnite credit cards work in the real world. Fortnite gift card programs have been designed for all retailers and all consumers to perform in exactly the same manner as traditional major brand gift cards. The only differences are that Fortnite is an eSport with visual game purchases and has a different fan base from other games. Never give your account login information to a stranger. That is one way to ensure no money is stolen from your card balance.

How to Purchase a Fortnite Gift Card?

A Fortnite gift card is purchased at a retail store or e-commerce website from the Fortnite gift card vendor list. Refer to the Friendly Guide to E-commerce Lost in the Cloud (AIG) website. Use the ‘Ways to Collecct’ filter button and click on ‘Gift Cards’ to narrow down the selection. Major Fortnite gift card brands include PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Razer, Nintendo, and US-based V-Bucks gift cards available at physical retail stores and on e-commerce websites.

Most Fortnite gift card vendors allow bulk or business sales for those needing to purchase multiple gift cards at once. Often after discounting, this can be much below the retail price. The Friendly Guide to E-commerce Lost in the Cloud notes that purchasing Gamestop Fortnite gift cards via the CashStar storefront allows bulk purchase of up to 500 gift cards, ranging in value from multi-packs of $20 (1,000 V-Bucks) up to single card denominations of $100, $75, and $50.

Where Can You Buy a Fortnite Gift Card?

You can buy a Fortnite gift card online from e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Target, GameStop, Walmart, PayPal, and Epic Games. You can also purchase a Fortnite gift card in physical stores such as GameStop and Best Buy.

The aforementioned websites all offer you the choice of buying a digital, online Fortnite card or purchasing a physical Fortnite card at an additional rate of $3-5 for shipping. US users do not have to pay shipping costs at BestBuy for purchasing physical gift cards in-store.

How Much Does a Fortnite Gift Card Cost?

A Fortnite gift card in the format of a physical game card does not have a fixed cost. The price of physical game cards is based on the amount of V-Bucks they are preloaded with and retailers including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy typically offer cards of different denominations.

Online Fortnite gift card purchases at the official Fortnite website similarly have a variety of prices based on V-Bucks amounts. When available, Fortnite digital gift cards show potential choices during the purchasing process. The minimum amount for a Fortnite gift card is around $5 with 600 V-Bucks. Beyond that, options range to 13 other gift card denominations from $7.99 with 1000 V-Bucks to $399.99 with 13500 V-Bucks.

The amount of V-Bucks loaded onto a digital Fortnite gift card is the price purchasers pay. There are no additional charges. Fees and potential for resale on physical Fortnite cards are limited since the currency cannot be spent elsewhere. Neither purchased gift cards nor redeemed V-Bucks expire, so whatever amount is paid nets the user an equivalent amount of V-Bucks desirable within the Fortnite environment.

How to Redeem a Fortnite Gift Card?

A Fortnite gift card is redeemed by visiting epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/vbuckscard and selecting the platform that the gift card is intended for. This brings up the platform-specific method for redeeming the gift card (typically entering the gift card number and clicking a redeem option). If the user does not log in with an existing Fortnite/Epic account or sign up for a new account, they will need to do so in order to link the purchased V-bucks to a Fortnite account. Once logged in or registered, Fortnite customers can redeem the gift card link their new V-bucks to their account, and they will receive a confirmation e-mail of their gift card purchase.

To redeem your V-Bucks gift card on a computer or mobile device:

  1. Start by going to one of the following locations https://bit.ly/FortniteGiftCard27 or https://bit.ly/FortniteGiftCard30 depending on the dollar amount of your gift card.
  2. Once you have navigated to that location, select the icon of the store where the card was purchased or the “See All Retailers” tab to find your store. This will take you to a page with instructions for entering your gift card PIN.
  3. If you are already signed into your Epic account on the web page and purchase V-Bucks or a real-world money bundle from the games tab, you can redeem V-Bucks directly from this screen by selecting one of these. If you are not signed in, click the blue “Sign In” button on the top right to enter your account and password.
  4. Enter the PIN on your V-bucks card in the space provided and click “Get Started”.
  5. If you’ve never done this before on PC, you will be prompted to create an account.
  6. Customers who purchase real-world money bundles will be taken to their storefront and can just purchase the item normally. For games V-Bucks, there should be CB you purchased available. Select the character you want to receive the V-Bucks and click “Save and Continue”.

Step 1: Log into Your Fortnite Account

Log into your Fortnite account. This includes checking the possible accounts your Epic Game account might be linked to. A Fortnite gift card will only work if the right Epic Game account is used. The wrong account will recognize the gift card code as invalid. To check your linked account go to the Epic Game mobile website, choose the menu button at the bottom corner, and press Sign In. Enter your email address, password, and the captcha code. After pressing Sign In, choose Linked accounts from the menu. Once in the Linked Account control panel you can add, link or remove accounts from the options menu.

Fortnite gift cards can be bought from numerous retailers and come in two types: V-Bucks and Desktop. Despite their name, Desktop gift cards only work on Xbox and PlayStation. They can also be used for purchasing V-Bucks on a computer. Once you have figured out the right Epic Game account to use, follow the steps above to log in. The recipient of the card should be the person entering the unique code to redeem.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Store’ Tab

In Fortnite, going to the ‘Store’ tab is where users are directed to redeem a Fortnite gift card or code. When you launch Fortnite on a PC/Mac, the ‘Store’ tab is referred to as the ‘V-Bucks Tab’. You can click on the ‘Store’ icon which usually opens up directly under the ‘Battle Pass’ tab, or you can choose this in the game’s menu. On consoles, one can then click on ‘Code of Conduct’ again as described in the previous step.

Step 3: Select ‘Redeem Code’

Select the ‘Select A Payment Method’ box on ‘Epic Game Store’, located next to the amount to pay (in this case 0). To redeem your Fortnite gift code, you need to select the ‘Enter Code’ link, which will open a new screen that says ‘Use a code’. Enter your code as shown and select ‘Redeem’. The dollars are set at zero, select ‘Select A Payment Method’. Select ‘Redeem Code’.

Step 4: Enter the Code from Your Gift Card

Step 4: Enter the Code from Your Gift Card

The next step to redeem a Fortnite gift card is to enter the code from your card into the ‘Enter access code’ box. The code can be composed of 16 letter + number combinations or 3×5 letter combinations. After you type the final letter or number in and it shifts to the next box, the code will automatically scroll red around the edges to indicate the code can be redeemed. A green outline is a successful redeem while a good outline with an error message means the wrong code was entered.

Redeem Code Error 19010/19020 Help

If you receive a ‘payment failed’ or ‘code redemption failed’ message, try the following Fortnite gift card redemption troubleshooting techniques before giving up. Making sure the country for your payment option matches the country of the store’s region, ensure your payment is valid and has funds, and try purchasing with a different payment method or from the Epic Games website instead of a different system.

Final Redeem Success Screen

If you have entered a working gift card code correctly, you will be notified that the code was redeemed and see the final ‘success’ screen.

Success Message:“V-Bucks and Items have been added to your account. Exit Fortnite and close the Epic Games launcher to see your items and V-Bucks.”

What Can You Use the V-Bucks for?

The Fortnite V-Bucks granted by a V-Bucks gift card can be used in both Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Save the World game modes. In Battle Royale, V-Bucks can be used to purchase new virtual items such as Skins, Gliders, Pickaxes, Wraps, and Emotes. Skins are cosmetic appearances such as clothes, shoes, armor, weapons, or animals. They do not provide any competitive or in-game advantages but players enjoy them to identify themselves with in the game for entertainment or to look cooler, funnier, etc. Gliders, pickaxes, and wraps All provide a similar aesthetic bonus. Battle pass, which is given to a player that lets them earn the in-game currency, can be upgraded using v-backs. Finally, everyone can purchase the in-game currency directly and then use it to purchase anything from the game’s item store.

In the Save the World mode, V-Bucks are used to buy Llamas (Loot Pinatas). They can also be used to speed up progression in the campaign. Llamas give access to the weapon and trap schematics or base-building materials. Items unlocked by this method are harder to come by in later levels, but players can get an edge from having them early. In Save the World mode you do not have to buy the Save the World game in order to earn currency on Battle Royale only. The one rule of V-Bucks is that no matter what in-game mode or game they are being spent in, they cannot be used to buy things that impact game-play advantage such as on abilities bought through research or training. This allows players who may have more funds to spend on in-game currency to avoid getting an advantage beyond pure cosmetic enjoyment over those without.

Purchasing Skins, Emotes, and Other Cosmetics

After redeeming a Fortnite gift card, the most common use of a balance and V-Bucks from that card is to purchase in-game Skins, Emotes, Gliders, Harvesting Tools, Back Blings, Wraps, Music Packs, Loading Screens, Banners, and pickaxes. These are referred to as Cosmetics and they add flavor to the game by allowing players to customize their avatars. These unlockable items can be earned by playing the game, but it is quicker and easier to purchase them with earned currency.

Unlocking Battle Pass Tiers

Use the Fortnite gift card for battle pass tiers as the second option to redeem it. Fortnite players can use gift cards to purchase Battle Pass tiers, which allow for quicker unlocks of Battle Pass rewards, weapons, extras, and currenncy during a Fortnite season with a cap of level 100. Tiers rewards unlock in the form or things like V Bucks which can help a pass owner spend effectively on the marketplace during a defined season.

Buying Save the World Mode

The Save the World mode is a PvE (Player versus Environment) cooperative mode that has players working together to discover the mysteries of the Storm. The mode brings a new gaming experience with constantly changing challenges to build forts and to battle monsters to craft various weapons and loot.

The mode was meant to become the main gameplay mode once Fortnite exited out of Alpha state into a full-fledged title. Originally it was behind a paywall to help speed up development and testing, however by 2020 plans to make it free were put on hold with all further updates suspended.

For those who have the base mode, the code on Fortnite cards can be used to expand coverage. This is a non-exhaustive list of features for Save the World mode.

What to Do If You Encounter Issues While Redeeming a Gift Card?

If during the process of redeeming a Fortnite gift card in Fortnite you encounter issues like the gift card not working, the V-Bucks not appearing in your account, or something else, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure you are typing in the correct gift card code figures in the right fields and according to the correct sequence.
  2. Turn away, wait, come back and try again.
  3. Check to see if support service is available for gift cards of that brand. Look for customer service contact information in the packaging as there are multiple layers of blockchain with serial numbers (having the gift card handy will help when you do).
  4. If all else fails, contact the company from which you purchased the gift card or go to the store from which it was purchased.

Should you continue to experience issues with redeeming the gift card successfully, you can also contact us at VOICE to resend the brand a request to check the transaction records or to help you get to the bottom of why the transaction was not completed, and get you on the road to resolving the issue and using your gift card.

Check for Typos in the Code

A common issue with codes not working is that there may be typos or scratches in the characters in the code. If the code provided needs to be typed in and redeemed, assure that it has been entered with complete accuracy and is not missing any characters. If it still doesn’t work, then it could be due to the card being counterfeit or having been used already.

Contact Epic Games Support

If the Samsung Galaxy Apps or the PlayStation Store method does not work or is too confusing for you, you can submit a ticket for support from Epic Games. The most direct way to contact support is to go to the official Fortnite support website and simply fill out the request help form. Make sure you have your valid Fortnite account, your game system that you play on as well your own personal information on hand because these details are required to complete your form.

Verify the Gift Card Has Not Already Been Redeemed

The best method to check the up TO 16 characters of the FORTNITE GIFT CARD code is to try to use the code in the UI for FORTNITE GIFT CARD redemption. To do so, on the game’s screen unpublished by ActiVision, click on the menu option represented by three stripes in the upper right-hand corner. Select SETTINGS from the drop-down menu, and then click on REDEEM. There users can key in the code they have received either visually on the back of the card by scratching off the label on the face of the card, or by the code sent via other media. Users need to ensure they have their operating account, which will need to be logged in to complete the redemption.

According to Playstack’s FORTNITE support page, if the code has already been used, users will receive a message that indicates to “please enter a valid key” and thus, the code has been used. In the event the code was not accepted in the redemption portal, you should contact the store or friend that gifted you the FORTNITE GIFT CARD to get a valid replacement code. Alternatively, the same contact may be able to help you retrace the code that was mistakenly skipped or double-inserted. Only the original buyer of the FORTNITE card can physically exchange it, as the support team of FORTNITE does not have access to physical cards to replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Redeem a Fortnite Gift Card in Fortnite?

1. What is a Fortnite gift card and how do I redeem it in Fortnite? – A Fortnite gift card is a prepaid card that can be used to make in-game purchases in Fortnite. To redeem it in the game, follow these steps: 1. Log in to your Fortnite account. 2. Go to the “Store” tab. 3. Select “Redeem Code.” 4. Enter the 12-digit code on the back of your gift card. 5. Click “Redeem” to add the funds to your account. 2. Can I use a Fortnite gift card on any platform? – Yes, Fortnite gift cards can be redeemed on any platform that supports Fortnite, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. 3. What can I purchase with a Fortnite gift card? – A Fortnite gift card can be used to purchase V-Bucks, the in-game currency that can be used to buy cosmetic items, Battle Passes, and more. 4. Can I redeem multiple Fortnite gift cards on one account? – Yes, you can redeem multiple gift cards on one account. The balance from each card will be added to your account, and you can use it to make purchases in the game. 5. What happens if I redeem a gift card on the wrong Fortnite account? – Once a gift card is redeemed, the funds cannot be transferred to another account. Make sure to redeem the card on the correct account to avoid any issues. 6. Is there an expiration date for Fortnite gift cards? – Yes, all gift cards have an expiration date. Make sure to use your gift card before the expiration date to avoid losing the funds.

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