Maximize Your Pubg Experience: Guide on How to Redeem Voucher

Are you a fan of Pubg and curious about how to make the most of vouchers in the game?

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Pubg vouchers, including how to obtain them, the various types available, and the benefits of redeeming them.

We’ll also provide you with some tips on how to efficiently redeem vouchers in Pubg.

So, grab your favorite snack and get ready to level up your Pubg game!

What Is Pubg?

PUBG: Battlegrounds (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer battle royale game designed and developed by PlayerUnknown, South Korea’s PUBG Corporation Subsidiary, and Brendan Greene. PUBG was first released via Steam Early Access in March 2017 and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows together with its beta version on October 18 of the same year.

It is a standalone expansion to the earlier game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale and is one of the many games today that have popularized the battle royale format in which a large group of players >100 are dropped onto a deserted island where they must rely on their wits to locate resources, weapons, and armor in order to eliminate others and survive.

The last remaining player or squad wins. PUBG quickly became immensely popular due to its interactive, realistic, and high-quality gameplay, retaining a loyal player community. PUBG was awarded multiple nominations and Game of the Year awards by various enthusiasts.

The Indian government in early 2021 chose to put a stop to it by banning this addictive game together with 117 other Chinese apps, claiming privacy and security grounds as the primary reasons. The Korean PUBG Corporation went to great lengths to allay the deflect these assertions.

What Are Vouchers in Pubg?

Vouchers in PUBG Mobile are redeemed codes given to players by the developer. The codes contain a unique character string which grants items, UC, or other rewards when the code is redeemed. Players can share vouchers with friends, but some restrictions on using them more than once or sending them to alt accounts exist.

According to PUBG, the benefits of using vouchers are that they reward players with valuable items and can promote loyalty from its user base.

How to Obtain Vouchers?

Vouchers in PUBG Mobile are obtained by completing various in-game activities such as joining live gaming events, attending official celebrations, or by collecting special rare items such as special clothing that has the vouchers hidden in them and depositing at collection points. Vouchers cannot be purchased for real money but can be traded in many online gaming marketplaces.

Players earn free vouchers by simply playing PUBG Mobile. The game is free to download so the so-called “free” Voucher Gift packs do not need real currency for their purchase. Completing Bonus Challenges and tasks on PUGB will also grant Vouchers. Whether players get these Vouchers in PUBG Mobile for free or by purchasing an item, the method to use them in the store is the same. If a player gets a Free Vouchers Gift Pack, they will be able to do a lot of things. These Gift Packs frequently contain the following items… Click here to jump to redeeming vouchers using both a mobile device and emulators.

What Are the Types of Vouchers?

The term Voucher was first used in selected stores and was given out to customers who had bought goods they could use towards a discount on their next purchase. Recently, such vouchers have also been used in the virtual world of online games and for goods and services including vehicles.

In PUBG, the most heavily used and recently generated Voucher is the OVR Voucher which gained international popularity when the game was released in a November 18, 2021 update. However, there are two primary types of vouchers used to redeem OVRs in PUBG. The first type of voucher is a Royal Pass Voucher which gives you other BP (Battle Points). With these BP, you can purchase Royal Pass rewards in PUBG India. To redeem Royal Pass Vouchers or other BP vouchers, follow these steps. With the Voucher, the option of unlocking Royal Pass will be displayed. On it, hit the Get Royal Pass button. Your reward will be shown in the form of a coupon including the BP. Finally, hit the OK button to earn your coupon rewards.

The second most common type of voucher players of PUBG use is the crate coupon. There are two types of these. One being the Classic coupon scraps and premium coupon scraps are combined to form a crate coupon. And, the second type being a crate coupon which can be directly earned from the Royale Pass. When purchased or earned through Royale Passes, crates give you access to items that come in the form of coupons which will provide rewards for the user such as OVR and other in-game items.

How to Redeem Vouchers in Pubg?

How Redeem Voucher in Pubg? Users can redeem the PUBG voucher code sent to their accounts using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or in-app purchase systems by purchasing items from the stores. Vouchers are not actioned from RP activities or traditional Top-up Code Redemption Centers. Users must claim them out of messages, profiles, mailboxes, etc only. Whether Playstation codes will work in the same fashion or be more direct is still to be determined.

Steps to Redeem Vouchers

To redeem a voucher in Pubg we can expand the following steps for the game VSS2 (Vikendi Survival Span 2 course). Additionally there is a process to redeem PUBG vouchers that are sent to players by the game’s administration or through other marketing campaigns. The process to redeem PUBG gift cards is as follows:

  1. Get a PUBG card code. This can be purchased, or it may be a code that is part of a giveaway or promotion.
  2. Go to the PUBG Voucher Redemption center.
  3. Enter the code
  4. Click Redeem

In many cases you can redeem Pubg gift cards through the vendor, such as Google Play. Once redeemed, they will be added to the player’s Pubg account, and can then be spent on games, upgrades, app purchases, and other related products. If you have a voucher code, then you can use the PUBG voucher redeem guide to redeem it same as a gift card.

The Pubg voucher redemption code for the VSS2 (Vikendi Survival Span 2) game is a unique code provided when selling retail versions of PUBG: Viendi Edition. VSS2 is a single-purchase game. Each time a player wishes to enter the VSS2 eligible code, they need to purchase a new code to proceed. Enter the unique VSS2 code you have received in the designated area. Two boxes appear for the same code; fill the image box in the left with the code’s 17 digits and characters.

How to Use Vouchers to Purchase Items?

To use vouchers to purchase items in Pubg, click the RP Shop icon at the bottom left of the Royale Pass list. This will open the PUBG Mobile Resign Pass shop. After you do this, you can click on any skin or clothes you would like to purchase and swipe left. Select the amount of UC Cash required to complete the purchase and then confirm payment. Discounts on certain items are available depending on the Royal Pass benefits you have. From here you can select the USE VOUCHER option to use the voucher discount you have. Confirm payment and it will be taken from the UC wallet.

What Are the Benefits of Redeeming Vouchers in Pubg?

The benefits of redeeming vouchers in Pubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) are that they offer free digital content such as exclusive gun skins, costumes, vehicles, or recharging of in-game currency referred to as UC (Unkown Cash). With exclusive gun skins being one of the most popular uses, players on community forums are often on the lookout for incognito promotion methods developed by Pubg, as the company frequently redesigns and introduces new gun skins. Pubg collaborations, such as Pubg X Tesla, offer exclusive rewards such as the Victory dance emote celebrating Earth Day 2021 and the Cyber truck vehicle skin. There have been rumored hotspots such as the bridge behind School, Rozhok water storage, central consignment point, and Spawn Island that have offered redeemable vouchers, but no official word on this from Pubg.

Unlock Exclusive Skins and Outfits

Exclusive skins and outfits are some of the most valuable items in PUBG that money cannot buy. Even many of the special promotions in the Royal Pass and the in-game store items typically take months to be included in the redeem code shop. One use of redeeming codes in PUBG is to unlock these new valuable items. If you are lucky, you might be able to find rare exclusive weapon skins or VIP outfits in the redeem code shop. Special Halloween outfits are an example where you can obtain the most recent and most valuable outfits for a limited time through redemption codes. Check out these codes if you are looking to upgrade your collection with the newest and rarest items.

Purchase In-game Items for Free

Purchasing in-game items using the voucher is another means of utilizing a Pubg lite redeem code today. The PUBG universe is filled with merchandise, skins, and emotes that can be purchased to give a new look to your Livik experience. Now where the bulk of this merchandise is only available using UC currency (real or earned through Elite Royal Pass purchases/rank up), using redeem codes in PUBG adds excitement. Players can redeem for free this currency to make minor purchases in-game like crates, skin cases, and weapon blueprints.

PUBG Lite user Johnny__ shared that the video he created aims to help players use redeem codes in this way in order to make PUBG matches more fun. On the other hand, a game-video creator from Indonesia by the name of Alanwalk has shared a video demonstrating how to redeem PUBG mobile codes and proceed with downloading mobile items. Johnny’s video is also showned. According to Johnny’s video, players need to head to the PUBG reward center first to be able to start the voucher redeem process.

Participate in Special Events and Challenges

Special events and challenges are regularly run by Pubg Mobile in partnership with other companies as part of major promotional fighting, multiplayer battle royal online game campaigns. According to how well you perform, rewards can range from a few BP (reward points) to felicitation of up to $1000. Certain special events and challenges now give out reward points which can be used to redeem UC.

Perform the following steps to potentially redeem your Pubg voucher:

  1.  Open the ‘Event’ Center in the Pubg Mobile app.
  2.  Select ‘Opt’ on the desired event page to participate in and check the event details.
  3.  Complete the event tasks during the campaign period and redeem the reward after the event has concluded.

A successful case of a special event giving out UCs occurred in January 2021 when Pubg Mobile’s bringing up with Blackpink kpop girl had various inventory, outfit, vehicle, and special rewards. According to the game guidelines demoed through the game, if one played along and received the reward cards and coupon. Their coupons could have been redeemed for the payment’s version on any device, and optionally used to redeem UC.

What Are Some Tips for Efficient Voucher Redemption in Pubg?

Some tips for efficient voucher redemption in Pubg are get equipment, heal quickly, complete necessary specifications, purchase insurance, and play on the correct server. To achieve these, players should first pick up equipment by gathering utility items, explosives, and medical supplies. Don’t waste the utility box piece you receive early on in the match. Get to friendly players with it to protect it. Create backup spots for your side mission. When players have completed the necessary specifications in the game, use the insurance function to avoid losing Pubg vouchers.

Keep an Eye on Voucher Giveaways and Events

Amazon and other platforms periodically launch promotion campaigns called Giveaways and Events to entice players. These are exclusive opportunities to either accumulate portions of the voucher for free or earn vouchers for free but very little effort compared to the average player.

For instance, an %Amazon Mega Gifiaway% was launched in early 2021 along with the release of the PUBG New State game to win a portion of PUBG UC as well as PUBG ID sets, and New State coupons. Amazon Gift Cards ranging from $5000 to $500,000 can be exchanged in the game for guaranteed PUBG rewards. The size of the gift card directly relates to the level of PUBG rewards and the redemption rate.

Save Vouchers for High-value Items

Players can redeem coupons when purchasing Royale pass, UC crates, gun skins, or outfits. It is always advised to save them for the most important or high-tier redemptions instead of redeeming them on low-tier marketplaces. Overall, players should only redeem a coupon when they are sure what they want and where to spend it. If not, they may lose their change when they redeem it in a hurry and lose regret over other purchases later.

Trade Vouchers with Friends or Other Players

Trading vouchers is when you receive compensation in EXCHANGE for a voucher redemption from another player, and this is legal within Bluehole’s transaction guidelines as well.

To fulfill this step, both players must have each other’s Player ID. As for the specific mechanics of how to redeem vouchers though, traded vouchers are no different. Both the redeeming player and the payer both must go through the same exact process of heading to Events → RP Purchase rewards then selecting the specific voucher to redeem. Whether the payment was received in-kind or simply a pure compensation is not a factor.

There are many places to connect with other PUBG players to potentially trade with outside the game such as Reddit, Youtube videos comments sections, Facebook, Steam forums, and dedicated PUBG forums. however, beware of fraud from these platforms if they allow items to be traded outside of their services. For example, Reddit has no rules allowing for the trading of PUBG items. PUBG advises players to engage in official trades through their approved in-game system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a voucher in Pubg?

A voucher in Pubg is a digital code that can be redeemed for in-game rewards such as skins, weapons, and other items.

How do I get a voucher in Pubg?

Vouchers can be obtained through various promotions, events, and giveaways from the official Pubg website or social media pages.

How do I redeem a voucher in Pubg?

To redeem a voucher in Pubg, go to the in-game store and click on the “Redeem Code” button. Enter the code in the designated field and click “Redeem” to claim your rewards.

Can I redeem a voucher in Pubg on any platform?

No, vouchers can only be redeemed on the platform where they were obtained. For example, a voucher obtained from the PC version of Pubg cannot be redeemed on the mobile version.

What can I get by redeeming a voucher in Pubg?

The rewards for redeeming a voucher in Pubg can vary, but typically include in-game items such as skins, weapon skins, or other exclusive items.

Is there an expiration date for vouchers in Pubg?

Yes, vouchers in Pubg have an expiration date and must be redeemed before that date to claim the rewards. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the voucher for its expiration date.

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