Mastering Valorant Friend Requests: A Guide for Post-Match Connections

Are you a fan of Valorant but unsure how to add friends in the game?

In this article, we will explore the different ways you can add friends in Valorant, specifically focusing on how to send a friend request after a match.

We will guide you through the step-by-step process of sending a friend request, what happens after the request is sent, and any restrictions or limitations you may encounter.

Stay tuned to learn more about connecting with your fellow gamers in Valorant!

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding friends in Valorant is essential for building a strong in-game community and improving your gameplay.
  • There are multiple ways to add friends in Valorant, but the easiest is by sending a friend request after a match.
  • To send a friend request in Valorant after a match, open the social menu, click on “Add Friend,” enter the player’s Riot ID or in-game name, and send the request.
  • What is Valorant?

    Valorant is a tactical shooter game operated and published by Riot Games. Valorant was first announced with the codename “Project A” in March 2020 and the game’s closed beta was launched with the public release on June 2, 2020. Players can choose from agents, each with their own tactics and abilities. The game takes place on different maps where two teams of attackers and defenders are pitted against each other.

    How to Add Friends in Valorant?

    There is no way to add friends in Valorant after played match via in-game UI. The only option to add friends on Valorant is via Riot ID by entering the username followed by the numeric tag when in the game’s friends list. More on how to add friends via Riot IDs is on the Valorant website. To play with friends, you need to have Riot ID for the person you want to friend. Here is an example of Riot ID: lie-in-the-rift#1234

    What are the Different Ways to Add Friends?

    The different ways to add friends in Valorant are as follows:

    1. Sent request after online match
    2. Add Riot friends with username/invite link

    You can’t send friend requests from within the game to Valorant players that you played with just once and also to players you have played against. You can add new friends who you have not yet played with by typing in their correct pseudo or username on the Riot Games chat or Friends system, if you know it. Don’t forget to ask for their 5 character Discriminator number once they have given permission so you can also add them that way.

    Accepting request after online match

    1. Checking the endgame screen and clicking on the “+” next to their username.
    2. Accepting a request on the Riot Friends system.

    How to submit friend request via web URL:

    1. Log in to your riot account.
    2. Paste in your browser.
    3. Enter your friend’s URL (ex. JivoXYZ#8324) in the ‘Search’ field.
    4. Press Enter and click on the ‘Add Friend’ button after selecting your friend’s name.

    Bear in mind that it may not be possible to complete this owing to their privacy settings.

    How to Send a Friend Request in Valorant After a Match?

    You can send a friend request in Valorant after a match in three steps. While in the match, press the escape key. Click the gear icon on the bottom right screen of the settings menu. You are then shown profiles of other players in the game. Click the block button which creates three options from which you can friend request.

    What is the Process of Sending a Friend Request?

    The process of sending a friend request from Valorant after a match is completed includes these steps. Home > Party > Battletag (located top and center of the screen). Once you click this, the friend will need to accept the friend request that was automatically sent.

    After you have played a match with a player, locate Battletag by pressing Home and navigating to the Party tab. Click on their name, and then click on the friend icon to send a friend request. Now when you enter a game and return to directly sending a friend request, you will be able to send this in addition to assigning them to a room when they are copied from the game chat. You can then paste the name into Battletag directly.

    Using their Discord name as an alternative to copying their party name from the chat is useful if the name was typed in text or voice chat during the match.


    Step 1: Open the Social Menu

    To send a friend request to someone after a Valorant match, open the Social Menu. To open the Social Menu, click on the friends icon at the top right corner of the game screen.

    Step 2: Click on the ‘Add Friend’ Button

    Steps to add a Valorant friend after a match using the in-game social interface are as follows. After completing a match, click on the social icon in the top right of the client (near fullscreen, audio, and settings). This will bring up the social panel in Valorant.

    If you can’t enlarge the panel, you may be in fullscreen mode. Click again to exit this mode. If you still cannot access it, you may have accidentally accessed the ‘Hud Clutter’ tool. Press escape to bring up the settings menu. Click on hotkeys, then choose a new key for the ‘Hud Clutter’ settings. Press the new button and click back to the game to open the social panel.

    Locate the player you want to add using the search function or by scrolling down to the ‘Recent’ list. Mouse over the person’s icon in the social panel and the ‘Add Friend’ button will appear. Click on the ‘Add Friend’ button to send a friend request.

    Step 3: Enter the Player’s Riot ID or In-Game Name

    After selecting Add friend, a new subpage opens that prompts you to Enter Riot ID. Riot ID is the name of the player used in Valorant with a number at the end. It is shown to other players in the addable friends list. The player needing to be added to an address book or role list can provide this.

    If the player does not know their Riot ID, the available field should have the player’s Valorant in-game name entered and hit the Send friend request button to send a friend request.

    Step 4: Send the Friend Request

    To send the friend request after a game in Valorant, open the Escape Menu. Hover over the cybercage icon representing the player in the game’s scoreboard, which shows each team’s kills and deaths, and click on `Social Panel`. This will take you to your social lobby, where you can send friend or team-up invitations. Click `Add friend` to enter the player’s current Valorant name or the Riot ID number received after the match to send the friend request. The player will receive it immediately if they are offline or during the game if they are active. Moreover, Riot will send the following message confirming your friend invitation was sent: ‘Friend invite sent. Your brave companions will appear here when they accept.’

    What Happens After Sending a Friend Request?

    After receiving and accepting a friend request in Valorant, a player’s user ID and tag will show up in your friends list. From there on, they can be direct messaged whether they are online or offline. They will be highlighted in green on your friends list if playing a game (such as with the right-click), and just like on the team selection page, friend status and joinability are on display. There is no difference between receiving an accepted friend request from a new friend or receiving one from an existing friend who accidentally removed you or vice versa.

    Can the Player Reject or Accept the Request?

    Yes, the player can choose to do either. As Tactical Minimap and Valorant video demonstrated, the friend will show up on the user’s friend list and the user can invite, accept, or deny the request. If the player ignores the request, they will also disappear from the player’s friend list without formally accepting or denying the request. That player can then send the friend request again.

    What Happens if the Request is Accepted?

    If the friend request is accepted, the players will be able to see each other’s online status and invite each other to play games or join them, but they will not be entered into the same lobby automatically. To send game invites, head over to the Social Panel (F11). Scroll down to the friends list and use right-click on the player’s username. Note that in-game friend requests expire after 7 days, but requests through Riot IDs and Riot Friends are not deleted.

    What Happens if the Request is Rejected?

    If a friend request is rejected, the player who sent the request will know when they next check their friends list. Their link to the rejected player’s profile will have disappeared, and the request they sent will be listed under “DENIED REQUESTS”. The player who rejects a friend request will obviously never have received it, and should they wish to add the other person as a friend thereafter must initiate the request themselves. Requests not updated to Accepted, Declined, or Pending after a period of time may be deleted.

    Can You Add Someone as a Friend During a Match in Valorant?

    No, You cannot add someone as a friend during a match in Valorant. You can only do so after a match is done during the post-match screen. So don’t switch off too quickly. Friend requests are sent on the Match Overview page. If the player you want to friend is already in your friend’s list, you can click on the match directly in the feed, lest you miss the Send friend request option. You cannot send a friend request after a game if the Match Affinity System in Valorant does not alert you that the player is online and playing during the current or next match.

    Are There Any Restrictions on Sending Friend Requests?

    There are no restrictions on sending friend requests in Valorant. Players can view recent matches and all active friends in order to add players with whom they have recently played or otherwise encountered. New Valorant account users may be temporary restricted from adding friends as part of a spam filter, but such restrictions should lift after playing and making additional matches.

    Are There Any Limits on the Number of Friend Requests You Can Send?

    There is no official Valorant limit on the number of friend requests a player can send or receive, with the Valve Corporation’s CCI Handbook for handling abuse pointing out that limits are arbitrary and may not fit the needs of some players. Steam does place limits on friend invitations in order to prevent spam, such as limiting users to sending friend requests to no more than 50 recipients at a time. This means that gamers may be better off sending their friend requests slowly and in small batches in order to increase their chances of not being flagged as a spammer by an automated system.

    There is no relevant information on whether this limitation affects Riot’s LightFPS platform that is used for Valorant’s in-game and social features. If there is a maximum number of friend requests that one can send before being blocked, Riot does not disclose it. Typically, limits set by in-game social mechanics focus on when accounts are trying to add others who never play with or against the user, as opposed to using explicit invitations outside the system. This gives strong reason to suspect there are not any significant limitations if a spamming detection system is not triggered.

    Are There Any Restrictions on Who You Can Send Friend Requests To?

    Any player you encounter in the same Valorant match and are able to spectate can be sent a friend or party request. Players can be sent friend requests after any normal match; however, there are some restrictions on friend requests that can be made post-deathmatch, snowball, and spike rush. While in the chat, click the player, player card, or player banner icon in the scorecard to be taken to their profile, abilities, and match history. One of the options there will be to send a friend request, if not already friends.

    You can only send friend requests to people you are in the same lobby with for the respective game type. You will not be able to send friend requests to anyone from the past game’s lobby. If you are unable to send friend requests between the games, be sure to send them right away after the game.

    What to Do if You Cannot Send a Friend Request in Valorant?

    If you cannot send a friend request in Valorant, it is likely that there is a client or account issue. Check to see if your request or their profile appears in your friends’ list. Try toggling the platform friend sync settings if the request does not process properly. Restarting the game, your computer, or everything may also fix things.

    If you are on your friends’ list and nothing else works, there is possibly a client bug. Use the Valorant Support button to report the issue. To report the issue to Riot Games, try going through the Support/Ask the Community button on the Valorant website for instructions. However, the requests for bug descriptions seem to be limited to technical gameplay issues and not user interface or account concerns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I send a friend request in Valorant after a match?

    To send a friend request in Valorant after a match, follow these steps:

    1. After the match has ended, click on the “Social” tab on the main menu.
    2. From the list of recent players, find the player you want to send a friend request to.
    3. Click on their name and select “Add Friend” from the drop-down menu.
    4. A friend request will be sent to the player. Once they accept, you will be added to each other’s friend list.

    Can I send a friend request to a player I just played against in Valorant?

    Yes, you can send a friend request to a player you just played against in Valorant. Follow the steps above to send the request.

    How many friends can I have on my Valorant friend list?

    The maximum number of friends you can have on your Valorant friend list is 200. If you want to add more friends, you will need to remove some from your list.

    What if I accidentally declined a friend request in Valorant after a match?

    If you accidentally declined a friend request in Valorant after a match, the player can send you another request. You can also go to the “Social” tab and click on the “Requests” tab to see all pending friend requests.

    Can I send a friend request to a player who is not in my recent players list?

    Yes, you can still send a friend request to a player who is not in your recent players list. You will need to search for their username in the “Add Friend” section and send the request from there.

    Is there a way to automatically accept friend requests in Valorant?

    No, there is currently no way to automatically accept friend requests in Valorant. You will need to manually accept or decline each request.

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