Step-by-Step Guide: How to Enroll in Valorant Premier

Are you a fan of the popular game Valorant and looking to take your skills to the next level?

If so, you may want to consider enrolling in Valorant Premier.

This article will discuss how you can sign up for this exciting program, the benefits it offers, and the requirements you need to meet.

From exclusive rewards and access to higher level tournaments to the chance to compete against top players, Valorant Premier has a lot to offer for dedicated players.

Let’s dive in and find out how you can elevate your Valorant experience!

What Is Valorant Premier?

Valorant Premier is a semi-annual tournament series of four events organized by Riot Games. The North America and EMEA regional circuits are organized within the scope of Valorant Champions, and subsequently expanded globally with the SEA, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Latin America, and other regions invited to qualifying for Valorant Masters Championships and Valorant Champions.

How To Enroll In Valorant Premier?

How to enroll in Valorant Premier? To enroll in Valorant Premier, access your Riot account at this link. Log in or sign up for a new account. Once you begin the sign-up process you will be prompted to enter a start and end time for the services. Valorant Premier is designed to be used for cleaning services and as such require a date to be assigned to them. Unique features can create a more personalized consultation. After answering some basic questions the company will let you know if you are approved to use their system or if there is a waiting period until you can sign up.

Step 1: Create a Riot Games Account

To enroll in Valorant Premier, you need to create a Riot Games account to register for the tournament. An account with Riot Games will let you know when new tournaments and leagues are announced. To create a Riot Games account, visit the Riot Games Sign-Up page and input the following information. Note that when filling out the part that says One last thing, you may get an error if your password security is not strong enough.

  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Country of Residence
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender (optional)

After clicking the Create Account button, you will be sent an email that requires verification. After verifying your account, and signing in, you will be able to register for the Valorant Premier if it has been announced.

Step 2: Download and Install Valorant

To enroll in Valorant Premier, the second step is to download and install Valorant. Valorant only works with Windows operating systems. At minimum, Riot Games states that you need an Intel i3-370M processor, 4GB of RAM, and Intel HD 3000 graphics card. However, they recommend specs of an Intel i3-415ol, 4GB of RAM, and a Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) OS. If you have the necessary specs to run the game, follow these simple steps to download and install Valorant.

  1. Navigate to the Valorant official site
  2. Click on the Play Now button
  3. Create or log into a Riot Games account, or use your existing one.
  4. Download the Game Launcher This is your portal to the game and Riot’s library of games, which now includes League of Legends
  5. Follow the prompts of the installer. Installing the game will take around 14 seconds.

Step 3: Launch Valorant and Log In

After you link your Twitch account and Riot account together, launch Valorant. This may require an update if you haven’t played in a while. You may also be totally new to Valorant, in which case it has been recently as of Summer 2021 upgraded to patch 2.09 featuring a host of improvements and new features that you can try out during your first login. Type in your Riot Account login credentials lightly and ensure that they are correct, as Valorant’s password entry field cannot be seen.

Step 4: Complete Tutorial and Practice Range

Completing the tutorial and practice range is an important post-enrollment step toward participating in Anathema by vGaming Community events. If you are new to competitive multiplayer games then completing the tutorial is highly recommended. The tutorial guides the user through the basic game mechanics and is easy to complete in just a few minutes. The practice range helps the user not only learn the maps but also be more prepared for real games. Going through the range for at least 15-20 minutes, and consistently returning to build accuracy is advised. Valorant daily quests can give bonus points for range completion, so these should be completed daily to gain more practice. New recruits should have gone through at least one range before engaging in casual games.

Step 5: Navigate to the ‘Competitive’ Tab

Assuming that the Valorant Premier tab is not visible to you, the Competitive tab is the next best place to find where the Valorant Premier tab is. All that is necessary is visiting this page for a short period to see if Valorant Premier is visible as a tab in that area as to provide an answer to if the Valorant Premier-only tab has since been moved.

The shortcut to the Competitive tab is to select ‘Home’ and the Competitive tab is visible in the drop-down. Below the title on the Valorant HOME screen, right in the middle, there is a white square button titled ‘Competitive’ and this can also be selected by touching the middle of the game screen on a touchscreen. The Competitive tab features a link to competitive tournaments as well as the VALORANT Champions Tour. The Competitive tab is also where missions can be selected to win in-game competitive awards.

Once the PLAY VALORANT PRESS ANY KEY Screen is viewed upon selecting Valorant and logging in, the Competitive tab is visible. The picture shows the account name and an account ranking as well. That ranking is based on ranks you can earn by using competitive mode to play matches in-game. Value is created by playing in the competitive mode and getting MMR which is a determining factor for rising in rank and Valorant ability as well as a determining factor for facing/teaming with users around your level.

Step 6: Complete Placement Matches

After completing the requirements listed in previous steps, participants must finish their 5 placement matches to set their initial rating for the first stage of the Valorant Premier event.

During the placement matches, teams will schedule and play against each other in a Best of 1 game. The score in this match will not affect placement for the tournament and will only be used for internal scheduling purposes if there are numerous teams.

This step is usually quick for all teams, but it is important to give yourself some time to schedule with other teams. Teams have until the following event cycle to finish their placement matches.

Step 7: Reach Rank Requirements

Reach rank requirements by playing competitive Ranked mode and achieving the desired rank. To participate in Valorant Premier, Legend rank or above is required in the current Act, and Radiant is required for the Proving Grounds program.

Note that Normal, Unrated, or Deathmatch modes do not count for the qualification process. Reaching the higher competitive ranks in Valorant can be very time-consuming and challenging due to the elo system. Only consistent practice and a working knowledge of competitive Valorant can help in achieving the desired rank. Keep your spirits high and aim for consistency in your skills for best results.

Step 8: Purchase Valorant Premier Pass

The Valorant Premier Pass has not yet been publicly released at the time of researching this guide according to Riot Games, but the Valorant Preview Pass from the original beta may provide some approximate guidance. If the Valorant Premier Pass from the new partner system resembles the old pass, it could provide a way to earn rewards and support events. It may have criteria for how to gain or maintain eligibility for admissions with certain roles, or ranks of Valorant player onboarded with time and not directly pay to play, though nothing is certain and this is speculative information. Riot Games has not yet released pricing for the passes for the new Champions Tour so it is difficult to speculate how much they may tend to cost.

The old Valorant Preview Pass had a complete pass for free, which provided lesser rewards and rewards offer content purchase outside the pass, or one could upgrade to a premium battle pass which had to be purchased, for around $10. Players will be able to purchase passes from the Valorant Store.

Step 9: Participate in Tournaments and Challenges

Participating in Valorant Premier earns points and teams earn points by participating in tournaments that are part of VP. Once you are on a team, there will be open tournaments hosted by a variety of tournament organizers, so participating in these is one way you can help your team earn their Champions Challenge slots. Your team’s points are calculated based on two primary components: points earned at events and points earned during the phase between selection and the Champions Challenge.

What Are The Benefits Of Valorant Premier?

The benefits of Valorant Premier are the ability to plan ahead, higher potential for profit through comments and paid tournaments, and the chance to meet up with other VALORANT players locally. You can plan ahead with advanced invitations and appointments. There is also a higher chance for profit if you get featured on the Valorant Premier Discovery section and additionally compete in paid tournaments. This has a twinkling recommendation saying players get their chance to shine. Lastly the ability to meet up with valued gamers locally from dozens of countries is a perk of the app.

Exclusive Rewards and Content

To enroll in Valorant Premier, the first major incentive is the availability of exclusive rewards and content. When you qualify for Valorant Premier, you will receive free Riot Points, Valorant skin items unique to Valorant Premier members, and shareable recruitment links with the chance to earn additional Riot Points. Additional unique content may be added as the program expands in the future.

Access to Higher Level Tournaments

Registered Valorant Premier Tour teams have free access to the VPC Qualifiers directly.

When VPT teams are automatically promoted from the VPT Tertiary Region Challenger bracket into the next higher division, they are then able to sign up for the VPC Qualifiers for free and without going through the VTP.

Source: Riot Games

There is no additional information provided on the Valorant Premier site or social media. Global, as well as newly signed franchises such as Team Liquid or G2 Esports, do provide deeper access to the pro-tier field as Tier 1 and Tier 2 level teams towards the Champions Tour.

Unicorns of Love, 7Seas, and an impressive TSM lineup from teams which have just been promoted to the Elite Series represent a similar path. As with any esports team, success at the Challenger Tier will provide you with a more established place in the world of competitive Valorant.

Being the part of an ever-stronger pro-tier Valorant circuit means more opportunities, and likely an expanding prize pool, as well as better commitment from sponsors and higher perspective partners to work and collaborate with.

Chance to Compete Against Top Players

The regional nature of Valorant Premier will mean that only European players will be eligible for Valorant Premier in 2021. However, there are already plans for a global season. Several high-end teams in the Middle East were already participating in the European leagues. As a result, their entry into the valorants champions tour is to be decided shortly after its announcement. And numerous teams from NA and Asia are currently complaints that it is unfair to them.

Regional development will be the first target, with each operating its own professional circuit to develop talent and to provide teams with a home region to build and grow their fan base. If these regions achieve a sufficient number of teams to each form their own regional league players from every region could concurrently participate in regional and international competitions. Fans would be able to cheer on their local team at both regional and international events, and tournament organizers could establish regularity in their calendars that allow the sport to retain its competitive structure.

Improved Game Skills and Strategy

An increase from Silver 3 to Diamond 3 in Valorant requires up to 100 matches to be played depending on MVP performance. Players need to learn new skills and strategies to reach Diamond 3 and this takes time. The most important skill is to develop an internal map in the riot shooter which is developed by playing. To reach Diamond 3, players need to effectively use utility to create and reduce specific angles.

What Are The Requirements To Enroll In Valorant Premier?

The requirements to enroll in Valorant Premier are actually not just individual player requirements. For example, there may be age restrictions on some teams. Team requirements and their adherence across all team members are the most important when applying. Each team member must fill out their player card and schedule and these need to be reviewed and approved by the esports manager.

A Valid Riot Games Account

To enroll in Valorant Premier, you first need to have a valid Riot Games Account. Riot Games Account is an account managed by Riot Games that users can create to access Riot Games’ services such as playing games and interacting with other users. Riot Games Account authenticates users across these systems securely and reliably. With Valorant Premier, players obtain a League of Legend Pass after deploying a Riot Games Account.

A Riot Games Account provides a direct path to ensure that all players registered for LOL Premiere can join the Valorant Premier Tournament too. To create a new account, most users need to enter a unique username and email address. Two-factor authentication must then be established with your email. A verification will be sent with a link that must be clicked to finalize account creation. If you fail to verify your account, Valorant will be unable to provide a service you’ve signed up for in case you forget login credentials.

Riot Games Account also makes it possible to link profile data and match history across various Riot Games and access known information from all platforms. Riot Games Account may also share information with partners of Riot Games. An account that provides cleaner and tighter connections across all of Riot’s titles is beneficial across an ever-expanding list of titles.

A Working Computer or Gaming Console

Participants may access Valorant on a PC and use the platform to log in to the required account, where they can search, find, and apply for a tournament. Participants who use a gaming console to play Valorant govern if a console works as they do not have access to the same types of player-developed content. As such, they are less likely to sign up for a tournament or league through a gaming console.

For those who plan on playing in a tournament, a gaming computer meeting the minimum requirements to play Valorant is important. Minimum requirements for Windows 30 are an Intel i3-370M processor with integrated graphics or an AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5570 used alongside a processor such as the AMD Turion X2 Ultra M600.

Memory (RAM) need only be 2 GB at a minimum. Additional or dedicated GPUs or processors to their integrated graphic versions can be used, with many popular options used to play Valorant such as the NVDIA GeForce 1050 and similar GPUs. Storage space need only be 4 GB at a minimum. While the minimum operating system requirement is Windows 7 or higher, many players find that other versions give a better experience. Windows 10 is preferred, while Mac or Linux systems are not supported.

Stable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is paramount as either Valorant itself or the anti-cheat system Riot Vanguard can become unstable with any fluctuations in signal strength and frequently disconnect when settings are not ideal. If such disconnects affect the integrity of a game, the whole server may need to be paused or the game may need to be discontinued. Team movements, according to VLR (Valorant Leaks and Rumors), must even go so far as quitting VPN if playing from a university campus and making sure your router firmware is up to date, as this has become a legitimate problem.

Basic Knowledge of Valorant Gameplay

Successful strategies for professional play demand knowledge and skills that far exceed the normal TDM experience, requiring you to master new game mechanics, agent strategies, and maps.

Due to the stringent gameplay mechanics and character ability rhythms in Valorant, the premier circuit and competitive play move at a slower pace than most casual games. Maps must be memorized and strategies practiced frequently even at 5000 MMR to achieve league status. The Getty Owl Valorant Academy of Esports has an introductory video on YouTube that covers everything about how to play Valorant to get on a pro team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valorant Premier and how can I enroll in it?
Valorant Premier is a competitive gaming league for the popular game, Valorant. To enroll in it, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Do I need to pay anything to enroll in Valorant Premier?
No, enrollment in Valorant Premier is completely free of cost.

How do I enroll in Valorant Premier if I am already a player in the game?
If you are already a player in Valorant, you can simply sign up for the league using your existing account.

What are the requirements to enroll in Valorant Premier?
To enroll in Valorant Premier, you need to have a valid Valorant account and be at least 18 years of age.

Can I enroll in Valorant Premier if I am a beginner in the game?
Yes, Valorant Premier is open to players of all skill levels, so even if you are a beginner, you can still enroll and compete.

How can I ensure my enrollment in Valorant Premier is successful?
To ensure a successful enrollment in Valorant Premier, make sure you have a stable internet connection, a valid Valorant account, and meet all the eligibility requirements. You should also follow all the instructions provided during the enrollment process.

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