Mastering Valorant: Tips for Leveling Up Fast

Valorant, the popular tactical first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, offers players the opportunity to level up and unlock various rewards as they progress. For those looking to double rank up in Valorant, expert strategies can be the key to success. Explore the importance of leveling up in Valorant and the different ways to achieve it. From playing matches to completing challenges and purchasing the Battle Pass, there are several strategies to level up quickly. Discover tips and tricks to expedite the leveling process and learn about the rewards awaiting players as they climb the ranks. If you’re looking to enhance your Valorant experience, find out how to level up fast in this exciting game.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a highly strategic and competitive 5 versus 5 first-person shooter game that combines the responsive and precise controls of a tactical shooter with character-based gameplay mechanics of team-based multiplayer games. Half of the characters are cast as “Agents” with unique abilities and a role that is not dissimilar to but broader than classes in other games. The other half of the characters are cast as “Controllers” with no special abilities but are only set apart by their gunfights in which they use unique weapons or have one special weapon. The main gameplay mechanics of Valorant revolve around planting and defusing of a bomb, referred to as a “Spike”. This involves strategic map control, during which the attacking team needs to place the Spike on one of the pre-determined plant zones and the defending team tries to stop them. The traditional first-person shooter engagements are as important as the emergent tactics involving the blending of the primary and special abilities of Agents. Players can fast-track their agent and gun experience through purchase (Brandy Berthelsen claims to have spent $13,000 which gets its own section in this guide), but level-up does not confer any advantages and has no shortcut.

Why Is Leveling Up Important In Valorant?

Leveling up is important in Valorant because a high level gives players access to a wider variety of guns, spray patterns for those guns, and other gun buddy customization features. Players receive various items such as more valorant points (VP) and Radianite as a one-time reward when they level up. Leveling up can create channels for further game success (such as getting or changing their Psi-blade). Other than these items, leveling up itself has no effect on players’ combat power or performance.

What Are The Different Ways To Level Up In Valorant?

The different ways to level up in Valorant are the same as the ways to level up in virtually all games nowadays. Players level up on Agent contracts by gaining XP, which is done by winning and playing matches. XP from playing games is also earned on the Battle Pass. When players reach the maximum level on a contract (VANITY MIRAGE) they are given the option to reset the contract and unlock it anew. There are no benefits to this apart from continuing to unlock contract rewards.

Playing Matches

Playing matches is the easiest way to level up as they award XP and daily and weekly missions supplement match playing both with temporary very easy short and long term bonuses or boosters. Active Match Time (AMT) post-game whether or not your team wins ultimately determines whether you will earn additional XP, as well as other factors such as purchasing an operator, planting, or defusing the spike, eliminations, receiving drops, or opening the map with intel. The least a quick match will provide is the point and a halfs mean average which is over just over 220 regardless of win or loss.

Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges

Completing daily and weekly challenges is another way to earn extra XP and is a great method to level up faster overall. Daily challenges grant you 2.000 XP every day. These will usually roll over further than a day, so you usually have a few days to complete these. Weekly challenges reward you with 8,000 XP when you complete them – 21,000 XP a week is very impactful in shortening your grind up to level 100 tier 5 levels to get the most reward out of them.

Purchasing Battle Pass

The Valorant Battle Pass offers agents with rewards of VXP and Radianite points after completing certain tasks. The and use of Battle Pass can help players enter sought after matches and subsequently improve their performance and XP gain. Players with the free pass can receive the lowest rewards. If a player manages to get the limit for each process, including dailies and weeklies, they should be able to get to level 50-60 each Act. Ideally, players should be able to complete each week by the end of the weekend and earn two field agents. In addition, every completed daily mission can net a player a couple more agents as there are weeklies that reward players with four agents.

Completing Contracts for Agents

A player’s first contract can be selected from any of the initially-available agents namely Brimstone, Jett, Viper, and Omen. Having selected an agent the contract for both the agent and additional contract can be purchased from the collection tab within the main menu. Upon completing daily or weekly Agent Contract Missions players will receive bonus Radianite Points. Not all missions grant the same number of radianite points. The Lesser missions grant two and major missions give four. Players may accept and progress through many contracts simultaneously. Unlike the battle pass contracts, the agent contracts do not expire.

What Are The Tips And Tricks To Level Up Faster In Valorant?

The tips and tricks to level up faster in Valorant include restricting the Agent pool you use and self-correcting bad habits, chilling for longer periods on the farm, playing longer normal games with friends, taking short breaks to avoid entering a downward tilt, creating a proper routine to support your gaming capabilities, exploring surrounding countries’ servers, training to double your reflexes, leveling up alternative accounts to place against higher level players, and talking to experienced players for advice.

Focus On Winning Matches

The fastest way to level up in Valorant is by focusing on winning matches. Experience is gained according to match outcome in Valorant. The average point gain is between 10-12 XP per minute. The fastest average game length is just under a half-hour in successful competitive play. A half-hour game will give you about 400-500 XP. The average time in an unrated environment is a little over 20 minutes and this will give about essential tips to ace the game. Players can increase time per game using the following techniques, that do not guarantee success, but can slightly improve the victory chances and thus tips to become a pro player. Team tactical plans – Team strategizing and careful planning, especially within standard five-on-five search and rescue play, can improve success rates on a per-rank basis. Weapon headshot practice – Lower-ranked games are more prone to headshot kills because proper weapon use and dexterity are not as highly developed. Developing the ability to secure headshots at all levels of player gameplay can offer a decisive margin of error in more even matches. Versatility and Stealth – Look for and practice strategies that can increase the chance of surprising and performing backstabs on enemy camps. Focus on playing agents or weapons with some advantage in this area. Match victories are much harder to get in higher competition. This has an impact on the general increase of experience obtained in higher leagues. If all of the experience gains are statistically equal, the most experienced leagues are still better for optimal EXP gain. Here the average game will be around 500+ EXP. Although this in fact is nearly always true but is slightly mitigated by the fact that you could theoretically be ranked a near-perfect agent in ranked #1 and still have terrible luck and get matched with bad teams.

Play With Friends Or Find A Good Team

Playing with friends or finding a good team is the ideal situation for improving in most games, and this includes Valorant. One of the main reasons to play with friends is communication – being able to talk quickly and effectively with your team can improve outcomes during plays and give you practice with map and agent roles calls to be effective with shortcuts. When you play with a friend, a regular squad, or team up with other players that you know, you are likely to befriend and stick together, giving you a long-term collaboration that you can profit off of. Valorant developers have not officially mentioned that playing with friends has an advantage, but maintaining persistent relationships with friends on Valorant will keep the playing experience interesting and fruitful.

Complete Challenges Efficiently

Challenges are daily goals in Valorant we can complete to score XP (experience points). They can be checked at any point by opening the missions tab and cycling through the three columns. The leftmost column (RAZE, REYNA, SKYE on the image to the right) contains agent-specific missions and you should pick agents you know you can achieve the missions with, the middle contains weapon-specific missions and usually require you to focus on one weapon for a number of rounds, the rightmost column consists of general missions like spike defusion or spike plant. The middle column is the most consistently rewaring kind of mission to focus on for quick XP gains, according to a video on Valorant XP Tips from player Kiles, but it requires the player to focus on using one or two primary weapon choices for its completion. Do this for maximal efficiency in completing these weapon-specific missions quickly. Special missions are rewarded with bonus WXP, and completing the three groups of missions from left to right equals bonus WXP. More challenges can be upgraded if you see a simple challenge (such as opening the shop) and it doesn’t hurt your strategy at all to upgrade or re-roll the current challenges at the cost of 200 regards points.

Prioritize Contracts For Agents You Use Often

Valorant has 10 agents in the starting lineup before the player reaches participant level 10, at which point another agent is unlocked and 200 free radianite points credited. Radianite points are limited, with about 24,000-25,000 radianite points available on the first pass of a battle pass. If you are a free-to-play player, you will earn 1,000 radianite points and a few gun buddies during a battle pass. By the time you hit the maximum rank, you should be looking for only one agent at a time to rank up, and only selectively tier up weapons and guns. This strategy is called spreadbux. The spreadbux demand certifies that all heroes might be fortified similarly. However, this might delay the full build up of one agent in terms of experience, gun skill, and familiarity, potentially diverting useful skill from successful ranking. You earn contracts for any agent when playing the game, but cannot directly spend radianite points or earn experience towards agent missions once it has upgraded the entire limit. Another reason to splurge RP is red and white phantom skin (screen protector). Have you ever looked at your team’s phantom neighborhood and felt the pressures of earning so many victory points?

Utilize XP Boosts

All players, even free-to-play players, are given two XP boosts upon completing some reward in the Contract system. XP boosts give you 2000 XP per win and 1000 XP per loss. You get 60 wins/losses per week. With fully stacked daily and weekly challenges, you will get 100 lakh XP in 1 week. At their best, when you play flexibly and earn at least 2000 XP per win, the XP boosts can cut leveling time from 50 hours or 2,000 matches of purely attempting to grind towards the 4% headshot badge to as low as 25 hours. Starting from Episode 4 in June 2021, players cannot buy extra XP boosts. This makes the two XP boosts in contracts every round the only way to access the benefits.

Take Advantage Of Double XP Events

VALORANT occasionally does double XP weekends, about two or three times a year during major updates on Act pass, Battle Pass, or Event passes for major updates such as Episode 3. During these events, the XP to unlock tiers in the pass is cut in half. These events are a GREAT time to play a lot of VALORANT as people who grind during these times are able to unlock dark-tier skins within the given timeframe. Check the official Twitter account of VALORANT for such announcements.

How Long Does It Take To Level Up In Valorant?

It takes the average player 16-20 hours to level up once in Valorant during Acts – although new Episode 4 ranks seem to increase this average. Valorant has no set requirement for how much XP is needed to level up, with the XP requirement increasing with each level as players will not level up every time they gain XP. But a simple average is easily found by taking the number of hours in an act and comparing it with the average number of hours it takes to complete all act levels. As of Episode 3 Act 3, this was approximately 18 hours according to calculations. Episode 4 ranks have different XP requirements that will likely lead to needing more time on average per level than during Episodes 2 and 3.

Estimated Time For Each Level

To level up fast in Valorant, you must make sure to play a large number of games. On average, 10 signature levels are required to complete any given chapter of the battle pass or about 138,000 XP. This means that at least 180 games must be played to have enough XP to complete a chapter. The actual number of games will depend on other factors such as personal history and chapter length, but 180 games is a good lower limit to assume for how to level up fast in Valorant efficiently.

Factors That Can Affect Leveling Up Time

Type of game played is one of the factors that can affect leveling up time in Valorant. Playing Spike Rush, which is quicker and has shorter game durations, can lower leveling up times compared to the normal Unrated matches. Another small factor that can also be considered is where the server location is. The closer the ping time (the time delay between clients and servers) get to 0 milliseconds, the better. The higher the ping, the more likely packet loss can occur, which causes shots to not register and may end up ruining the game experience, as well as making it difficult to level up.

What Are The Rewards For Leveling Up In Valorant?

The reward of levelling up in Valorant is a 1,000-Radiant point increase, which is sufficient to develop a brand new protective weapon skin. Players can’t save more than 20 daily XP portion points, so they should be prepared to play when the game has carried them to level 49 if they wish to immediately unlock a new Battle Pass tier.

Unlocking Agents

Unlocking agents in Valorant requires saving up Radiante Points (RP). Radiante Points can be earned once you hit Level 5 and is capped at earning 1000 points every episode. The quickest way to earn 1000 RP is by completing your daily challenges which reward you either 200 or 300 RP. Weekly challenges can also be completed to earn extra points. Once you have your Radiante points, you can unlock characters from the store. Different agents cost different numbers of RPoints. New agents cost 800 RP whereas agents which are two seasons old cost only 200 RP. Radiante Points can also be earned by completing Agent contracts after you reach Level 5. By selecting the agent you want next, you would unlock a host of challenges which must be completed to earn RP.

Unlocking Weapon Skins

One way to level up fast in Valorant is by unlocking weapon skins. Weapon skins differentiate a player’s chosen gun of a single type from others. They can be unlocked either through Past Battle Passes or using Radianite points too. Radianite points are used to upgrade certain weapon skins during PASS ACTivation episodes but the main funtion as filler to gun leveling. Unlock more skins and you need to unlock more upgrades which needs radianite. How do you get Radianite in Valorant? You can get Radianite through VP packs as well, or earn Radianite from Battle Passes. Instructions to Level Up with Weapon Skins: In the main lobby, click the Collection Tab. Select the gun you want from the drop-down to view a plethora of different skin options. To see all the skins, hit the expand button. Once the right one is found, click “Equip” to now have it selected for you next time they buy that gun. Radianite points can be used to upgrade skins.

Unlocking Titles

Titles cannot be unlocked or earned within Valorant. They are permanently assigned (or not assigned) by Riot Games as a mark of achievement or status, and new titles are occasionally introduced into the game for limited periods of time to celebrate specific events. Titles can include items like the Competitive Rank Title that displays the rank of a player’s main game type. Using a comprehensive implementation of Riot Games ID across all games is necessitating typing Playercard titles, etc.

Unlocking Player Cards

In Valorant, Player Cards are virtual cards that Riot describes as unique self-expression items. Player Cards contain the gamer’s Agent Card and have various Titles, Sprays, and Graffiti. These cards are unlocked when Radiante points are earned or purchased by the gamer. There are two categories a player card can come in. The free cards do not need Radiante, while premium have to be bought with Valorant’s paid currency (Riot points). At the time of initial roll-out, each player could unlock one of the two premium cards for free. With the first new act, six new premium cards with unlockable tiers were introduced. The same player card can be used for multiple Acts and Episodes. Radiante points can be earned by playing well, with assists, winning rounds, MVPs, playing in a coordinated team, and winning matches. Whereas the ‘premium’ version Player Cards can be bought starting at 375 Riot points or entitled through episodes of Valorant tips. Players should use the Valorant Player Cards system in moderation and should focus on earning Radiante points by gaming well, rather than buying player cards which they do not want or overbuying too many premium cards. For tips on leveling up fast, check out how to boost your gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to level up quickly in Valorant?

The most effective way to level up quickly in Valorant is by playing competitive matches. These matches provide the most experience points (XP) per game, which can significantly increase your level.

Are there any specific tactics or strategies I can use to gain more XP in Valorant?

Yes, there are a few key tactics you can use to maximize your XP gain in Valorant. These include playing with a consistent group of friends, completing daily and weekly challenges, and performing well in matches (such as winning and getting a high number of kills).

Can I level up quickly in Valorant without purchasing any in-game items or boosts?

Absolutely! While purchasing XP boosts can certainly speed up your leveling process, it is not necessary to spend money in order to level up quickly in Valorant. As mentioned before, playing competitive matches and completing challenges are great ways to gain XP without spending money.

Is it more efficient to play certain game modes or maps in Valorant when trying to level up fast?

It is generally believed that playing the Spike Rush game mode and maps with shorter rounds (such as Bind and Haven) can help you level up faster in Valorant. This is because these game modes and maps provide more opportunities for kills and therefore, more XP.

Is it possible to level up quickly in Valorant by playing a limited amount of time each day?

While it may take longer to level up than someone who plays for several hours a day, it is still possible to level up fast in Valorant by playing a few hours each day. Just make sure to focus on completing challenges and playing competitive matches to make the most of your time.

Besides the tactics mentioned, are there any other tips or tricks that can help me level up quickly in Valorant?

Yes, there are a few other things you can do to level up fast in Valorant. One tip is to make sure you are playing with a high XP multiplier, which can be achieved by playing with a group of friends. Additionally, make sure to use your agents’ abilities effectively in matches, as this can also provide XP bonuses.

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