Discover How to Master the Social Lobby in Pubg – A Complete Guide

Curious about the Social Lobby in Pubg and how to make the most of this feature?

We will explore what the Social Lobby is, how to access it, and the various features it offers. From managing your friend list to joining a clan, communicating with others, and customizing your profile, the Social Lobby in Pubg has a lot to offer.

Dive in and discover everything you need to know about this interactive hub in the game.

What is the Social Lobby in Pubg?

The social lobby in Pubg (Playerunknown’s Battleground) is where players go in the game to manage social interaction and access some features including friends and crew, leaderboard ranking, in-game mail, the Royale Pass and missions that can be completed to earn campaign points. It is the first screen a player sees every time they start the game where they can identify in real-time all friends currently in the game and connect with them to form teams which will transition to the main game.

How to Access the Social Lobby?

You can go to The Social Lobby in Pubg simply by navigating to different screens within the game, as we described in the text. When you want to display the friends that you have added and what they’re up to on The Social Lobby, go to your home screen, tap on the icon with two men to see the friends list within The Social Lobby. You can then check out the activity of your friends within The Social Lobby in real-time including recent gun wounds and promotions.

From the Main Menu

To visit the social lobby in PUBG from the main menu, simply left-click on the Friends List icon at the top right of the screen. The ease of opening the social lobby feature from the main menu is one of the advantages of this method. Both the Career Result and Clan lists can be accessed from the social lobby. It is worth noting that the PUBG client must load the Steam overlay when activated from the main screen, and this might cause lag on lower end systems. If this is happening, activating the social lobby from the in-game menu offers a smoother, if less efficient experience.

From the In-game Menu

The in-game menu is the hub of activity inside PUBG, whether you are playing or socializing. You can access the lobby from the in-game menu by pressing the start button on your console controller. This will bring you to the main Personal Profile screen where you will see various in-game friends as well. From this screen, you can view and select between Favor Items, Attire, Equipment, and Vehicles.

This screen offers a user-friendly interface to the Personal Profile portion of the game where you can view all friends, teams, and other players. There is, however, no audio channel allowing you to speak with any of them outside of sending a message. To activate the audio channel feature you will need to go into the actual match or lobby screen itself by pressing Y (Windows) or Triangle (PS4) at the Personal Profile screen.

What Are the Features of the Social Lobby?

Features of the Social Lobby in Pubg are broken into three main categories: friend list, pubg chat, and basic account management tools. The friend list feature of the social lobby provides a list of in-game friends that can be interacted with to view information or create team arrangements, etc. The Pubg chat lobby feature of the social lobby allows for in-game communication with a friend who is currently playing. The account management tools provides a variety of options to manage your Pubg account for email, anniversary, and participation in events.

Friend List

The easiest way to visit the Social Lobby in PubG is to click on the Friends tab which you will find on the bottom right of the app window. This directs you to the Social Lobby screen. If you have connected with any friends in the game, their avatars will appear here. Clicking on their avatars will give you options like checking how long they have been online, adding them as a friend, seeing what matches they have played, what they have posted, or talking to them via voice or text. Preconditions for using the Friend List.

Clan List

New clans are created routinely by all three groups of players. Requirements include the Managing Director approval of the brand-new clan name, ownership of the non-English brand-new clan name on PUBG India’s more security land, an agreement of the three players associated with creating the group who won’t be getting a piece of Social in return to join the clan once they produce 500 gGB (in any combination), and quality ideas on how Social may better bring the PUBG community together.

Griff, for example, recommended to PUBG support that Social have miniature versions of the map for customized events and stockpiling of all other useable features, create field-of-view settings that remove fixed scopes, and make high frames capable on low-end devices so tiny interactions are smoother.

UTE DEMENT continually releases useful up-to-date answers on their website, and the best source for the authoritative version of the process to start your clan is PUBG India’s brand-new clan registration process and general queries published by Gautam Nadkari of India’s social lobby.

Recent Players List

If you have already played with someone in the past, you can join Social Lobby by searching for them in the recent players’ list. Social Lobby teammates must either be on your teammates’ list or most recently in your recent players’ list, assuming neither has filled friends list slots. Historically, Lazarus would have to coordinate with Liger to friend Liger before Liger would show in Lazarus’s lobby. Once confirmed Liger would friend Lazarus back. Recently playing together could pop up on the social invite screen or automatically combine you with a recent teammate to reform the team. This method is seldom reliable and some have issues if they have ever tried using the social lobby. Tinder is more reliable than this method.

Invite and Join Options

You can invite friends to a Social Lobby before joining a match and to chat and pass the time with them while existing other matches are still in progress. If you want to invite them directly to a game in progress, you simply need to click Invite button at the right side. Friends can then accept or pass on the invitation. You can add friends by their invitation ID in their profile info which means add friends and quickly send invitations at the some time, no need to chat plus invite. Friend will be able to accept or skip it if he wants. Similarly if you request to join a lobby, your friends can grant or deny you entry. If you have a user profile on YouTube, you can show your YouTube videos in Social Lobby as well.

How to Add Friends in the Social Lobby?

You can add friends in PUBG Mobile in the Social lobby. Follow these steps to start adding them.

  1. Access the Social lobby by clicking on Friends in the bottom navigation sidebar.
  2. Click the search button in the upper right.
  3. Search for friends by ID, nickname, or request ID.
  4. Tap the add friend button next to their profile picture or on their profile card to send a friend request.

The steps to accept, cancel, and delete friend requests are the same as in Tencent Chat.

Through Friend Requests

You can visit the social lobby in PUBG by getting access to one of your friend’s visits and following them via the social interface. In-game friends can be added if you know their PUBG username, etc.. Once you are friends with someone, you will be able to see their time online, location, and in-game activities within the social lobby. Just click on the friend’s location number and follow their usage data to get access to the social lobby with no waiting time.

By Searching for Players

Another option to visit the Social Lobby in Pubg is by selecting Wonderland from the Choose Team-up Request List on the left. Other players will see your team-up request, and if they accept it, you can enter the Wonderland social lobby room. Show that you are ready for a room in Wonderland, which should make acceptance of your request more likely. Click the Ready button in the Choose Team-up Request List in order to let other players know you are ready for a lobby.

Through Clan Invites

Becoming a member of a clan is another way to visit Social Lobby in PUBG Mobile. The social section of PUBG Mobile Messenger is where clans can be created, destroyed, or joined. Players may join clans by accepting invites to join a clan from other players. To join or create a clan, players must tap the social icon on the home screen. This is situated above the RP purchase icon and to the left of the mailbox icon.

Users can go to the clan information center by tapping the Clan button at the bottom of the social screen. The upper half of the center’s main page features information about existing clans and about the player’s personal clan. In the lower half of the screen, under the My Clan tab, recommendations for new clans to join are provided. If the user has received a coded join request from someone they can be tapped into the box which says Enter Code(0). The Apply button can be pressed to join the clan.

Under the Clan Center tab, general PUBG information, information related to tournaments and events, and information about various settings can be found. One’s personal and clan information including name, level, role, tag line can be seen in the My Clan List tab.

How to Join a Clan in the Social Lobby?

You cannot join a clan from the Social Lobby, which is a feature in the PUBG Mobile gaming application that allows players to meet and chat. Clans are created and joined outside of the game in the Guild Interface where shows members and a section for Applications to join.

The clan is the same as what the PUBG Mobile game refers to as a guild, or clan messages. To join a clan in PUBG Mobile, complete the following steps (Instructions based on November 2021 v1.8.0 of the app):

  1. Open the application and play the game till you reach level 5.
  2. Click on the right bottom profile icon. This option opens the settings panel.
  3. Click on the ‘Clan’ option.
  4. Click on the ‘Create Clan’ button.
  5. Choose the name, type, and application type of the clan. (Note this step is not necessarily accurate as my current game version doesn’t have this feature)
  6. Click on the ‘Create’ button.
  7. Invite suitable members into the clan.

To join an existing clan, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Clan’ option.
  2. Click on the ‘Join Clan’ button.
  3. Find and click on the name of your desired clan and send an application to join.

The clan that you create will be flagged in the Social Lobby page listing the regions and clans of other users, where you can receive member applications as well, or can apply for membership of another clan.

Creating Your Own Clan

The clans section of PUBG Mobile may be used as a social lobby for chatting and schedulign game sessions with existing or new friends. Players can create their own clans to host social lobbies on the Clan tab on the main and social lobbies. Their social lobbies can serve as private chat rooms for members, as well with the ability to schedule team play, or to create a private training ground.

After creating a clan, invite friends, family, or new players to join. Set the clan to Accept All or Invite Only to screen individuals’ requests for access. The clan creator has control to establish the region, ranking, and other aspects to set clan standards. An open clan can then be used frequently to organize games, while private clans can be used as backup, developing competitive play, and for training purposes.

Joining an Existing Clan

To join an existing Social Lobby clan, a player must first be registered and logged into PUBG. Then click on Clan in the lower left corner, followed by tapping the search button. After searching for the desired in-game clan (in this case Social Lobby), click their clan description and tap Join. This sends a request to that next person in charge of the clan which can be approved or denied.

Benefits of Being in a Clan

  • Clan can share BP rewards
  • Clan is part of the Society Lobby
  • Clan members can receive extra rewards
  • Benefits of shelters
  • Fight stat increases clan occupant
  • Training rooms increase clan training efficiency
  • These are the Svillvy clan training rooms training rooms for lobbies from my Full Guide to Pubg

How to Communicate with Friends and Clan Members in the Social Lobby?

An easy in-game method to communicate with friends while on the social lobby in PUBG is via the clickable text boxes found on both the friend’s tab and the clan members’ section. When a friend or clan members’ name is clicked on, text can be sent and communication can occur.

Players of PUBG can invite other eligible players on the social lobby screen. Go to the ELIGIBLE tab and message eligible friends with an invite to let them know they can join a game with you. While in the clan menu, clicking on the player’s name yields the option to kick someone out of the clan or promote them to clan leader or an elder. The platform for making in-game phone calls with friends in PUBG is here as well.

Listed below are steps of how to communicate with friends and clan members:

  1. Click on the friend icon or the clan icon on social lobby screen > Click on a friend or clan member’s name > Look for the option to click on the text box and start messaging
  2. On the eligible tab. Who are the people they are eligible to invite to make eligible?
  3. Under the clan menu, clicking on the player name. Which option lets you kick someone out of a clan or promote to elder or clan leader?
  4. Look for an option to send a voice request.

Voice Chat

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a real-time, multiplayer, battle-royale-style game that is enjoyed best when you are part of a squad. The term “Social Lobby” does not exist in the parent British military jargon the game is derived from nor in gaming parlance but instead refers to the lobby screen before starting a match.

The pre-game lobby matches can hold up to 64 players standing in groups of 2 or 4 and is designed to allow players to chat with each other. Originally, the purpose of the pre-game plane was to clear up players’ reserved IP addresses, create shelters and better-detailed game scenarios while passing the 60 seconds until the last player has opened the game. But that waiting period, according to Edward Chang – PUBG’s lead level designer, has turned into playing the role of the first few players which he calls “lively and fun” even beyond the rest of the game’s functions. The plane flight with all the players is “sort of like a party before the game begins. They hang out and it’s very social which is why many players define the time spent as Social Lobby time.

There are a multitude of ways to “visit the social lobby” in PUBG. The game was purposely designed to allow players to communicate with others before the match by the availability of constant voice chat, microphone input, and pairing with other players. Beyond those basics, tricks and nuances of PUBG communication vary widely. PUBG is both a phone and computer-compatible app. Time in the social lobby with phones has the added convenience that players can leave the game screen while still training their voice, and open other applications. This flexibility comes with generous battery costs. Finally, training is the biggest factor in how to chat with and be a useful supporter of other players. Chang mentioned a Twitch streamer who sits at the starting location with a pan (and her clothes off, incidentally) and hops around her voice chat with all these other players and talks to them until they both get on the plane and then move on. People have come to know her just by discovering who she is. Such a multiverse of ways to visit the Social Lobby. But the overwhelming consensus is to enjoy the time spent in the PUBG social lobby.

Text Chat

The text chat feature, described by PUBG experts as pinging with your keyboard, allows users to send instant messages across their team in the game. The steps to activate text chat in PUBG are:

  1. Click and navigate to the notice board icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the lobby screen.
  2. Press the F1 key on your keyboard to open the text chat window with your team (note: this may be different if your chat window opens with a different key already set. Follow the instructions there to switch to F1 if it does not).
  3. Type in your message and then confirm it by pressing the Enter key.
  4. Communicate silently with your team in the game.

The text chat is beneficial for those who have either silent or open mics and to follow either your or your teammate’s example of communication. A big disadvantage once in-game is that you have to stop walking or otherwise playing while chatting with your team. Utilizing a dedicated texting device can be helpful in-game for more complex strategy or quick coordination. The text chat feature was developed to improve the communication in the game of users who don’t have mics. The addition of an in-game texting platform brings more interconnected communication opportunities between teams, based on the premise of the game of survival of high-speed coordination.

Emotes and Expressions

All expressions but only certain emotes are available in the Social Lobby. Expressions are selected by tapping your name tag and then tapping the image of the desired expression on the Emotion tab that appears. They are normally enabled after an account reaches level 12, although different servers establish different levels to unlock them. Expression are an excellent way for players to easily communicate emotion with their teammates. They range from greetings to apologies.

Emotes are two second video recordings of a player’s character performing an action. All emotes are purchased in the in-game shop. In the Social Lobby players can perform three of their favorite emotes as well as communicate with their teammates. Simulate is a multiplayer PvE dungeon battle royale mobile game was released in China in early 2021, where it has developed a strong following. There are many more emotes in the Social Lobby in Simulate than in PUBG, with a wider range of themes.

How to Customize Your Social Lobby Profile?

To customize your PUBG social lobby profile, click the profile icon on the bottom panel of the social lobby interface.

In the profile editing screen, you can edit the following fields:

  • Profile picture: Choose from the pre-defined characters or upload your own.
  • Profile background: Choose a background style you prefer.
  • Country/Region: Select your country or region from the list provided.
  • Quote: You can type any quote you like in any language.
  • Title: Customize your title, including using special titles obtained in special events or activities.
  • Introduce yourself: You can write a short paragraph to introduce yourself.
  • Emoji/custom action: You can customize the background and activation trigger action for your social lobby.

After you finish editing, click on the Save button to finish.

Changing Your Avatar

Changing your avatar or user DP photo in PUBG is the initial interaction with the social lobby settings. This can be done in Multiplayer Mode before entering a room to play or by going to the top of the Friends list or Player ID section in the social lobby of the app. The Avatar button near the top of the screen opens a gallery of icons and photos to choose from. User’s progress in the game, certain achievements, and additional items purchased in the game for decorating user profiles can be found here. Users can edit Border, Background image, including user’s flag, logo, multiple lines of text, and change the Profile image.

When the editing is finished and choices are satisfactory to the user, Save is clicked. Avatars are streamlined icons that represent a player in any given context such as PUBG. They are their visual identity. In PUBG, users will design the avatar to represent them in the game context. This is easily changed to any of the premade icons in PUBG according to the user’s choice.

Selecting a Background

To select a background to take photos at the PUBG Mobile social lobby, first open the social lobby. Against the background you are considering, press the camera button. There are two ways to adjust the actual photography background. Press your portrait in the lower right and tap the camera color strip. Here you can change the color of the background. After you have selected the background color, long-press the blank area on the map and your character will appear there.

Adding a Personal Message

Add a Personal Message by swiping through Avi. To add a personal flair to entering the Pubg social lobby, swipe the champagne bottle all the way to the right from the gameplay mode. You can then chat with one of the chatbottes in Pubg’s social chatting feature.

All users need to send a friend request before they are able to chat, as the developers want to deter spam. Avi, which is Pubg’s award-winning chatbot, can be requested to send a surprise message on your behalf. To access Avi, you open Pubg to the main menu, swipe left to access the community section, tap the circle at the top right of the screen to reveal Avi. The Personal Message experience can be accessed by selecting the champagne tab, then swiping the icon to the right.

The other features of the icon element are unlocked as you chat with the ChatBot, spend time checking in to get the coin rewards, and continuously return every hour to unlock all other interesting pictures, compass shapes, and cool answers. When you are happy with your row selection, enter your text and hit send. When you are chatting with a real user friend, only you will see these custom messages. Your associate will see the text you sent them in the typical messaging style of Pubg’s social chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the social lobby in Pubg?

The social lobby in Pubg is a virtual waiting room where players can interact with each other before starting a game. It is a place to chat, form teams, and access other features like rewards and events.

How do I access the social lobby in Pubg?

To access the social lobby in Pubg, simply open the game and wait for it to load. Once the main menu appears, click on the ‘Social’ tab located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the social lobby.

Can I invite my friends to the social lobby in Pubg?

Yes, you can invite your friends to the social lobby in Pubg. Once you are in the social lobby, click on the ‘Invite’ button and select the friends you want to invite. They will receive a notification and can join you in the lobby.

What can I do in the social lobby of Pubg?

In the social lobby, you can chat with other players, create or join a team, access the in-game shop, and participate in events and challenges. It is a great way to meet new players and make friends.

How do I change my appearance in the social lobby of Pubg?

To change your appearance in the social lobby of Pubg, click on the ‘Appearance’ tab at the top of the screen. From here, you can customize your character’s outfit, accessories, and emotes. These changes will be reflected in-game as well.

Are there any rules for behavior in the social lobby of Pubg?

Yes, there are rules for behavior in the social lobby of Pubg. As with any online community, players are expected to be respectful and follow the game’s terms of service. Any inappropriate or disruptive behavior can result in a ban from the lobby.

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