Mastering the Art of Respawning in Pubg: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a PUBG enthusiast looking to enhance your respawn skills in the game?

We will explore the concept of respawning in PUBG, why it is important, and different ways to respawn effectively.

From using a Respawn Beacon to coordinating with your teammates, we will cover all the tips and tricks to help you respawn successfully in PUBG.

Whether you want to continue playing the game, keep your teammates alive, or increase your chances of winning, this article has got you covered.

What Is Pubg?

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a multiplayer online battle royal-style game developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary company of Krafton Game Union. Globally, it is typically available for Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox, Android, and iOS.

As explained on the company’s website, the goal of the game is to be the last player or team left alive in each match, competing against up to 99 other players, although specific numbers of players may vary depending on the mode. Players take planes to the game map, search for weapons, vehicles, and gear while staying safe from being attached by other players. As the game progresses, a shrinking safe area is announced that players must get to else they face being eliminated. During this, players do the best they can to find and defeat other players. The safe area of the game shrinks with time, forcing players to move and fight in tighter quarters. This game strategy is designed to complete the round within 30 minutes or less. Players are rewarded differently but can earn progress and items that make it easier for future rounds.

In 2021, PUBG Corporation’s parent company, Krafton, published reports on which game modes were most popular by region. They found that Squad was the most popular mode overall, with it being preferred by 54.6% of players. Krafton found that this rate varied widely, with Asia and the Middle East favoring the mode more than North America w2which was the region that favored the mode the least.

What Is Respawn in Pubg?

Respawn in PUBG is a gameplay feature that allows players to rejoin the game after they are eliminated from it. This is done by setting a certain number of fixed respawn points on every map where players who are eliminated can respawn. If there are multiple teammates who have not been eliminated by the time the player is eliminated, they can be respawned by the surviving teammates. During a game session, eliminated players are not allowed to exit to the lobby. Instead, they must remain in the battle until either they have respawned or their entire team is eliminated.

Each respawn session in classic mode of the game can have 1 to 3 members. For each member in respawn, 1 point will be deducted but the team will have to secure all enemy respawn locations or eliminate all of their live enemies which are an uphill task. All respawn points will include the dead body of a player from your team who has been eliminated earlier and is a target to be looted by enemies.

Why Is Respawn Important in Pubg?

Respawning in Pubg is important for two reasons:

  1. Competitive play. Players can respawn teammates during competitive gameplay so that these players can continue contributing to the team. Reviving a player after they have been knocked allows them to use their accumulated gear and ammunition further even if they were previously about to die.
  2. End game. On established respawn maps, players can be brought back in every restored circle so that teams with superior fighting and tactics can win even if outgunned or outmaneuvered at earlier circles. This leads to more competitive games.

Reread all previous expansions and be consistent about whether or not the pubg abbreviation for playerunknown’s battlegrounds is written in all capital letters. This is the 7th paragraph of such content.

Continue Playing the Game

Respawning is not a feature in the regular PUBG games. However, there are some custom games in which you can play until dying and simply respawn with weapons you had collected after a few seconds in a prone position.

An example of such a custom game is the Draw Time Zombies custom match accessible through the Training grounds. Zombies mode is a unique finite match as well.

Other battle royale games that allow for respawns include the following to varying degrees:

  • Fortnite allows for casual team play with respawns.
  • Apex Legends allows a respawn after being killed, according to the availability of dead squadmates’ banner cards.
  • In Rules of Survival, the shot-bring system allows players to revive a squadmate only in the early stages when their health bar is still green.

Keep Your Teammates Alive

Another helpful aspect of the Respawn Mechanic is the way it lets you Keep Your Teammates Alive. If you are knocked, your teammates now have a limited time to revive you by collecting your ID card and taking it to a Communications Tower. So even if you are knocked and think you will not be able to be respawned, it can sometimes be helpful for your team if you crawl to safety and play defend using the Platoon mechanic until you are finally finished off.

Chance to Win the Game

When downed players are eliminated in the single or duo survival mode by killing or losing all of their blue health, they are out of the game without another opportunity. In the Pubg team survival mode, the players start to bleed out if they are downed without help within the 60-second countdown. The player can be revived by interaction with the revive button if their health does not reach -100 points. The killed player is unable to be interacted with or revived when his health reaches that point.

How to Respawn in Pubg?

You can respawn in PUBG using the following methods.

  1. In New State: In all modes (New State Classics, Duo, Quad, and Small Team Arena) except for the Battle Royale mode.
  2. In PUBG Mobile Global: Spark Area mode features respawns.
  3. In Lite: In the Monozuki mode.

In all other modes, including regular matches, the only way to be revived is by your teammates using the Revive Mechanic (if enabled in the game mode settings).

Use a Respawn Beacon

Squadmates can tag a dead team member’s ID card to revive them through a respawn beacon. Rov adopts this advantage as a form of ‘Rescue from Transportation’, an event where non-playing characters (bots) revive injured squad members to remove them from the battlefield. When the timer on an ID card reaches zero, a ‘Rescue from Transportation’ scenario will apply automatically to revive a dead player unless all their squadmates have been eliminated.

Use the Mobile Respawn Beacon

Since version 13.0 of PUBG Mobile (launched on (March 9 2021)), the game has had a new Mobile Respawn Beacon feature in the evolved map Karakin that enables dead teammates to be revived. To do this, a flare gun must be first used to call down the Mobile Respawn Beacon attack item. The Mobile Respawn Beacon looks like a blue smoke grenade and must be thrown on the ground for a dead teammate to respawn within a five-kilometer radius.

Use a Vehicle

PUBG allows you to respawn in any vehicle you’re using that isn’t destroyed and that can only be accomplished using a new injection tool called the Respawn Bomb. The Respawn Bomb launches a domed explosion approximately 50 meters wide that makes anyone who passes through it relive their last CP number. The Respawn Bomb can be fired using only your last CP number immediately prior to or during the launch, and occurs after a 6 second delay. You cannot do anything other than move during the explosion. The only way to get hold of the Respawn Bomb is by spotting them in the ground and picking them up during a Classic Match. They’re not kept in inventory and can’t be obtained through supply drops or airdrops. Say goodbye to running fast vehicle deliveries. The Respawn Bomb has a massive range of about 20km wide on the map meaning you’ll likely have to run towards the center at quick times to respawn with the Respawn Bomb.

What Are the Different Ways to Respawn in Pubg?

These are the currently known ways to respawn in Pubg:

  1. If you partake in the Respawn System Mod, you and your team get unlimited chances to respawn in both Classic and Mini Zone modes. Fully dead teammates can be brought back to life at the cost of a respawn card.
  2. Completing all three Pubg New State (as yet unreleased) missions offers a reward of a signature golden airdrop with a revived team banner. The banner can be used to bring back all fully permanently-dead team members.
  3. Within the South Korean game, players can utilize the Database Error trick.

The best new way to respawn in Pubg is through the signature golden airdrop in Pubg New State, but playing that game only allows for one revive per match. So if you run a team of four in the original Pubg, you could only hope to get one team member back to life after hitting it big in Pubg New State.

Teammate Revival

A team member in PUBG can be revived if they are knocked this is the most straightforward method to respawn your team. A team member cannot revive an eliminated player but if a player has only been knocked then they can revive them. A knock means that a player’s health is halfway gone and is vulnerable and cannot move unless dropped by crouching (where they can crawl away or to cover).

An FPP or TPP squad team playing the same mode can help revive their teammate. Knocked players are indicated by a health bar that starts flashing grey. The health bar goes down slowly unless the player’s teammate revives them. The knocked player cannot move but can help give out positional awareness to his teammtaes.

Mobile Respawn Beacon

The Mobile Respawn Beacon is a unique item in the Purgatory map of PUBG New State, introduced in Update 0.9.24 on February 8th, 2022. It enables a player who has been eliminated to swiftly and surreptitiously restore their player profile at its position for them to continue playing in the match guest.

The Mobile Respawn Beacon is a physical device that needs to be placed on the ground. You can pick it up after placement, but it takes time to activate. Once the Mobile Respawn Beacon is activated, dead players can be resurrected from the beacon location and come back to life where the beacon was last placed. Other players can see on the minimap that players have been revived in a resurrected state, increasing their speed. Only one Beacon can be used per match.

Respawn Beacon

A Respawn Beacon is deployed and broadcasted to nearby teammates when they are in the ready status. The player may click on the respawn beacon to be revived at a designated location. The Respawn Tablet shows the location of teammate’s deathbox and the nearest respawn point. Each player has a beacon meter that charges over time. More experienced players respawn faster. Beacons use the beacon to show teammates in the match their exact locations.

Vehicle Respawn

If you are near a drivable car, truck, or motorcycle near the edge of the safe zone, the vehicle may be your ticket to respawn in Pubg mobile by driving away and relocating to a place where you can respawn. In team play modes, cars will also let you to help teammates get safely to a new location where they can be revived from previously collected dog tags.

What Are the Tips for Successful Respawning in Pubg?

  • Use in-game lists to find safe respawn spots, look for nearby teammates who can guide you, prioritize connecting with teammates who do not have enemies nearby, arrive near your squad ready to coordinate. Move independently only to reach bullets and avoid close encounters with enemies.
  • Use the Osiris Brooks Ejection Acceleration Gauge to measure drop speed and distance. If drop speed is high and distance close, drop. If both speed and distance are near the average the best practice is to wait for a deliberate needledrop. At the latest release point move the direction you will be moving after release to save time and be prepared to engage enemies.
  • After release, drop towards the center of the designated Ghillie Map location. Prioritize loot, particularly for ammunition, guns for close encounters, and communication tools, cooperatively only if with a squad arrange of your squad to meet synchronously outside safe zone.

Communicate with Your Teammates

Communication is the first point you’ll lose out on if playing alone, especially to random teammates, so expect them not to notice that you’re not in the game anymore. You’re essentially on a timer before they leave the game to take charge of the situation when you’re knocked out. On the other hand, if you have organized teammates who you have interchanged with, they will know you’re out and will revive you accordingly.

Choose the Right Time to Respawn

The best time to respawn is determined by the team’s strategic location and the time remaining on the wall Active Wall Zone when a teammate has the opportunity to respawn you. The Active Wall Zone in Chosen One occurs when there are 6 teams or fewer, and there are only 6 of the Chosen Ones left alive in the game.

In the following instance, there are only 2.5 seconds left on the Wall Z day timer when there is insufficient time left on the Wall Active Wall Zone timer for a team to respawn. When there are 10 or fewer fighters left alive, a team will always be able to respawn their teammate regardless of the in-zone respawn timer with a few exceptions such as mentioned. In a typical PUBG setting without snipe-off zones and deathmatch postponements, the following general rule applies. Before the End Game Phase when there are 10 or fewer competitors left, there are often plenty of enemies that can interfere with a respawn. After this, since enemy activity will be lower, there will be a better opportunity for a safe respawn Timeout to wait for the best time usually choosing the right time to respawn involves waiting until you think more opponents are preoccupied or dead.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you respawn and prepare to engage with the enemy, you should be aware of your surroundings. If you are using a mobile phone during the PUBG Mobile game you will notice that the map indicates a few moments before the spawn where other opponents are located. Move quickly to concealed positions if necessary when respawning to avoid being easily spotted. Check the environment around your new position and alter movements if necessary.

Have a Plan in Place

Respawning on PUBG becomes more likely with each player you eliminate. Be prepared for your respawn plan by checking your surroundings and adjusting your strategy on whether you are against one or more hostile players. Communicate with your squad as to where you can and cannot safely respawn whenever possible. Your squad should vote on whether to help you in the current location or search for a safer area.

If you are running with a full squad in this situation, it is ideal to eliminate the biggest threat and either make your way to a safer location where your partner can respawn safely, or help them make their way there while they follow you. If you are the last player alive on your team, play slowly and cautiously, attempting to set up a difficult defense against your opposition. If you beat an opponent, be cautious to not immediately press a respawn. Instead, remove a few meters from your original location and heal quickly. JONATHAN JUSTICE (GENERAL) PUBG’s 11th Tutorial further elaborates, As the last remaining teammate, retrieve your team’s ID cards if you can (and it’s safe to do so). This prevents the enemy from obtaining the tags and respawning their own teammates. Again, don’t rush things while you’re the last man standing. Heal up, and if possible, wait to be the last team standing, and then revive if you can. The more realistic you play, the higher the chances of your team having a chance to win the match.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Respawn in Pubg?

What happens when you die in Pubg?
When you die in Pubg, you are eliminated from the game and cannot respawn.

How to Respawn in Pubg?

Is it possible to respawn in Pubg?
Yes, it is possible to respawn in Pubg, but only in certain game modes such as War Mode or Team Deathmatch.

How to Respawn in Pubg?

Can I choose where to respawn in Pubg?
In standard game modes, you cannot choose where to respawn. However, in War Mode or Team Deathmatch, you can choose a specific location to spawn in.

How to Respawn in Pubg?

What is the respawn time in Pubg?
The respawn time in Pubg varies depending on the game mode. In standard modes, you may need to wait until the next round starts, while in War Mode or Team Deathmatch, you can respawn immediately after you die.

How to Respawn in Pubg?

Do I lose all my weapons and items when I respawn in Pubg?
Yes, when you respawn in Pubg, you will lose all your weapons and items that you had before you died.

How to Respawn in Pubg?

Can I be revived by my teammates in Pubg?
Yes, in certain game modes such as Duo or Squad, your teammates can revive you if you are knocked down, allowing you to respawn and continue playing.

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