Master the Art of Recall in Pubg – A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a PUBG enthusiast looking to up your game, understanding the concept of recall is crucial.

We will explore what recall means in the context of PUBG, why it is important, and the different types of recall you need to master.

We will share tips on how to improve your recall, strategies for successful recall in-game, and common mistakes to avoid.

So, gear up and get ready to enhance your PUBG skills like never before!

What is PUBG?

PUBG is an acronym for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a computer-based online multiplayer battle royale game involving up to 100 players. The game’s developer called the game this as a nod to the nickname given him by Brendan Greene when he was developing the original Battle Royale mod for the game ARMA 2.

After the development success of the mod, Greene’s surname became known all over the world as PlayerUnknown. When it came to establishing himself as an official trademark, he started a professional career in the gaming industry and PUBG was born. The game was released as early access in March 2017 and remained there until December of the same year. An earlier mobile version of PUBG called PUBG Mobile Lite was released in July of the next year and the official release of PUBG itself was in December 2017 for PC.

What is Recall in PUBG?

Recall is PUBG’s connectivity feature that lets players instantly transport via the game’s data network from one location to another. If you are shot by an enemy, a nearby teammate is killed, or you find yourself in a difficult location surrounded by enemies, recall can help you.

Recall helps players get out of disadvantageous situations, reach or aid allies who are under attack, or move to better, safer locations. Recalling is possible in all versions of PUBG Mobile, but it is a non-existent feature in PUBG: New State due to the advanced levels of weaponry and accessories available which make recalling an unnecessary feature in the first place. Recall was never a feature in PUBG PC or PUBG console.

Why is Recall Important in PUBG?

Recall in PUBG is important for several reasons. The most important reason is to prevent getting killed. When one gets shot but quickly seeks cover and uses tree trunks, rocks, or even smoke from a grenade but moves to avoid being killed, this is called recall after getting damaged. One starts by vigorously running in different directions while seeking cover and afterward, they often lie down to wait for their health to regenerate. Remember that health only regenerates to 75% and only if you eat by collecting medicines, which are found in the game itself. All of these expert moves are recall in PUBG as they are utilized to prevent getting killed after getting damaged and not to make mistakes in such critical times.

Another reason recall in PUBG is important is advantageous redeployment. If a player receives news of redeployment for a new mission or better strategic location, employing a CH-47 Chinook helicopter parachute deployment procedure, picking up a new member as a squad, and moving to a new location is referred to as advantageous redeployment. This is also called recall but in a different way. The success that the military and wildfire experts have in integrating these two methods in real-world situations highly depends on their ability to recall. If a real warrior or firefighter cannot recall the new calling, it is possible that they could fall behind in their duties and within no time they will be calling for the help of their opponents. This is also similar in PUBG. In most cases, it is important for players to not get discouraged by their defeat and to remain in the game, their ability to recall what is going on, what happened, and what and where mistakes occurred can mean a decisive advantage and prevent costly errors resulting in the end of the game.

What are the Different Types of Recall in PUBG?

The different types of Recalls in PUBG are Canceling the throw after pulling the grenade pin, Helpless recall by Contact with a friendly throw (switch weapon to completely cancel), and Utilizable recalls with different weapons. The Utilizable recalls with different weapons are shown below.

  • UMP-45: 2.0 seconds
  • AKM: 2.1 seconds
  • M16A4: 2.2 seconds
  • SKS: 2.3 seconds
  • Tommy Gun: 2.3 seconds
  • Sawed-Off: 1.8 seconds
  • Winchester: 1.9 seconds
  • AWM: 2.6 seconds
  • DP-28: 3.3 seconds
  • Vector: 2.3 seconds
  • M249: 1.9 seconds

Weapon Recall

Recall refers to the skill where an individual mentally responds to a moment or situation by remembering past similar instances.

Aiming mechanics on the same weapon category of weapons in PUBG are similar, and recall can make re-adjustment easier. If you are familiar with the recoil mechanics of an AKM, the recall for an M416, UMP, or similar weapon that is in the assault rifle class will be similar and easier. Understanding this can greatly help in better recoil control in similar situations.

Vehicle Recall

Vehicle recall in PUBG refers to recovering lost vehicles. Axe Vehicle – PUBG Mobile defines vehicle loss in pubg. The article underscores that when the vehicle disappears without physical damage or use by another player, it is considered lost. This most commonly happens when the vehicle UI shows it is “Empty” and there is smoke coming out of it. Vehicle recall refers to recovery if the vehicle has been disappeared and not stolen by another player. Vehicle recall took place server-side in Pubg Mobile, but as of July 2022, instead of the vehicle disappearing, a “Recall” icon will appear which can be clicked to repair the vehicle’s fuel or tires.

To experiment with it, you can follow the steps below and reference the following image:

  1. Exit the car. In case the vehicle is locking properly, exit, and look for smoke. Then go far from the spot you left the vehicle and check if the car is still there. If it is not, it has been stolen, if it is there, proceed to step 2.
  2. Recall the vehicle. Approach the spot where you left the vehicle. Press these buttons in the sequence shown: First press the “Map” button (red arrow), then the icon that shows the vehicle (blue arrow), and finally the “call-back” button (yellow arrow).
  3. Get back in and leave. Now the car should be retrieved. Enter the car, and leave the scene until the player icon shows green, meaning the car is no longer recalled.

If another player has stolen the vehicle, the vehicle must be tracked and regained using the same processes described above. In that case, the vehicle will be considered lost and cannot be called back.

In the past, vehicle recall was achieved client-side. A new item was introduced that was able to call back the vehicle. If there is an accordance between the vehicle recall ammunition and recall equipment, pressing recall will retrieve the vehicle. Before network issues were ironed out, players experienced device crashes, unable to call back their vehicle, it would appear on the map as recalled, but then never materialize in real life.

Map Recall

In PUBG’s exclusive map Karakin, a hidden cave called Pillar has been added to test a new map recall mechanics. In Pillar Cave, players can break three stone pillars to activate a countdown that offers a location remember feature for a short while after the third pillar is broken, showing the location of all teammates on the player map.

Map recall allows gamers to preserve their surroundings in short-term memory by referring back to their map when they become lost or disoriented. Map recall can provide information that players simply did not have access to during the actual engagement. Knowing your marker’s current orientation, alternate entry/exit points, or viewing your team’s deployed gear can provide substantial intelligence that could alter your decision-making process during future gunfights. Once the player looks at the map, they can quickly look back up to the environment, and instantaneously recall and apply the new information to defeat the team.

As new experiences and expanding brain connections build new mental models of PUBG’s maps, players will be able to access maps increasingly less to perform the same tasks.

How to Improve Your Recall in PUBG?

To improve your recall in PUBG, practice controlling muzzle rise and learning weapons’ recoil patterns. To control muzzle rise, determine your sensitivities through trial and error to accelerate your learning. Once you have a better understanding of which sensitivities suit you best, consistently practice utilizing them when controlling weapons in PUBG.

Ignorantly switching up sensitivities during a recording of a game seduces unproductive results during play. Consistent battles should be executed in PUBG’s war mode or against actual players (especially in PUBG’s Arena Workshop event) to put any standing assumptions or beliefs to the test and confirm whether or not they work for you.

Practice Regularly

The best way to improve your PUBG recall is by practicing regularly. This doesn’t even have to be in the game itself. Shooting range games like Aim Lab and Kovaak’s on Steam help you to hone your aim and movement quickly, allowing you to enter the game in better shape. In practice or warm-up rounds to try and recall your comfort sensitivity and implement your memory. Do this frequently and your recall will improve noticeably.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Observe how you died and make conscious decisions not to die the same way again. Avoid the same position, situation, fighting from the same spot, or getting caught off guard by the same thing. This approach will let you adapt based on what went wrong and do better next time. Continuing to operate the same way is what generally leads to serial deaths in PUBG. The more you keep an eye on the map and plan the perfect defense or attack, the more chance there is that you meet your goal this time in that space. By continued application of work on the map and situational awareness, you can best learn from your own mistakes, as you will create new markers, new links, and new experiences.

Study the Map and Weapons

There are 4 maps in PUBG Mobile as of 2021. Erangel, the original battleground, is characterized by a balance of rural and urban environments. Miramar, the desert map, offers a larger, larger, open space, while the smaller Sanhok consists of mostly hilly terrain with both green and maritime environments that make for speedy, competitive matches. Vikendi, the snow map, is larger and offers additional challenges related to its unique resources and environment.

The best platform for recalling is being familiar with all or most maps and knowing their unique features. Knowing how to get from your current location to a location where you safely predict you will escape forces you to learn PUBG maps and their network of roads, settlements, and varying topography. Each map mandates users to develop unique building personal recall styles. Knowing these features and recognizing the manner in which you can manipulate the landscape to your advantage will maximize utilization of the recall mechanism. Different techniques for crosshairs may need to be utilized depending on the walls, windows, and other variables in different buildings.

The same concept applies to guns. Always remember which guns have high horizontal versus vertical recoil and master which foregrips and compensators work best to mitigate recoil based on the gun. Spacial awareness, weapons knowledge, and tactical positioning are all key elements of recalling in PUBG, which are only possible if you study the map and weapons.

Communicate with Your Teammates

Another important step you should not forget about in your effort to improve player recall in PUBG is to communicate efficiently with your team members. Playing with a functioning headset will provide you with the capacity to form a strategy and warn your teammates of the opponent’s movements in certain areas. The threat may not even be in your vicinity at the moment, but it could threaten other players in your squad. It’s important to have clear communication so that everyone knows their current circumstances whether another player was eliminated by an enemy, got hold of the desired equipment, traveled to another vehicle, or if the opponent was able to flank behind them.

Don’t talk too much, though. Involuntary blabbing is possible with some communications applications when the action heats up. The level of communication differs from team to team. Recall is improved with communication patterns and strategies as long as they do not get in the way of playing. Additionally, nothing sours teamwork faster in a game like PUBG than of excessive bm.

What Are Some Tips for Successful Recall in PUBG?

Some tips for successful recall in PUBG are:

  1. Having at least level 2 armor and preferably level 3
  2. Conserve utility
  3. Stay around the edges of the circle to minimize the angles from which you can be shot. Do not engage better-positioned opponents.
  4. If in a vehicle, quickly drive towards the edge of the circle to reposition. Do not drive directly towards the new center of the circle without first understanding the new positions and elements in your surroundings.
  5. Using natural cover to break the line of sight of opponents. Frequently reposition outside of the opponent’s view. This means running for 2 seconds, stopping and peeking, running more, etc.
  6. Contrary to typical combat (Cover, Concealment, Firepower), the best points to Fire in PUBG are the ones where your target doesn’t know you are at.

People who are able to recall or get flanked easily should aim to prevent that outcome initially or work on increasing their in-game situational awareness to such a level that they can anticipate when they are at a big disadvantage if they get flanked.

Use Cover and Concealment

In PUBG, cover is anything that physically protects a player from bullets. Concealment is anything that stops the shooter from having a clear line of sight to the target. These could be walls, rocks, trees, etc. In certain locations, even grass and bushes can act as concealment as they make it difficult for other players to spot their presence. Cover and concealment provide protection to go through different strategies.

Although concealment does not provide the same level of protection from bullets as cover, it is very useful in scenarios where enemies are already aware of a player or where cover is not available. Cover and concealment can be used during all phases of the game by strategically moving from cover to cover so that enemies do not spot the player. When recalling, go to either cover details for the best protection. But use concealment if there is no closer cover.

Always keep an eye on the location of the enemies and try to anticipate when and from where the next attack will come. And remember that even hiding from an attacker – in both the short and long term – can provide tactical advantages such as getting into a more aggressive position, regrouping with teammates, or finding a secure way forward.

Keep Moving and Stay Alert

To recall in PUBG, you should make sure never to stay stationary. Even if you believe an enemy is not nearby, you should be moving and watching your surroundings at all times. If you watch any professional or experienced PUBG player, they almost never come to a complete stop.

This approach is true whether in urban or rural environments. If you are near a wall, edge of a hill, or crate, briefly look left and right and behind you, then move immediately so that no one who has you in their sights will be able to track you should they shoot at you. Do this again when enveloped in smog and when firing, as well. Moving back and forth along a path has the same predictability problem. A panic leap to the side, change in crouching level, or spraying in all directions when in combat can throw the enemy off of their aiming. Be sure to remember that staying still drastically decreases the difficulty of the enemy shot.

Only zoom in for aiming for a fraction of a second at a time and never move while zoomed in because you move much more slowly. Similarly, when indoors or when someone has you in their sight, your goal is to move to somewhere where you are safe from being hit. You will remember where the person was and if they have not moved, you can try to burst in and surprise them, but in this scenario you want as few variables as possible.

Use Grenades Wisely

Using grenades wisely is an important part of the PUBG recall strategy. When to use them is dependent on the type of grenade and situation.

Some players use frag grenades to recall to a better position and slow down the opponent’s advance. Molotov cocktails are used to create barriers and help the player make a tactical retreat or buy time to heal.

If a tactical retreat is necessary, players use smoke grenades to provide cover. The game does not directly provide statistics for usage and utility of each of these grenades. These represent how professional players frequently discuss usage in online forums.

Track and field players participating in the open recall round frequently use this as a time to gather armor and firearms but no attachments. Some players drop onto hotspots and initiate an open recall round and either leave immediately or not drop in hotspots at all until the last few circles have formed.

There is evidence that 17-19 of the map is the hotspot and this is the deadliest time in the game, particularly during the mid-round shifts. As per the transition matrix from Chesterton et al., there is an average 17% chance of encountering an enemy in the open map. This percentage more than doubles to 38.2% in the mid-round shift, so survival at this point is particularly impressive.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid in PUBG Recall?

    Common mistakes to avoid with PUBG recall are moving through confined areas or hallways too much, not fully understanding the cover and fire game mechanics, not having a clear comms structure with your teammates, or failing to have a clear precipitating event that triggers your entire team’s wider ephemeral strategy in the arrival of an enemy.

    A failure of game mechanics leads to a recall defeat as well, although that is not technically an error, but a response to an unfortunate game event or technical difficulty that prevents the recalling team from escaping the ambushers.

Not Paying Attention to the Circle

The circle is an integral part of battle knowledge and movement in PUBG. Players who are successful learn when to expect the blue zone to close in and choose battlegrounds in prime positions in the white circle to limit their exposure to oncoming fire.

This player, Shroud, initially does not anticipate proximity mines behind the blue zone, but when he does, he finds an effective route to get around them quickly:

Many bad situations in the blue zone can be dealt with by simply ending a poor engagement and running straightforward through the open, but successful players learn they can often move more efficiently and press their advantage on enemy players in the blue zone. The best players use the high ground that they correctly anticipate will give them an edge in a final engagement, instead of wasting their energy on poor trades far from the white circle.

Not Communicating with Teammates

When teammates are not collaborating, recalling does not serve much purpose in a team mode. Teammates could not come and assist their recalling partner. If communication is terse using game chat, teammates still know where the player is besides constantly seeing the direction he is hidden in on the map. The purpose therefore depends on utilizing it when it is most advantageous.

3-4% of the player’s health is lost when recalling and his movement is restricted. If the opponent reaches the recall user, the user’s activities are limited in various ways and easy to knock out by opponents. If members of the team do not come for the assist recalling player, there is a risk of getting knocked out.

And as there is interference of network problem in civilized areas, in more remote areas, the connection might be lost. The potential benefits of the mom are severely throttled and the opponent can take advantage.

Not Using Cover Effectively

Cover is essential for recall strategies, you need to make sure you are using it to its maximum potential. At close range, cover can be particularly helpful in enabling you to remember successfully. If not using cover properly is a mistake you are frequently making, it is likely that other mistakes have caught up to you and it may be too late to recall. Try employing efficient cover use in conjunction with better aiming or avoidance tactics, and you may be able to save yourself even if you have made other mistakes up to that point.


Recalling in PUBG Mobile is extremely vital to ensure the survival of your team and climb up the ranks on the leaderboards. A successful recall ensures each player in your squad can survive longer in the game, increasing the squad’s chances of defeating un-recalling foes. Recalling PUBG here Dos and Don’ts recap:

  • Pop them with the click of a button. To move safer, first release your movement button.
  • Get behind a sturdy cover like car, rock, or building
  • Call cerrado in the chat to inform your mates that you’re on your way.
  • Scout and eliminate local threats and relocate more securely.
  • Watch for intruders awaiting at the revival point.
  • If necessary, shoot all weapons against incoming hostiles
  • Stand by to medicate if needed.
  • Use suppressors
  • Help the other teammates find hidden threats.
  • Never issue recall commands that are too evident for opponents to eavesdrop on.
  • Don’t help revive if opponents are near. In that situation, it’s better to wait until they clear the position or you and your teammates can locate them.
  • Don’t be afraid to terminate the recall if the danger of the renewal spot is too high.
  • Don’t revive teammates in open areas.
  • Do not have the recall weapon out until you see imminent direct danger when moving.
  • Do not forget open areas while moving in hard-to-see zones.
  • Don’t make overly ambitious recall calls which put your life and those of your teammates in jeopardy.
  • Don’t let your opponent get a clear line of fire.
  • Don’t give up any dangerous information.

Many players get discouraged rather than perform a player or squad recall every time their character or their teammate is killed. They quit the game prematurely and do not get any benefits or leveling up. Therefore a PUBG resurgence can boost the chance for squad victory dramatically. The game may have changed a lot since its launch but the ability to return to your partners at PUBG remains a cornerstone of teamwork and squad survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Recall in Pubg?

What is the Recall feature in Pubg?
The Recall feature in Pubg allows players to retrieve their characters and items from previous matches.

How to Recall in Pubg?

How do I access the Recall feature in Pubg?
To access the Recall feature, go to the main menu and click on the “Collection” tab. From there, select the “Recall” option.

How to Recall in Pubg?

Can I recall my character and items from any match in Pubg?
No, the Recall feature only works for matches played within the past 7 days.

How to Recall in Pubg?

What happens when I recall my character and items in Pubg?
Your character and items will be returned to your inventory and your current character will be deleted.

How to Recall in Pubg?

Is there a limit to how many times I can recall in Pubg?
Yes, players are limited to 5 recalls per week. After that, the feature will be locked until the following week.

How to Recall in Pubg?

Can I use the Recall feature in ranked matches?
Yes, the Recall feature can be used in both ranked and casual matches in Pubg. However, it cannot be used in custom matches.

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