Mastering Pubg: A Comprehensive Guide to Holding Ads Effectively

Looking to improve your skills in PUBG and become a better player? One important aspect to focus on is holding ads.

We will discuss what ads are in PUBG, why players want to hold ads, and the benefits of doing so.

We will also provide tips on how to effectively hold ads, common mistakes to avoid, and overall improve your gameplay.

If you want to step up your game in PUBG, keep reading!

What are Ads in Pubg?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Aiming Down Sights (ADS) refers to the adjustment of a player’s firing position to better hit an intended target. In this instance, ADS is not related to view scopes or reticles, but only to the electronic representation of holding a weapon in a firing position.

This expansion of the primary meaning of Aiming Down Sights (ADS), as it is used in First-Person Shooter (FPS) and Third-Person Shooter (TPS) video games, is unique to PUBG Corporation casual and competitive Mobile Lite and Battleground’s Windows, PS, Xbox and low graphic versions of battleground games as well as similar other Battle Royale games.

There is not a strict definitional difference between this expanded concept of holding and firing a weapon in PUBG and the literal sense. The two are so inextricably linked that the terms are interchangeable.

Why Do Players Want to Hold Ads in Pubg?

Players want to hold ads in PUBG in order to increase control over transmission settings and optimize for finding enemies rather than visualize the environment. Holding ads when viewing long distances ensures the game will prioritize objects (like opponents) closer to the player’s current position in a process that is referred to as optical flow. This is also called background and lighting stripping as it reduces the storage requirements of the screen and allows the important foreground elements to be recognized more easily.

What Are the Benefits of Holding Ads in Pubg?

The benefits of holding ads in PUBG are as follows. A higher degree of precision during ADS is the primary advantage of waiting until just before pointing a weapon at the enemy to trigger aiming down sights (ADS). By having a larger viewing area of the PUBG environment before ADS, players are able to find the enemy faster and are less likely to be caught off guard when they encounter an opponent. Additionally, since players shields protect them even when they are not aiming, they are marginally more secure.

Players who have previously fired will experience slow target acquisition, so it is best to hold ADS until the last second before firing in PUBG.

Improved Accuracy

In PUBG, holding ads can improve accuracy. Short for Aim Down Sights, this term refers to the practice of aiming the gun at enemies while holding the right-click (default setting). This can allow for better accuracy and targeting. Firing a gun without ADS typically spreads damage as bullets hit a large area. ADS forces the gun into a single area, meaning the bullets are more likely to impact the same location exactly which can eliminate enemy targets more effectively.

Better Control of Recoil

Automatic weapons in PUBG come with recoil which is difficult to control, and only partially alleviated by using attachments such as scopes, suppressors, compensators, and vertical and angled foregrips. With a thumb grip or claw grip that uses fingers and thumbs, it is difficult to control recoil as your fingers won’t be on the same axis with the firing key.

Controlling recoil with a four-finger hold for left and right-firing keys is possible as three fingers are used to press the firing key and you can actually control the thumb movement at the same time. However, since the thumb is required for jump, crouching, and other gaming actions, PUBG itself is sometimes difficult to play altogether with this grip in practice.

If a user has a phone compatible with the default game triggers or wants to experiment with custom methods of firing, one option is to use footpedals that some users attach to their smartphones. However, without sufficient practice, this can lead to the same level of difficulty while trying to control recoil on standard pubg grips. Practicing pubg recoil control using the four-finger hold can be very beneficial.

Faster Target Acquisition

There is some merit to the notion that holding an ad for a short time, even when no target is onscreen, can result in faster target acquisition. With one of the main purposes of ads being to reduce micro-corrections for fine aim, keeping the ad constant is believed to engage the targeted muscles and target locking senses to make acquiring and re-acquiring targets quicker and more reliable.

WeBlue’s PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Guide notes that comprehensive guide on how to mark effectively helps muscle and mind memory of the movements necessary to target enemies.

Thus, the extra 1-3 target locks before ads’ing are quicker and more direct, with less correction necessary for snapping on to the target.

How to Hold Ads in Pubg?

You can hold your ads by turning off firing and aiming with the fire button and ADS button at the same time. This allows you to set your aim direction while knowing the firing will be turned on quickly from off mode to a fully zoomed view. This can be very effective for players with a bad habit of hipfiring and missing shots in the crucial early stages of the game. Especially when there are no helmets.

When you approach an enemy, enter a compound, or come around a corner with a high probability of meeting an enemy, keep your thumb on the fire button and your index finger on the ADS button. This ensures you have time to decide whether to hipfire or to zoom and aim in case the person did not have good loot and is ready for an easy kill. Aiming down sights will also help you reduce firing spread and improve aiming capacity. Check out the YouTube tips in this document such as 8 Tips on How to Get Better at Aiming in PUBG Mobile and Top 5 ADS Therapies |PUBG Mobile ADS Tutorial| for in-depth guidance on being better at holding and quickly going in and out of ADS in PUBG.

Adjust Your Sensitivity Settings

Adjusting your sensitivity settings is the best way to learn how to control recoil on ADS in PUBG Mobile, especially in first-person mode. High sensitivity makes your device extremely quick to adapt to any movement, while low sensitivity makes it sluggish. Default settings are a good place to start. Then increase or decrease your preferences to best fit your playing style. You can also customize sensitivity settings to better fit individual weapons’ recoil characteristics better.

Use the Aim Button

Use the Aim feature to hold ads in Pubg when no enemies are nearby. ADS while aiming down the sights, as this is the best protocol for detecting enemy movement. Toggling between firing modes is quicker after pressing the aim button than if you are not aiming at all.

The aim feature is activated by the crosshair button on the upper-middle of the right side of the game screen. Press and hold it while moving your crosshair to aim. This is a strategy often employed by players in single-player mode, when they are not in immediate danger or dealing with challenging game objectives and thus do not need to fire.

Practice with Different Weapons

This approach is more for thinking of more strategic ways to hold ads in PUBG. Not all weapons are equally useful in aiming down the sight mode, and some should never be aimed down the sight. For both close-quarters and long-range combats, players need to understand which weapons to use and when to use them.

At long range, ARs and DMRs are best used accurately in the ADS mode for maximum effect. SMGs, shotguns, and handguns should not be used this way. In buildings when an enemy suddenly pops out, ADS is essential, even with an SMG. Therefore, dynamic switching between ADS and Non-ADS modes is part of the regular reloading and weapon-switching actions which all good players should know how to do. The rule of thumb here is to remember where on the map you are and what kind of enemies you expect to engage. Choosing your weapon appropriately and knowing when to use ADS for a particular weapon will let you know when and where to settle in to hold ADS.

What Are Some Tips for Holding Ads in Pubg?

Some tips for holding ADS (Aiming Down Sights) in Pubg include not staying ADS for long periods so your eyes maintain focus and remain agile, pre-aiming around frequently changing angles to take advantage of ADS movement speed and accuracy without prolonged aim training movement, and practicing center corner and headshot shooting from the hip when the situation allows. A central aiming component of Pubg’s design is intended to require precision on the part of all players, so keeping your eyes, mind, and body focused and agile while using ADS is important for even entry-level players. Whether in close combat or when moving around during the calmest times, find ways to comfortably use the ADS. The progression of controls and muscle memory will then set this as the as the default state and you will find many improvements beyond simply weapon accuracy.

Use the Gyroscope Feature

Gryscope ads have been recorded as being more comfortable and accurate than the other two methods of ads in PUBG Mobile. As such, the solution for holding ads is to use the Gyroscope Feature in PUBG Mobile. Those accustomed to playing from PCs with emulators will recognize the Gyro feature in some mobile games as representative of the trusty mouse. Like the thumb on a mouse used to select items, the thumb of the hand holding the phone can be used to select items quickly without opening the HDAUI interface. If the Gyroscope Feature is not present on your mobile gaming device, you can add this feature to the device via apps like ‘Octopus‘ or ‘Joystick mapper‘. One of the significant attributes of the Gyroscope Method is that it serves as a comfortable middle ground for Mobile Gamers and Gamers using Emulators. Though trendier in today’s gaming world, the benefits of using the Gyro make it the optimal choice for either style of play regardless of what the larger number of players may be doing.

Keep Your Crosshairs at Head Level

Wherever you are going, once you start to move, ensure that your crosshairs (center or where your character’s line of sight crosses through your vie) always remain at head level. Even while aiming, if it is a higher target make sure your sights are raised, and if the target is crouching, press C to crouch your character in PUBG. This ensures that your crosshairs never miss the enemy’s head once you are in a gunfight or just coming out of a corner.

Utilize Cover and Crouch Positions

Utilizing cover and ads in pubg go hand in hand. If you start taking fire or anticipate going into an area where you might take fire, it’s safer to be behind one of the myriad forms of cover found in maps as you aim even if you don’t peek or lean. If you are caught out in the open as you transition from one area of cover to another, then the ads feature can save you.

Crouching or lying down is often just as useful. Instead of relying only on cover, you can use the crouch and ads method known as crabwalking to make yourself a harder target for enemies in the pubg battleground. With most weapons in the game, going prone makes you an even harder target and offers an even more stable firing platform.

However, cover is ultimately a finite resource and can be destroyed. You may also occasionally be better able to shoot from a standing position if you are traversing hills. Furthermore, the aim of an enemy player rather than your actions is ultimately a major factor in whether or not you will be hit. For all these reasons, standing and exposing just your head can be just as viable as crouching in dense cover or going prone.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Holding Ads in Pubg?

Mistake #1: Continuing to hold ADS as you panic and lose control of your aim. This is the exact opposite of the proper procedure of stop-ADS and hip fire under such a situation. Correct hesitation time must be practiced.

Mistake #2: Repeatedly ADSing and canceling when you do not have a clear target. Overuse is unproductive, especially in situations where you have a better chance by default of hitting while not- ADSing.

Mistake #3: Using the thumb to move while ADSing rather than doing so before or after. This can lead to poor aim as it is more difficult to control and perform small adjustments in movement with just a thumb as opposed to an arm.

Mistake #4: Becoming too visible while moving (for fear of camping) or making it too easy for an opponent to hit you. This is sometimes referred to as ‘over-peeking.’ Practice the right degree of concealment when holding ADS.

Mistake #5: Using one-handed tap firing too much: While left thumbing to fire single shots is sometimes useful, and necessary to save bullet usage, over-reliance on single-shot tap firing is not ideal in a heavily competitive situation. Use when necessary, not as a default.

Overusing the Aim Button

Overusing the Aim button can hold ads in PUBG on mobile. When the Aim button is pressed, users cannot ads at the same time. If an enemy is not near, lowering the Aim button can help increase the eye’s field of view, according to a July 2021 article on

The aim feature is essential for most weapons to fire accurately and easily. If the player needs to fire a weapon immediately at a long distance, the aim feature can be extremely useful. Users on mobile can manually disable the aim feature to streamline the process of ads-ing and firing, training yourself enough to play without the aim feature can help when engaging in close combat. This is easier when using an assault rifle, according to a July 2021 post on Powerbang Gaming.

The active ads-ing time of all automatic weapons in PUBG is around 300 milliseconds except for sniper rifles, which have an active ads-ing time of approximately 400 milliseconds. There are reasons to use the aim feature in PUBG, such as to be ready to fire at the head when someone pops up in front of you abruptly.

Not Adjusting Sensitivity for Different Weapons

When holding ads, players have to remember that different weapons have different amounts of horizontal and vertical recoil that they will need to adjust for. While horizontal and vertical recoil are both manageable with the SCAR-L and M416 assault rifles, they are considerably more severe with SMGs and shotguns and many long-range rifles. Any rifle with higher emphasis on tapping like the M16A4 and SKS is often a better match for holding ADS. With these weapons, there are no penalty delays when holding ads. However, in areas with limited ADS timeframes, players are reliant either on strafing tactics to combine with their target flicking or allowing their triggers to partially reset as they continue shooting. This different player methodology and tactical approach for holding ads should be kept in mind.

Not Practicing Enough

Practicing holding angles in PUBG either in-game or in the training ground mode takes time. Some inexperienced players may not be giving enough of it to be proficient at holding angles but believe that in time all angles can be held, and ads useful in pubg.

For new or inexperienced players not used to ADS (Aim Down Sights) mechanisms, learning that holding an angle refers to stopping their motion and entering the scope mode for aiming can be exceptionally difficult. The more a player practices on entering the scope mode on holding the angles they frequently use, the better and faster they get. It is not just about decreasing the time. It is also about learning how to switch between moving to ADS back to moving smoothly.

In training mode when not playing, a player can try and practice breaking their motion into different parts. Turn off the controller and try to determine how much to press from the joystick, and try to get used to it. More experienced players suggest that a little over a half-second tap on the joystick is what produces the most stable target practice. The more deliberate a player is with their training, the easier it gets for them to be proficient with holding and using the angle in pubg.


The Pubg corporation never allows players to keep ads. The closest thing to keeping ads in Pubg is to use the in-game stock exchange feature of the Pubg corporation widely known as the PUBG Inventory Service. This allows players to bet on certain gameplay moments and, based on their success, can earn money directly in their inventory, which they can then use to buy virtual goods they may be hoping to win.

The extending of ads from the typical meaning of advertisements to virtual goods is a topic of increasing interest in the world of gaming. As of mid-2021, a legal framework and standard terminology has not emerged, although a November 2020 Lexology article speculating on the upcoming EU Digital Services Act along with broader discussions refers to this as advergaming, since advertising is central to the gameplay of such games.

Until such time as regulations mandate some form of keep what you kill gaming, both PUBG and other similar games of its era and its successors will only be virtual grounds for playing ads, rather than keeping them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I hold ads in Pubg?

To hold ads in Pubg, simply tap and hold the right side of your screen. This will bring up the ads button, allowing you to aim down sights and hold your position.

2. Can I customize my ads holding button in Pubg?

Yes, you can customize your ads holding button in Pubg. Go to settings, then controls, and select the customize layout option. From there, you can move and resize the ads button to your preferred location.

3. Do I need to hold ads in Pubg for better accuracy?

Holding ads in Pubg can improve your accuracy, as it allows you to aim down sights and have a more stable shot. However, it is not necessary and some players prefer to hip fire instead.

4. How do I adjust the sensitivity of my ads holding in Pubg?

To adjust the sensitivity of your ads holding in Pubg, go to settings, then sensitivity. From there, you can adjust the ads sensitivity to your liking.

5. Can I change the button layout for holding ads in Pubg?

Yes, you can change the button layout for holding ads in Pubg. Go to settings, then controls, and select the customize layout option. From there, you can move and resize the ads button to your preferred location.

6. What are some tips for effectively holding ads in Pubg?

Some tips for effectively holding ads in Pubg include practicing with different sensitivity settings, using cover and crouching for stability, and keeping your crosshair at head level for quicker aiming. It’s also important to remember to release the ads button when not actively aiming to conserve battery life and reduce accidental shots.

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