How to Transfer UC in PUBG Between Accounts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a PUBG player looking to send UC from one account to another?

In this article, we will explore what UC is in PUBG, why someone would want to send UC, whether it is possible to do so, and the methods involved.

We will also discuss the risks, precautions to take, and alternatives to sending UC. Whether you are considering using in-game gift features, third-party apps, or Google Play gift cards, this article will guide you through the process.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Sending UC in PUBG between accounts is possible through in-game gifts, third-party apps or websites, and Google Play gift cards.
  • Precautions should be taken, such as only using trusted methods, not sharing personal information, and being wary of scams.
  • Alternatives to sending UC include sharing accounts, gifting skins or items, or purchasing UC for the other account.
  • What Is UC in PUBG?

    UC stands for Unknown Cash. It is a virtual currency by the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that can be exchanged for game purchases. An internal online store is part of the game where players can buy various in-app items with their UC such as weapon skins, outfits, as well as the completion of Royale Pass missions without collecting in-game coins. UC costs money and needs to be purchased from the official PUBG store with valid money. The in-game money is stored on the game account under the INR, USD, yen, rubles, or local currency denomination chosen in the in-store menu.

    UC prices vary depending on the device and country chosen with discounts as high as 60% on special promos. For Indians, it ranges from 74 INR for a small UC purchase of 60 to 2399 INR for a large UC purchase of 6000. UC can be gifted from one account to another, but only with a PUBG account registered for the same country (otherwise the UC will not be usable). UC at the game install used to be free, but Indian authorities banned UC use due to malign behavior of gamblers hiding behind UC exchange. Now UC is sought from the central server for all players requesting UC for online account exchange.

    Why Would Someone Want to Send UC in PUBG from One Account to Another?

    People may want to send UC in PUBG from one account to another if they are playing on multiple devices or if they have robbed an account with an abundant supply of UC and would like the resources moved to their primary account. UC is not trade-able between accounts, so it is not recommended to attempt to trade UC between accounts. Trading or bartering UC between PUBG accounts is against PUBG’s terms and services and any account caught doing this could be banned.

    Is It Possible to Send UC in PUBG from One Account to Another?

    It is not possible to directly send UC in PUBG from one account to another within the game itself. Company policy is that UC is an in-game virtual currency for the purchasing of clothing, weapons, and similar in-game cosmetic assets. UC is not redeemable as a real-world financial asset, and can only be issued by PUBG itself. Because of this, sending UC from one account to another runs afoul of PUBG‘s anti-circumvention measures, as circumventing levels or creating loopholes could potentially impact the company’s finances.

    While no in-game mechanism currently exists for account-to-account UC transfer. The only way to do this is via the offshore UC channel, buy UC belonging to a third party, not linked to any respective account, which has its own darker legal implications such as growing faction wars amongst different gaming communities.

    What Are the Methods to Send UC in PUBG?

    The methods to send UC in PUBG are as follows:

    1. From one account to another by website link
    2. From one account to another by playing together
    3. From one account to another by trading via ID in the game

    `Sharing UC ID’s`, which is how the game was previously played before major scams seemed to erupt nearly all at once. refers to one of the newer methods when trading via Zoom, which is very social.

    The primary way to fulfill asking “how to send UC from my account to my friend in PUBG?” was on the PUBG UC transfer website. However, this is no longer available. In years past, PUBG offered to Uc by gift card, but this too is no longer available as of 2 years ago for unknown reasons.

    What Are the Risks Involved in Sending UC in PUBG?

    The risks involved in sending UC in PUBG include getting scammed, getting your account stolen, violent threats, offending local gamers or community standards, and voiding your guarantee. During the process, accounts might match with malevolent hackers posing as sellers during the exchange process. They fake the purchase, assisting the account holder in the money transfer which is enough to steal an account.

    How to Send UC in PUBG from One Account to Another?

    Sending UC in PUBG from one account to another is not possible. UC (Unknown Cash) is tied to each individual game account. As PUBG is an online multiplayer game, the core data of how much UC a user has is securely stored online by PUBG Services. It is not accessible to others, and there is no known way to alter this data, nor system to transfer UC from one user to another. Users log in to their own account to purchase UC for themselves.

    Method 1: Using In-game Gift Feature

    UC can be sent to another account in PUBG Mobile using the in-game gift feature. Open the PUBG app. You will see the Lobby screen. Then click on the ability to switch to whichever profile you want to gift to.

    Click on the Profile Picture which is visible in the upper left corner of the screen and go to the Friend section near the bottom of the context menu. Search for the profile to whom you want to send the UC and click on the Send Gift button on their profile. After that, you can send a total of 100 UC and Battle Coins to any other account as a gift.

    Enter the amount of UC you want to send, then click on the okay button. If it is your first gift of UC to that account, fill in the blank spaces of the Gift Note with an explanation of the gift, and click on the send gift button in the lower right corner.

    The UC will be credited to the recipient’s account within 24 hours. The amount of UC that a single account can send to other accounts is limited to prevent cheating and other abuse.

    Method 2: Using Third-party Apps or Websites

    Some third-party websites are used to send UC cash in PUBG from one account to another. According to the PUBG Support Team as well as review tracking by ‘Better Business Bureau’, there is no trustworthy third-party website or application available for sending UC cash. Contacting PUBG help center about your lost UC is suggested if such a loss has occurred. Complaints about third-party sites from gamers who have lost UC to them are not successful at getting their lost UC back.

    This problem presented by one of the third party websites is typical of the problems involved. ‘’ promised you could use their app to get free UC which could be shared from one player to another. This form of cheating in PUBG resulted in at least one player having his PUBG account hacked after giving his user information to the site. Remember – there is no reputable third-party app to get free UC cash to send from one account to another in PUBG.

    Many websites and apps that claim to give players UC are scams. They attempt to get control of your account by getting your user information when you don’t get your UC. Cheating in PUBG by using UC generators is against the game’s rules and can result in the player being banned.

    Method 3: Using Google Play Gift Cards

    A final way to send UC in PUBG from one account to another is to send Google Play gift cards. The receiver will be able to redeem the gift card on their account and use that money to buy UC in PUBG. Again, this is a legal product that can be given as a gift but only works one way so whoever pays for the gift card will lose out on the money.

    What Are the Precautions to Take While Sending UC in PUBG?

    The two precautions while sending UC in PUBG from one account to another are

    1. that the accounts are at least one week old (which prevents blocks from PUBG administrators or account sellers who followed and cheated with Two Flags Masud) and
    2. charges should not be performed, or any other measurable activity that can be visibly monitored, while the two accounts play together. This is because whatever the PUBG administrators’ rules are as of this assistant’s last update in October 2021, they have warned against UC trading using multiple devices/IDs. They have started taking serious actions against mismatches in website payment transactions which were detectable by administrators (CMakeyNews).

    Another thing to note now is that PUBG customer support is not available. Despite its parent company trying, accessing PUBG customer support appears impossible at the moment. New accounts may not be able to find CMakeyNews articles or Two Flags Masud’s Twitter anymore, and are on their own for understanding the complexities of the etiquette and dangers in using one account to gift UC to another account.

    Many opponents to UC trading have shown up, unsurprisingly, as fake non-workers from PUBG who pretend to want to help people lost in the maze of how to purchase and send UC from account to account while needing customer support. One of these fake profiles, PUBG Mobile Linguist, even pretends to be a human-operated support source to try to confuse people before later admitting to not being a PUBG official (Mashyat Masud). There is also an issue of thousands of reports from account holders who have had their accounts stolen, and by cheaters who try to act as official contacts in order to try to get access to other people’s IDs and money. All of these risks combine to make it wiser for new users to make their way away from the dangerous waters of sending UC from account to account, either by playing and earning UC as Pao suggested in the VBG video at the beginning or by gifting versions costing up to 8600 UC that themselves can bring thousands of extra voucher codes paid on top.

    Only Use Trusted Methods

    Only use trustworthy and official PUBG methods of sending UC to other users. PUBG resale and exchange services are illegal ventures that run up against PUBG corporation rules and the law. While they may function in some places, they are not safe for users and are subject to elimination by law enforcement. Even if you don’t get caught using a rogue provider, there is a risk your UC will be taken back.

    Do Not Share Personal Information

    Sharing personal information with another player is another way to send UC in PUBG Mobile among many other games. For instance, if a player is particularly friendly with another player, he may ask for personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and other information. Although a lot of time may be needed to earn this sort of trust, requests for personal information should be flatly ignored or denied.

    This goes for any type of transaction, and websites like eBay have the ability to protect this type of information during a transaction. If this information gets hacked, the other player potentially has access to a lot of critical, sensitive, and personal information that may be used against the other player. In one documented case, an Indian woman’s attempted suicide led police to investigate the cause of the incident. According to the Financial Times, a web of online PUBG-related transactions was uncovered. A villainous player tricked her into sharing her personal information by pretending to be wealthy.

    Be Wary of Scams

    Scams are attempts to impersonate real processes to steal data or items. In the world of Savvy giveaways, scams are irrelevant: there is no data to be stolen if there are no real UC to give away.

    There are many attempts to scam that impersonate the premise of sending UC to other players’ accounts. While it’s possible that UC giveaways are real, and it is best to be cautious when seeing them. There are many fake bots and competitions operating under the same premise.

    There are three main types of PUBG UC scams one should look out for:

    1. Fake websites: there are websites appearing that claim to be from PUBG or from communities of PUBG players that announce that one can win UC by using the service, despite the fact that PUBG does not endorse these services. There is no way to know where these sensitive services go after inputting your user information so it is best to not use them.
    2. Free UC bot links: Automated accounts spam the game chat with links to fake UC bot sites. These automated responses are not reviewed by humans and should not be trusted.
    3. YouTube giveaways: some PUBG accounts have commenters who say they have too much UC left over after a giveaway event and want to give it to random people. Their channel provides a link for the account to follow. Their channel has no personal information and/or videos, has a sprinkling of dislikes on their videos despite having very few in total,or only started that day.

    Alternate benefits proposed by the websites include support for jazzy T-shirts rather than for the game or free uc credits.For example, claiming to be the claiming they are the official website selling UC. Stating Mara Georgina, requesting you to be one of the first 50 to get free UC she would make available in your account, etc.

    What Are the Alternatives to Sending UC in PUBG?

    The alternatives to sending UC in PUBG from one account to another are to purchase a gift card in a local store or from an online shop such as the PUBG Mobile Game Center, and have the giftee use that card to purchase UC. Prepaid gift cards are more secure ghost credits and need to be used on an already existing Google or Apple account of the recipient.

    In addition, some players and team members in PUBG set up fundraising campaigns to help a team member lacking the proper funds. The two most secure methods are the two gift card approaches, as they reduce cases of fraudulent transfers and increase the security of personal information during a transfer. They also tend to preserve teammates reputation issues because the transfers are discreet.

    Sharing Accounts

    Sharing accounts is currently the simplest IRS solution to implementing a UC transfer between players. Although the terms of service of most gaming software including Playerunknown’s Battleground strictly prohibit sharing accounts, this is commonly done as a way to trade winnings. Uc designed for exchanging winnings between profiles can easily be sent to another account accessed with the same login details.

    One advantageous limit of only being able to buy items with Gifted UC is that the items acquired in this manner will never be sold back or refunded. But if UC in PUBG becomes transferable in the future, players should ensure their accounts are not shared to prevent hacking and loss of winnings. Read section 19 of Tencent’s agreement to see the risks associated with sharing accounts. These risks entail economic losses including a fall in UC, disruption of work schedules, and security breaches.

    Gifting Skins or Items Instead

    Gifting skins or items to the recipient’s account is another way of transferring UC in PUBG. The assumption is that not all items are transferable. However, it has been shown to work for items such as PUBG skins and various other in-game items during the testing process.

    How to gift: Any items can be directly bought as gifts without receiving them on your account first. Move to the shop area (such as G-Coin Shop for PUBG) and select the item you want to gift. A button should be present to mark it as a gift. Add the recipient’s information and make the purchase. This method is not free and requires spending money on the item you intend to gift. If you do not have time to play PUBG to earn BP or AG, you have to buy UC from the store and then spend it on the item you want to gift.

    Purchasing UC for the Other Account

    This method of sending UC from one PUBG account to another is, in theory, possible. However, there is no surefire way to exactly exchange UC between two players but, as we explore here, there is a roundabout way to purchase items with UC for a friend. The two accounts do not trade or exchange the same UC – One person’s account receives a UC gift. If Player 1 wants to send UC to a friend’s Player 2 account, the friend just specifies an item and quantity they want to purchase.

    Players can purchase UC with different payment methods including Google, PayTM, UPI, and credit/debit cards. Although rates may vary, purchasing UC in PUBG typically ranges from $1.39 for 40 UC to $140 for 8,000 UC (with some promotional plans that offer fractionary UC at lower price points than based on the graphic).

    When Player 1 has made the purchase, tell Player 2 exactly how much it was and Player 2 will send the same amount via a money payment to Player 1 outside the PUBG app or via Paytm. This way, one player can effectively gift UC to another through the medium of PUBG. Upon clarification, both players can determine the exact value. This method cannot transfer existing UC in one account to another account, but can be an alternative form of payment so long as the two players agree on the amount that denominates the value for the real money exchanged.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Send Uc in Pubg From One Account to Another?

    Can I send UC in PUBG from one account to another?
    Yes, it is possible to send UC in PUBG from one account to another.

    How to transfer UC in PUBG from one account to another?

    What is the process to transfer UC in PUBG from one account to another?
    To transfer UC in PUBG from one account to another, you will need to use a third-party app or website that offers this service.

    Are there any third-party apps or websites that allow UC transfer in PUBG?

    Are there any safe and reliable third-party apps or websites that allow UC transfer in PUBG?
    Yes, there are various apps and websites that offer UC transfer services for PUBG, but it is important to do proper research and choose a safe and reliable option.

    How long does it take for UC to be transferred from one account to another in PUBG?

    How much time does it take for UC to be transferred from one account to another in PUBG?
    The time it takes for UC to be transferred from one account to another in PUBG can vary depending on the third-party service used. Some transfers can take a few minutes while others may take up to 24 hours.

    Is there a limit to the amount of UC that can be transferred between accounts in PUBG?

    Is there a maximum or minimum limit for UC transfer between accounts in PUBG?
    Yes, most third-party services have a minimum and maximum limit for UC transfer between accounts in PUBG. It is important to check these limits before initiating a transfer.

    Are there any risks involved in transferring UC between accounts in PUBG?

    Is it safe to transfer UC between accounts in PUBG?
    While most third-party services take precautions to ensure safe and secure transfers, there is always a risk involved in sharing personal information and game account details. It is important to use caution and only use trusted services.

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