Unlocking Ipad View in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a fan of Pubg Mobile and looking to enhance your gaming experience, then getting iPad view might be just what you need.

We will explore what iPad view is, how to get it in Pubg Mobile, the benefits it offers, any potential drawbacks, and some helpful tips for using it effectively.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide will help you make the most out of your gameplay. Let’s dive in!

What Is Pubg Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the online multiplayer battle royale game PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). Developed by Tencent Games, it was released in 2017. The game launched its initial non-beta version only on Android, and the IOS version was released later in 2018. The number of views and subscribers on her Youtube channel surged in 2018, with her Pubg live streams. Her followers flooded the comments section admiring her accuracy in playing Pubg on Ipad.

What Is iPad View in Pubg Mobile?

An iPad view in Pubg Mobile is an interface designed to fit larger tablet screens. The lack of official support for unrooted devices has led to many workarounds and the popularization of the game by issuing a four-finger control layout from players who are ineligible for official support.

Players have the option of enabling Gaming Tools, which are available on several non-iPad and non-tablet brands such as Motorola and Samsung. These can be slightly modified to better fit the iPad view on a larger phone if players do not wish to download third-party apps to improve their four-finger control layout. The above example of the SteelSeries Nimbus Game Controller eliminates the phone and thumbs blocking the screen.

How To Get iPad View in Pubg Mobile?

To get the ipad view in PUBG Mobile the user can adjust the Screen Scale Slider in the Graphics Settings of the game. This slider doesn’t switch the game to the true aspect ratio of an ipad. It only changes the density of the display in the game, adjusting how many pixels are shown on screen. This can make the appearance of the game similar to an ipad but the user will no longer have an expanded minimap.

To change this setting, go into the Settings menu of the PUBG Mobile game. Select apple for iOS devices or the gear icon for Android. Under the Graphics heading, find the Screen Scale option. This will let the person move the slider from UI Default (68) to Lower (58) or Ultra (88).

The Screen Scale Slider allows some flexibility from the standard aspect ratios of most devices. The higher the number, the closer the image will be to the aspect ratio of an Ar (Apple) or S (Samsung) device. The Slide will also adjust the overall density of the items in the game and not just how much of it is shown.

Step 1: Update Your Pubg Mobile App

Go to your iOS or Android app store and check if there is an available update for Pubg Mobile. You may already be on version 1.5.0, which includes the ability to get iPad view on iPhone. If not, you will have to wait for the update to roll out to you before you can access the same settings to complete the steps that turn on the iPad landscape display.

Step 2: Change Your Device Settings

To get the iPad view in PUBG Mobile, you must change your device’s aspect ratio for your specific model to notch and waterdrop default. If this does not automatically enable the correct resolution for the iPad, check for an eye symbol in your PUBG settings that lets users select a higher resolution. Instructions on how to do this on both iOS and Android devices can be found in this article.

Step 3: Adjust Your Pubg Mobile Settings

To access the iPad view mode in PUBG Mobile, you adjust the view to Classic (UI Design 1) as you did before. Then, based on this UI mode, you customize the button layout using the Setup UI button inside the game. Navigate to the home screen, tap on the settings cogwheel, tap on the ‘Controls’ tab, and then ‘Custom’ button, then ‘Setup UI’. You can then change the position of the various game control buttons and the size of the joysticks as you would like them in the classic iPad view to create the optimal layout for your android phone.

Existing players who usually use a mobile device and stick with Classic (UI Design 1) UI mode, can play the game with two different customized layouts, one for a mobile device and the other for a larger screen they can choose by orientation on their device (labeled as ‘default’ in the game).

Holoteca recommends the default Peak and Fire buttons by the left joystick as it is easy to reach and aids in aiming. They recommend having tilt functions off, as the aim can be quite challenging for players of all skill levels.

Step 4: Customize Your Controls

To properly use iPad view on your mobile phone for PUBG Mobile, open your game settings and then go to the Controls section. You need to do this on your mobile notepad during a game. Adjust and customize your Voice, Training Room, Bag, and Shop so you can play with your preferences. Once you have customized these controls, you can exit the mobile notepad and return to your original game screen.

What Are The Benefits of Using iPad View in Pubg Mobile?

The following are the benefits of using iPad view in Pubg Mobile.

  1. Easier team communication: iPad view provides a larger interface that makes communicating with your team easier as location markers are larger and more precise.
  2. Easier performance: Larger interface means more comprehensible and actionable information where the fingers are prevented from obstructing the fighter’s line of sight.

Better Visibility

iPad view in PUBG Mobile provides better visibility compared with the standard smartphone views. Many players argue that the iPad view from a mid-range iPad device provides the best compromise of having both a high field of view and good on-screen details. This is an example of the iPad view in PUBG Mobile on normal settings during the drop phase of a match. A higher field of view would move the screen out so that the parachute could not be seen. The experience on iPads, and larger tablets for that matter, can provide a significant advantage in the game for visibility due to a larger screen. In the iPhone and even Samsung tablets, the game view is almost the same as it is with an iPod by default.

Easier Controls

The main advantage of having iPad view (tablet mode) on PUBG mobile is the complexity of controls – there are more options in tablet mode. The iPad Pro view introduces a new set of on-screen controls beyond the default in six-finger or four-finger settings. The final part, aim shooting, can be initiated by putting your thumb on the position of aim shooting buttons. This is extremely useful in close-combat situations. Jump shooting, crouch shooting, quick-drag aiming and other in complex scenarios becomes easier as a result of the iPad view.

Improved Accuracy

Improving the accuracy of your shots, as well as decreasing your weapon’s recoil, is a critical element of gameplay to get iPad view in PUBG Mobile. Gun recoil in weapons in PUBG Mobile tends to be rightward, and some guns have a more prominent recoil pattern than others. Practice with a variety of weapons to learn various recoil patterns and espouse the utilization of this in PUBG mobile 4 finger claw setup to manage recoil using left-hand Gyro Controls.

After over twenty thousand matches played, here is some gunnoxious gun recoil pattern knowledge related to the pubg mobile claw finger setup, with useful advice based on some common weapons. Crosshair placement and aiming small improves the accuracy of your shots. This reduces the need for extended play and may help lower eye strain during play making it easier to keep the tablet level. This, combined with a low 4 finger claw layout in PUBG mobile, will reduce movement and allow you to play the game longer without eye strain and may level out the up and down sensitivity problem.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

A better gaming experience is not direct or even an indirect advantage of iPad view but its benefits come as a byproduct of this feature. Gameplay when using an iPad definitely enhances a player’s gaming experience. The larger and high-resolution screen is good for preventing eye strain for long gaming sessions. Players will be less likely to squint due to limitations in seeing details of the gaming map and items with a smaller phone screen.

Additionally, a larger screen is better for melee fighting by giving players more ability to react to changes in opponents’ actions. When streaming, the iPad better distinguishes the model of the gaming scenario and attire, enhancing the gaming audience’s experience. For example, MOBADAT shows how playing in iPad mode in HD and 60 frames per second makes the weapons look more life-like and sharp. Most users then expand the full screen view to 720p without frames per second, obtaining the same visual quality and more content in a view, but at better data efficiency.

On the other side, Powerbang Gaming expertly uses the full screen view to put the main focus on the gameplay of PUBG Mobile and Tabazan’s tips to enhance the visual experience.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using iPad View in Pubg Mobile?

There are key drawbacks to using iPad view in PUBG Mobile, specifically relating to the difficulty in managing game controls as well as restricted screen backward changes. The sensitivity of controls is the most frequent issue encountered by users of the iPad view. If the sensitivity is set correctly, players will have a major issue, and it will take a long time to get used to playing games. The four standard screen controls may confuse some players with the camera rotation, player direction, and other game controls overlapping too frequently, even on larger devices. This mostly affects players with iPads or their larger Android counterparts playing the mobile version of PUBG, as opposed to actual consoles or computers. The restriction of screen size backward changes can also be an issue. On an iPad, the full Pubg map can be viewed by the player while playing the game. By contrast, this simple feature does not work on all tablets, and some simulations must be completed using only an incomplete small screen map. Below is a comparison of the positive and negative elements of the iPad view of Pubg Mobile.

  1. Benefits
    • Resolution / in-game immersion
    • Easy to use controls
  2. Drawbacks
    • Sensitivity of controls
    • Cannot see the map
    • Required compatibility for viewing experience
    • Restricted screen size backward changes

Takes Time to Adjust

You need to practice in the training grounds with the new layout and to learn new control schemes for smoother play. In the beginning, it is going to seem awkward and you won’t be playing your best but in time, you will be able to reorient yourself naturally and see improvement. Just remember that the keyboard and mouse can never provide the same degree of tactile control as a console since they rely on input via tapping on the glass surface.

May Not Be Suitable for All Players

The iPad view in Pubg Mobile may not be suitable for all players. Extended play with an increased field of view (FOV) might cause eye strain and headaches in some players. The double size screen on the iPad might interfere with touch operations, which can affect control, particularly when aiming. It is advisable to gradually adjust the experience of playing the game on a larger screen and to return to a normal field of view if any issues arise.

What Are Some Tips for Using iPad View in Pubg Mobile?

Some tips for using the iPad view in Pubg mobile include learning to move around the screen fast and efficiently, centering the view based on your shooting and the location of your opponent, and utilizing the expanded area to monitor opponents while brandishing a weapon or shield, all while making sure to transport items with a fingering technique that ensures full motivation abilities.

In particular when holding a gun, it is ideal to monitor the position of any opponents in your iPad view without requiring a shift in your holding angle, otherwise costing you seconds to rotate and aim. Being able to predict opponents’ locations in your expanded iPad view and adjust your firing precision or movement accordingly while brandishing your weapon is key to dominating in this mode of play.

Practice and Adjust Your Settings

Get the iPad view in PUBG Mobile by practicing and adjusting your settings. The first step to adjusting your settings is to determine how much your aim down sight (ADS) affects gameplay for you. Most players find that the standard 120% setting allows for full-screen vision and keeps the unscoped weapon’s steady aim to a minimum. You can adjust this setting to see how it impacts your gameplay.

Use a Comfortable Device Holder

To get iPad view on PUBG (or PUBG hole punch mode) to work, you may also need a holder to place your smartphone comfortably. A device called Thumb Tampil PUBG Mobile Holder attaches to your phone to provide a sturdy grip for your fingers. Whether propped up or handheld, device holders like Thumb Tampil provide comfortable and stable gaming experiences.

Try Different Control Layouts

Changing your fire button UIs to different configurations can make it easier to play PUBG Mobile with an iPad view. If the normal iPad controls are too hard to reach, you can move the firing button farther to the left (just like the perspective on the iPad Pro 11 inch).

You can access and customize your players’ control settings in the game by going to the Settings, Basic, Controls Customization menu, and then selecting the following icons to adjust them:

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game designed for players to relax and have fun. Forget the sweat Crossbow headshots and have fun sneaking up on your opponents. Or if you like adrenaline, grab a jeep and drive around firing randomly.

Dive into the wild free-for-all antics that teams put on and playfully attack opponents with crowbars or accidentally discharge their guns. In short, PUBG Mobile is for fun so engage in anxious gaming for the genuine and simple enjoyment of gaming in the iPad or Tablet landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between regular and iPad view in Pubg Mobile?

The iPad view in Pubg Mobile is optimized specifically for larger screens, providing a wider field of view and better gameplay experience compared to the regular view.

How do I switch to iPad view in Pubg Mobile?

To switch to iPad view, go to your in-game settings and select the “Graphics” tab. From there, change the “Display” option to “iPad” and restart the game for the changes to take effect.

Can I switch back to regular view after using iPad view in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can easily switch back to regular view by going back to the in-game settings and selecting the “Display” option again. However, keep in mind that the iPad view may offer a better gameplay experience.

Are there any advantages to using iPad view in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, the wider field of view and larger screen size in iPad view can give players an advantage in spotting enemies and navigating the map more efficiently.

Will using iPad view affect my gameplay performance in Pubg Mobile?

It may slightly affect your performance if your device is not optimized for iPad view. However, most newer devices should be able to handle the higher graphics and resolution without any issues.

Can I use iPad view on any device in Pubg Mobile?

No, the iPad view is specifically designed for larger screens and may not be available on all devices. Make sure to check your device’s compatibility before trying to switch to iPad view.

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