Ultimate Guide to Buying UC in PUBG KR – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you a PUBG KR player wondering what UC is and why you need it? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore the world of PUBG KR and answer all your questions about UC. From how to buy UC through in-game purchases, third-party websites, and gift cards, to the different payment methods available, we’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned for tips on safe UC purchases and a breakdown of the various UC packages available. Let’s dive in and level up your PUBG KR experience!

What is PUBG KR?

PUBG KR, or PUBG Mobile KR is the special version of PUBG Mobile put out by Krafton for players in Korea, as well as Japan. The primary reason for a separate version was to please both the politicians in Korea and regular players in China who have issues with the violent nature of the game and consider it a distraction.

A special version of Krafton’s game for Koreans has less blood, the soldiers are in uniforms and are referred to as Freedom Squad instead of soldiers to different. In addition, every weapon is free. Despite these benefits, it comes at a cost, since the control and violence concessions to Korean culture decrease the excitement, strategy, and capabilities in the game. Despite PUBG’s preference for Koreans in China, where only the Korean version of PUBG is allowed, those Korean benefits were not sought. However, there is no recognition within the game that players in Korea are playing a different version of PUBG.

In Japan, the violent past of previous generations of older gamers, as well as parents’ worst fears about the impact of violent games on their children, are known to be troubling. Previous generations of Japanese gamers were dedicated to saving the princess by overcoming obstacles and dealing with various challenges to Japan’s past. To help such people and to reassure them, PUBG released a parallel version to the Japanese people, LIKE PUBG KR, which was released Japanese language.

What are UC in PUBG KR?

UC in PUBG KR are the Unknown Charges which are the in-game purchase currency of PUBG Mobile – Korean version. UC in PUBG allows players to purchase a wide variety of customization features and items for their game characters. These include premium crates to unlock perks, various player costumes, skins for guns, emotes and various other paint jobs, stickers, parachutes and so on. Just like standard PUBG, individual items are available for purchase for varying UC price points, and there is a wide catalogue, frequently

updated, of unique items that can only be found in the PUBG in-game shop with UC. The primary determining factor in UC’s cost for PUBG KR is the package size, hence when you decide to buy UC, you should decide how much you need and whether the price (including any special bonuses), is worth it for you, based on that size. There is no way to determine the actual amount of UC prices in PUBG on the purchase page itself because game producers PUBG Corporation do not give a direct explanation for these currency denominations.

Why do players need UC in PUBG KR?

Players need UC in PUBG KR due to the vast array of advantages and benefits the currency offers that improve the user experience, gameplay, and customization sets in the game. The premium currency UC enables players to buy Royale Pass (RP) with distinct rewards and unlock customizations. Other UC purchases can be made on outfits, skin for guns like AWM, M416, kar98k, and more, aircraft, cars, bike skins, helmets, crates, supply crates, weapon packs, and more.

The purchasing range for PUBG KR UC is broad and can suit a wide variety of budgets. This allows individuals to receive as few or as many UC as they wish and not spend a penny more than they feel comfortable with.

How to Buy UC in PUBG KR?

To buy UC in PUBG KR, you must buy a Samkey HJ account to sign in to the Korean PUBG app. You can buy all three UC plans which are 60 UC for ₩1100, 300 UC for ₩5500, and 600 UC for ₩9900 by clicking directly on your desired amount within the PUBG game itself and using a credit card. Alternatively, you can also buy the cards available online for direct recharge into your PUBG account for easy play. Local e-wallet solutions should work similarly so long as they are supported in South Korea.

Through In-Game Purchase

You can Buy UC in PUBG KR through the game’s in-game purchase option. The in-game purchase of UC in PUBG KR can be done via the following method: Load the PUBG KR game. Select the ‘UC Purchase’ option. A range of UC, ranging from 60 to 3000, can be added to PUBG’s currency called the ‘Battlegrounds money’ (BM). You can choose the UC bundle of your choice and click on ‘Buy’ to make the purchase online. After the purchase is successfully completed, the UC will be added to your account in PUBG KR.

Through Third-Party Websites

UC in PUBG can be bought in Korea through third-party websites, websites that sell in-game credits at cheaper prices, and through online marketplaces. Third-party websites are those that have partnered with PUBG to sell UC reliably and securely, and at the same standard rates as offered by PUBG themselves. These include PayLetter and Seoul URL (although this option is not yet available for UC according to their website).

Websites that sell UC at cheaper prices are not officially recognized by PUBG and may be scammers but U4Gold, MGC (Mobile Game Code), and OffGamers are some third-party sites noted for high quality and reliability as told by Yekbot (a service that provides player guides).

The third method is the most popular with those wishing to pay less for UC. Online marketplaces such as Amazon, SEA Gamer Mall, FlipKart, Gamecodes and others have sellers offering UC at rates potentially much lower than the standard set by PUBG. However, be cautious with platforms such as Shoppee and Carousell since sellers offering it at exaggerated costs and scammers are more common.

Through Gift Cards

One rather indirect but simple way to purchase UC in PUBG KR is by utilizing gift cards. Google Play gift cards can be purchased through Bing, Amazon, or directly from Google, and used to add to a customer’s Google Play account balance. Once you purchase a gift card, you can find the 16-character PIN on the back of the card. An additional step involves scratching off the silver strip to reveal the code.

Users can head over to play.google.com/redeem from a web browser or go to the Play Store to redeem the code. From there, they must input the Google Play code in the text box and then tap Redeem. This will add the amount available on the gift card to the user’s Google Play account. The amount may already be redeemed at checkout until the user sees the balance available as part of their payment method. Users may now select UC packs that suit their budget and pay using the Google Play balance to buy items in-game.

Gift cards should be handled the same way as order receipts for purchases through third parties. There is a security risk if the mechanism is used to purchase in PUBG. If a player nonetheless insists on adding UC via the purchase of Gift Cards, it is essential that the receipt and related codes be kept secure and private. Codes can be stolen or guessed, as can receipts, which contain a wealth of information. Users could make sure to safely keep merchandized apps and gift cards as well.

What are the Payment Methods for Buying UC in PUBG KR?

The main payment methods for buying UC in PUBG KR are credit/debit cards and Google Play balance. PUBG offers a variety of payment alternatives, including mobile carriers, international gift cards, and even paying via coins and items in the game itself.

This article from October 2021 gives a list of all payment methods accepted in PUBG.

  • Credit/Debit Cards: UPI, net banking, Wechat Pay, American Express, JCB, Diners, Discover, Master, and Visa Card.
  • Carrier billing: PUBG has carrier billing methods for mobile phones available in countries that support it. For example, Indonesia’s carrier billing supports Axis, Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL Axiata services.
  • Skrill, Paymaya, and Google Pay: You can pay via these services.
  • Google Play Gift Codes: You can use a Google Play gift card for starter packs.
  • PUBG gift cards: You can gift a friend or family member who likes PUBG a gift card that gets them items in the game.
  • In-game purchases to pay for UC: In the game, you can get your clothes and items and at the same time buy UC for future use.
  • Apple Pay: You can use Apple Pay to buy UCs.

Credit/Debit Cards

Using credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Amex) is the most convenient way to buy UC in Pubg kr. Most people have a least one of these cards. You can safely enter your payment details into the system, and they will normally be securely stored by the online store for quick payments each time afterwards. Unfortunately, some countries and people do not have credit or debit cards because they are expensive to obtain or are considered a liability. However, both Visa and MasterCard offer pre-paid cards that work for online transactions. This is an excellent backup choice for anyone who wants an extra account for online transactions.

Mobile Payment Services

Mobile payment services are apps that run on smartphones and are frequently used under a different name for ride-hailing and food delivery services in different countries. But not always. Pubg Mobile Kr players should have an app named Payco for their region, and many would have past experience with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or similar in-app payment options where pubg is available. Such platforms link players’ identity to their phone so they are effectively the payment gateway.

Payment processors are used such as MOL which help with credit card or banking system transactions when players use such apps. For those without a credit card or bank accounts, carrier-assisted phone payments by third-party companies such as Boku are also increasingly popular and user-friendly.

Prepaid Cards

Pubg Kr prepaid cards are sold in grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, and electronics stores. They contain a UC code that you need to redeem on the Pubg website. The exact process of how to redeem these cards depends on the company who issued them and ranges from simply sending an SMS to entering a long validation code on the Pubg website. The UC will appear in your Pubg account after a short processing time.

What are the Different UC Packages Available in PUBG KR?

The different UC packages available in PUBG KR are the same as in any other country. The PUBG Mobile UC purchase store shows 14 different UC Package options. These range from the least expensive, the L-60 which is a one-time only purchase of 60 UC for $0.99, to the most expensive, the XXL-9000 which is a one-time purchase of 9000 UC for $99. You get what you pay for in terms of value. Larger packages offer a better price per UC, which means that if you are planning to buy UC several times in the future then purchasing one of the larger packages is the most cost-effective.

With PUBG Mobile seasonal in-game events there are additional options for the players. Occasionally, UC purchase may be accompanied by additional limited-time UC purchase benefits from additional costumes and skins, to bonus items related to a PUBG Mobile anniversary or other event. A more detailed guide to UC prices in PUBG Mobile worldwide will be available by the end of October when updated pricing information is available on the PUBG Mobile official UC purchase site.

60 UC Package

The Pubg Kr UC store sells a 60 UC package for в‚№40. This is the minimum UC package that can be bought, and the maximum UC that Penguin Esports Research Centre contributor Smit Patel estimates can be earned from average monthly activity (from daily login rewards, clan missions, and missions). Note that Pubg Kr only sells UC in tens (with intermediate amounts having to be earned or rounded down).

The 60 UC package was publicly suggested as the first package to buy by unnamed contributors to UC gaming store PlayMobo when it published an article claiming ‘Pubg Hack: 5 Tips to Buy UC in Pubg Safely’ on February 12, 2020. The article went on to suggest purchasing the 180 UC package. Team Gunnar’s GiansPar article A Complete Guide on How to Purchase UC in PUBG KR stated that the 60 UC package was the equivalent of purchasing gas again when you are about to run out in PUBG. The suggestion was backed up by sharing whether this package was purchased by other gamers based on their experiences. According to the Light Out IGN official YouTube channel, the heal discount pack could be purchased for the cost of the 60 UC package.

300 UC Package

The 300 UC package grants you 300 UC for a ₩7000 payment. Depending on transactions from Korea, a UC should cost around ₩23 but if you can find it at its cheapest, it could be even lower at around ₩18 or so. While the benefits are limited, the permanent Frosty Jr. skin in the RP system along with providing you enough UC for a name change and a couple of other things means some individuals might use it. The 150 UC Package with 2 day 50% XP Card and 20 BP Packs is a better offering for this amount at just ₩100 shorter and providing more attacking strings along with pouring random loot for the BP.

In terms of structured packages, the limited number of ways to acquire UC from Korea makes it a tough sell. Take the First Purchase of the Day Premium Crate which costs 80 UC. It allows you to purchase the crate each day for 6945 BP. Another way is to get 5 Premium Create Coupons for 7000 BP, which supports an additional 50 purchases for 29000 BP.

600 UC Package

The 600 UC package of PUBG Mobile K are is a popular choice for bargainers. Players can purchase the 600 UC pack in PUBG Korean for 3 USD with 540 + 60 (bonus) doled UC. This is a discount of nearly 60% for the in-game currency. The 600 UC pack in PUBG KR can be found in the Resupply Chamber (Outfit Shop) section of the game.

This is similar to the way that the US version of the outfit shop offers it on the right side of the screen near the top. Click on the UC pack to buy it. RuPay and Diner’s card users can purchase this amount for INR 220 if they do not have the other above-mentioned Credit/Debit cards.

1800 UC Package

Pubg Mobile Korea’s 1800 UC Package provides the smallest UC purchase package available in Pubg Mobile Korea. The 1800 UC Package with 200 Bonus UC costs KRW 18002. Users access the Pubg Mobile Korea Store by launching the game with a Korean account. You can make your purchase with a Korean Debit or Credit Card, phone carrier, Prepaid Card, or Google Play billing.

Korean Credit or Debit Card: Click UC Purchase in UC selection section and choose 1800 UC. Then click located at the bottom of the screen to purchase UC. Choose how to pay money method in the pop-up screen and complete your purchase.

Korean Carrier: Select which carrier you want to use. Choose the UC Package and add your phone number. Click the yellow box to complete your UC purchase.

Using Google Play: After signing in on the platform with your password, click Payment Method on the page that appears. Enter the payment details required by the Google Play Store system in the form that appears. Then click the Add Payment Method button. You can use your Korean debit card or your billing phone carrier. After reading the payment details, click Confirm Done. You will now see the payment method added to your account.

6000 UC Package

You can now only buy the 6000 UC package directly in the game by performing the following steps:

  1. Tap the UC icon in the Purchase UC menu, as seen in step one for the 60 UC package in Section 2.
  2. Tap Purchase UC in the pop-up menu.
  3. Complete the appropriate in-app requirements for your geographic region. This ranges from the selection of a local, verified vendor to local payment methods if these exist for your region.

You Will get 6000 informatics coins and adaptable points/virtual cash equivalent to the price of 6000 UC. The exact equation depends on the specific payment path and region.

15000 UC Package

You cannot buy 15000 UC after September 13th, 2018, as PUBG’s most expensive UC package was reduced to Unknown Cash (UC) 13,500. PUBG once charged $99.99 for the Unknown Cash 15000 + 2000 extra bonus UC package. This is the July 2018 screenshot from PUBG’s website and shows the 15000 UC package highlighted in red.

The bonus UC means you effectively lose this equal value for the same price. Depending on the device used and location, payment methods can vary to buy UC in PUBG. There are multiple mobile gaming providers popular around the globe including Google Play, Apple App Store, Galaxy Store, Oppo App Market, and Paytm which accepts Debit/Credit Cards, Net-Banking, Various Payment Wallets, and even UPI as payment options.

Play Store (how to buy uc in pubg), located here, and for iOS, located here, provide straightforward in-game purchase options. PUBG Money is paid into the game automatically. Check this page or the Payment function on your device for information on the payment methods available to you. For the GOPAY option, players visit their PUBG account page and click on Upatch Purchases, then click on Top Up.

Then the players select the GOPAY option on the payment method screen. Enter the desired deposit amount and then choose Pay Now. Players then go to the Gojek app and enter the voucher code to redeem. The Unknown Cash (UC) is automatically recharged after successful payment.

What are the Tips for Safe UC Purchase in PUBG KR?

Tips for safe UC purchase in PUBG KR include understanding the PUBG payment system, making safe and secure transactions on official websites only including the PUBG official website, Steam, Android play store and iOS app store, avoiding sketchy UC websites, avoiding handing out any personal information to UC sellers online, and informing customer service in the event of any suspicious situation.

  1. PUBG Payment System: The payment system incorporated by the official sources of PUBG KR such as Steam, iOS, or Android provides a secure means of obtaining UC. This is a major step toward ensuring that you are purchasing UC in a safe manner.
  2. Secure transactions on official websites only: Using only the PUBG Mobile, Steam, or iOS etc platforms for your purchases is a way to safeguard your information and your UC purchase. When you purchase UC from a source other than these, the level of security you have is dubious.
  3. Avoid sketchy UC dealers: Refrain from using sites easily reachable via organic search and especially from clicking on ads as these are often hubspots for selling pirated UC keys.
  4. Avoid providing personal information: Avoid sites that request personal information. Official sites do not ask for an email, name, phone number, or credit card information when purchasing UC to avoid potential hacking or spyware issues.
  5. Inform customer service in the event of any suspicious situation: If you notice any sketchy issues or problems with your UC purchase, it is important to notify PUBG by using the mobile app or the official PUBG Twitter page, or get in touch with your UC payment provider and bank to avoid major issues linked to the loss of benefit. The PUBG umbrella of websites or apps can be accessed in any region or through any website by changing spelling slightly, such as pubg.kr to reach Korean apps or websites.
  6. When in doubt about any given website or app, search for a customer service link, follow the security and privacy information provided, and proceed with caution.

Only Purchase from Official Sources

Users can purchase UC in PUBG KR from Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS. In addition, users in South Korea can purchase directly from the PUBG Mobile website or within the game. There are likely more unofficial sources which resell UC in PUBG KR and other versions. It is essential to only purchase UC in a PUBG KR from official sources due to the risk that currency from unauthorized sources may be fraudulent.

Not only that, fraudulent sources violate corporate terms regarding the sharing of in-game content. There is no guarantee of the legitimacy of UC purchased from an unofficial source. Furthermore, UC from illegitimate sources can put your devices at risk, and the purchases may ultimately not be honored meaning that the player ends up losing twice. The legitimate sources are proven to give players currency that is functioning and safe for use.

Use Secure Payment Methods

Using secure payment methods is another method to buy UC in PUBG KR. Secure payment methods include credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and secure online payment gateways such as PayPal. Stay away from the less known or peer to peer methods such as Google Wallet, Venmo, or Facebook Messenger as these are frequented by scammers.

In most instances, legitimate sellers like Play Store and the App Store use secure methods, so if you are having issues with the vendor, it might be best to replace the vendor rather than the payment method. In terms of PUBG KR, proper security and a reputable transaction channel help your purchases from being manipulated or misused by cheaters. A secure and encrypted channel makes sure your credentials and payments are safe.

Be Aware of Scams

Because the Pubg Kr is offered on a Google Play store whose UI and language differ from the UK and USA stores, buyers of UCs in Pubg Kr should be aware of potential scams relating to buying the vouchers or Introducing N.I.C.E. which stands for New Indian Coupon Empowerment. It is the easiest method to get UC at cheap prices. N.I.C.E is a monthly event in PubG Mobile that offers PUBG players up to 540 UC rewards in 1 month, and it requires players to fulfill daily and weekly tasks.

While the rise of automation and AI in customer service can be beneficial, Oculus Consulting points out that the problem is that scammers have of late caught up with the trend. You may now chat with a robot or AI with data scraps rather than a real person. The robot or AI customer representative may not point out the company’s scam practice or provide exact information but will diplomatically chat long, so the useful, real information just remains hidden at the bottom.

If the customer representative does not try to provide accurate details about the company’s licensing/registration details or shows reluctance to discuss it, at the very least, you can be sure the company is a scam. It is important to pick the right and proper time to play such a game for participating in N.I.C.E event to get UC successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy Uc in Pubg Kr?

Buying Uc in Pubg Kr is a simple process that allows you to purchase in-game currency for the popular battle royale game. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to guide you through the process.

What is Uc in Pubg Kr?

Uc stands for Unknown Cash and it is the in-game currency used in Pubg Kr. It can be used to purchase various items, such as skins, outfits, and crates, to enhance your gameplay experience.

How can I buy Uc in Pubg Kr?

To buy Uc in Pubg Kr, you can visit the in-game store and select the Uc option. Alternatively, you can also purchase Uc through third-party websites or through your mobile device’s app store.

Do I need to spend real money to buy Uc in Pubg Kr?

Yes, Uc can only be purchased with real money. It is not possible to earn Uc through gameplay or any other means.

What are the payment options for buying Uc in Pubg Kr?

You can use various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, and online wallets, to buy Uc in Pubg Kr. Make sure to choose a secure and reliable payment option.

Are there any discounts or special offers for buying Uc in Pubg Kr?

From time to time, Pubg Kr may offer discounts or special offers on Uc purchases, so keep an eye out for any promotions. You can also find discounted Uc codes on third-party websites, but make sure to only purchase from trusted sources.

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