Maximize Your Pubg Experience: Disabling Language Matching

Are you a PUBG player who has encountered language barriers while playing the game? Do you want to know how to disable matching by language in PUBG to potentially avoid these issues?

In this article, we will discuss the concept of matching by language in PUBG, why someone might want to disable it, and how to do so on both PC and mobile platforms. We will also explore the consequences of disabling matching by language, alternative solutions, benefits of matching by language, and how to re-enable it if needed.

So, let’s dive in and find out more about this feature in PUBG!

What is Matching by Language in PUBG?

Language is a function in PUBG Mobile that ensures players mmatch with those speaking their own language or matched language in order to improve coordination and communication. Matching criteria includes items ranging from a player’s preferred language, preferred language to use with the public, the language of the opponent, to the usage frequency of certain languages. PUBG’s system constantly updates and matches players accordingly. The goal of language matching is to enhance communication, especially in team play.

Why Would Someone Want to Disable Matching by Language?

Someone would want to disable matching by language in PUBG if their average wait time for a match is significantly high because there are too few players matching based on their settings or because not enough people speak their native language in the region they are matching in. Observing the expected wait times of servers with language requirements both enabled and disabled is key to understanding if language matching needs to be disabled.

How to Disable Matching by Language in PUBG?

There is no way to disable matching by language in PUBG. Players on the same server can adjust their matchmaking settings by either selecting a region in the settings and playing on that region’s servers, or selecting multiple regions and optionally adjusting the maximum ping allowed to join a game. This allows players to play with other players who are within or below that ping limit.

The language barrier is a common complaint in online gaming including in PUBG. When the game was in beta, it was possible to adjust settings so that matching was done based on language in order to address this issue. But these settings were removed for full-game release and have not been brought back as part of the update or in the new mobile version.


To disable PUBG cross-server matchmaking on desktop, combine every map into a single queue, and disable cross-region matchmaking, log in to PUBG. Click on play from the top of the display, and then matchmaking from the side opt-out box.

To be able to choose the center of the required settings, you will need to check previous settings in both bidurations until the relevant option appears where you can make the change. In the PUBG lobby, click the three horizontal lines at the lower right to access the settings window. Below are the different options, the order required to click through the settings windows for PC, and their locations within the Matchmaking screen.

    On PC:

  1. In Play the 9th option is Server.
  2. Server is the default option an no action is needed.

Admin access or a properly configured PUBG installation with the ability to disable language-based matchmaking may be required on PUBG for PC.

On Mobile

If you are a PUBG Mobile player and want to disable language matching, the steps are even simpler than on the PUBG PC versions. There is no language-based matchmaking on PUBG Mobile. So you do not have to worry about pubg disable same language matching on mobile.

What Are the Consequences of Disabling Matching by Language?

The consequences of disabling matching by language in PUBG is that you are now able to be matched with users who have set different language selections. This is particularly a challenge if you are using the blocking feature. Users have reported being matched with players from countries they have blocked. According to PUBG Corporation, matching based on language is one of the key criteria to keep the game experience enjoyable.

Longer Wait Times for Matches

An agent from Google says that if you keep matching by language turned on in PUBG you may experience longer wait times for matches. And indeed you will notice the opposite if you select not to match by language.

The language matching feature in PUBG is more of an enforced restriction rather than the use of a filter to help scope matches. To enable the feature the individual player needs to select the language they will speak from a drop-down menu box in the settings tab. This selected language will be matched exclusively when playing with other players. Players who don’t select a language will be placed into matches regardless of what their team members speak and will experience faster match times. This is supposed to be coupled with a monitoring process where your region is visible to your teammates and can report if the selected language is not being spoken. When detected, warnings will be given and at some point it is suggested they will be banned for a set amount of time.

Potential Communication Barriers

Under the Start/Settings/Preferences tab, enables the Open Mic option. When in the lobby before entering a game, chat with other players to see if you can communicate effectively. If the other players are speaking a different language than yours or if the communication is poor quality, it is likely that language, audio quality, or low-quality headset sound settings are causing an issue and should be changed.

Are There Any Alternatives to Disabling Matching by Language?

There are no official alternatives to disabling language-based automatic matching in PUBG. Some players have suggested blocking players that do not speak your selected language. While this may solve the issue of being matched on speaking language, it should only be used as a last resort as it can make the overall matchmaking process worse when blocking too many players. At this time PUBG has not announced any plans to address the issue of manual selection of matchmaking based on language preference.

Using In-game Voice Chat

In-game voice chat in PUBG is a medium for players communicating instructions, strategies, and beneficial information including gen chat. Voice chat in PUBG helps players have a clearer game understanding than PUBG’s text chat. However, some players – when they do not all speak the same language – prefer to disable auto-matching voice chat based on language.

To disable matching by language, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to the first Sound Control settings category which contains sliders for maximizing or minimizing individual audio effects
  3. In the middle right segment, change the setting for Auto Matching to All for both Teams and Gen Chat to disable auto-matching by language

Joining a Clan or Group with Similar Language Preferences

Another method to disable matching by language in PUBG is to join a clan or group with similar language preferences. In a clan or group, players can schedule playtimes with other members so they can create their own party. They can then communicate and coordinate strategies in any language they desire. There are many PUBG clans and Discord servers dedicated to a common language or country where players can link up with teammates who speak the same language.

What Are the Benefits of Matching by Language?

The benefits of matching by language are notably improved communication between squadmates leading to higher win rates, more teamwork and less toxic behavior in squad or duo matches. According to the 2011 analysis by QED International Associates Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in telecommunications policy, the majority of people use VOIP applications such as Teamspeak, Discord, or Skype for chatting among individuals who do not speak the same native language as each other.

Skilled players who prefer to win in combination with their ability to speak Russian, Spanish, or another common language used by players have much better prospects of winning by changing the default matching settings that select randomized languages.

This degree of probability depends on whether or not the player is rares as per the Internal Video Communications Director of Wargaming America. Meaning they do not speak English.

The gaming industry has only just begun to study the impact that language strips can have on performance and enjoyment. If you are running a test on your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay, even if you speak the region’s most common language, configure the default settings in matching by language for solo, duo, squad and training so you can see what happens when you have to depend on non-verbal communication in order to communicate with your squad.

Improved Communication and Teamwork

By having no knowledge of a player’s native tongue, teams must do the best they can with what they have in terms of communication and teamwork. In the short term, this may hinder group strategy and individual roles among teammates. But as players get used to relying less on similar native languages and instead focus on clear and simple strategies, the team’s potential consistently increases, sometimes beyond what similar language teams can achieve.

Better Gaming Experience

What better gaming experience can be had when Disabling Matching by Language in PUBG? Answer – a better in-game experience focused on team building. Some players enjoy playing differently and some may feel that those who understand them are more entertaining or cooperative. Those players who prefer non-verbal communication and cooperation, playing solo or with friends, can Disable Matching By Language to find a player that does not match via language if it impacts their enjoyment.

How to Re-enable Matching by Language in PUBG?

Re-enabling matching by language in PUBG is straightforward. Whenever you want to re-enable matching by language in PUBG, you switch from NA to your regional server, where people are more likely to speak languages you prefer. If you are organically matched with non-local players after doing this, you can toggle the Matchmaking by language option in Settings within the Gameplay sub-menu.

If the Disable Cross-Team Voices setting in Audio is turned on, it may be difficult to tell if people are speaking English or other languages that you do not want to play with. So ensure this setting is turned off if you want to know how to re-enable matching by language in PUBG and receive better responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Disable Matching by Language in Pubg?

Why would I want to disable matching by language in Pubg?

Some players may prefer to play with individuals who speak the same language as them, while others may want to challenge themselves by playing with speakers of other languages.

How to Disable Matching by Language in Pubg?

How can I disable matching by language in Pubg?

To do so, go to the settings menu in the game and select “language preferences.” From there, toggle off the option for “auto-matching by language.”

How to Disable Matching by Language in Pubg?

Will disabling matching by language affect my gameplay in any way?

No, it will not affect your gameplay. You will still be able to play with players from around the world, but they may not speak the same language as you.

How to Disable Matching by Language in Pubg?

Can I choose which languages I want to match with?

Yes, you can select specific languages in the language preferences menu to match with players who speak those languages.

How to Disable Matching by Language in Pubg?

Will my choice to disable matching by language affect my friends’ gameplay?

No, it will only affect your own gameplay. Your friends can still choose to enable or disable matching by language on their own.

How to Disable Matching by Language in Pubg?

Is there a way to enable matching by language again if I change my mind?

Yes, you can always go back to the settings menu and toggle on the option for “auto-matching by language” if you decide you want to match with players who speak the same language as you.

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