Ultimate Guide: How to Enable Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile

Looking to improve your aiming skills in Pubg Mobile?

One technique that can give you an edge in the game is Quick Scope.

Learn how to enable Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile and the benefits of using this technique.

Get tips on mastering Quick Scope and avoid common mistakes.

Level up your aiming game with Quick Scope!

Key Takeaways:

  • Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile allows for faster target acquisition, improved accuracy, and better control of recoil.
  • To enable Quick Scope, access the settings menu, select the sensitivity option, and adjust the ADS sensitivity before saving and applying changes.
  • To master Quick Scope, practice with different weapons, adjust sensitivity according to personal preference, and utilize training mode for skill improvement.
  • What is Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile?

    In Pubg Mobile, Quick Scope is the ability to easily transition between different scopes attached to a single gun to zoom in and out during aiming. Quick Scope is only available for handguns (pistols) and SMGs where two to three different scopes can be used. For other types of guns (ARs, DMRs, Sniper Rifles, LMGs, Shotguns), the secondary sight can be used to add to the sightedness of the primary scope, but the only scopes that can be attached are limited to a red dot, holographic sight, or half grip.

    Because of versatile loadout abilities in Call of Duty: Mobile, quick scoping is highly effective and possible, allowing players to transition rapidly between the longer and shorter viewing angles. By moving the weapon to the edge of the screen, aiming down the sights with the weapon is a touch faster. This is the method to get in and out quickly at long and short ranges. Scoping in while already having your gun aimed at an opponent and pre-firing is another skill where quick scopes are leveraged.

    How to Enable Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile?

    Quick Scope is enabled in PUBG Mobile by adjusting ‘ADS Field of View’ and ‘No Scope’ settings within the scope range the user has chosen. In general, a Field of View (FOV) of 97.5 combined with no scope should work in most scenarios. The aim is to have the target in the center of the screen as the weapon moves up to aim with the scope. The scope range can be set with the distance up to which one wants the scopes activated without having to press on scope. Toggling on gyroscope might improve quick scope precision. Move the scope gently on high settings, or aggressively on low settings depending on range. Keep practice and muscle memory in mind to keep the right combination. tactics and aim in mind to interact with different guns, the enemy, and cover appropriately. Reconfigure sights, scopes, attachments, controller settings, and sensitivity until the perfect setup for quick scoping is found.

    Automatic Scope Attachment
    The automatic attachment and detachment of the scope are controlled by the scope settings referenced by Tencent’s Support at the beginning of this article.

    Step 1: Access the Settings Menu

    To disable PUBG Mobile scope opening, start by accessing the Settings menu. Open the game and click on the three bars in the top right corner. Then click on the settings gear icon, which is at the bottom of the page.

    According to the PUBG Mobile definition of quick scope, go to the peek & scope area which is under the basic header. You can then make your desired scope settings under this area. This will disable the PUBG Mobile quick scope feature.

    Step 2: Select the Sensitivity Option

    1. Go to the training mode in the UI. This is the best place to customize your settings because you are both stationary and mobile depending on the context.
    2. Make sure you are standing in an IDLE position on the battleground and are not moving while you customize the settings for optimum results.
    3. For the Sensitivity Option, you need to go to the Settings menu available in the bottom right corner of the home screen. In the Settings menu, go to the Basic section.
    4. Look for the heading named Sensitivity. Find the GYROSCOPE SETTING. The first option is to either turn the gyroscope on (always on) or turn it off during ADS (always on ADS).
    5. If you want to have better aim while stationary and fine scope or long-range view aiming, then it is advised to keep the gyro on and subsequently adjust the sensitivity settings to your desire. Always-on ADS is another option if default Optimal settings from Sensor Kuston’s setting guide don’t work for you
    6. Thais always on / on-ADS in Pubg Mobile tweak helped your sniping?

    Step 3: Adjust the ADS Sensitivity

    You should increase the Aim-down-sight (ADS) sensitivity to enable quick scope in PUBG Mobile. This further allows a player to fine-tune their movements – especially if twists are strong – which is exactly what is needed during close combat and during the quick scoping process. Adjust your ADS more if necessary so you can turn 90 degrees or even 180 degrees without changing the position of your phone on the surface.

    Step 4: Save and Apply Changes

    After making all the changes you desire in Graphics, click the Save icon at the top right of the screen. A list of adjustable settings comes up in the Soar Extension application. Find and select Graphics. Scroll to the bottom of the screen just above Brightness, Language, Notifications Preferences, and make sure to save as Quick Scope somewhere safe for easy retrieval. DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR FILE. On returning to Pubg again, the Soar Extension scroll movement won’t work. In this case, go to the Settings option in the menu and choose the file where you stored your Quick Scope settings. Aim button activation is another scope-in setting for the Peripherals controller available on Android devices.

    What are the Benefits of Using Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile?

    The benefits of using quick scope in Pubg Mobile include making shots more accurately, increasing reaction time, faster target acquisition, better visibility, less scope sway, and making peek shots easier. It allows players to view a wider area without compromising visibility.

    With quick scoping, the scope enters the view only when players need it, allowing for better awareness/checking of surroundings. In sniping, players cannot stay scoped in all the time due to scope sway. Quick scope in Pubg Mobile replicates the way real bi-ocular vision works and makes it easier to refocus on sniping scopes more quickly. The top ranked US Sniper, Carlos Norman Hathcock, used a quick scope with the M40 sniper weapon system.

    Faster Target Acquisition

    Precise aiming isn’t always necessary with quick scoping. Sometimes aiming close to the target and getting off a valid shot quickly can eliminate the target. Quickly scoping and eliminating is better than being slow and high-accuracy in scenarios where you are at risk.

    In these scenarios being fast enough to lock on and maintain normal targeting abilities is better than having optimal targeting speed and accuracy as you’re attempting to not be eliminated in a higher-risk firefight.

    The nature of quick scoping in Pubg Mobile is such that it improves Killing the right target and not missing opportunities.

    Improved Accuracy

    Switching to scope quickly has another use in PUBG Mobile besides target acquisition. Scoping can help to further improve the weapons’ less than optimal accuracy. When a visiting professor at the Lyle School of Engineering in Dallas, Texas, Professor Jeffrey Putila was asked what accuracy means for a shooting game, he explained that shooting games aim to emulate the physics of shooting guns. Accuracy, as it pertains to guns, is the ability of a bullet to impact the same location as the shooter intends.

    Although PUBG Mobile’s guns do not drift to the left or right when fired like they would in real life, there is a slight bullet spread on most guns which can be lessened by scoping. Scoping increases the weapon’s accuracy not by making the gun’s spread area smaller, but by removing the spread caused by gun sway due to inaccurate shooting mechanics by players, the player moving, and targeting inaccuracy by the user due to too much screen movement. Players will notice their weapon spread decreasing just as they scope in and ADS.

    Better Control of Recoil

    Players with quick scope skills in Pubg Mobile’s TDM mode can better control weapon recoil during combat, which helps them aim more accurately and fire faster while scoped in. By mastering quick scope in Pubg Mobile, players can optimize their aiming strategies while scaning the battlefield and hitting targets for better overall effectiveness.

    The strategy of quickly scoping and firing ensures that when transitioning between roles, as in switching between a backline player or an entry fragger, you can maintain peak performance. To increase your quick scope efficiency and overall aiming capabilities for when you transition into high-intensity combat situations, check to make sure you have the correct sensitivity settings, stay up to date with weapon attachments and which are best for your playstyle, and lastly stay online and get some in-game practice done.

    Tips for Mastering Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile

    There are three main tips for mastering quick scope in Pubg Mobile:

    • Change sensitivity: Change your gyroscope sensitivity to easily sweep over the enemy and center your crosshair
    • Adjust your angle: Align your angle so that even minor changes will decrease the possible deviation
    • Practice: Spend time in training results to fine tune these skills, and to practice your sniping aim in general.

    Unlock quick scope kills as quickly as possible with these tips. Creating an environment in which shots taken from you and shots taken at enemies are beneficial can help you ensure quick kills and survival.

    Practice with Different Weapons

    To enable quick scope in PUBG Mobile, players need to practice with different weapons. Quick scoping involves switching scopes quickly to aim at nearby enemies and fire the shot without sticking around to see if the shot connects. Some snipers already have a lower setting for aim sensitivity enabling them to snap onto enemies faster. But experimenting and practicing with different settings can help determine which works best for each individual game style.

    Adjust Sensitivity According to Personal Preference

    The sensitivity setting in BGMI or PUBG Mobile is of utmost importance for quick scoping. If you are going to pan swipe for scope, you must instantly aim at the target. This can be accomplished by increasing the scope sensitivity slider in the sensitivity control setting.

    The sensitivity of the Quick Scope (default is 3x scope sensitivity for reflex sight and 2x scope sensitivity for red dot scope) should be set to 50 or more. The target practice range can be used to find the ideal sensitivity levels for quick scoping. Start with a lower setting and work your way up until you find the perfect one which is easy to aim with and doesn’t drift much when you flick the view.

    For a smartphone with 6 GB of RAM and at least 90 hertz screen refresh rate with resolutions of 2340 x 1080, the sensitivity to aim down the sight (ADS) should be set at 14, and the overall camera sensitivity should be set at 140. At these settings, it enables the camera to move with agility while permitting for precise shots.

    Utilize Training Mode to Perfect Your Skills

    Training mode in PUBG Mobile is an excellent place for players to practice their quick scoping. You can equip the guns you like, the scopes you like, and attach modifications to them to achieve the rate of fire and bullet drop of your choosing. The motion targets in the training room can help you hone your skills by allowing you to track movement. There is no penalty for downed targets, so you can experiment with the different factors affecting your scope without worry.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile

    • Not hitting the fire button quickly enough
    • Moving too much when you try to quick scope
    • Using quick scope from farther distances
    • Engaging without finding good cover
    • Not using the right weapons with quick scope
    • Dropping your scope in an area with many enemies
    • Quick scoping in the wrong weapon slot
    • Not adjusting the sensitivity appropriately

    These are the most common mistakes you should avoid when using quick scope in Pubg Mobile.

    Over-adjusting Sensitivity

    If a player wants to learn the Quick Scope technique, over-adjusting their controls may be best in the beginning. In PUBG Mobile, high sensitivity makes quick movements smoother. If an opponent who sees you first is able to strafe very quickly and effectively, they lower your chances of killing them. High sensitivity makes it more likely that you will be able to follow the same tactic on a consistent basis. The control settings should be adjusted according to the way one plays the game on a console or mobile to encourage better control. As players get more comfortable with an increased sense of touch, lowers sensitivity slightly.

    Not Practicing Enough

    Quickscoping in Pubg Mobile requires practice. If you’re not playing the game regularly or simply not using the sniper rifles often in matches, you’ll find it hard to be able to quickscope during matches. Both hitting the moving enemy and aiming in quick succession become very hard if the player is not used to the sensitivity of the scope or the sniper rifles.

    Quickscoping on Pubg Mobile is only beneficial against moving enemies if you are getting a quick reaction from your finger. It takes a lot of muscle memory and practice to be able to do so. Doctors and other sources recommend practicing for some time every day (between 30 minutes and two hours). This article does not include context on the difficulty of enabling quick scoping on Pubg Mobile, as quickscoping in itself is detrimental.

    Not Utilizing Other Aiming Techniques

    • Quick flick scope technique: When closely approaching a target, the player looks at the target through the scope and then removes the aim immediately while firing.
    • Window jumping technique: The player begins jumping as soon as they scope in. This in-game movement manipulates the scope according to how the player wishes to fire.
    • Fire and scope technique: This is possibly the most consistent technique to use once hip-fire accuracy is mastered.
    • The Drag Quick Scope Technique: Fairly straightforward in which the player quickly drags the scope in close combat conditions and drags it back to comply when taking long-range shots.
    • Recoil adjustment in quick scoping: One of the biggest reasons players miss quick scopes is the fierce recoil that damages their sight. Using suppressors along with the right attachments drastically reduces weapon recoil. Good control over the recoil allows you to snap targets without losing track of the aim.
    • Legit Training: With an assault rifle that has a 3x or 6x scope, move to the training map. Try snapping from one target to another as soon as you see them to increase quick scope accuracy. If training in moving places to hone your quick scoping, start with training modes with laid-boxes eligible as targets.

    Final Thoughts

    Quick scoping in PubG Mobile is a situational life-saving skill that allows you to switch between ranged engagement, an accurate aim, and quick shots to eliminate enemies. It is less powerful than its main scope aiming for the same weapon. The key advantages of quick scoping are late decisions and the speed at which it can be fair.

    A player should at least attempt developing their quickscoping skills because there may be situations where the rapidly changing nature of their environment requires this. If a player already has fast reflexes and adapts quickly to his environment, it proves to be a smooth work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile and how do I enable it?

    Quick Scope is a feature in Pubg Mobile that allows players to quickly aim and scope in on their targets. To enable Quick Scope, go to the settings menu and navigate to the ‘Scope’ tab. From there, you can toggle on the ‘Quick Scope Switch’ option to enable it.

    2. Can I customize the sensitivity of Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, you can customize the sensitivity of Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile. In the settings menu, go to ‘Scope’ and under the Quick Scope Switch option, you will find a slider for adjusting the sensitivity. We recommend experimenting with different sensitivities to find the one that works best for you.

    3. Is Quick Scope available for all guns in Pubg Mobile?

    No, Quick Scope is only available for certain guns in Pubg Mobile. These include the Kar98k, M24, AWM, Win94, and SKS. If you have one of these guns equipped, you can enable Quick Scope by following the steps mentioned in the first question.

    4. How does Quick Scope improve my gameplay in Pubg Mobile?

    Quick Scope can greatly improve your gameplay in Pubg Mobile by allowing you to quickly aim and take down enemies. It saves time and can give you an edge in close combat situations. With practice, you can become a skilled Quick Scoper and dominate in matches.

    5. Can I enable Quick Scope for both first-person and third-person mode in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, you can enable Quick Scope for both first-person and third-person mode in Pubg Mobile. The Quick Scope setting is universal and will be applied to all game modes. However, keep in mind that Quick Scope may not be as effective in third-person mode due to the different perspective.

    6. Will enabling Quick Scope affect my other sensitivity settings in Pubg Mobile?

    No, enabling Quick Scope will not affect your other sensitivity settings in Pubg Mobile. It is a separate setting that only applies when you are scoping in with a gun. Your sensitivity settings for general movement and aiming will remain the same.

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