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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3D block-based sandbox game and educational tool where players can build, explore, mine, and fight. It was created by the game studio Mojang which was founded by Markus Persson in 2010. Minecraft comes in five game modes. Creative mode provides the player with unlimited resources and abilities to fly, making it possible to create ever-larger structures without needing to gather materials. Survival mode provides limited resources and requires players to mine, collect resources and fight enemies while adapting to the environment. Adventure mode restricts some abilities (like killing animals/taming wolves) in the game and offers user-created map challenges. Spectator mode allows players to watch other players interact, and Hardcore mode is a more challenging version of Survival mode requiring higher skill levels in exchange for potentially greater rewards.

Minecraft is famous for its pixelated, blocky graphics and a gameplay area that is procedurally generated using terrain-based algorithms rather than having pre-established, life-filled visions. This makes the playing area infinitely large and rich in materials, biomes, wildlife, and danger.

What are Shapes in Minecraft?

Shapes in Minecraft refer to depicted patterns or regular outlines from static blocks. The simplest and most important shapes in Minecraft are cuboids (3 dimensions, x * y * z), planes (x * y or z = 1), lines (x = 1), and points. In the game, they are usually exhibited in some shape or form. Many other complex shapes are characterized, created, and used as unique constructions or remarkable functional components in Minecraft.

While a popular building block in Minecraft, copper is not used in the creation or building of any shape. Examples of more complex shapes in Minecraft include polyhedra and toroids. However, no official shape structures are available from Minecraft. Even the most basic shape structures of a Minecraft cube have a feature not found in real cubes – the use of only edge blocks and no direction of force properties. Real cubes have specific physical force properties in physics that would not apply to a Minecraft cube.

Minecraft has abundant user-generated content so there should be many guides or mods for any shape or structure desired. Polygon Labs (POLYGON Labs on Youtube) has a channel focused on the construction of Minecraft shapes. Polygon Labs builds entire city structures by demonstrating and narrating the sequence of simple shapes they use, focusing on the essential shapes of the line, square, triangle, and hexagon.

What is a Hexagon?

A hexagon is a shape in geometry that has six sides and six corners. All six sides of a hexagon are congruent, resulting in a uniform shape. Some common real-life examples of hexagons include the stop sign and the honeycomb structure that provides strength and compact storage in beehives. Particle physicists often use units known as barns to account for the minute accuracy of measurements. One barn is defined as 10-28 m². The size of the nucleus of a uranium-235 atom can be expressed as 540 barns or 5.4 x 10^-26 m². The storage densities of DNA, which are between 1.05 petabits/mm³ and 215 petabits/mm³, are between 1.2 zettabytes and 2.5 zettabytes of data.

What Materials Do You Need to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

You do not need any special materials to make a hexagon in Minecraft. Depending on how you clear the space to lay out a hexagon, you could make a hexagon out of nearly any material. However, the process for making a hexagon out of quartz or any other material is the same. As demonstrated by YouTuber Minecraft with Dummies in the video they posted entitled Hexagons and How to Build Them | Minecraft With Dummies.

This simulation has them laying out a hexagon on the ground with stone to replace the ground with quartz. Feel free to experiment to find the materials you prefer for building your hexagons. Non-utilitarian hexagons can be for mere design and creative pleasure, so there are no limits!

What Types of Blocks Can Be Used to Make a Hexagon?

Hexagons can be made from any type of block in Minecraft. Above you can find an example of a hexagon piece each made of these different block types. A few common blocks for building hexagons include Wood Planks (also known as boards or panels), Stained Glass, Glowstone, and Stained Terracotta. Different types of blocks have different textures and properties, and players may choose types depending on the use they require.

What Tools Do You Need to Make a Hexagon?

To make a hexagon in Minecraft, you do not need any special tools. If you want to make sure you are drawing precise straight lines and angles, you can use graph paper and a protractor or a digital drawing tool to plan it out and then build it in Minecraft.

Graph paper will give you a tactile feel and ability to sketch things quickly with a pencil, while a digital diagramming tool will make precise measurements and replicating your design easier. Either way, you do not need any special tools beyond an item such as a sword to assist with counting steps, or rockets to quickly move away from the hexagon so you can view it from above.

Hexagon Benefits to construction:
– A hexagon is an economically efficient shape.
– Building infrastructure on hexagonal patterns uses less material for the same area.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Hexagon in Minecraft

The following are instructions for how to make a hexagon in Minecraft. Making a hexagon in Minecraft requires creating a large, carefully constructed 18×18 circular hexagon of blocks. Since the player is limited to blocks placed along a grid and an imaginary circle of radius R would have a circumference of 6πR, the indoor edge of the hexagon would be offset by one block compared with the outdoor edge.

At the end of the process, the entire perimeter is filled with solid blocks to simulate a natural edge. To ensure there is a structural connection between the two outer edges of the build, the player can consider constructing piers or another method of flying blocks back to the center to maintain standing structures.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Before you start designing a hexagon in Minecraft, the first step is to choose a location in which to place it. I.e., how will it fit within the overall aesthetic of your project. As stand-alone structures or as part of larger, geometric gaming environments that include pyramids or pyramidal temples or other polygonal shapes. Using a Minecraft building tool’s Map feature can help you get the hexagon’s placement right by ensuring it fits the layout you are creating.

Step 2: Gather Materials

To build a hexagon in Minecraft, you first need to gather materials. Minecraft building materials play an important role in making a structure attractive and aesthetic. The easiest and most common way to begin any Minecraft building project is to collect dirt. From there, you can decide which materials to use. Not only can you make a functional hexagon in Minecraft out of any basic building material (wood, cobblestone, glass) (materialstrength, 2022), but every block in Minecraft has different characteristics. Concrete is visually exciting with more colors and is environmentally friendly, but it does not work in water environments. Wool is an inexpensive building material that can be easily re-dyed, while Obsidian and brick can be used purely for decorative purposes as they have no additional uses.

Carpet blocks are ideal in travel routes throughout the house as they allow players to sprint. Redstone lamps can work as an excellent indicator to the player when there is additional information or differences between items in a room. When building a hexagon in Minecraft, it is good to have a lot of glass blocks for panes that break up the hard lines of a polygonal structure and add another texture to the finished product. You should also have a good number of minecraft tools on hand. These are uniformly made from different ores and allow for faster construction.

To make a hexagon in Minecraft, there are several geometric formulas you can use. Unlike building a circle or sphere from a specific geometric formula, a hexagon in Minecraft is defined as simply a six-sided polygon with parallel sides. Changing the hexagon’s area from 400 m2 to 1000 m2 while maintaining this simple definition will change the hexagon’s size in the world of Minecraft. Begin building the hexagonal structure by taking 12 blocks. Rotate the block both horizontally and diagonally by approximately 120 degrees to obtain the next corner by placing the block. The final structure can be achieved by placing the block such that two adjacent blocks are joined on all edges and corners. A total of 28 blocks will make up the final structure.

Step 3: Create the Base

The next step in making a hexagon in Minecraft after creating the top plate is to create the base floor. This will be identical in dimensions to the top floor if you want your building to be a single story. If you want a second story, have the base be the same shape, but possibly with an internal floor layout that is different that fits the overall hex shape. Again, make the base smooth with /effect give [your name] mining_fatigue [number].

An easy way to make the base floor is to ponder using the /fill function. First, generate another hexagon with the same dimensions as the top and bottom plate. If you have forgotten the dimensional area, use a wand in WorldEdit (), right or left-click the opposite corners, and see the total area of the shape via text in the chat box. Then, run the following fill command with the two corner coordinate grid numbers of the hexagons x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2:

/fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 minecraft:[block-type]

Create the walls with the following command or place each individual wall block, resulting in a very time-consuming process:

/fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 minecraft:[block-type]

The base of a normal one-story building with a big hexagon of 17×12 blocks, has a 27% larger floor area than the top plate. In flat maps, this larger area can be used to create a garden or outer decorations as desired, whereas the larger area can be placed as a parking lot, garden, or a gravitationally pulled storage basement. Going back and forth at different times of the day can also create aesthetic requirements.

Step 4: Build the Sides

In Minecraft, the sides of a hexagon are built by filling in blocks along spacings of 2 blocks of width with as many blocks as there are nodes to the hexagon. That is to say, if the inside defines the hexagon, the sides run along the inside. Note in the image how the sides of the theoretical hexagon are defined by running along where the inner circle touches the land.

For the original landmark hexagon in Denmark, this most straightforward method requires the following number of blocks required to define the shape: 6 to define the inner shape (if such a shape is desired), and 18 in the circular shape, which make for 60 blocks in total.

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

To add finishing touches to your hexagon, you can clear and flatten the area around it. This provides a better contrast to how the structure stands out and gives you a flat platform on which to use the hexagon. If you like, trees, flowers, or grass can be added. Depending on the size of your creation, elaborate or simple gardens and green areas can be part of your build as well. Fences are also a popular add-on as they create a barrier between your build and the rest of the world. Lighting can be used to emphasize staircases and walls for decorative reasons. ChatColor can be used to improve the look of signs. Once the design phase is complete, finishing touches like these complete the aesthetic of the hexagon.

Tips for Building a Hexagon in Minecraft

Tips for Building a Hexagon: The quickest and simplest way to draw an irregular hexagon (like a lunar crater in Minecraft) is to use the Pixel Circle / Oval Generator tool. As research about Minecraft players building hexagons progresses, additional tips on the best or easiest ways to design a hexagon in Minecraft will no doubt surface.

What Other Shapes Can You Make in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can make any shape you want, provided you can imagine it and you have access to the required materials. Here are other shapes that can be created/observed in Minecraft:

  • Squares and rectangles – Basic shapes with a minimum of five blocks in total referring to the object.
  • Pentagons – Two-dimensional shapes where five sides and five angles combine together to form. A key turret on the Nether complex shown.
  • Triangles – Basic shapes where three sides and three angles connect to form. Used for columns like shown on the roof of the Overhang complex.
  • Octagons – a shape in which eight sides and eight angles connect to form.
  • Circles or Cylinders – non-polygon shapes that have the highest number of sides, in which the number of sides is infinite. The above example uses haybales to approximate a cylinder.


A square is a polygon with four sides, all of which are of equal length and all four interior angles being equal to 90 degrees. While squares have nothing to do with hexagons mathematically or geometrically, Minecraft players favor making squares on the ground first and adding hexagon edges and sub-floors as floors on top of the ground. Making sub-levels by building successive floors is one of the fastest ways to shape a hexagon with less effort. Follow the steps below to make a hexagon from a square starting from the floor version.

To expand a hexagon from a more traditional square floor in Minecraft, the player needs to build onto it using its structural lines as a guide. The player builds out additional segments of the square until the contour of the square floor create the exerior lines of the hexagon. For final adjustments the player can remove interior material and add another subfloor level with walls.


The triangle is defined as a shape that has 3 straight sides and 3 angles and is made in Minecraft by building a base diagonally across vertices and using the integrity of the game engine’s rendering system. Creating a triangle that looks like an equilateral triangle in Minecraft is very simple. You can use the Blockbench program to create any model that you want and display it in the game by following the steps given at the end.

This equilateral triangle build can be considered a 3D-variant of a hexagonal prism, as its base forms the same shape. The difference is that a 3D hexagon shape after the connections form a 3D-8-sided figure, whereas a 3D triangle creates a 3D-4-sided figure and thus gives a much different appearance once fully connected.


A hexagon in Minecraft is a simple circle that uses angles to approximate the hexagon shape. This is the most natural option, and the geomastery sub-mod of Create Mod that adds math to the snapping lines mod from the architectural mod sets covers perfect circle forms. Depending on the scale of the circle, the angle for the edge block to add to the previous circle that follows a hexagon pattern differs slightly. Circle diameters lower in the scale of Create (from small to large) have a smaller difference in angle percentage than diameters farther apart. This is because as each circle grows larger, the difference in the percentage for the existing circle is greater. In all cases, the gaps, or percentage less than a perfect circle, to form a hexagon is slightly more of an angle than the percentage difference needed for a square. A 7-block circle diameter has a 9.5238% less angle than a perfect circle to approximate a hexagon. The smoothest gradient is an edge every three blocks (ie: circle of 9) to create a base hexagon shape before increasing or decreasing incrementally by Create scale. The circle edges of Geomastery fall fractions of degrees when building, making the tool imprecise to calculate exact angles for hexagons. Instead, builders should focus on the percentage differences and fill in the circles by eye. Once a small hexagon circle is roughed in, the remaining area can be filled more quickly than with squares.


An octagon in Minecraft is a geometric figure with eight equal sides and angles. The easiest way to make an octagon is to create one out of concrete in your base. The first step is to measure across the playground between the opposite sides. Place torches, logs, or concrete blocks at 1/8 of this distance. Continue across to each of these sides, forming the octagon. Connect each of your side markers using a triangle from the corner to the opposite corner. Replace the markers with any suitable material and add edges or details as needed for whatever purpose you are using the octagon.


Diamond blocks are not obtainable in normal gameplay without cheats. However, diamond blocks can be used to add a unique, transparent coloring effect to hexagons made from any of the above materials. Note that hexagons with diamond blocks are at least one-sixth transparent.

Diamond blocks can be displayed creatively in maps and builds via the use of /give commands or inventory editing tools. Diamond blocks are crafted from nine diamonds and used with a Pickaxe tool or with the player’s hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

What is a hexagon in Minecraft?

A hexagon is a six-sided shape that can be created in Minecraft using blocks.

How to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

What materials do I need to make a hexagon?

You can use any type of block in Minecraft, but for a classic hexagon shape, it is recommended to use a combination of wool, stone, or wood blocks.

How to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

What is the easiest way to make a hexagon in Minecraft?

The easiest way to make a hexagon is by using a template or guide. You can find many templates online that you can use as a reference for building your hexagon in Minecraft.

How to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

Can I make a hexagon without using any tools?

Yes, you can make a hexagon using only blocks and your character’s movements. It may take a bit longer, but it is possible to create a hexagon without using any tools in Minecraft.

How to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

What are the steps to make a perfect hexagon?

The steps to make a perfect hexagon in Minecraft are:
1. Choose your desired location and block materials
2. Start building one side of the hexagon
3. Count and measure the distance to make sure all sides are equal
4. Connect the ends of each side to form a complete hexagon
5. Add any finishing touches or decorations to your hexagon.

How to Make a Hexagon in Minecraft?

Can I make a hollow hexagon in Minecraft?

Yes, you can make a hollow hexagon in Minecraft by leaving spaces in between the blocks as you build each side. You can also make a hollow hexagon by removing blocks from the inside of the hexagon after it is built.

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