Unlocking Pubg Materials for Free: A Guide to Getting Them Without UC

Are you a PUBG player looking to collect materials without spending UC?

Learn various methods to acquire materials in PUBG without using UC. From completing missions and challenges to participating in events and trading with other players, we will cover all the tips and tricks you need to efficiently gather materials in-game.

Discuss the risks associated with using third-party apps or hacks and provide valuable tips for safely collecting materials in PUBG. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • 1. There are various ways to obtain materials in PUBG without using UC, such as completing missions and challenges, participating in events, and ranking up in the Royale Pass.
  • 2. It is not safe to use third-party apps or hacks to acquire materials in PUBG, as it violates the game’s terms of service and can put your account at risk.
  • 3. To efficiently collect materials in PUBG, prioritize missions and challenges, participate in events regularly, and utilize the Royale Pass system, but avoid using third-party apps or hacks.
  • What is UC in PUBG?

    UC is a virtual currency for the game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), used to buy a variety of internal features for the game. UC allows gamers to purchase a Royal Pass or Elite Royal as well as purchase in-game items with a range of functions including opening limited-time card packs, purchasing crate scraps, character and firearm sticky bombs, name change cards, advanced rooms, and experience coins to boost your experience points and level up faster.

    UC can be purchased in-game by spending your money, or can be earned without spending money. The rarest way to earn UC in PUBG as of this writing is by completing missions and earning achievements to be granted varying amounts of UC.

    If you want to do the missions, you should pay real money for royal passes or training passes to get the rewards. This brings us back to the original issue of expanding upon the ways to get in-game items in PUBG without using UC in Google Play Points because the items available in Play Points are alternatives to the in-game purchases and can be used in any game including PUBG to upgrade and improve your experience.

    How to Get UC in PUBG?

    When I initially researched how to get UC in PUBG Mobile, UC was not obtainable without making a purchase or being gifted UC. Users can get UC in PUBG by purchasing them using one of the official channels, such as the Google Play Store on Android or the Apple App Store on iOS. UC was not available for purchase on their site at the end of 2021.

    As of early 2022, PUBG Mobile Lite has been made into a lite version of the main PUBG Mobile game called Battlegrounds Mobile India. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, users only need Google Play Wallet, Apple Wallet, or their local telecommunication provider to buy UC.

    UC is sometimes obtainable for free when season passes are offered for PUBG, but the design of the game was changed so that the number of free season passes is limited to one per account. The benefit to receiving UC from a free season pass is that PUBG will give you an amount equal to how much of the pass UC you would have accumulated by leveling up if you had bought the pass. With repeat passes you will only receive the prize at the tier you progressed to on your initial pass.

    How to Get Materials in PUBG without UC?

    You can get materials in PUBG without UC by earning various in-game rewards, without the need to pay money to buy Premium Crates. Premium crates provide items for improving gun and armor aesthetics and upgrades. These rewards help earn materials more quickly and in greater quantities. Rewards in PUBG Mobile can be collected via several methods:

    1. Recycling unused duplicate clothes, gun skins, and vehicle customization materials.
    2. Participating in daily tasks.
    3. Participating in Survival Pass missions and on weekends.
    4. Discover opportunities on official social networks.
    5. Participate in PUBG events.
    6. Watch the Livestream on Royale Pass.

    To recycle unused items, do the following:

    • Open PUBG Mobile and log in.
    • Go to the inventory through your profile.
    • Select the unnecessary skin and tap down.
    • Cotton and coupons can be obtained by selecting the Create Items option.

    Completing Missions and Challenges

    In the Missions tab accessible from the main screen, PUBG Mobile offers a number of challenges to players, including daily and weekly missions such as “Collect 8 scrap” or “Use a painkiller before the final fight”. When completed, players earn RP points which allows them to unlock features and cosmetic items. Fifty-one RP points is equivalent to the number of paid UC points used, which makes RP points an indirect way to earn UC points without paying for them. Although it takes time and effort to complete missions, this is the surest way to acquire UC without paying a penny.

    Participating in Events

    Events are an advantageous method for collecting materials such as clothing, looking material crates, and coupon vouchers that can be traded for luck spin coupons. Materials are available in various degrees of rarity at an average of 3-8% of the rewards according to Adam Leaver’s study on the probability of PUBG event rewards on PUBGShop. The completion of simple missions and tasks is how these events function. Participating in competitive modes such as Squad-Wipe and Tier Protection or limited-time modes that pay out materials directly, such as Angry Birds Battle Royale and Arena are examples of these micro-tasks.

    Players may also complete daily missions or take part in large-scale community events, such as the Partner Program where streamers are given exclusive missions and can pass on special challenges to viewers. Since its foundation in 2019, the partner program has offered UC of at least $5 and above which can be used to receive crates which can provide duplicates to make a coupon scrap and be used to obtain conquest medals and luck spin coupons which allow a free attempt at a wheel of fortune which can give rewarded materials.

    Ranking Up in the Royale Pass

    The Royale Pass is a reward system in PUBG Mobile that allows users to earn points by completing in-game tasks. Reaching higher levels in the Royale Pass grants the player a higher reward, including BP points, crates, and materials. To increase the RP level one must complete a mission, and subsequent levels in the pass require higher amounts of RP to achieve.

    For achieving RP without spending money, objectives and events offering additional RP coin rewards can be completed. This does require time and may be difficult depending on the player’s skillset. The player should constantly work towards mission completion, especially the missions with higher battle coin payouts. Activities such as playing the game daily, finishing in the top 10 of a match, finishing with a high survival time, or earning a specific score multiples in several matches while will help in earning more RP.

    Using BP to Purchase Materials

    If you want to know how to get materials in PUBG without UC, you can still use BP for purchasing some materials. This is the game’s official in-game currency which is earned by completing games and advancing battle pass levels. The player can use BP to buy Scraps that are then used to purchase soldier crates. In some locations on the map such as PUBG Castle, there are options to buy additional equipment such as ammo, helmets, bulletproof vests as well as backpacks and armor vests. These items are available for purchasing with BP rather than UC.

    Trading with Other Players

    There is an active market on scores of web sites for trading virtual items. Some players have used external forums and boards including Reddit to trade items, with some offering items in exchange for Twitch subscriptions or Patreon donations. Avoid Poor Trading Channels Trading of accounts is against PUBG’s user agreement and can result in either security bans or the loss of MGA accounts according to item marketplace g2g.com. There are various other online ways to trade PUBG items, just be aware that some of these can be risky and against the online games terms of use. The best online market for PUBG items is found in group chats with players who you trust on existing gaming platforms where violation of terms of use is not likely such as Discord or Steam.

    Finding Materials in-game

    Mission types include Survive, Explore, Assault, Plunder, Robbery, Scavenging, and Lose Rank. These different missions affect the game by either forcing the player to play a specific way, which contributes inevitably to having to gather branches, or by providing them with resources. If a mission is completed within a certain time frame, players are awarded different synthetic materials. ISI agents at PGC report that for Assault missions, they usually receive around 750 copper and 250 maple, which are the most difficult resources to come by.

    Indicators of missions are found on the upper-left corner of the main game page and on the lower-left (character status). If a player taps the “Missions” tab on the upper-right side of the resource page (cog wheel), it will show them what missions they currently have and remind them of what the objectives are for each of them. Clicking the “Find” button that accompanies a mission will take players to the specific location where that mission can be completed.

    Using Third-Party Apps or Hacks

    In areas such as India and eastern regions where PUBG Corporation has not yet launched the Battlegrounds Mobile India app, players have sought other methods to get PUBG materials without possessing PUBG UC. This includes software cheats and hacks that are used in the popular battle royale game Garena Free Fire, where regularly according to a KrASIA report from February 2021, players are found cheating in battles.

    The problem of cheating is not limited to Garena Free Fire. Tencent reported that it had banned over 1.7 million PUBG accounts in the 2018 Fall Festival for their usage of third-party apps and illicit game-boosting procedures. Cheat-hacks or third-party apps are dishonest and illegal. They can infect a player’s device with a virus or malware which can steal their data, including sensitive information such as passwords and other financial information. A BlueStacks summary reported that their software experienced around 145 million cheats from 193 countries every day within November 2020 to March 2021.

    It is of the utmost importance that players continue to report suspected hackers and whether or not they are hacking PUBG mobile, refrain from downloading, running, or using such third-party apps.

    Is it Safe to Use Third-Party Apps or Hacks?

    No, it is not safe to use third-party apps or hacks. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds uses a 2-stage indicator system for game security. It first blocks usage if suspicious activity is detected, and then based on the feedback gathered, may outright ban the user.

    Pubg’s Managing Corporate Development Shasken Weldon went undercover to research his game’s cheating methods. Using hacks, Aimbots, and ESPs enabled him to gather evidence and devices to hold responsible the developers behind these backdoor cheats. Cheat detection may not be immediate which means that not all users receive automatic bans.

    It is unsafe to use third-party apps or hacks because they are illegal and strictly prohibited by NVIDIA’s user agreement as well as Texas’ laws on hacking. Since most hacks are developed by organizations based in countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, or China, the chance of ever facing prosecution is not high according to the United States Department of Justice. But it is a risk that should not be taken with the pubg account you may have worked on for years.

    What are the Risks of Using Third-Party Apps or Hacks?

    The risks of using third-party apps or hacks for PUBG Mobile include the account being permanently banned by Battlegrounds (PUBG) and the account being accidentally discovered for using third-party applications against the rules.

    Publishers of well-known gaming and personal computing software employ anti-cheat software which will automatically block certain accounts if third-party applications are detected. According to the Tech Crunch website, accounts on digital media platforms are not covered under the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). While playing PUBG, the game’s official Support Twitter page for PUBG Mobile indicates that they have never asked for account or money information from players, so any request for such information is definitely phishing or a social engineering attempt.

    In no time, it can turn into hacking or taking control of your account against your will. Therefore keep in mind the possibility of unofficial third-party applications when using them for PUBG.

    Tips for Efficiently Collecting Materials in PUBG

    These are best ways to efficiently gather materials in PUBG:

    1. Decide how many materials to carry: Decide if one full stack is enough or if you need more to deal with others taking the materials you are leaving behind.
    2. Investigate for past scraps: Always look for how many +2 or +6 material drops you see. This way you know where other players have gone and may have left behind scraps for you to take.
    3. Adjust according to the game: Turn on and off auto pick up and other PUBG settings if you are having a hard time collecting materials.
    4. Jump with purpose: If trying to conserve materials when jumping early, jump and land in high materials areas such as Hemmy or Log Jammer.

    Prioritize Missions and Challenges

    By completing Missions, RP Missions, and Challenges, players earn RP points, AG currency, training points, or direct materials. With RP rewards, players can use them to open crates, completing these challenges can grant player their required material. If you are really set on not spending a single UC, however, hold off and do not purchase the clothes and soldiers with AG and RP points, as even the cheapest of them cost at least some UC.

    Participate in Events Regularly

    Events are a means to obtain free UC and materials in PUBG. Battle Events are offered in the form of Single Missions (Milestones and Accommodation) in which you proselytize the PUBG experience and do mission types that are generally regarded as additional missions, as well as meet the target in matches to gain rewards, as well as meet the target in matches and get rewards, and Combat Missions (Missions with Intensity), which are challenging combat missions that need to be completed to earn rewards.

    Use these events as a means to obtain additional materials for when you have just missed or have not yet reached a level such as the Higher Ground War Paint Newsprint Helmet RBAC with 60 materials. Battle Events appear in the PUBG app once they are active and will notify you against the Event as well as the Event status and your progress in the Event when you visit Event mode.

    You can also acquire a large quantity of Battle Points through events, which may be converted into UC (Unknown Cash). Field Operation Events begin on the 9th, 19th, and 29th day of the month, allowing you to earn 1000 points per day for a maximum of 3000 points. Spending These Battle Points on bright skins, you may convert your free battle-write-in to UCs. After you collect about 3000 BP Battle Points, you will be able to immediately turn them into UC cards.

    Utilize the Royale Pass System

    The royale pass system of PUBG Mobile is a multi-level reward system with tasks that players can earn points to progress in. Rewards include both free and paid for items. In the days when there was an RP crate system, players would earn a crate opening RP coupon at 75 RP points per level from level 10 to 100 and some lower amounts from levels 1 to 10.

    Each coupon would grant players chances to obtain gun skins and items, and even UC. RP itself costs UC to level up, but participating in it will gain you gun and equipment skins legitimately, which can be sold to free UC or preserved forever. The reward system has been updated for Royale Pass 12 and above, with no daily missions and a maximum in a season of 119 crew challenge points, which can be applied to the team shop or elite pass.

    The role of UC has been significantly weakened and players who do not spend will not receive special income or bonuses of various rare materials, defeating the original purpose of costing UC.

    Trade with Trusted Players

    You can trade with player accounts whose identities you know and trust. If you think they are likely to have the desired supplies, it is worth asking and seeing if they would be amenable to a trade. To sweeten the deal – or even get them to do it at all – you could offer additional items that they are seeking. Just be sure to get your trade partner to commit to not keeping both items without holding up their end of the deal.

    Know Where to Find Materials in-game

    Materials can be found in Community Centers (Paradise Hall, Safari Park, Training Gym) when you collect Classic and Event mode (minus War & Money) reward supplies. Community centers spawn special collectible items such as Energy Drinks and ice-cream cones regularly to keep players happy. The Bunny Shop at a Center can be entered via the Teleport Development section of the Event mode for free (you don’t need to donate to open the portal) should the player wish to purchase an outfit or a vehicle. Three days of consecutive login play in Classic mode will give you a UC coupon. A three day supply of materials from the S2 community center can be obtained this way.

    Q3 Buildings in the map of new LIVIK offer tons of free collectibles including various materials and equipment for weapons. The F(actory1-4) industrial zone outside Tactical Stronghold, as well as all named zones located outside the core area of Private Wilds, are among the best buildings in LIVIK that provide plenty of free loot for players. 8. Collecting during PUBG events. PUBG frequently conducts numerous events for players and participants. These reward participants who complete tasks with various rare materials and resources. It should be noted that various events will have different requirements and will offer different rewards in turn. But this doesn’t mean you should only spend time on the most high-skill event tasks. As long as the point is to replenish materials, you can easily devote your time to skilling up in Classic and Event mode, as well as playing War and making money.

    Avoid Using Third-Party Apps or Hacks

    Do not download illegal hacks and modifications. They may pose a significant threat to you and your device. Third-party applications or hacks which help you in obtaining what you need are scams, illegal in most areas, have a high potential of being malware in disguise, and are dangerous for you and your device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Get Materials in Pubg Without Uc?

    1. Can I get materials in Pubg without using UC?

    Yes, there are various ways to get materials in Pubg without using UC. Keep reading to find out how.

    2. What are materials used for in Pubg?

    Materials in Pubg are used to craft items, upgrade weapons, and build structures during gameplay.

    3. How can I get materials for crafting in Pubg?

    You can get materials for crafting in Pubg by completing missions, looting buildings, and defeating enemies. You can also find materials in airdrop crates.

    4. Are there any specific locations where I can find materials in Pubg?

    Yes, some of the best places to find materials in Pubg are military bases, warehouses, and other high-traffic areas. Keep an eye out for buildings with red roofs, as they often contain valuable materials.

    5. Are there any alternative ways to get materials in Pubg without UC?

    Yes, you can also earn materials by participating in Pubg events and completing challenges. You can also trade with other players or join a clan to receive materials as rewards.

    6. Is there a limit to how many materials I can have in Pubg?

    Yes, in Pubg, there is a limit to how many materials you can carry at once. The maximum amount varies depending on the type of material, so make sure to use them wisely.

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