Mastering Pubg Mobile: How to Live and Thrive in the Ultimate Battle Royale Game

Looking to master the world of PUBG Mobile?

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from the basics of choosing a game mode and familiarizing yourself with the map, to advanced techniques like using vehicles and communicating with teammates.

Learn how to survive in the game by mastering gameplay tactics such as choosing a landing spot, gathering weapons, and moving strategically.

Get ready to up your game and dominate the battleground with these expert tips and strategies for survival.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a game mode, familiarize with the map, and learn controls to start playing.
  • Master landing spots, gather weapons, move strategically, and engage in combat to excel in gameplay.
  • Utilize vehicles, communicate with teammates, and take advantage of special features for advanced techniques.
  • Understanding the Basics

    Understand the Basics of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile comfortably surpasses 100 million downloads and 50 million daily active users making it the fourth most popular action game in the world behind a bunch of games that should not count, per our definition of action game. These numbers were achieved thanks to the game’s use of many clever elements to drive engagement. Those elements include giving players a number of subtle ways to interact with maps and to hunt each other for points.

    The basic goal of PUBG Mobile is to survive as the last person (or team) standing. It begins with an airdrop of all 100 players over a large map with bleak scenery. Over time, they must find weapons, armor, and other items to help them survive. They will also try to eliminate other players to bring them closer to victory. The game has a safezone placed on the map which shrinks periodically to guide players into smaller play zones. The game combines walking, driving, and all-out sprinting, while keeping alert for the shrinking safezone, as players strive to become the last one surviving. A player is declared the winner when every other player in the match has been eliminated. Up to 100 players (solo, duo, or a squad of four) can be in a single match-based. Matches can last anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes in their entirety.

    The most basic rules to remember in PUBG Mobile are: Carefully pick your landing spot before parachuting out of the plane. Opt to land far from other players to avoid confrontation. Gather weapons, armor, and items, while remembering that weapons are more important. The blue circle is the safe zone you need to reach. The white circle on your map is the next safe zone. The size is an important way to track the danger, as it shrinks gradually in the direction. Always keep moving and maintain a high level of fight readiness. Eliminate your enemies to make the last surviving final moments as easy as possible.

    The most important thing to understand about learning PUBG Mobile is to continue playing. Practice improves fighting ability, decision making, and reaction time. Network with other players, learn their tactics, and discover your playstyle. Play matches with friends to share excitement and maximize fun.

    Choosing a Game Mode

    There are four modes in PUBG Mobile, each of them having strategic options for how to live. Classic Mode and Arcade Mode are the two modes that are always available. Classic Mode consists of three available submodes: Solo/Duo/Squad FPP or Solo/Duo/Squad TPP, ie first-person perspective or third-person perspective. These have a player versus player (PvP) option as well as a player versus environment (PvE) option. Classic Mode allows players to play the full Battle Royale experience over the course of around 30 minutes.

    As described earlier in the Choosing a Landing Zone section, PUBG Classic Mode has both a congratulatory strategy (playing to be the last player standing) and an exploitative strategy (playing for survival as long as possible while pursuing map objectives) available depending on preference.

    Vikendi is the most valuable map for survival as its topography and quickplay benefits allow an easy run to equipment in the quest for survival.

    Classic Mode special weapon drops and play zones in the majority of games in Classic Mode (Flashbangs, airstrikes, Emps, Panzerfausts) allow for strategic environmental tactics that sometimes encourage a survivalist strategy to secure a good position as opposed to player eliminations.

    If seeking such strategic advantages is desired, players should try first-person perspective mode to insure they are the only ones on equal footing re the environment. Oppositely, because Classic Mode has more intense play, Faker says that playing it will give much better shooting and fighting skills. But it will not give skills needed for winning at high levels.

    Mission Ignition Mode is an occasional mode that unlocks after reaching a higher Royale Pass level in which players can access various missions within the game map, earn multiple choices of specialized weapons, and unlock special missions. Learning the available special weapons in Ignition Mode is important. Special weapons in Ignition Mode relate heavily to vechicular strategy and finding cover, which ideally should never be used unless desperate due to possible punative loss.

    Team Deathmatch is the most casual of the four PUBG Mobile modes and a good way to practice fighting and aim tactics for the other modes. There is no survival objective beyond avoiding the presence of the enemy, which can still help players practice fighting tactics. Durgesh Singh shares information on how to use healing items and headshot the enemies. Team Deathmatch is the mode where players can learn the basic controls and Master Actions says. Play Team Deathmatch and Tilt controls to improve your Aim.

    In conclusion, Atreyo Sinha explains, The classic mode is more strategic overall…. The battleground on this mode is almost 9 times bigger than Team Deathmatch which provides a larger canvas to explore different kind of movements around trees and bushes. Along with survival, one has to be alert and aware of their surroundings that make it a very strategic game.

    Familiarizing Yourself with the Map

    On PUBG Mobile you should familiarize yourself with the map prior to playing in order to know where you are going and to be aware of structures. One important aspect of the map that players need to be aware of is that the incoming blue zone varies with each match. Some areas are more consistently within the bounds of the new zone, while other areas are more consistently outside of a new zone. Land in these locations with the suitable amount of gear and with a low amount of danger when the blue zone starts moving.

    Learning the Controls

    Learning the controls in PUBG Mobile is of utmost importance to you simply moving in the game without getting stuck in corners, and it is possible to practice in training mode. For a more detailed guide, make sure to check out our article, How to Change Settings and Controls in PUBG Mobile. They frequently alter them when they update.

    Mastering the Gameplay

    • Drop: Drop with 3-4 other opponents.
    • Scan: Frantically search for weapons, ammo, and level 2 gear.
    • Create a cover: Find cover among trees or rocks quickly. Cover your exit first before attacking. Get cover also when in the open especially during the last two zones.
    • Avoid unnecessary fights: Avoid unnecessary fights in early epochs. Spend more time looting for leveled up weapons and gear.
    • Keep practicing quickly identifying enemies: This has to happen without thinking.
    • Sniper bubble stick: Use sniper bubble stick to accurately judge bullet drop-off and landing. This is only possible by repeatedly playing and practicing.
    • Hotdrops: These are places where enemies frequently drop. Pochinki, Pecado, School are all good for practicing as these areas have buildings similar to the city final zones.
    • Use more throwables: Use throwables even when you think they are not needed. They can come in handy when you least expect it. The flash and stun grenades are the best to confuse the enemies to knock and kill them easily.

    Another key aspect of the game is how much you can see without giving away your spot. Light zones show the whole map, and dark zones indicate enclosed zones. Make sure to frequently change your perspective to change the zone’s darkness, differentiating the environment whether sitting inside a building or hiding outside to anticipate what it may be outside.

    Choosing a Landing Spot

    Deciding where to land in the PUBG mobile game depends on your level of skill, desired playstyle, personal preference, and the dynamics of the map. Hot drop zones provide more intense and quicker engagements, while the edges of the map and smaller areas have more hiding spots for camping and less competition. Novorepnoye and Georgeopol, Yasnaya Polyana of Miramar, Georgopol of Erangel, Military Base of Sahnok, Pochinki and School of Erangel, and Bắc Tây of Livik are some of the popular areas to land and play.

    Gathering Weapons and Supplies

    Gather weapons and supplies after touching the ground. Find a vehicle immediately, to reduce your exposure time while moving long distances, and then look for shelter after gathering guns and ammo, clothing, helmet, and a backpack, along with first aid kits. When looting, PUBG’s mobile app offers descriptions and details about weapons, gear, and items located throughout the world, which is particularly important for new players still learning the various supplies and weapons used in the game. Use this information choosing a primary weapon and a backup weapon, such as a close-range shotgun.

    Moving Strategically

    Moving strategically in pubg mobile games is important for achieving success. Similar to covering your landings, stand up straight and limits your visibility while on the field. Once you are out in the open, find a suitable location to run so that you are a less easy target. If you are yet unable to shoot back at an enemy the best move is to avoid them altogether.

    Use a vehicle to hasten your escape to a safer area. Do not worry about using the horn of cars or motorcycles when you are moving to alert other players to your place. While players do not hear the horn until they are within roughly 100 meters, and mostly rely on hearing the sound of the engine to locate players, they could temporarily confuse opponents in close proximity and, at the very least, build a comfort zone for you while traveling.

    Engaging in Combat

    Combat is a basic aspect of PUBG Mobile which gives the game its unique appeal. Some people play the game exclusively for firefights while others prefer avoiding it to improve their survival and rank. Whichever side you are on, keep in mind the following guidelines for engaging in combat in PUBG mobile.

    1. Engage in combat only when advantageous: You should only engage another player in combat if you have a clear advantage and higher chances of success than failure. The fight should be initiated when your health, cover, or position are superior to your enemy’s. If the fight becomes disadvantageous after it has started, you should break off the engagement and reestablish an advantageous position if possible.
    2. Limit exposure and make your targets present for easy kills when engaging in combat: When shooting at an enemy, try to limit the exposure of your own body to other enemies by hiding or leaning. Conversely, try to minimize exposure of your enemies to other enemies. This method not only reduces incoming damage, but it can also set you up for quick kills when others use your fight to make a move on the team that is left.
    3. Communicate before engaging in combat: When playing in a team, communicate with your teammates before engaging in combat. Decide on a sequence of door opening, who will fire first, when to disengage, etc.

    According Kevin Tucker at Screen Rant, Survival Skills in PUBG entail the benefits of being able to fight back if the need arises. Understanding when and how to use these tips to your advantage utilizing the environments around you will help you effectively engage in combat without risking survival in the process. PUBG Mobile players agree with him on the importance of developing the ability to safely enter and exit combat. Here is a relevant example from a player on how to remain unseen when on the defensive.

    Y.Walo(FR Gamer)I think in the more passive gameplay it’s really important to learn how to fight. I now see players playing with the mindset ‘I’m going to survive with zero damage the whole match’, but this is not possible. Your player is going to get hit so learn how to fight.

    J.ALUWAHAIS PATTOPPARAMBILEY (IND Tester)I’m going to remain in the grass. I’m going to keep crawling in and I’m going to keep my weapons as mounted as possible and try to kill them and not face them. I make sure I have healing items for myself Just in case if I get some hits.

    Advanced Techniques

    PUBG Mobile’s advanced techniques are meant for more experienced players to help live longer in matches. These techniques, such as the Peeker’s Advantage and Slide Jumping/Striking, are aimed at giving players a strategic advantage in combat. The Peeker’s Advantage works by constantly changing your position and peering around corners. Slide Jumping works by moving quickly and unpredictably, making it difficult for enemies to hit you while remaining mobile. For an analysis by Coach Neon of the Peeker’s Advantage and Slide Jumping/Striking at the VLT | Very Light Training level:

    Using Vehicles

    PUBG Mobile vehicles allow players to quickly move from one location to another and to use them for cover. They can also sometimes be used to run down other players or to help with team operations. Apart from local transport systems, which vary depending on the map, PUBG Mobile vehicles include the Garage Vehicle on Erangel – Coupe RB, Paramotor, and Monster Truck. Vehicles take time to stop, so do not drive them heavily if an enemy is clearly following you. The best two vehicles to use in CQC are the two wheeled motorcycle and Tukshai as they are smooth and fast on highways or offroad (Tukshai) for quickly darting in and out, whereas trucks and cars are easier to control at lower speeds and in bigger areas due to their sturdier design.

    Because PUBG Mobile players can also easily hear and track your vehicle’s noise, do not use them to travel unless getting to a different location quickly is a priority. The only situation in which a vehicle might be a useful ally is when a squad is swamped by opponents and needs assistance; the vehicle is only useful for a single attack, as opponents will be roaming for you thereon.

    Communicating with Your Teammates

    You can transmit voice chat during a match by using the microphone icon on the upper right corner of the user interface next to the minimap, exposing you to more near-constant communication with friends than real-life counterparts through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or generic third-party voice chat apps. For player safety, while the feature of being able to communicate with any player in-game was added, this new in-game voice chat may sometimes provide identification information and IP addresses of players that can be exploited by hackers. The voice chat facility can also be turned off prior to starting a match if it is not needed or teammates can’t be trusted.

    When playing PUBG Mobile with strangers, utilize the in-game panel with gestures, texts, and automatic translations to find a smoothly kept team. When you die, you can tell your teammates that you need help. Respond to questions from your group-mates and express gratitude to them. If you loved your team’s game plan, say thank you to your team in chat. Remember to hold down the microphone icon and click the mute icon to see and enable/disable the chat button and look for the interaction key. The chat button will then be revealed. When it pops up, the amplifier button is the loudspeaker in the centre of the screen and therefore increasing the chat volume.

    Utilizing Special Features

    PUBG Mobile has a pan for close combat fights in which it operates against a player or serves defensive functions marking incoming attacks. Pan is essentially Our Lady of the guard in an important yet complex game. A variety of backpacks/helmets have different benefits. Helmets come in different tiers that provide different rates of resistance against head attacks. Armor plates on backpacks can be useful but survive for a shorter period of time to find new one.

    Tips for Survival

    Tips for Survival in PUBG Mobile are strategies and short-term decisions players make in order to stay alive throughout a battle royale round. The best life in PUBG is one where you follow these tips and stay alive as long as possible concentrating on learning information on the map as well as looking out for opponents, useful resources, where the best loot is, and avoiding dangers such as the red zone or being caught out in the blue zone.

    Staying in the Safe Zone

    To live in PUBG Mobile, players must stay within the boundaries of the ever-constricting safe zone as they engage in combat with other players restlessly until only one man or team is left alive. Whenever the safe zone begins to shrink, anyone who is physically outside of it will take immediate high damage to encourage faster movement towards the center. Players caught outside of the safe zone are subject to a brief moment of focus following the declaration of the safe zone.

    Utilize this moment to exploit their disadvantage if they cannot reach the edge in time but do not get tunnel vision. Keeping track of the safe zone’s progress also allows you to plan the next low-risk and high-reward move to jump on the back of an enemy’s movements. Having a good sense of the map and some basic strategy in your mind before each game will offer a great chance of survival. Make your entire early goal to gather ammo, body armor, and essential equipment necessary to challenge and defeat rival squads at the final safe zone. Making it into the safety area won’t be much help if you are not equipped for the final clash.

    Having a good sense of the map and some basic strategy in your mind before each game will offer a great chance of survival. Make your entire early goal to gather ammo, body armor, and essential equipment necessary to challenge and defeat rival squads at the final safe zone. Making it into the safety area won’t be much help if you are not equipped for the final clash.

    Managing Your Inventory

    Your inventory is the tactical equivalent of the backpack you would carry in reality. You cannot carry more than your physical self can take on while in motion, so there are practical limits for all the inventory items depending on what you are toting.

    Your inventory limits are increased by your level or the backpack’s level. The limits are below and increase on level gains. Along with what you can carry, backpacks extend the time it takes to kill you, where you can take more damage before being knocked. Other defensive objects can further increase this amount.

    Your backpack space and weight limit grow as your level grows, so it is worth noting how much space and weight every item in your inventory takes, and divesting items you no longer use to make space for ones you pick up.

    Managing your inventory slots is key. You should have at least 5 inventory slots open to accommodate important items you come across in PUBG Mobile such as healing items and other tier 3 and 4 weapons. To do this, one needs a minimum level 2 backpack (should be upgraded to level 3 if possible) in order to increase inventory slots and space. Here are the items to keep on your backpack to extend the time it takes to kill you.

    Remember, the level 2 and 3 on these slots indicate the minimum level backpack one needs to carry them. The protection setting provides the following protection levels to the torso, lungs, head, and feet when not wearing any clothing.

    Healing and Boosting

    Healing is the act of restoring some lost health points following damage. There are three categories of heal items in PUBG Mobile, ranked first to third from most to least effective. They are med kits, which instantly heal you to 75% of full health when the health value is below 75%; first aid kits, which add 75 health points to your current health percentage when it is below 75%, and bandages, which restore small percentages of health up to 75%. Adrenaline and painkiller syringes act as instant effective healings but are not as common as med and first aid kits for immediate sustain. Healing takes time and is used over a period of time, so do not use bandages while in combat as they are both weak and slow. A fully boosted player will be able to restore their hit points twice as fast as a fully reduced enemy player, so it involves a greater risk of death, as looting med kits for bandages can leave a player vulnerable to attack. Healing does not provide any benefits after 75% health, making it less important the closer it is rammed.

    Using Cover and Stealth

    Using cover and stealth in PUBG Mobile involves using undetected and hidden motion to hide from the enemy and using useful cover such as walls, buildings, and trenches to hide from the enemy’s line of sight. Use buildings, rocks, trees, and other land formations as your hiding place as you traverse the maps in PUBG Mobile. This will also allow you to keep an eye on the enemy’s movements without being detected.


    The 4 potential ways to live in PUBG Mobile are to complete the research at the Secret Base, find out about Mr. Oherron’s lab, research the Zombies to avoid becoming one, or be one of the few survivors. What you choose may affect your playstyle on Miramar. You can live on Sanhok and not interact with watercraft. And while you can avoid this, eventually those living will need to move toward one of these things.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to Live in Pubg Mobile?

    To live in Pubg Mobile, you need to focus on staying alive and avoiding getting eliminated by your opponents. This involves strategic gameplay, quick reflexes, and utilizing available resources to your advantage.

    2. What are some essential tips for survival in Pubg Mobile?

    Some essential tips for survival in Pubg Mobile include always keeping an eye on your surroundings, using cover and movement to your advantage, and constantly repositioning yourself to avoid getting spotted by enemies.

    3. How important is communication in staying alive in Pubg Mobile?

    Communication is crucial in Pubg Mobile as it allows players to coordinate and strategize with their teammates. Good communication can help you avoid dangerous situations and increase your chances of survival.

    4. Are there any specific weapons or equipment that can improve your chances of survival in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, there are certain weapons and equipment that can increase your chances of survival in Pubg Mobile. These include powerful weapons, armor, and healing items that can give you an advantage in combat situations.

    5. How can playing in a team help you stay alive in Pubg Mobile?

    Playing in a team can significantly improve your chances of surviving in Pubg Mobile. With teammates watching your back and providing support, you can cover more ground and take on opponents together.

    6. What are some common mistakes that can lead to getting eliminated in Pubg Mobile?

    Some common mistakes that can lead to getting eliminated in Pubg Mobile include being too reckless and not paying attention to your surroundings, not managing your resources effectively, and not communicating effectively with your team.

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