Mastering the Bhop in Valorant: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to take your Valorant gameplay to the next level? Mastering the art of Bhop, or bunny hopping, can give you a competitive edge in the popular first-person shooter.

In this article, we will explore what Bhop is, why it’s important, and how you can incorporate it into your gameplay. From mastering movement mechanics to using key bindings, we’ll cover the ins and outs of successful Bhop in Valorant.

Discover the benefits, risks, and essential tips to improve your skills and outmaneuver your opponents on the battlefield.

What Is Bhop in Valorant?

What is bhop short for in Valorant? Bhop is the short form of a game technique called Bunny Hopping, a technique that allows Acceleration and Deacceleration as controlled by the player himself. Zet, a member of Sinners formerly known as RB, is credited for making the technique well-known in CS: GO, and ytcracker, a member of the Evil Geniuses, is credited with expanding knowledge of the technique used in various other games. Bhop allows a player to increase their running momentum alongside the ability to control their in-motion direction rapidly and continuously.

Why is Bhop Important in Valorant?

Bunnyhopping can be downright useful in Valorant for a number of reasons. The strategic necessity of bunnyhopping often boils down to its ability to make one less easy to hit. You can use bhopping in Valorant to keep your movement unpredictable so enemies have a harder time aiming at you. Effective bunnyhopping can allow you to maintain a higher speed while changing angles. Quickly moving at an angle while maintaining accuracy can be a real asset in certain Valorant Cypher playstyles.

How to Bhop in Valorant?

Bhop in Valorant is the act of using strafe-jumping techniques to stutter-step quickly around a map. Attempting bhops will momentarily increase your player speed by an average of 10 m/s (33 fps), and experienced bhoppers can increase their forward momentum even further when using AWP and Operator sniping rifles by maintaining their hop speed.

To bhop in Valorant, do the following:

  1. Begin by holding down the move key in the direction you wish to go, then release it.
  2. Maintain (hold-down) the sprint key. While in a grounded state, inactivate the crouch key.
  3. While pressing forward and left-direction key (or right-direction key, as per your choice), click the strafe-jump key (jump along with strafing).

Mastering Movement Mechanics

You must first master the movement mechanics in the game, particularly the Agent you want to Bhop with. With the different movement speeds and armor functionalities in Valorant, having Agent-specific knowledge will be key. Don’t just go Bhoping around the whole game but rather find certain spots with open sightlines and engage in these areas. Sometimes the Bhop Mechanic won’t support you much in gun fights but there are specific situations and locations where you can make the most out of it.

Using Mouse Wheel to Bhop

The second basic technique is using the mouse wheel to bhop. This can be done by binding both backwards and jump controls to your mouse wheel so during the ‘scroll up’ or ‘scroll down’ the jump command is sent to the main client to be carried on. During each ‘scroll up’ or ‘scroll down’ command, you will have in-fact jumped which is shown by the stamina loss bar for split seconds every jump mid-air. You continue sliding to repeat the jump extra process11.

Once you have mastered mouse wheel bhopping by binding both backward and jumping commands, switch to only scrolling downwards after timing when the next jump should be in accordance with the current stamina jump more effectively. The Bhop script has all the binds attacked, because it does the business of calculating the precise moment to hop.

The mouse wheel technique is easier to master than the jump+crouch bhopping but is less effective for gaining speed. Pros recommend switching to the jump+crouch bhopping technique once you have gotten comfortable with the mouse wheel technique to become a more effective bhopper who can gain speeds of 200+.

Using Key Bindings to Bhop

Using key bindings provides a more direct approach to bhop in Valorant. Many people think that using the mouse scroll wheel is the best method for bhopping. In practice, this takes control out of the player’s hands as the precision for scroll wheel hopping needs to be very high. Depending on how badly the game is reacting to player inputs, this may make the scroll wheel an unreliable method of b-hopping.

The following are direct ways to bind each key to bhopping in Valorant. Be sure to go to the Settings menu in Valorant before trying any of these key binding methods and note that the default sprint key in Valorant is set as ‘Shit’.

What Are the Benefits of Bhop in Valorant?

The benefits of Bhop (bunny hopping) in Valorant are that it allows you to switch directions quicker than normal running and that your speed does not decrease as a direct result of jumping. Your speed will actually increase if you perform perfect bhops. This allows players to quickly change their direction without decelerating by sliding and can help them avoid getting caught in gunfights on attack rounds and intercepting their enemies on defense rounds.

Faster Movement Around the Map

B-hopping in Valorant can give you faster movement around the map, allowing your team to reach key areas and angles before your opponents. For example, if you are playing as Raze and want to peak the opponents at mid before they can make it into B Garage on Split, b-hopping from the defensive spawn towards Pipe is a good way of reaching your destination quickly while still being hard to hit.

Easier to Dodge Enemy Fire

Burton Gaming states that BHopping can be better than walking when it comes to dodging enemy fire. During enemy gunfights, normally people tend to sit still to focus more effectively on the shot. To bhop and shoot successfully one should focus on frequently changing positions and targets.

The implications of this are that BHopping (hopping frequently as opposed to running or walking) can make them a hard target to hit. Jumping while running can decrease the effective range as well. While you are still learning how to bhop, this can give you time to not panic, time to focus, and gauss how the enemy player approaches.

As opposed to walking (especially with an automatic rifle equipped), hopping gives you the freedom to move about and around more freely and are much harder to catch.

Better Positioning for Surprise Attacks

By incorporating Bunny Hopping in Valorant, players can explore and engage in surprise attacks from new advantageous angles. Bhopping can be used to navigate highly dangerous environments where stopping to assess a corner without proper aim at an enemy is the most strategic move. Utilizing the Q or E movement players can use bhopping to peek into new spaces, fire off accurate shots, and duck back before opponents can see them without needing deceleration.

According to Skye Bhopping is best used to change your position from the area the enemy expects. This means that by Bhopping, you can attain a strategic advantage as you quickly sweep under the enemy’s radar from a popular location and pop up in an unexpected position before they spot or have a chance to aim at you.

Therefore, surprise attacks are more efficient when you are engaged in b-hoping. Get creative and take multiple and less ordinary routes to get close to the enemy that provides a better shot opportunity when the bhopping motions are synchronized.

What Are the Risks of Bhop in Valorant?

The risks of bhop in Valorant are losing movement speed and accuracy. Because of unintended sharp turns, failed bhops, or strafing backward, players risk clipping off the designated trajectory and losing the extra speed associated with bhopping.

Getting bhop wrong in a fight may make it harder to strafe well. Players using AWP rifles, in particular, experience a reduced chance of taking a clean headshot sweep while bhoping because of their reduced movement accuracy during the process. Pros who try to bhop in Valorant need to consider if giving up accuracy or comfort is the smartest decision when engaged in the match. The hop and strafe accuracy mechanics in Valorant are too stark to be overlooked.

Difficult to Master

Bhopping refers to performing a moving double jump in Valorant. In this phase, there are three important aspects to understand. The first is that bhopping is a difficult skill to develop but not an impossible one. You or your team may never need it to enter or advance in the game, but if you do want to learn it, it requires a tremendous amount of patience and practice. Have an open mind and try not to get frustrated and quit gaming altogether if you do not get it in the first few days.

The second aspect to understand is that hitboxes in Valorant do allow players to be more successful when bhopping when compared with other games, meaning that it offers an advantage and unique skill should be learned and mastered. The last important aspect to understand about bhopping is that you must practice and tinker with your sensitivity settings to set it near 0.380 at 800 DPI. As an estimate, if you play at 0.3 sens in Valorant, you might need to increase it to 1.8 for bhopping. Remember that if Custom Lobbies ban bhopping, any customization you might make or practice in improving bhopping skill will not be of much significance.

Can Be Predictable for Enemy Players

B hopping can be predictable for enemy players compares to normal movement player mechanics. If a player hops on site Mrs. X, the enemy is likely to prefire at site Mrs. X for a 50 millisecond time window as they anticipate the player passing through it. Enemy players are learning the patterns and are pre-aiming areas where they expect the B hopping player to be. Going into private or game practice to where players can familiarize themselves with timing can help write scenarios to smoke, flash, or reposition themselves to other spots to increase survivability.

A player can completely kill their chances if the pattern of B hops is not varied. Though hopping is a regular part of movement, the angle, spacing, and length of jump vary enough to be unpredictable and make players tracking someone doing so miss. You can practice jumping onto an object at the end of the jump before tapping the back key to come to a pause for directions such as left, right, or to take cover in a quick moment.

By the same token, bhop players can anticipate the habit of identifying jumps as telegraphing. Develop a mix by only undergoing the challenge of incorporating in bhop practice int others. Mixing the learn with jumps, jumps blindfolded, circle jumps, stand still jumps, source engine equally long jump techniques allows for this advantageous behavior and still encourage bhopping in games.

May Lead to Accidental Falls or Death

B-hopping while moving fast or trying to cross gaps, ladders, or other entry points which may block your character’s movement ahead of your expected path is typically not recommended as you might fall off the side and die. In a dynamic multiplayer game such as Valorant where a lot is happening at once, accidentally falling off is a real danger and may happen without realizing the danger quickly enough to save yourself.

The following captures some scenarios where you should avoid b-hopping as it may lead to accidental falls or death as they could both disrupt your aim and put you off the course.

  • Entering or exiting buildings through sliding doors, arches, or any other point with obstacles. You may end up just crashing into the obstacle which may put you off-course.
  • Walking on swinging rope bridges that may alter in position.
  • Jumping across high walls or other solid bumps that hide the path ahead, going too far off the tried-and-tested path may lead to accidental falls and death.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Bhop in Valorant

Save some specific tips, techniques, and tricks for learning and performing bunny hopping in Valorant include:

  1. Landing Style: Use Parallel Landing technique as it is easier and speeds up bhop time.
  2. Angle Change: Try to maintain your movement perpendicular to the ramp. If you keep southwest on the keyboard while bhopping parallel to the ramp, it will force your character to change air-straffing.
  3. Straffing Controls: Bind left-right strafe to the A and D keys instead of a mouse. This will keep your strafes consistent.
  4. Surf Servers: Use surf servers in games like CS: GO to drill the air-strafing pattern of bunny hopping into your muscle memory.
  5. Echo Buy Phase: Go for practice in between rounds in the buy-phase so an unsuccessful bhop won’t cost you resources. (Sova – Recon Bolt and Astra – Nebula Star abilities are good placeholders).
  6. Warm Up Daily: Essentially, when starting for the day, get into a practice with bunny hop mode enabled, which cannot hurt and is an easy way to keep the bhop skills fresh.
  7. Custom Mouse Binds: Experiment with different mouse binds used for air-strafing and use what feels best for you. There is no right or wrong, personal comfort is key.

Practice Movement Mechanics in Custom Games

Custom games in Valorant are an excellent place to practice movement because the number one thing is the speed of the bhop. You can equip any gun you want, knowing that you have to get comfortable at specific speeds. Regular jumping at certain places as fast as possible, as well as curb-boosting to transfer speed, are essential to staying out of danger.

Once those basic skills are developed, you can add targets to custom games to simulate combat situations. Custom games cannot be used to face players with significantly better movement, so use them more to acquaint yourself with specific movement speeds when using guns in Valorant rather than combat effectiveness in actual matches.

Experiment with Different Key Bindings

To find the key bindings that fit you personally for jumping, experiment with varying key bindings on other in-game systems and find the one ideal for your personal style.

There are two key switch types to consider:

  • Flat keys (otherwise known as scissor keys) which are present on laptops and offer an even travel distance which can be useful because you do not have to press them fully down for them to be pressed fully down. In this way, they can be used to achieve more rapid AWP flicks, especially if the thumb jump is being utilized. Their smaller size also makes BHopping and AWP flicking easier, but some users may dislike this style of key because of the limited travel distance.
  • Mechanical keys come in a wide variety of types but are excellent for rapid commands for established PC gamers especially those involved in activities such as Valorant. Corsair’s Brown Switch RGB system offers the perfect balance between rapidly typing lengthy texts and giving you the perfect edge in the game on Paracord Novas.

Watch Professional Players for Inspiration

You can watch professional players in Valorant like no_one, shroud, Hiko, and dafran who are well-known CS:GO players, and twitch streamers like TenZ, Patrick “es3tag” Hansen, and ScreaM. These players have reached the top of the competitive gaming ladder and will provide you with valuable insights into how to play better.

Watching professional players and then practicing what you have observed will help you internalize their bhopping techniques. Because they are professional, you might get intimidated watching them, but it is important to remember that they all started as casual gamers too. Learning from their style of playing is no different from watching the moves of Muhammad Ali for boxing.

When you are watching them, avoid looking at the gun or the crosshair center and instead look at their pattern of movement. Match their gun patterns, the movements that they make, the time of attack, and the decisions that they make. Go slow and then gradually speed up until you can match their pace. You do not have to play at a professional level, just play how you like and enjoy your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bhop in Valorant?

Bhop, also known as bunny hopping, is a technique used in Valorant to increase movement speed and mobility. It involves a series of jumps and strafing to maintain momentum and move faster than running speed.

2. How do I perform Bhop in Valorant?

To perform Bhop in Valorant, you need to press the jump button and then quickly move your mouse to the left or right to strafe while in the air. Repeat this process to maintain momentum and continue hopping.

3. Is Bhop allowed in Valorant?

Yes, Bhop is allowed in Valorant as it is considered a legitimate movement technique. However, players should be aware of the limitations and risks of using Bhop, such as reduced accuracy while jumping.

4. Can I bind a key for Bhop in Valorant?

Yes, you can bind a key for Bhop in Valorant by going into the game’s settings and assigning a key to the “Jump” action. This will make it easier to perform Bhop consistently.

5. Is Bhop useful in Valorant?

Bhop can be useful in Valorant, especially in situations where you need to quickly move around the map or dodge enemy fire. However, it requires practice and can be risky if not done correctly.

6. Are there any tips for mastering Bhop in Valorant?

Some tips for mastering Bhop in Valorant include practicing in custom games, adjusting your mouse sensitivity, and learning the maps to find the most efficient Bhop routes. It also helps to watch tutorials and study the movements of professional players.

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