Mastering Minecraft: How to Name Items Without Using Italics

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to build, explore, and create in a virtual world.

An important aspect of the game is naming things, which can add a personal touch to your creations.

In this article, we will explore the basic elements of Minecraft, the importance of naming things, different ways to name objects, and how to do so without using italics.

We will also discuss the limitations, common mistakes to avoid, and provide tips for getting creative with naming in Minecraft.

Let’s dive in and discover the world of naming things in Minecraft!

Key Takeaways:

  • Naming things in Minecraft without italics can add a unique touch to the game and make it more personal.
  • There are multiple ways to name things in Minecraft without using italics, such as using special characters or renaming items in an anvil.
  • It is important to avoid common mistakes and be creative when naming things in Minecraft in order to fully utilize this feature and enhance the gaming experience.
  • What is Minecraft?

    Minecraft is a world-building PC sandbox game and mobile app where users build and navigate their own virtual world. Similar to LEGO, users have blocks they can use to build their own landscapes, structures, or devices. Minecraft is unique in allowing users to heavily customize their world, from creating replicas of real-world buildings to creating entirely new biomes. Minecraft is available on Linux, macOS, Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Android, and Apple devices, and is played by over 140 million users monthly.

    What Are the Basic Elements of Minecraft?

    The basic elements of Minecraft are biomes, ores, blocks, mobs (creatures). Blocks are the most important part of Minecraft’s game world and provide materials for construction and crafting. As of the first part of 2022 Minecraft has 478 different block and item states. Other defining elements of Minecraft gameplay are health, hunger, and experience bars. They all appear at the bottom of the screen and provide the player with the key information about their character’s current status. In Creative mode, the health and hunger bars do not go down or deplete with time.

    What is the Importance of Naming Things in Minecraft?

    The importance of naming things in Minecraft ranges from small benefits to usability and fun up to aiding in complex game mechanics such as arbitrary item sorting systems and sharing named items between multiple players. The three most important reasons for naming things in Minecraft are the following:

    1. Unique items: Named items remain as a unique unstackable instance with their specific properties forever. This can be useful behavior for special swords or tools, legal troll signs, scarce items, or item sorting systems.
    2. Inventory organization: Named items (especially named chests) help with organization. This is especially useful for collections of shulker boxes.
    3. Fun: Many players have little fun with the ability to name animals, pets, and items without worrying about any other special requirements.

    What Are the Benefits of Naming Things in Minecraft?

    The benefits of naming things in Minecraft include anti-theft protection and being able to categorize and sort your items. Anti-theft protection works since players who die or get trapped can immediately find their way back to their lost items, and other players who come across them may be less likely to keep them for their own use if the items are named. Categorizing and Sorting Items is simpler with an efficient naming system since it will make it much easier to pick out and sort the correct items from your large storage system. This allows for quickly discerning which items are which based on the name if stored in a wide selection of locations.

    What Are the Different Ways to Name Things in Minecraft?

    There are three ways to name things in Minecraft:

    1. Name tags (use italics or don’t label at all)
    2. Maps
    3. Bottles of enchanting (formerly called XP bottles) used in creative mode maps and for custom adventures

    There are major differences in designation between these methods, especially in use. When something is named with a name tag or bottle of enchanting, the name is displayed in italics in the game (but not in the player’s inventory, storage, or menu loadout). When items in the world are named without an upgrade, the name is not in italics. These different labeling properties are some of the key differences.

    Maps can also be named. This is done by selecting a map in the inventory and pressing the use item button (right-click) at location 3. This will gray out the number of the map as well as print the name (written earlier) on the map in italics. Naming maps has no impact on gameplay but it can provide a useful visual cue if you have multiple maps of the same general area.

    How to Name Something in Minecraft Without Italics?

    To name something in Minecraft without italics, you use $[NAME]$ for bold and #[NAME]# for normal text. This is an easy way to stand out or immediately differentiate your item names. It does not impact the actual game in any way, but allows you to better organize your collection by applying different styles. See How to title items in Minecraft steps 1-3 for the complete guide on naming items in Minecraft without using italics.

    What Are the Steps to Name Something in Minecraft Without Italics?

    The steps to name something in Minecraft without italics are to have a Command Block or use a Name Tag as discussed below. Both a Command Block and Name Tags are used to add names to items including blocks and entities. By setting these items to the item frame for Name Tags or having them start a chain of command blocks, you can name something in Minecraft without italics.

    Minecraft naming without italics using a Command Block is used to add names to blocks and entities other than players. This may be more complicated for beginners but allows for automated naming processes. The /data and /give commands can be used in conjunction with a Command Block to create name items with additional properties.

    What Are the Alternative Ways to Name Something in Minecraft?

    There is no alternative way to name something other than using -Z- on a Minecraft nametag. Official guidelines also suggest that the -Dragons- font be used for italics but many will understandably find using italics easier. You can also rename an item in an anvil and it will keep its name if you type it in regular text, but this does not help if you want both italics and custom names.

    What Are the Limitations of Naming Things in Minecraft Without Italics?

    The limitations of naming things in Minecraft without italics include a lack of ability to differentiate the named item from unnamed items. This can be a problem for tracking specific items you use for crafting, smelting, brewing, or redstone projects especially in Survival Mode when you have location-dependent resources you like to access quickly. This is especially important in multiplayer worlds with complex projects.

    Are There Any Restrictions on What Can Be Named in Minecraft?

    In Minecraft, apart from “No italics in references there are no restrictions on what you can name. The types of items you can name in Minecraft are any of the items you pick up during the game: weapons, axes, books, maps, keys, special projectiles, potions, and beyond these, name tags for animals and mobs.

    Name tags in Minecraft are the only place you can use italics across all versions of the game. For specific help on formatted naming, select the corresponding section on this page or select a different document for specifications in other parts of Minecraft 2022.

    What Are Some Common Mistakes When Naming Things in Minecraft?

    Some common mistakes when naming things in Minecraft are naming too many items at one time. To avoid running out of experience points to name all intended items, consider naming periodically throughout your gameplay rather than waiting to name a lot of items at once. Another common mistake is not leaving enough connects or words defining items. This makes it difficult to know what the item is by the text name.

    For those who use italics, another common mistake is forgetting to include items back into the default font after the cursor has been moved. To ensure the majority of items have a name header above them, set up a second basic enchantment using one experience point, then return to the font section, and examples can be found on the internet. Finally, players do not need to name something immediately after creating it. Wait until you are ready, as renaming a named item does cost experience points.

    How to Avoid Using Italics When Naming Things in Minecraft?

    You cannot avoid using italics when naming things in Minecraft’s name tag, book, and player /say and /tell commands. There are only two ways to name items or entities in Minecraft, which compete with italics. One way is to rename them using an anvil. Renamed items do not use italics. This only works for item names, not entity names.

    The second way is to allocate a decision for naming things without italics to players and dynamics made by players in the game. For example, a player cannot modify the in-game properties of any block, mob, or entity made by Minecraft developers. But a player can catch and name a wolf or cat, allowing for non-italic naming of its pet. Players can wear banners with everyone’s agreement with non-italic names, or require the storage of precious items in various chests instead of using nametags for item entity classification.

    What Are Some Tips for Naming Things in Minecraft Without Italics?

    Some tips for naming things in Minecraft without italics are:

    1. Hyphenated Names – To keep editing time low.
    2. Don’t Use Capitals – Use this style frequently to get easier reader acceptance.
    3. Short Names – They produce briefer time spent editing, but may in their brevity rely too heavily on italics for emphasis. Medium length names may be best for this new naming approach.

    How Can Players Get Creative with Naming Things in Minecraft?

    Players can get creative with naming things in Minecraft by naming items, mobs, or entities with a descriptive word and then affixing a number to it. Name such as Master 25 can be used for any item or entity name, such as a War Crate for Medieval times or an Energy Cell for Modern times.


    You can name anything in Minecraft without including italics by holding CTRL and pressing B. This permanently toggles off italics on the vital Minecraft display. Most items are displayed in italics by default when named, and if you want a specific name with regular Roman type, it is necessary to use the F3 screen to see this change in real time.

    If you don’t see the text has changed their appearance in its F3 screen, your naming did not properly remove italics. Writing different values in the name and lore elements of commands is the only documented method to change item names from italics to a more traditional Roman style. Making up to 50 items named in this way is used for properly labeling game chests, and for fun naming mob traps, easter eggs, and other structures.

    Why is Naming Things in Minecraft Important for Players?

    Naming things in Minecraft is important for players for the following reasons:

    1. Preventing loss of rare items. Players often temporarily die in Minecraft, either due to mistakes, the high difficulty, or swapping inventories to store blocks. Naming the items makes it much easier to recover the items after returning to their death point. This has added benefit in multiplayer, as dying players are often competing against others to get their items.
    2. Organization. Players construct a huge variety of storage systems for blocks of different types. Naming them allows for much quicker and more intuitive access.
    3. Combat advantage. The small distraction of being notified of the name of an item a player is using can make a difference in PvP combat.

    Mojang offers two broad solutions for naming items: clients may use an anvil to inscribe items with a Name Tag or NBT tags give these items custom names. The simplest and most frequently used solution is the anvil, but in some circumstances anvil naming may be inadvisable or impossible. Name tags are the only solution for naming items which are not capable of being anvil-named, such as fish and villagers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I name something in Minecraft without using italics?

    To name something in Minecraft without using italics, you will need to use the ‘_’ symbol before and after your desired name. For example, if you want to name an item “Sword”, you would type ‘_Sword_’.

    2. Can I use numbers in the name without italics?

    Yes, you can use numbers in the name without italics. Simply add ‘_9’ after your desired name, such as ‘_Diamond Sword_9’.

    3. What if I want to use special characters in the name?

    You can use special characters in the name by adding ‘_’ before and after the character. For example, if you want to name an item “Heart”, you would type ‘_<3_'.

    4. How do I name something with a color without using italics?

    To name something with a color without using italics, you can use the ‘&’ symbol followed by a color code before your desired name. For example, to name an item “Red Sword”, you would type ‘&c_Red Sword’.

    5. Is there a limit to the number of characters I can use in the name?

    Yes, the maximum number of characters you can use in the name is 30. Any characters beyond that will be automatically cut off.

    6. Can I use spaces in the name?

    Yes, you can use spaces in the name. Simply type a space between each word, such as ‘_Diamond Sword_’.

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