Mastering Recoil Control: Tips for Reducing Recoil in Pubg

Struggling with recoil in Pubg and want to improve your gameplay?

We explore what recoil is, why recoil control matters, and most importantly, how to reduce recoil in Pubg.

From adjusting sensitivity settings to using attachments and practicing burst firing, we cover all the tips and tricks to help you become a pro at controlling recoil.

We also discuss common mistakes to avoid when trying to reduce recoil. Level up your Pubg skills now!

What is Recoil in Pubg?

Recoil in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg) is the back force generated by the gunpowder used in ammunition to push a bullet out of a firearm. Some of this force is absorbed by the gun’s mechanism such as slide travel movement. The rest of this force is transferred to the shooter, moving the gun backward and upward.

Recoil in Pubg primarily affects the gun’s stability but does not affect the power or damage of bullets. Controlling a gun’s recoil can help a player hit their target when continuously firing in semi-auto or full-auto shooting modes.

Why is Recoil Control Important in Pubg?

Recoil control is important in Pubg as it enables you to continuously hit a target with a high degree of accuracy both in hip fire and when using a scope. The greater the recoil control, the better and more consistent the accuracy.

In player-versus-player combat as per my own experience playing Pubg, the more consistent accuracy you have, the higher the likelihood of defeating your opponent. While much of success in Pubg comes from picking the right weapons and equipment, the influence of recoil control is difficult to understate. Many Tier 1 weapons such as the M416 or AKM must have their recoil managed, otherwise, aiming will become erratic once auto firing.

Controlled, compensated recoil creates weapon stability, allowing bullets to hit close to each other at a fixed location that the shooter can manage easily. If you can manage recoil effectively then even with single-fired bullets your maximum damage potential spikes as all the fired bullets’ land on the target’s body.

A study by has shown that recoil control has an impact outside of the video game world, as well. They found that the better a gun feels to shoot, and the easier it is to control its recoil, the less painful it feels and the more enjoyment that is derived from it. The implications of better recoil management in Pubg are similar, with better control of weapons making the game more enjoyable and potentially providing a slight edge over those who have not mastered recoil control.

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

  • Practice
  • Foregrips
  • Muzzle attachments
  • Heavy barrel attachments and bullet loop
  • Crouch
  • Lie down

How to reduce recoil in PUBG is not a specific question but rather a long-term strategy. The only way to actually reduce weapon recoil is with the appropriate attachments. But weapons require hours of training to shoot more accurately in PUBG. If you want to know how to control gun recoil in PUBG in the short term, the answer is practice. If you can add attachments, do the following to reduce weapon recoil:

  1. Foregrips reduce vertical and horizontal weapon recoil.
  2. Muzzle attachments reduce vertical and horizontal weapon recoil.
  3. A heavy barrel suppressor reduces vertical and horizontal weapon recoil.
  4. Small devices reduce weapon recoil.
  5. A larger stock will reduce weapon recoil.
  6. A suppressor will make it easier to control when firing.

You can additionally use the following methods mentioned in the long term to remove weapon recoil:

  1. Crouch. Gentler crouching reduces it at a 39 to 50 percent conversion rate.
  2. Proning. Numerous studies suggest lying or proning while shooting, generally causes the weapon to have less recoil, making it easier to handle.

Adjust Sensitivity Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity (in Windows),
  • Field of View (FOV) Settings,
  • Aiming Deadzone,
  • ADS Sensitivity Settings.

Field of view (FOV) is a measure of how much of the game world is visible on the screen at any given time and thus affects how close or far an enemy will appear on the screen. It is found in the graphics section of PUBG settings. Decreasing the FOV to between 85 degrees and 60 degrees is advised for optimal recoil control as the of ITJ Faculty points out High FOV decreases how much horizontal movement you need to do with shots.

Aim-down-scope (ADS) affects the sensitivity of a player when aiming through the scope of a gun. Lowering in-games sensitivity when aiming down a scope makes micro-adjustments in aim much easier and helps to control recoil. On PUBG sensitivity settings, there are three values – FOV, Camera Sensitivity, ADS Sensitivity. For controlling recoil, players have to experiment to find the settings that suit their playing style the best. Lower the FOV and Camera Sensitivity and Higher the ADS sensitivity is a common piece of advice. For ADS, according to the FAQs by Gaming Intent Choose a sensitivity that allows you to graffiti continuously throughout the game.

Adjusting the game’s sensitivity settings can help players various settings under the sensitivity settings option such as Mouse sensitivity, Enable Peek and Fire, and Vehicle control sensitivity. The G FUEL video from 2020 explains that the controls for the mobile and computer version of PUBG are quite different. The player adds that one key for managing mouse sensitivity is getting a comfortable gaming mouse. A broad range of options in mouse functionality and design from less than USD 10 to over USD 200 can change the way games react to mouse movements and enable better control by compensating for mouse shake or other challenges. For a mobile version, consume the recoil slowly so you can control it. Sway left or right slowly with continuous spray for the best results.

When selecting a product, try to get an adjustable DPI system (adjust sensitivity levels in real-time from about 50 DPI to 12,000 DPI or even greater) or featured with click-on buttons to modify the sensitivity. Ignoring the game’s sensitivity settings could lead to issues with control and discomfort. Figure out what settings work best for your playing style and abilities by making adjustments and then practicing with the new settings.

Use Attachments

Guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) have attachments including compensators, flash hiders, suppressors, and grips (angled, thumb, vertical). These improve recoil control by reducing muzzle rise and/or the first-shot dispersion.

Compensator: Reduces vertical recoil and lateral spread when firing.

Flash hider: Combines benefits of both compensator and suppressor to reduce visible muzzle flash and improves weapon control when firing.

Suppressor: Reduces in-game sound and muzzle flash. While it does not necessarily improve control, sound suppression can keep opponents from locating their shooter. Which attachment to use can depend on the situation.

Muzzle Suppressors are a good choice in tight unarmored situations where an ambush is not likely, leaving the shooter safer longer. Whereas players with higher-level armors may not need to suppress their weapons, especially in out in the open longer range fights.

Mediate shots between distant and close targets – switching between single-shot and full-round burst can help in recoil management.

As an example, if the player sprays the target with a SCAR-L/DPS twice (which is relatively stable), they will see a jumping recoil effect. However, if the player fires in single-shot mode with M416/M16A4 (can handle single shots better than spraying), they will get a lower recoil rate. Sergeant Smash using a SCAR-L as her primary weapon to be relatively accurate during full (auto spray) at close to medium ranges, to the face off with M16 for controlled improved accuracy at long ranges. She carries bullets of 5.56mm which in return give her maneuverability in the middle of battle. She jumps and hops between single tap, double tap, burst fire, and at last full-auto spray.

Recflick is another excellent weapon-heavy PUBG Mobile player who often utilizes burst firing in combat situations, especially at long distances where tapping may be ineffective. His ability to adjust the number of bursts fired according to the target’s distance stands out, as he immediately adjusts from double to single or even triple bursts according to the distance of the target.

Practice Burst Firing

A useful tip for reducing recoil in PUBG is to practice burst firing, which is firing your weapon in shorter and controlled bursts. Long bursts or full auto first tapping with most weapons is a waste of ammunition, cannot control the area the shots are landing during the burst, and is poor for medium or long-range combat.

Burst fire is when you control the bursts manually, restricting each burst of a weapon to 3-5 shots, thereby reducing overall recoil in PUBG. This takes a fair amount of practice and experience to master the timing and control per each burst firing sequence, but once you become proficient at burst firing, all weapons will have drastically reduced recoil, giving you more control during long-range assault or defense attacks.

Learn Weapon Patterns

Gun recoils in PUBG follow set patterns unique to the weapon. There are three fire modes of PUBG guns – automatic, burst, and single – that affect the recoil patterns. Practicing with different modes will help you learn and counter the gun’s natural recoil pattern. In general, the fewer bullets coming out of the gun the less overall recoil, while automatic generally experiences an upward recoil, burst can be more to the side (though do not always follow the rule).

Pressing Right Mouse Button (RMB) on a computer while aiming down sights with a weapon equipped with the desired scope toggles between these fire settings. Otherwise, the fire selection is as shown below the aiming reticle in the bottom right. Attach a Vertical Foregrip to your weapon. Much like compensators, variety improves compatibility (this is PUBG, after all). Foregrips provide up to a -20% reduction in vertical recoil. The Light Grip is a good choice on all PDW and most SMG weapons, a fair choice on half the ARs, and a poor choice on bolt-action sniper rifles.

The Half Grip is very versatile, working equally well on assault rifles, SMGs, and some non-bolt sniper rifles (that have no vertical movement to counter in their recoil pattern). To understand how a grip influences spray, the WackyJacky101 YouTube channel provides useful insights and tips.

Use the Crouch and Prone Feature

Moving from standing to crouching to prone will help reduce the recoil in PUBG as you decrease your body’s size which in turn reduces your character’s center of mass. Moving from standing to prone can give you an impromptu bipod to decrease the recoil of the weapon. Most pros do this, and after the long-standing debate between crouch spamming and AD/AD strafing, most still agree moving into the prone position is an underappreciated counter-recoil feature.

Aim for the Chest or Head

Recoil in PUBG can be reduced by aiming for the chest or head when enemies have been spotted. If you can manage your weapon with a friend pick a weapon type that they can use to reduce recoil.

Since aiming for the head if you can manage recoil leads to quick kills without getting hit yourself. PUBG has over 40 weapons, varying algorithms, and a plethora of attachments. There are ways to combine bullet load, range, and weapons to reduce recoil. Commenting on weapons in real life My Venezia (MV). An arms and munitions technology company based in Austria trusts assault rifles to M16 and M4. Keeping that in mind, for example, if you are managing your weapon perfectly there may be weapons in the game where you can burst quickly and get a chest or head shot without adding attachments.

Keep in mind that the person who selected the weapons has a background in computer engineering not in designing assault weapons and that the PUBG weapon heuristics change all the time with updates.

Use Single Fire Mode

Single fire is another good way to reduce recoil in PUBG. The single fire mode allows players to make every shot as accurate and as controlled as possible. Single firing is preferred on highly effective AR and DMR guns because it will reduce the time it takes to recover ammunition and to zero in the site on the enemy.

In a 2020 season 7 PUBG patch, they added the QBZ series to Sanhok. It comes with three firing modes (Single, Burst, and Auto) with M762 on Sanhok transitioning over to these alternatives. Using single fire or a burst mode in a pinch will maximize recoil control in medium-range engagement or stretching engagements.

But always remember to switch back when you are finished, because switching guns can be disastrous.

Use the Gyroscope Feature

Some newer smartphones like iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy series offer a gyroscope feature which can be enabled in your device’s control settings. The gyroscope uses motion sensors to track the rotation of your device and aids in aiming and panning. While this may take some getting used to, the gyroscope feature can be advantageous in reducing excessive screen movement during gameplay, which can assist in reducing your weapon’s recoil.

Gyroscopes help to aim accurately while moving, as the system slows down the sensitivity of your crosshair. Instead of having to repeatedly move your thumbstick/touchscreen in rapid successions, you only have to input quick and broad gestures to track your target. The general feedback regarding the gyroscope feature is positive, with some players calling it a game-changer. Other players take a bit more time to accommodate the additional motion while aiming.

If the gyroscope feature is available on your device, give it a shot and watch yourself improve over time. If you find it awkward and it is not helping, you can always switch it off and go back to the way you were playing before.

Use a Grip or Vertical Foregrip

A Grip is a weapon attachment that helps to control both the left and right kicking of the weapon. It does not help the down kick easily like a Stock does. So if engaging in close quarter combat, it may be more advisable to use a grip. Additionally, the benefit of a grip can be had with all gun types in PUBG with the exception of the UMP9 submachine gun.

Here is the recoil of a few guns in PUBG less grip and with the vertical foregrip:

Beyond the differing effects on the down kick, grips and vertical foregrips do the same thing with different levels of intensity. Having multiple attachments on in PUBG like an angled or vertical grip plus a vertical foregrip will have almost not impact on down kick. However, using two items that reduce left and right gun bouncing will maximize stability.

Use a Compensator or Flash Hider

A compensator or a flash hider are muzzle attachments on pubg guns that reduce recoil and muzzle flash. Only some pubg guns can have these attached, and the degree to which they reduce recoil varies.

For all non-SMG weapons except the SLR and Crossbow, the compensator reduce the maximum per-shot recoil by 20%, and the vertical and horizontal recoil by 15%. For the SLR, the compensator reduces the maximum per-shot recoil and the vertical recoil by 20%, but the horizontal recoil by only 10%. While the compensator can be put on the Crossbow, it only works against player-to-player shots and not bots.

The reduction in maximum per-shot recoil and vertical and horizontal recoil are all halved for the flash hider except the Crossbow. In the case of the North Pole Crossbow and Candy Cane Crossbow which have a maximum per-shot recoil of 100, the flash hider reduces this by -45 and -50, respectively.

Use a Red Dot or Holographic Sight

Recoil management in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC can be difficult with scopes, because scopes add extra layers of detail. You are expected to control the spray pattern, focus on stability, and line up the shot via scopes. There is a reason many professional players recommend using a red dot or holographic sight for close to medium range combat – especially when the enemy is moving.

Precise Capital recommends that the best short-distance scope to control recoil is the Tactical stock and half grip combo of M416 as those combine make recoil simple for fast moving bots at close range. By default, you do get at least some idea of where fire will have less recoil. For the scopes that are stable for most firearms, users can test and adjust on the range themselves (not recommended in actual gameplay). If you aim for the torso and let recoil do the work after the first fire, will it hit the head? If not, consider learning how to alter fire and movement.

Practice and Experiment in Training Mode

Practice reducing your M16A4, M4A1, and Groza rifle recoils. These high-damage rifles have bone-stock recoil. Practice with these will help you master shooting with high recoil.

Although not relevant to recoil reduction, practice using your grenades in Training mode. This can help you to fine-tune throws and bounces in a situation where there will be minimal impact on your cooldowns and ammo counts. This might subtly put you in better positions to avoid actual fights in your regular matches.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Reduce Recoil?

The most common mistakes to avoid when trying to reduce recoil in PUBG include the following:

  1. Ignoring proper settings.
  2. Not stationary enough.
  3. Improper crouch peeks.
  4. Using boosters at the wrong time.
  5. Improper spray pattern control.
  6. Bloody isn’t able to properly transfer the recoil control between vertical and horizontal spray patterns with his full hand grip using the thumb, index, and middle fingers.
  7. Improper diagonal walking during battle combat.

Holding Down the Trigger

When an automatic weapon in PUBG is fired, the static recoil system makes the weapon go up and to the right by default, and then alternate to the left, then right, etc. These steps repeat for a few seconds. This all happens visibly at regular intervals so after 16-18 total rounds of shooting the weapon – and not letting go of the trigger – the muzzle will reach the initial position from where they first started if one holds down the trigger.

This allows for a more steady finished shot, eventually showing the weapon’s muzzle dropping slightly. Having one’s crosshair at an enemy’s body height and using the consistent spray pattern to direct the bullets towards the enemy’s upper torso or head region can lead to a lot of dropped targets and recoiled weapons keeping one’s accuracy very high. Continuous fire may direct the recoil of the weapon outside the crosshairs so letting off the trigger before aiming again can be beneficial.

Part of how to minimize recoil is to learn when to pull the trigger and when to let go. Fully automatic weapons can expend the whole clip without letting go while some such as the M416 can unload a 4x scope widespread until aimed, Single shot weapons (e.g. SKS) which can manage the unequal-with-stroke aiming effect while getting shot, and burst firing weapons such as SAM can keep the muzzle near the area from where they started.

Not Using Attachments

Attachments like the Suppressor, Compensator, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip are designed to decrease firearm recoil, especially in PUBG. Firearms such as the M416 Recoil, AKM Recoil, and the SCAR-L Recoil are all significantly reduced by attachments and thus using attachments means spending less time managing your weapon’s recoil. Speaking using from experience, these are the effects of which attachments have on recoil in PUBG.

  1. Naked M416 has raw vertical recoil of 40 units. With a vertical foregrip it has 23 units, while with a compensator/flash hider it has 16 units.
  2. Naked AKM has raw vertical recoil of 39.88 units. With a vertical foregrip it has 35 units, while with a compensator it has 25 units.
  3. Naked SCAR-L has raw vertical recoil of 41.5 units. With a vertical foregrip it has 29 units, while with a compensator it has 14.5 units.

Furthermore, all of these attachments hide muzzle flash – thus decreasing enemies’ potential to spot you – and some, such as the Suppressor, even hide sound. However, it is important to note that these benefits lead to a loss in performance ability, and by not using attachments players can learn to correctly control their guns without attachments at higher levels. The Tactical Stock or Buttstock increases the speed of scoping in and increases the aim and better controls when firing at moving objects. The Cheek Pad reduces sway for sniper rifles as well.

Not Adjusting Sensitivity Settings

In most shooting games including Pubg, you have control over your sensitivities allowing you to lower it to reduce area of effect of your inaccurate recoil tapping and assists in your tracking and lightning-fast jukes shooting interactions.

The disadvantage of low sensitivity is how slow it makes turn speeds. You don’t want to slowly turn with a recoil tapping vehicle (as you see the recoil in video) continuously and as they repop around walls and boulders. A common solution for competitive settings Pubg recommended by The One is to either increase your DPI of your mouse or buy a mouse that has a higher DPI and lower your in-game sensitivity in Pubg to even less than half of what the default settings are.

Not Practicing Burst Firing

Players not practicing burst firing is also adding to their recoil problem. Burst firing refers to tapping instead of holding down the fire button. Instead of firing off bursts of 3 bullets and then holding down the trigger, players should use the tapping technique and shoot bursts of 3 constantly.

During training, try to shoot at one spot on the wall repeatedly moving your aim from one spot to the other, This will give you the idea of how to control spray. You may also want to use AR or DMR guns as they have the easiest to control recoils. If your crosshairs move during the auto mode that means your gun is losing control, so you have to burst to regain it. You can even choose guns like AKM and Beryl M762 with high recoils, as trying these to control may help in better control of low to medium recoiling guns.

A good way to learn burst firing on the training ground is to first learn the gun’s sprayed control in auto mode and then implement it by using burst fire technique. This makes using low-recoil weapons like <*SCAR-L*>, , easier that grants PUBG a better gaming experience.

Not Using the Crouch and Prone Feature

In PUBG Mobile, reducing recoil significantly decreases sensitivity and gradually improves spray. This is advantageous because players can place more shots on the body and give them a competitive advantage. One of the key features to reduce recoil is to go into a crouch or prone stance.

Crouching adds more planting region for your character. This enables you to manage your weapon’s recoil better while on automatic mode. In PUBG, you can only make your character squat in a standing posture and not when running. To make your character crouch, double-click your character on any sector of the map while standing or reduce your joystick.

Proning allows for even more planting area compared to crouching, but the rate of movement slows down significantly once you are proned on the ground. One of PUBG’s basic controls is that you can make your character lie down on the ground by double-clicking on the joystick of a virtual character. In the same way that crouching will provide for a more stable momentum, striking a prone stance offers even greater control.

Use these features well to reduce recoil and spray according to the need of each situation. It can be advantageous to crouch and fire in tight spaces, while in outdoor areas prone firing can be more useful to reduce the recoil up to an extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

What is recoil in Pubg?

Recoil is the backward movement of a gun after it is fired, which can make it harder to aim and control your weapon in Pubg.

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

Is it possible to reduce recoil in Pubg?

Yes, there are various methods and techniques that can be used to reduce recoil and improve your aim in Pubg.

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

What are some tips for reducing recoil in Pubg?

Some tips include using attachments, adjusting your sensitivity, and practicing proper shooting techniques.

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

What attachments can help reduce recoil in Pubg?

Attachments such as compensators, flash hiders, and vertical grips can help reduce recoil and improve your accuracy in Pubg.

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

How can adjusting my sensitivity help with recoil in Pubg?

By finding the right sensitivity for your playstyle, you can better control your aim and manage recoil in Pubg.

How to Reduce Recoil in Pubg?

Is practicing shooting techniques important for reducing recoil in Pubg?

Yes, practicing techniques such as burst firing and controlling your breathing can greatly reduce recoil and improve your aim in Pubg.

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