Mastering Pubg: How to Achieve Conqueror Rank

Are you a Pubg enthusiast looking to climb the ranks and achieve the prestigious Conqueror title?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what Conqueror rank is in Pubg, the requirements to achieve it, different ways to reach Conqueror rank, tips and tricks to improve your gameplay, and how to survive and win in the final circles.

Whether you’re a solo player or part of a squad, mastering these strategies will help you dominate the battlegrounds like never before.

What Is Pubg?

Pubg, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by the South Korean company PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of game developer Krafton. The game was designed by Brendan Greene and was released for Microsoft, Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and IOS devices after being launched for early access in 2017 and published later on.

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, up to one hundred players gather weapons and equipment and are airdropped unarmed into a combat area where they must kill others while avoiding being killed themselves. The last player or team standing wins the match. The battlegrounds feature different modes, such as FPP (First Person Perspective) and TPP (Third Person Perspective). Different maps have different battle royale rules and game conditions unique to their setting. Developer blanks claim from a boldly different era, Battle Royale, a book by Japanese writer Koushun Takami, inspired Brendan Green into creating the game while he was helping develop games in Brazil. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular video games and boasts more than 400 million players around the world.

What Is Conqueror Rank in Pubg?

Conqueror rank in Pubg Mobile is the top rank attained by players who belong to the top 500 of any region in the Conqueror Leaderboard. One hundred of these top 500 players with the highest rating will have a special Icon Globe which tracks the top 100 players following that specific season.

The Conqueror rank requires an ELO system score/reward of 5000 to 6000 points. Every win gives the player a certain number of points, while a loss takes points away from the player’s Conqueror’s rank. Iconglobe explains this by stating an average of 23-48 kills per match with WR around 55% and QR around 10% is required for getting Conqueror rank in PUBG Mobile.

What Are the Requirements to Achieve Conqueror Rank?

The requirements to achieve the Conqueror rank in the top 500 are to have a high enough Conqueror Top Point Rank (TP). The Conqueror rank works like a tier and is determined by the best players’ top points and total points on any of the game modes, maps, or variations because of different player bases across regions.

To demonstrate how point requirements work, this is an example of FPP squads in season 18 (November 2021) for Asia. The #500 player had a Conqueror TP of 4,144 with matches played showing total points in the 7,000s. To achieve the #1 spot, the highest was a Conqueror TP of 11,224 and total points of around 20,000 which leads this person, Alvina [sR], to be well above most other players in this mode.

Skill and Strategy

These are some primary skills and strategies you can use to help you get a conqueror in PUBG. Whether casually in solo or as a team, these skills and strategies are mandatory for all Pubg players. These include the use of prone sniping, big-range rifle sniping, grill camping, patrolling, and smart movement.

You will never earn the rank of conqueror in PUBG amongst your peers if you are not good at basic PUBG skills and strategies essential for survival during battle. Here are some critical skills and strategies to practice.

Smart Movement: Running into the middle of the arena in order to confront more challengers to grow your kill count may initially appear to be a good idea. Nonetheless, only the most absurdly terrible players do this, and these odd players will often wreck your game if you are unfortunate enough to come into contact with one of them (most of the time campers). Patrolling is preferable, as it allows you to defend yourself when attacking varied opponents and to quickly withdraw to a more secure area if that is necessary.

Map Movement and Cautious Going: Learning the map’s terrain, and where the best, most secure locations are located, is an essential PUBG survival tactic. Beginners can explore the map and understand where the finest geographical spots are, such as larger buildings, hills, and high ground, in order to stand as much of a chance as possible of coming out victorious.

Time and Dedication

Time and dedication are critical to reaching the Conqueror rank in PUBG Mobile. This is due in large part to the high skill level and IQ that serve as barriers to entry past Ace 1 in each server. These skills are built over time as players adapt to changing mechanics, maps, and meta. Finding teammates with consistency is really important if you want to minimize wasted time too.

Meet new teammates by making good use of the recruit teammate function after each match. Dr. Disrespect frequently mentions that when starting out, you should spend a lot of time in Team Death Match (TDM) with fast-paced FPP settings because it gives you exposure to rapid training scenarios.

Make sure to practice with that gun in TDM you hate. Normally dropping at hot zones is a good start, but when you’re tired it can be torturous. Land at a compound, loot, and then go searching for the estimated time it will take you to reach the circle by foot. Large PUBG clan Yakuza advises players to avoid such encounters and instead to focus on surviving to reach Conqueror.

Good Teammates

Good teammates are an essential part of doing well in the Battle of Buds game mode. You can find good teammates on PUBG team recruitment forums, social media, or by playing with your friends. Good teammates tend to be very supportive and have strong communication skills. Teammates that are willing to carry you ie teammates that are in a higher rank but don’t mind playing even matches if they do not have others in their rank to play with, can help you reach strong challenges or even the Conqueror tier.

Good teammates are supportive, meaning they do not encourage obsessive gaming and talk their teammates out of it if suspected. Teammates can also remind players that if they want to reach the Conqueror tier, teamwork and support is key not time spent playing so frantically.

What Are the Different Ways to Reach Conqueror Rank?

The different ways to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG MOBILE are by playing in Classic mode, paying for ID-change cards, and participating in the indian concert festival Krafton International. There are 100 tiers for the Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, and Ace levels of the game and each tier has 5 sub-tiers from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest). They each require a different amount of activity points (which you earn by either killing or surviving in-game).

Solo Pushing

Intense campers, snakes, and non-serious players avoid pushing in solos. Players are such players who play too yasiyari in every fight and marked when they shoot. Learn to outmaneuver and outposition them in any fight for learning how to get better in PUBG. When facing a full squad, some of your nades, few bullet sprays and then change of location, it puts enemies to confusion and panic. Ask for 1v1 after which one of you will have their squad help you when you are the last man standing.

Duo Pushing

To get Conqueror in PUBG, try duo pushing. As Conqueror is often a solo player rank, players often use duo pushing as the fastest way to achieve their rank. Players often buy full armor while they play protectively, rarely giving away their positions. Should a player discover another player’s location, they reliably use grenades to flush them from their cover, and frequently use weapons with scopes to help them with long-range fights. For this strategy, Conqueror rank player Veras Fawad provides the following tips:

  • Master the loot menu: Master the loot menu so you can pop up a painkiller while standing over a box instead of crouched down in a spot for too long. Try not to loot the same place for too long. Move in such a way that you can loot, but stay safe.
  • Make use of grenades: Use Grenades to control rooms, not necessarily to kill enemies. This way you can move from cover to cover as the mission progresses and teams close in.
  • Stay hidden or shoot first: Keep a low profile and use cover. Avoid spotted from a distance. Alternatively, make sure you shoot first. Do not wait for enemies to become clear. Keep your eyes on all sides.

Squad Pushing

Squad pushing means multiple squad members rushing a location where an enemy is thought to be lurking. This raises their odds of scoring hits during peek shots while also reducing the chances of the enemy finding and landing shots on the player. Make sure to equip weapons that lack recoil and/or should be used in auto fire so the player has a better chance of eliminating the enemy during a squad push.

Playing in Tournaments

Playing in Tournaments is perhaps the most reliable way to get Conqueror. Tournaments provide an environment with skilled players and fair competition, and if someone wins, they are playing in a high kill match and earn more points based on performance whilst beating high-ranking opponents. While these tournaments are not always easy to find, there are many great resources available on the internet. For those in India looking for such tournaments, Esports4G is a recommended starting point

What Are the Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Pubg Gameplay?

The tips and tricks to improve your Pubg gameplay include sorting your visual settings, maintaining a good posture during gameplay, knowing your in-game weapons, understanding the Circle Patterns and effective Survival techniques, effectively using grenades and improving your movement coordination. These tips and tricks can be effectively boosted by using goals and challenges to train specific skills for 10-20 minutes before casual games.

Master the Map

Master the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map by knowing vehicle spawn locations, fastest transportation routes, and loot hotspots. Plus boosting your personal performance, knowing these features of the map also helps your squad.

To win Conqueror in PUBG, prioritize squads and lands unsuitable for the average player. According to our own player analysis, look to prioritize squad games on Erangel followed by Vikendi and solo to duo games on Sanhok and Miramar.

In medium-rank games, cover the side of the map that is the least likely to have players. For example, if the flight path is across the center of the map and the first play zone is at the bottom and to the right of the flight path, prioritize the top left side of the map if given the choice.

Rotate with the blue circle and take any preferred locations you’d like to loot or engage with first, especially on the side of the map that is less likely to have players. After moving away from the enemies, look again where other players can come from. If possible, take high ground and make sure to be the last to leave. Finish going from one building to another to be the last one check and possibly catch a player running in the blue behind you.

Practice Your Aim

Improving your aim is one of the most important things to do to achieve the title of Conqueror in PUBG. The only way to improve your aim is through practice, practice, practice. Assort a few minutes of each day to focus on your aim. Alternately, you can stretch your daily practice session over games available in Vikendi or other maps.

Use Headphones for Better Audio

As of January 2023, using the best headphones for better audio is important for PUBG and gaming in general, especially in more competitive modes and when players are striving to achieve the conqueror rank. High-quality gaming headphones enable players to better identify the audio cues provided to them within the game. Wearing headphones means that the user’s sound perception is altered so he can only hear the audio from the game and not from the surrounding environment.

According to an article published in May 2020 in Scientific American Mind magazine, there is a correlation between the direction of small changes in airflow which occurs when people talk to where people are with up to 75% accuracy. This allows the user to understand if a player is nearby. Having loudspeakers on would provide the same benefit but would alert the other player of your exact position. In PUBG especially, wearing earphones and activating the dolby-atmos can result in hearing footsteps from other players even farther away, so using headphones can substitute the lack of an inherently excellent sound system.

Learn from Your Mistakes

When you witness the death of a member of your team, it implies that you are losing because of your carelessness. This could have happened during the game due to a silly mistake you made. You can pause the match and evaluate the mistake. Make suitable modifications to your approach based on the consistency, frequency, and context of your team’s deaths.

Only by doing this can you grow in the field of Battle Royale games. It’s really annoying to pause during a match to assess what went wrong. You may try using Google Stadia, which is a popular cloud gaming platform for PUBG. You can pause the game at any time you want or revert back to see what went wrong without having to pay extra for any specialized recording software in any moment.

If you use the StratMatic technology in combination with Google Stadia, you can save the recording of sessions after each game to study the strategies and tactics of other players which can be of great help. After all, it’s by making modifications to their gameplay that players improve and ascend to the rank of conqueror. As observing the meridian of own mistakes imparts lessons.

How to Survive and Win in the Final Circles?

You can survive and win conqueror in PUBG Mobile by following these tips to maximize your chances of winning in the final circles.

  1. Play circles from inside buildings
  2. Foot-camp in nearby buildings
  3. Switch between outside cover and buildings
  4. Use smoke and flash grenades
  5. Snipe while behind cover before moving when the blue zone appears
  6. Use vehicles when the circle is very far away
  7. Know the map terrain
  8. Keep moving until you must hold the position
  9. Single managed fire in the late circles

Choose from the best means in the map to earn a Conqueror in a PUBG Mobile season.

Positioning and Movement

Positioning is the single biggest factor determining the outcome of an engagement. It can grant a player an insurmountable advantage or put them into an unwinnable situation. Well-exercised positioning for conquering Pubg games includes getting the high ground, playing the outer edges of the safe zones, and frequent POSITION CHANGES to provide tactical advantages.

The importance of movement in conjunction with positioning cannot be overstated. A target that is not where the enemy expected they would be is a harder target to hit. This is referred to in the gaming community as ADAC Player Movement, as ADAC is the acronym for the German Institute for the Economy and Combating traffic accidents. Because of the dynamic movement of a player’s figurative “vehicle” they are harder to hit. If you need additional support in positioning and movement strategy to help advance you toward a Conqueror ranking, infinity386 offers a pubg tool that was made with the aim of increasing the number of Chikens people get by providing information such as landing, position changing tips, the number of players in town, or routes to take.

Use of Grenades and Smoke Bombs

Grenades can be used to flush enemies out of position or to throw at buildings and camps where they are hiding. Smoke bombs can be used for concealment while healing or rebalancing your position. More advanced players can use where they are now positioned as an indicator of how they will play the upcoming circles of the game. Throw the cooking smoke grenade outside towards multiple openings so you are not cornered and can sprint away.

Communication with Teammates

There is a very simple secret for how to get conqueror in PUBG. Use the team version of the game as opposed to solo in order to get the best results. Find the most effective means to communicate with your team before the match begins.

Communicate with your teammates as much as possible during the match as saying the relative position of the enemy or approaches to surprise the enemy or defensive positions of the rival can help prevent the enemy from attacking. This is the best way to build points by having a minimal enemy rate.

You must play a solid role mode game when playing the solo version without the ability to communicate with teammates to be consistently victorious in the Conqueror Tier. Secure special military vehicles like armored UAZ or battle BRDM will give you significant help when you are playing solo.

Having good strategies ready with or without communication with teammates when facing different situations as such will be beneficial to any survival situation in PUBG and eventually result in obtaining the highest achievement of Conqueror in PUBG.

Use of Vehicles

Using vehicles is a helpful way to earn a chicken dinner. This is because they help with fast transport to move faster in the circle, cover for players while they heal, and as battering rams for distraction opponents. Destruction after killing an enemy who is hiding behind a rock is a good use of vehicles to get Conqueror rank. Dada Trevor frequently used vehicles, especially muscle cars in the current version of Miramar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Conqueror in Pubg?

What is the quickest way to reach Conqueror rank in Pubg?
The quickest way to reach Conqueror rank in Pubg is to consistently play and win high-ranked matches.

How to Get Conqueror in Pubg?

Can I get to Conqueror rank by only playing solo matches?
Yes, it is possible to reach Conqueror rank by only playing solo matches, but it may take longer compared to playing in a team.

How to Get Conqueror in Pubg?

Are there any specific weapons or strategies that can help me reach Conqueror rank?
While there are no specific weapons or strategies, it is important to practice and improve your overall gameplay skills to increase your chances of reaching Conqueror rank.

How to Get Conqueror in Pubg?

Is it necessary to play every day to maintain my Conqueror rank?
It is not necessary to play every day, but it is important to consistently play and win high-ranked matches to maintain your Conqueror rank.

How to Get Conqueror in Pubg?

Can I still reach Conqueror rank if I am not very skilled at the game?
It may be more challenging, but with dedication and practice, it is still possible to reach Conqueror rank even if you are not very skilled at the game.

How to Get Conqueror in Pubg?

Are there any rewards for reaching Conqueror rank?
Yes, players who reach Conqueror rank in Pubg will receive exclusive in-game rewards and bragging rights among other players.

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