Get Free Uc in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a fan of Pubg Mobile but find yourself running low on UC, the in-game currency used to purchase various items and upgrades?

We will explore what Pubg Mobile is, what UC is, and why players are eager to get free UC in the game.

We will discuss different methods to acquire free UC, potential risks involved, and alternative ways to obtain UC without spending real money.

Stay tuned to learn all about getting free UC in Pubg Mobile and make the most out of your gaming experience!

What Is Pubg Mobile?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) Mobile is an online-only battle royale game, developed and published by Pubg Corporation. PUBG Corporation is the subsidiary of the South Korean video game company Krafton. It is based on the online Last Man Standing shooter concept and involves up to one hundred players parachuting onto an island. The goal is to be the last player or group surviving by eliminating all opponents. Pubg Mobile US was removed, but the game is still available in the US, with US players allowed to switch to servers in other countries.

What Are Uc in Pubg Mobile?

UC stands for Unknown Cash. Unknown cash in PUBG Mobile and battlegrounds is the virtual currency that is used in the game to purchase royale pass, emotes, costumes, and other accessories. UC is basically the currency accepted for every transaction that is done to buy different things in the store section of the game. UC is not mandatory to continue playing PUBG Mobile, spending on the game simply allows users to get ahead faster by unlocking or leveling up in ways that sometimes are not possible using just play time.

Although UC is not easy to get for free, there are some ways users can earn some free UC with tips and tricks that have been tested on PUBG Mobile. UC is not managed by the game developers for PUBG Mobile, but by a third-party financial company named MSP. Many websites BS MSP’s name to take users information and sell it. Users therefore need to be wary when they see free UC giveaways because they are most probably scams. Users should never share sensitive banking or personal information with anyone in such instances. Although UC is not easy to get for free, there are some ways users can earn some free UC in PUBG Mobile with tips and tricks that have been tested. However, it is advised to only follow such steps by conducting extensive research to ensure that there will be no viruses or scams on installed applications.

Why Do Players Want to Get Free Uc in Pubg Mobile?

Players want to get UC for free in PUBG Mobile, so they can purchase in-game items, including skins, rare outfits, and royale passes, without paying money. Players find these rewards particularly important because they provide no strategic advantage in the game, so owning them represents a player’s skill and dedication.

How Can You Get Free Uc in Pubg Mobile?

You can get free UC in PUBG Mobile in the following ways. Free UC may be provided by Krafton or Tencent directly through giveaways, clearance events, or compensation for game errors. Points (called BC in the Korean version) can be used to exchange premium crates, rename cards or buy outfits and gear. These are free or purchased using third-party tools for free royal pass. Additional UC can be earned by logging into the game for six days in the week, entering room matches, or in the form of discounts on their purchase, by completing game achievements. UC can be earned by participating in in-game activities such as the Spot the Enemy contest, clan or crew recruiting campaigns. UC earning apps can be used to play games and watching ads to earn the desired amount of UC. UC must be purchased using google play gift cards which can be purchased at discounted prices from local retail athletic stores such as <>Dollar General, Best Buy, or 7 Eleven on free card stores apps such as Cash For Apps.

points to uc conversion pubg mobile.

Spending UC is the fastest way to get hold of noisy partner ships in pubg mobile. UC can be used to open crates in the shop, buy royal pass of different categories from the shop, get a scary pubg mobile or get new outfits.

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The only way to get free UC is to earn them in the Ultimate subscription. UCS can also be earned through tapjoy earn UC. In the Tencent games version of pubg mobile, they allow free UC to be earned on tapjoy, redeem on tapjoy earn UC, and get UC. points can be used to exchange premium crates, rename cards, or buy outfits and gear. UC can be earned by logging into the game for six days in the week, entering room matches, or in the form of discounts on their purchase, by completing game achievements. UC can be earned by participating in in-game activities such as the Spot the Enemy contest, clan or crew recruiting campaigns. UC earning apps that work can be used to play games and watching ads to earn the desired amount of UC.

Participate in Events and Giveaways

These are competitions held preiodically by PUBG Mobile in which they either give exclusive items directly or the winner can buy with them if they convert to UC. Various user-chosen categories for games are announced on the PUBG website and then fans vote for the one that attracts the most. With awards that users can use for UC conversion and future purchases, the PUBG administration will begin hosting events related to that category. Follow PUBG Mobile social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc., to be notified first and to participate in these special events earlier.

It is not very easy to find frequent giveaways since it is a lottery reward system, but suggestions are to search Google or go through popular content creation platforms.

Use Online Reward Websites

Customers can leverage third-party online reward distribution websites to get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Some of the best-known places to find free ways to get UCs include Opinion Plus, Sr prize Hunt, and Paisa Wapas. Here is a 13-minute YouTube guide that explains how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile through the website Paisa Wapas. The only way it is free is if the PUBG Mobile account holder has amassed enough service points and coupons on these websites to gain the points needed to acquire the UCs for free.

Complete In-Game Tasks and Achievements

You can earn points for tasks in the PUBG Mobile game itself. Here are a few examples of in-game tasks that can earn you UC:

  • Surviving until the 20-30-40-50-75-90% marks of the game
  • Dealing a minimum amount of X damage with AWM
  • Firing all shells in a gas can from 50 meters away
  • Using paint in a match not bought at the store
  • Driving a vehicle a set distance in multiple matches

PUBG in-game tasks are helpful in earning free UC. They can be tracked in the respective Achievement section number of UC rewards when one is completed.

Use Third-Party Apps

Using third-party apps to earn Uc in Pubg Mobile is the easiest way to gain Uc. A vast majority of these apps provide surveys, offer walls, and quiz apps to earn Uc.

But use caution with third-party apps! Modded versions of the Pubg Mobile apk may carry malware that can disrupt your gameplay or threaten your phone’s security – with potential personal data breaches. Refrain from downloading modded apps.

CodeGenerators are another option in this area, but the legitimacy of these sites is hard to establish. Some sites may operate but others are certain scams that can hack your mobile.

Are There Any Risks Involved in Getting Free Uc in Pubg Mobile?

There are risks involved with getting Free UC in PUBG Mobile if you are attempting to get them illegally. In their advice on illegal ways to obtain UC, PUBG Mobile producer LightSpeed & Quantum says that sites and apps offering free UC could indeed be scams that steal your sensitive data.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with fans, PUBG Mobile executive producer Jonathan Pan Gamasutra expanded on the risks: We can use user reports, metrics, and data analysis methods to find and stop fraudulent UC purchases. They stressed that users who use sites and ways to get free UC at no cost to themselves besides the time and work involved to earn it were different from cheats and hacks. They would have to consult with legal teams to prevent them as these cases are more grey areas than the straight fraudster cases. A number of videos and articles promoting fake UC apps and PC emulators were not followed through to test the safety of the methods they suggested because they were fakes. It is not known how safe or unsafe they are.

The bottom line is that if an offer sounds too good to be true, such as a method to get Free UC without doing surveys or downloading apps, then it is a risk. Stick to legitimate methods to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile by completing Royale Pass Missions or better yet, opt for zero-risk methods to get UC by buying it. On Android it is commonly sold 60 UC for $2.00.

Account Bans

The most expensive way to get free UC is by being aware of account bans. If an account is permanently or temporarily removed by customer services or moderation teams for violating PUBG Mobile’s rules, all unused UC is lost.

The following scenarios can lead to an account ban if they are repeatedly found to have occurred:

  1. Using a game hack and cheat guide tool
  2. Playing on an emulator
  3. Logging into an alternate player account to exploit bugs
  4. Sharing passwords and usernames with others
  5. Playing PUBG Mobile under the age of 18 years old

When an account is banned, only the youngest player’s funds will be declared lost and no refunds will be issued. You can get free UC by avoiding getting your account banned and losing UC that way. Always adhere to the terms and conditions of PUBG Mobile, and if your account is banned, file an appeal on the PUBG Mobile website and attempt to resolve it.

Malware and Scams

Most scams related to free UC and Royale Pass can be categorized into three types:

  1. Redirect an individual searching for free UC to ad-heavy sites to earn ad views and potentially malicious download links.
  2. Profiling scams that trick users into thinking they can sign up for free UC by providing their Player ID and Password.
  3. Stolen reward scams in which players are promised rewards or UC in exchange for doing things like downloading certain apps or following social media accounts. Usually, the items received in those stolen reward scams are stolen game ID data.

It is very easy to identify websites and apps that may be using malware to provide users a way to earn free UC. According to research by Lewis Morgan at WePC, the color of the web URL is an indicator of danger. Always check the browser URL that if the line is Green or Yellow, R and if the site logo is checked, this means that the open site is safe to use and the use of such sites can lead to hacking of your game id. It is also indicated not to post your Player ID or Password on any app or site. It is recommended to always consider free UC rewards found on gaming forums, blogs, and YouTube channels as fraudulent, as they are more often than not. You shouldn’t try to hack PUBG Mobile either because that too can bring vulnerability into your system and provide the hacker with the required resources they need to hack your game ID.

What Are Some Alternatives to Getting Free Uc in Pubg Mobile?

Some alternatives to getting free UC in PUBG Mobile include watching YouTube videos of other users with special promotions and giveaways. Such campaigns occasionally have promo codes in the descriptions to unlock free UC. Users can also ask their friends to gift them items they do not need and surplus amounts of earned premium currency.

These methods have low success rates, and it is most recommended to use Google Opinion Rewards to earn money and redeem it for UC.

Purchase Uc with Real Money

The main way to get PUBG Mobile UC is to purchase points with real money. There are regular discounts allowing for the purchase of get UC for free. It is always pay-to-play with UC in PUBG Mobile. The in-game marketplace offers UC for sale, with the intention of exchanging them for rewards, battle passes, and more available items or plans in PUBG Mobile. Even if you purchase UC, you are effectively playing PUBG Mobile for free until you apply UC to buy paid in-game items.

For example, the most basic place to spend UC is on PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions. Prime registration costs 540 UC for a single month membership, with the same offering 900 UC for three months. Prime Plus costs 900 UC per month, or 2,544 UC for three months. Redeeming Royale Pass (RP) rewards and other goods like Premium RP Crate scraps at the Shop, RP points, or Classic Crate scraps are a lot of fun and also provide great opportunities to hone your PUBG Mobile skills.

Use Uc Redeem Codes

Another way to earn free user cereal in Uc in Pubg Mobile is to use UC Redeem Codes. These codes are made available by tencent gaming to celebrate holidays such as announcing worldwide tournaments, game anniversaries, or other festivities.

You need to play the game every day, watch the news section, or subscribe to Youtube for the latest information to get the code which is only valid for a limited period.

Participate in In-Game Events

Pubg Mobile does in-game events each week and sometimes each day, where you are rewarded with UC just for participating in them. These events can vary significantly, but the rewards always have at least a matchbox or two of UC as a reward. Sometimes the rewards are much higher. Contest participation has also been shown to boost control mechanism comprehension, spatial intuition, and focus in general.

You can monitor which events are coming next by stopping into the Rewards area of your Pubg mobile game. Then go to the Event tab and review the events that are currently happening and those that are coming later in the week. Choose which ones you want to participate in and then participate to reap the rewards.

Join a Clan and Earn Uc Through Clan Points

After the introduction of the clan system to PUBG mobile, Tencent did offer UC as a reward for participation and good performance in clans. However in Season 16 these and related features were removed from the game according to official support responses from Tencent received by players. This ended one method of getting free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Clan members used to receive resources in the form of clan points daily as long as they had chosen to be a member in a particular clan for an extended period of time. Members would earn clan points for getting kills, reviving their teammates, sharing their loot and surviving for a lengthy duration.


You can get free UC in PUBG Mobile by participating in community events, promotions, and regional offers from PUBG Mobile. To get those rewards, you are often required to watch other players and PUBG partners’ livestreams.

There are also concerns, as it is a messaging platform that allows you to connect directly with well-known players. Another alternative includes participating in quizzes to see what PUBG item you are. No UC will be given, but players will receive gift codes that can be redeemed at the redeem center. Finally, Google Opinion Rewards is another way to get money online in India by completing brief reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get free UC in Pubg Mobile?

There are a few ways to get free UC in Pubg Mobile. One way is to participate in in-game events and complete missions to earn UC. You can also try your luck with redeem codes given out by the game developers or by participating in social media giveaways.

2. Are there any PUBG Mobile hacks to get free UC?

No, there are no legitimate hacks or cheats to get free UC in Pubg Mobile. Any websites or individuals claiming to have hacks are most likely scams and could potentially harm your device. It’s best to earn UC through legitimate means.

3. Can I get free UC by logging in every day?

No, there is no daily login bonus for UC in Pubg Mobile. However, there are sometimes special events or promotions that offer UC as a reward for logging in on certain days. Keep an eye out for these events to potentially earn free UC.

4. How can I earn free UC without spending money?

Aside from participating in in-game events and using redeem codes, you can also earn free UC by completing surveys, watching ads, and downloading certain apps through third-party reward websites. Just be cautious and make sure the website is legitimate before providing any personal information.

5. Is there a limit to how much free UC I can earn?

Yes, there are usually limits to the amount of free UC you can earn through events and promotions. These limits can vary and may change with each event. Be sure to check the details of each event to know the limit for that specific promotion.

6. Can I trade or transfer free UC to other players?

No, it is not possible to trade or transfer free UC to other players. UC is tied to the specific account it was earned on and cannot be transferred to another account. Be cautious of any websites or individuals claiming to offer UC transfers as they may be scams.

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