Mastering 3rd Person Perspective in Pubg: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to improve your gameplay in Pubg by utilizing the 3rd person view?

In this article, we will explore what 3rd person in Pubg is and how to switch to it on PC, mobile, and console.

We discuss the benefits and disadvantages of playing in 3rd person, as well as provide tips on mastering the 3rd person view.

Highlighting the best and worst situations to use 3rd person in Pubg.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, stay tuned for valuable insights on enhancing your Pubg experience!

Key Takeaways:

  • 1. Third person view in Pubg provides a wider field of view, better situational awareness, and easier enemy spotting.
  • 2. To switch to third person, use the designated key/button for your device and practice camera angles and positioning for a better experience.
  • 3. Third person view is most effective in close range combat, scouting and navigation, while it may hinder long range combat, stealth, and close quarters combat.
  • What Is 3rd Person in Pubg?

    Third person or 3rd person (3PP) viewing angle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a gaming mode where the camera follows one of the game’s participants from over their right shoulder, allowing them to see more of the world around them while giving them context of their in-game character.

    In Classic Mode, the third-person camera mode allows players to see everything on the battlefield even when the in-game field of view (FOV) doesn’t. This gives players the ability to see around walls or obtacles without alerting other players. In TPP mode, players can spot enemy movements, cover them from incoming fire, or just get a better sense of how the situation is surrounding them.

    How To Switch to 3rd Person in Pubg?

    To switch to 3rd person in PUBG on PC, go to the Settings, then click on Game, and change the Camera mode from FP to TP. The hotkey for the default toggle between first-person and third-person is V by default on PC although it may be different depending on the key bindings you have chosen. If you are on mobile, you can enable toggle between first person and third person by clicking on this TPP button in the lobby or during the game.


    In PUBG third person view, the player can watch themselves play in the game as well as peek corners and vantage points before moving. This form of gameplay can give players an edge at certain times. You can go into 3rd person on PC by hitting T on the keyboard. All footage can be switched between FPP and TPP at all times while PUBG missions are active. You can rapidly switch your PUBG character perspective by pressing the F3 and F4 keys on the PC.

    Third-person mode on PUBG (also known as TPP) is particularly beneficial when the gaming scenario faces you with an ugly corner or stronghold that you need to get in. Using the third person of PUBG on PC will provide a larger field of vision near the corners, which may prevent you from any unpleasant surprises. In making the environment safer after quickly entering a building or stronghold, this can also be more effective than just using the normal FPP.

    If you are in a large open space and think you are exposed, using third person can help you see if there are any other players aimed in your direction or sneaking off with your loot.


    Going into third person mode in PUBG on mobile can sometimes be achieved by swiping down from the top the screen or selecting third person mode from the team selection options. Mobile is the default for third person play in PUBG due to the smaller, simplified interface and general lack of external controls and cordination in handheld gaming.


    Go into the PUBG game console in Steam by pressing Control + Shift + L. Once in the console, type tpp to enable third person mode. Type fpp to disable third person and go into first person mode.

    Keep in mind that leaving the game will quickly switch the fpp command off. This method is fast but not permanent and works best for short changes where PUBG is left open, not for toggling between preferred views at long intervals.

    What Are The Benefits of Playing In 3rd Person in Pubg?

    The benefits of playing PUBG in 3rd person perspective include having more data as a player with a forced wide field of view and fake over-the-wall height advantage. The wide field of view allows players to see more around them, using the Q and E keys for leaning past cover and looking through corners to see enemies before they come into the open. The top-down indoor advantage helps when moving through CQC indoors. Flake the C key and the mouse’s scroll wheel forward to look further overhead. This allows sighting of a larger percentage of the room through the windows. The top-over-indoor strategy is known as “ambushing” and has been practiced by elite players in PUBG matches on occasion.

    Analysis of preference and playstyles in both First Person Perspective (FPP) and Third Person Perspective (TPP) point to observing what famous streamers are doing in such situations to perfect your own advantages. An article from Best Settings notes that Shroud of Mixer has a playstyle defined as an “Aggressive Ambusher”. Shroud advances through his map usually using the TPP perspective. Dr Disrespect, another famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds streamer, uses a mixture of both perspectives in his game. These streamers give a specific dimension to the potential advantages to be gained by playing in TPP where these strategic advantages are displayed most often.

    Increased Field of View

    It is thought by some players that an advantage can be gained by increasing the field of view (FOV) when they are in third person as by seeing a wider angle, players can see enemies before they see them. Adjusting FOV does not seem to work for third person mode specifically, but it may help with general situational awareness in both first and third person modes. To expand the field of view in Pubg:

    1. Open Pubg.
    2. Click Settings by tapping the gear icon.
    3. Click the Basic tab.
    4. Select the fourth submenu down from the top, General Settings.
    5. Locate the Camera FOV, which will allow you to set the minimum scope.

    Pubg says that increasing the field of view means one can see more objects on the screen, but it does not improve gameplay. This setting can be changed according to the preponderance of the terrain when the player is in third person mode. It may be helpful in this mode when a player has difficulty spotting enemies operating in the trees or grass. A higher FOV allows a player to see what might be obstructed by a broad obstacle until it is in the character’s field of vision, which first person mode does not.

    Better Awareness of Surroundings

    People argue for using 3rd person perspective in PUBG as it is more advantageous due to the enhanced peripheral vision, but in reality, it often lessens their awareness of the surroundings in spite of the wider view. Third person may be perfect for focusing on the immediate environment, but first person can be better for focused target acquisition.

    Easier to Spot Enemies

    Third person can be beneficial in Battle Royale games like PUBG mobile by making it easier to spot enemies that are behind cover. This is because the third person has a field of vision that is more immersive. This may sound strange, because you would think that a first person viewpoint would be the most immersive. However, in first person views, some opponents might be hidden from view behind small and detailed objects that do not block the third person view in the same way.

    This is demonstrated in the infographic shown, with the First Person Perspective Framing on the far left and Third Person Perspective Framing on the right. In the same way that a third person perspective allows you to look over barricades at incoming fire, it also provides a better view for some incoming fire that may have been blocked or impeded before (Buchan, Weimann et al.).

    But keep in mind that this is a double-edged sword, as opponents who previously had opportunities to fire upon you from cover will no longer be impeded by that cover; always make sure that you are not relying on cover that does not exist from the enemy’s point of view.

    What Are The Disadvantages of Playing In 3rd Person in Pubg?

    The disadvantages of playing in 3rd person in PUBG are low recoil, low difficulty, more vulnerable flanks, and more camping gameplay. Third-person perspective view gives players an unrealistic top-down view that is unnecessary when they can’t identify enemies who are hiding in grass or traveling in a motorcycle sidecar but can still see over a wall. Among different gaming communities and among game developers themselves, there are varying opinions on whether this is a true disadvantage.

    In the AMA session of Michael Wolf, Chief Executive Officer at Ninja in Pyjamas(a top-tier professional e-sports organization), a Twitter user known as HighGroundAha mentioned that despite having tried it also he was not a fan. From an advantage for themselves standpoint 1st person is more demanding and harder to play, while low ping first-person lobbies are much easier to play against.

    In the experience of professional player Aden Abdullahi of Slaughter Gang, that more casual players should try for themselves, 3rd person gameplay is more campy, slower to close-in, people play for circles more, and people can be overly aggressive if they’re playing against bad players.

    Here are further comments to make about the disadvantages of going third person in PUBG:


    Limited View of Character’s Body

    Your character’s body will be visible to you from a third-person perspective so long as you have the graphically more demanding “Ultra HD” graphics setting selected. In PUBG Mobile, you can use Third Person Perspective (TPP) in either Solo, Duo, or Squad modes via a simple radio button. To adjust the settings for third-person play on iOS go to settings > basic and adjust the scope and pick settings for third-person play on Android under Basic and scroll down to adjust the control settings.

    With third-person turned on, default when no weapon is in hand, tapping the eye button in the upper-right corner of the screen will allow you to watch yourself interacting with the game; the button must be held to continue if eye mode is manually controlled. This change in viewpoint is useful for seeing which way other gamers are looking when you believe they see you without actually trying to look around the wall, corner, or other structure.

    You may switch the character perspective back and forth between You, Eye, Third Person, and TPP by tapping on Rooftop with Z1 and waving your hand up or down with the finger.

    Vulnerability to Third Person Peeking

    The primary vulnerability to third person in PUBG is the potential for third person peeking. Peeking, in video games such as Multiplayer First Person Shooter (MFPS) games, is the act of moving out from behind an object to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent. Third person peeking is referring to the act of peeking while the camera is in third person mode. Because the camera is farther back, third person peeking does not require the player to expose their character model significantly.

    Less Immersive Gameplay

    Less immersive gameplay is the primary disadvantage of the third-person perspective. The game’s sense of reality diminishes as the player is no longer located within the inventory of the player’s in-game possession such as a player’s helmet (first-person view) or the corners and edges of walls, peninsulas, and the game’s non-first-person elements (third-person view). This will create a less tense atmosphere and cause players to stop feeling the need to hide from other players and then fortify their location through the game’s building mechanics (walls, ceilings, roofs, ramps, etc.).

    When players move through Fortnite’s open landscapes (especially as they dwindle in height and foliage density over time as the storm closes in) third-person perspective means the ability to spy ever-larger areas around and behind the player by increasing camera distance, increasing the likelihood of easily locating vehicles, firearms, melee equipment, and replacement materials to continue building which in the long run portrays more enjoyable and sustainable gameplay, but it means increased survival and anticipation abilities as well, rather than the continuous hunt for resources. The desire to maximize leaderboard scores may mean players get bored faster in third-person view and more frequently exit the game early when they believe their odds of winning have deteriorated.

    How To Master The 3rd Person View in Pubg?

    To master the 3rd person view in Pubg, players need to learn how to use it to their advantage and how to defend against others using it. To utilize 3rd person and have the upper hand, you need to master the following elements noticeably better than others. These include the following Fifa Gaming’s tips for 3rd person perspective:

    1. Crouching and Proning: Improve your crouching and proning skills to be better able to peep into corners and tall grass.
    2. Peek and Lean: Use the peek and lean features with the T, Q, R keys to see more around corners and shoot outside your cover range.
    3. Navigation: Make sharp and brisk movements in an irregular pattern to improve odds of not getting shot.
    4. Understanding Recoil: Learn to control weapon recoil, as the movements made on-screen in 3rd person are not actual movements.

    3rd person battleground view lorem ipsum. Peaking and leaning are typical 3rd person strategies

    The above elements of an attack and defense are not actually in the third person, however. That is the core principle of using the 3rd person perspective. As Fifa Gaming’s YouTube Channel shows, mastering these skills in actual gameplay requires much practice and adequate prep-time in the training ground. Furthermore, knowing how different weapon classes move and feel when firing and when under fire, and stances both enemy and friendly, will help in becoming adept at maneuvering and staying alive.

    Practice Camera Angles

    In PUBG, you can switch from first to third person view at any time. Outdoors, third-person perspective (TPP) view can be more helpful as it gives you more substantial information about your surroundings like who is hiding behind a wall, peeking stairs, or hiding outside the door. This gives you a tactical advantage, so don’t make yourself an easy target if you can gain some indirect intelligence on the enemy’s position.

    Make the camera switch as you approach buildings in case you need a close-up view. After initial scouting, players usually prefer first-person perspective (FPP) view when engaging the enemy in close combat indoors as it will provide a more precise angle of the target. The best third personish view settings for PUBG Mobile are a 95 vertical field of view and a 105 horizontal field of view.

    Utilize Cover and Camera Positioning

    In PUBG, standing or kneeling in the correct position is optimal for peeking around corners and foliage, as well as third-person visibility. This can help you peek around corners and find people in the third person. The map is very useful for tracking threats and settlement. Specifically the clocks displayed in the upper right corner, for example, you can report enemy tensions at 10 or 11 o’clock, or you might say “I’m moving to 7 o’clock to provide cover.” You activate the compass by pressing ‘K‘.

    The most common drill for maximizing PUBG’s third-person gameplay is to practice in first person, often by practicing scouting. Players quickly pop in and out of scouting while sprinting while scouting on an alt character and observe the whole battlefield cautiously and patiently. This is the only way for players to learn to pick out enemy snipers and confirm the location of building snipers. Everyone can reap the rewards and be more concentrated as everyone gets better, as the enemy can always come if there is more than one heading, which gives the thumb a little more movement and keeps things shifting when all opponents are acted upon at the same time. Thus, enemies are killed and frequent victories are achieved.

    Use Third Person Camera to Your Advantage

    The PUBG devs set up the Third Person perspective to help players survive better. It offers 180-degree vision not including cover, a larger field of view than a 1st person perspective, and less tunnel vision than a first person perspective in most situations (though it can be a detriment). Third Person lets you look around corners while still being under cover. You can find out if there’s anyone waiting for you or waiting for a moment when you don’t notice them. Additionally, if there is a FPP player aiming at a TPP player, the FPP player’s character’s head fully tilts down and exposes them. Avoid shooting at other TPP players that are behind trees or other objects, TPP players have an advantage if they are waiting to bait you by watching your approach. They don’t have to be exposed or vulnerable. When you’re fighting other Third Person perspective players, remember to peek the entire length of sharp corners and always try to aim upper body or neck. There is a higher chance of missing if you aim for the head with Third person perspective.

    What Are The Best Situations To Use 3rd Person in Pubg?

    The best situations to use 3rd person in PUBG are when doing ANY of the following.

    1. Checking corners before looting a building.
      • Doing so in first person would hide too many targets and potential threats off-screen.
    2. Looking around for enemies or enemies shooting without making yourself an easier target.
    3. Driving vehicles.
      • First person driving is overly visually restrictive and removing situational awareness when driving solo on open ground without cover.

    Third person in PUBG is very useful when peeking over walls and rocks with a wide-angle view, giving you maximal angles on targets with minimum exposure. Either standing on a wall to see what is on the other side without making yourself a target by minimizing upper body exposure and head-hiding, or crouching behind low rock walls or logging while firing down with just the head and scope reticle exposed.

    Third person in PUBG is useful for driving a vehicle that most people do not consider. Not only does it give an ideal angle of third person (near or far) for maintaining situational awareness of what is around the vehicle, but a quick switch to the wider angle panoramic view of controlling the camera with the mouse during particularly acute maneuvers or just to quickly check hiding angles makes it marginally better than first person driving.

    However, knee-jerk switching into it gains you very little advantage outside the few scenarios above.

    Close Range Combat

    In close range combat, if the enemy is hidden in a doorway, moving sideways to get better visibility or while throwing a grenade can benefit you. You will have better chances of grabbing the enemy or avoiding the enemy’s fire. After mentioned this scenario, this man recommends to use 3rd Person View frequently to check your blind spot. If you already know you have enemies on one side, you can glance at the other side to make sure no one is lurking there.

    YouTuber AndHeGames also plays around with 3rd person mode in the red zone. That way, he can make sure no sneaks attack him and lie low to avoid dying in the hostile environment.

    Against head camper midscreeners you should constantly practice and experiment with a variety of tricks and strategies. According to BattlegroundsRoyale, one way to change your gunfights for the better is to use the smoke very rarely, even in the preparation area in the lobby at the beginning of the game, then tap the screen after a headshot while the smoke is coming, if you place the shot on the head they are dead. According to the same source, use the snow bike on snow maps to get around enemies to steal their resources or ambush from other angles (see main lobby) may work for your advantage.

    Scouting and Reconnaissance

    The third person view in Pubg mobile can be used for scouting items and locations around you. This is especially useful when you are in a house. This is because the distance to some in-house items such as frying pans, guns, scopes might not be visible in the first person but can be spotted more easily in 3rd person. So I’d say it is an advantage to use 3rd person when scouting items in houses.

    Movement and Navigation

    Use W, A, S, and D or a joystick to move in third person mode. Take full advantage of TPS’s superior mobility and situational awareness. In particular, the third person external forward perspective lets you see near vertical obstructions significantly better than FPP. Use this perspective to determine if there are any nearby enemies waiting to ambush you and plan how you will navigate around them.

    What Are The Worst Situations To Use 3rd Person in Pubg?

    The worst situations to use 3rd person in PUBG are the ones that require aiming around obstacles, lying prone near cover, or shooting over cover without sticking the muzzle too far out. One mistake often made when using 3rd person in PUBG is players spending an excessive amount of time behind cover in 3rd person mode when they should switch to and be peeking in first person. The advantage of 3rd person becomes diminished when your back is up against a wall because your character model is more exposed than the field of view you get from looking around cover.

    Another mistake players make with 3rd person is lying prone in the middle of open ground or near areas where enemies could come from any direction. It is better to be in 1st person scoped in when lying prone and waiting for enemies as this minimizes your vulnerability to surprise attacks. Lying prone in 3rd person is better when directly behind cover but wanting to see what is on the other side. Standing too far away from cover while shooting in 3rd person is detrimental as an enemy may only see your character model’s face or shoulders, whereas in first person when you get right to the edge you do not make your character model more exposed, although your field of view is diminished.

    Long Range Combat

    To go into 3rd person mode in PUBG for long-range combat, you can go to over-the-shoulder (OTS) in order to retain some of the close-range maneuverability and awareness. OTS, combined with autolook to toggle between shoulder viewpoints when needed. Scout long-range locations of hiding opponents by exploring the environment and found foliage in uniform and using the increased visibility level of 3rd person mode to your advantage createre enemies early.

    Stealth and Sneaking

    In PUBG’s default 1st person perspective, players have better awareness of their surroundings and possess more secure shooting positions than those using the 3rd person perspective. This is because there is no possibility of someone sneaking up on you from behind when you are using this 1st person mode, and enemies cannot hide around corners without risk of being shot. This is advantageous particularly for those who are new to the game, or who do not play shooters often.

    When playing null mode, it is recommended to use listening tools, such as headphones with good stereo sound, for maximum stealth in public games.

    Engaging in CQC (Close Quarters Combat)

    Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is an important part of any Battle Royale game and even more so inside Modern Warfare maps, such as Warzone Boneyard. It is also a deadly time for players who are always in First Person Perspective (FPP). Having the Third Person Perspective (TPP) provides players with better visibility that is crucial in close quarters to defeat the foes. Do not underestimate the importance of CQC and practice it until you are comfortable. You will need to rapidly switch between first and third person during a tense situation. By doing it in non-stressful scenarios, you are reinforcing the skill that will come out during a high-pressure scenario.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Go Into 3rd Person in Pubg?

    To go into 3rd person mode in Pubg, simply press the ‘V’ key on your keyboard.

    Can I change the keybind for 3rd person view in Pubg?

    Yes, you can change the keybind for 3rd person view in Pubg by going to the game’s settings and selecting the ‘Controls’ tab.

    Is there a way to lock into 3rd person view in Pubg?

    Yes, you can lock into 3rd person view in Pubg by clicking and holding the ‘V’ key on your keyboard.

    How do I switch to 3rd person view while driving a vehicle in Pubg?

    To switch to 3rd person view while driving a vehicle in Pubg, press the ‘F’ key on your keyboard.

    What is the advantage of using 3rd person view in Pubg?

    3rd person view in Pubg allows players to have a wider field of vision and better situational awareness, making it easier to spot enemies and avoid being ambushed.

    Can I disable 3rd person view in Pubg?

    No, 3rd person view is a core feature of Pubg and cannot be disabled. However, you can choose to play in 1st person only mode if you prefer a more challenging gameplay experience.

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