Unlock M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Pubg Mobile player looking to enhance your gaming experience with the coveted M24 skin?

We will explore the various methods to obtain the M24 skin in Pubg Mobile, including purchasing from the in-game store, participating in events, and redeeming codes.

Find out the benefits of having the M24 skin, such as improved aesthetics and increased weapon stats.

We will discuss whether it is worth getting the M24 skin and explore alternative ways to acquire it. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are multiple ways to obtain M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile, such as purchasing it from the in-game store, participating in events, or redeeming codes.
  • Having an M24 Skin not only improves the aesthetics of the weapon, but also increases its stats.
  • Ultimately, whether it is worth it to get the M24 Skin depends on personal preference and its impact on gameplay. Alternatives to obtaining the skin include using skins from crate openings or trading with other players.

What is M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile?

The M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Pubg Mobile that can only be found in airdrops and fires 7.62mm caliber. In real life, the M24 is the military and police version of the Remington 700 and Model 40-XR rifles. An M24 skin in Pubg Mobile is a cosmetic cover to alter the design of the weapon. M24 skinned weapons do not provide any further advantages, as weapon rewards in Pubg Mobile are purely ornamental and have no performance benefits.

How to Obtain M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile?

The Pubg Mobile M24 skin is obtained either through opening Gun Goddess Crates or through the Lucky Spin in the Events section of the game. Gun Goddess Crates can be purchased with UC Cash. The time-limited Miramar 2.0 Random Mode event mode often offers Gun Goddess Crates as reward points for winning matches. The event mode loosens the competition standards, making it a satisfactory way to obtain crates for those who would like one without spending real money. As with the Event mode of any game, this is subject to receiving different rewards from the crates, and there is never a guarantee that it would award the M24 Lucky Star. There is no way to preview the reward probabilities of a crate before purchasing it. There is no other way to obtain the Pubg Mobile M24 skin outside of purchasing Gun Goddess Crates in myriad ways and hoping luck will grant you 100 Lucky Stars.

Purchase from In-Game Store

To get the M24 skin in PUBG Mobile, you can simply purchase it from the in-game store for 120 UC. UC, or Unknown Cash, is the in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile as an exchange medium for most in-game cosmetic items. Players can purchase UC with their money and then make in-game purchases to personalize the appearance of their characters or weapons. The cost in UC to get the M24 skin in PUBG Mobile is 120 UC.

In the PUBG in-game store, players can purchase almost all types of in-game cosmetic items, including gun skins, player costumes, parachute skins, and other small cosmetic add-ons, new equipment, or any sort of weapons that can help in improving the style and appearance of the character in the game. The M24 skin is simply a cosmetic upgrade for the weapon, giving it a more impressive look.

Participate in In-Game Events

Participate in in-game events that Tencent rolls out in PUBG Mobile. There are in-game events almost every week like the Lucky Spin Event, Redeem System Event, Clan Training Camp Event, and 2gether We Play Voice Chat Activation Event. Most of the time in-game partners and Tencent’s support partner such as Discord, whomever you choose there is usually a piece or two of M24 skins floating around. Partner apps each have their own rewards, and some of those are M24 skins.

Example of Lucky Spin event: The PUBG Mobile’s new ‘Lucky Shop’ that rewards players with a limited amount of rare pubg skins (as well as BP coins and crates) when you spin to redeem items that are part of in-game events that PUBG Mobile is hosting.

Example of Affiliate Partnerships: If you have yet to select or link up with a partner app for PUBG Mobile, our friends at MiniClip gaming have a number of M24 sniper skins available that are perfect for PUBG mobile. They offer 8-bit themed PUBG armor and helmets and lynx with 4 different colored weapon skins for varying weapon types for PUBG mobile. Although we’re working on getting you the PUBG Mobile skin codes, you can visit the mini clip gaming website for more information here.

If there is an in-game event supporting this, Tencent will usually tweet this out and promote the offering in at least one of the pubg community channels.

Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are special codes that PUBG Mobile’s developers KRAFTON, Inc. often publish on their official streams, social media channels, and websites. These codes can only be used for a limited time and can enable players to acquire rare accessories, like weapon skins or clothing, for free.

Players can redeem these codes on the PUBG Mobile website by simply entering their game ID, working the verification code, and submitting. Codes are often just numbers and letters, like G8LKEMAJ, and must be entered exactly. Assuming players already linked their accounts, the redeemed items will go to their in-game mailbox. Redeem codes with a relatively high chance of success are those from PUBG Mobile’s official social media outlets, KRAFTON’s official Youtube channel, and websites, or those from the YouTube channels or streams of PUBG Mobile’s official partners.

There is no known redeem code at the moment that grants the M24 skin.

What are the Benefits of Having M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile?

The main benefit of having an M24 skin in PUBG Mobile is that there are unique features attached to the gun in terms of stats and outlook. M24 guns have lower recoil levels compared to other sniper weapons, and are considered to be the second-best bolt-action rifles in terms of damaging opponents. Unique features are not relevant for the Midnight Wolf or Aurora Pulse variations of the M24 since they are merely cosmetic and offer no statistical advantages.

There are 20 different M24 skins in PUBG, and they all provide different statistical advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. But the following M24 skins have the best percentage-based abilities.

  1. Golden Dragon M24 – This Mythical outfit allows 40% less weapon kicks and sway when shooting compared to the default weapon
  2. Arctic Blade M24 – This Epic outfit allows 16% less weapon kicks and sway when shooting compared to the default weapon
  3. Moonshiner M24 – This Legendary outfit increases bullet damage by 1 point compared to the default weapon and allows 10% less weapon kicks and sway when shooting

Scroll down to the benefits of having an M24 skin in Battle Royale section to see the mentioned M24s expected percentage damage output based on actual weapon stats. Non-unique M24 weapon skins do not provide any direct benefit other than looking cool and helping PUBG Mobile gamers distinguish themselves. You can find the Cheetah M24, Fushcia, or all black M24 in PUBG which provide nice color options for players who already have their favorite weapons with small controlled recoils.

Improved Aesthetics

PUBG Mobile’s M24 is unique because it is the only weapon with a unique finish. When transferred from PUBG Mobile to PUBG New State players found it was removed. However, if it returns from New State it will also be the only weapon to have been its own reward challenge to a limited audience. This is the reason it was given away. This instantly made it rarer than any other unique finish on weapons, and the only unique finish which is not a royal pass mission reward at all.

PUBG players can contact PUBG’s parent corporation Krafton and request they reinstate the M24 as a unique finish weapon. They cannot reinstate the M24 challenge that allows for such ownership of it to be given out to users, but they can give out specific forms of ownership which would continue the effect of it having become such a unique weapon in 2023.

Increased Weapon Stats

If a rifle skin is exclusive and costs real money in pubg mobile, it frequently means the rifle is given slightly upgraded attributes to justify its high cost. Whether or not a particular weapon skin is rare depends on your server and player group. Only a minority of players upgrading early and paying the price can predict which skins will become the most coveted. Will M24 Royale pass Gun Lab (Vikendi Airdrop)? If it does, the gun will be able to deal more damage at a longer range? Will the upgraded skin for Dhamaka Mini Uzi? is popular because it gives slightly more control to players familiar with the Uzi’s unique pattern.

Is it Worth it to Get M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile?

It is worth it to get the M24 Skin in PUBG Mobile as it is nearly as powerful as the AWM and is a sought-after gun by many in the PUBG Mobile community. Though the availability of the skin by weapon finishes may be limited, the gun itself can be looted in various maps of the game especially in Vikendi and Sanhok.

The gun is effective in medium to long-range combat as it has a maximum power of 105 damage in a single hit except for damage for the head which is 261. The only gun in PUBG Mobile which is more powerful is the AWM. This high damage lets players kill enemies in one or two shots and unless the opponents are armored, they will be killed. Most players feel the M24 is easier to use and adapt to as compared to the AWM so overall it is a decent bolt-action alternative.

Personal Preference

The first step to acquiring the M24 Skin in PUBG Mobile is developing your personal preference for when to use the M24. The M24 is a very rare crate weapon in the game and has the highest firing rate of any bolt-action weapon available in any form of PUBG Mobile with 0.5 seconds between shots. Despite its slower operational firing rate (time between shots) compared to the Kar98K, many contend that the M24 is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile given its larger damage value and somewhat firmer bullet velocity.

Start by changing the firing mode of your M24 to see if you prefer a single shot or a bolt-action. Use the rare drop weapon, the M24, in suitable situations and changing settings to see what you like best.

Impact on Gameplay

There is no impact of the M24 Glacier skin on gameplay as it has the same stats in Pubg Mobile as the stock (non-skin) version. This is because it is purely cosmetic, aside from any psychological or strategic benefit it might offer.

As a bolt-action rifle, the M24 fires more slowly than other types of rifles such as the 4x M416, and has a relatively low magazine capacity of 5 rounds (7 when using the Extended Mag attachment), so accuracy is key. This is something players have noted the Glacier skin can sometimes improve as it offers some psychological benefits of standing out more in certain environments on the Erangel map.

Are There any Alternatives to Obtaining M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile?

There are certainly alternatives to obtaining the M24 skin in PUBG Mobile most of which entail earning results in-game. Chicken Dinners and killing opponents are the most on-the-ground methods to earn skin allowances. Alternatively, spending UC to open premium create crates will generate opportunities for getting rare skins. Occasionally, periodic draws, events, and tasks will make rare skins (in this case, the coveted M24 royal camo skins) available as prizes.

Using Skins from Crate Openings

Skull Skin number three is a popular M24 gun skin in PUBG Mobile. It can be received by opening Maxed Classic Crates. This creates a demand for opening crates. Beautiful M24 skins such as the Barbarian M24-2 skin and Dragon Hunter M24-3 skin can only be acquired by continuously opening crates. Nonetheless, known item probabilities for classic animated category prize pools do not exist as of February 2022. Ongoing use of crates can be expensive and may not result in valuable skins.

Trading with Other Players

Another way to obtain a PUBG M24 skin might be to find someone who is willing to trade their skin with you. The process of trading allows you to switch from one item or skin to another item or skin with another player. Trading is allowed in many online games these days but is not yet an option on PUBG Mobile. If a trading feature were to one day be made available we might see some of these skins trading for equivalent or even higher value items.


The M24 skin in PUBG Mobile Battlefield Miramar is not available since the end of Season 12, but you can look for the M24 skin to be given out as a crate item again in future seasons. You can potentially get the M24 gun skin in PUBG Mobile in different ways including purchasing from the Shop, the PUBG Mobile Seasonal Pass, Redeeming in the Bonus Challenge Mode, and redeem from the Supply Crate. Look for the M24 to return in up to seven different colourful options which have been available in previous seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get M24 Skin in Pubg Mobile?

1) How can I obtain the M24 skin in Pubg Mobile? You can get the M24 skin in Pubg Mobile by purchasing it from the in-game shop, acquiring it through limited-time events or promotions, or by opening crates with UC.

What is the best way to get the M24 skin in Pubg Mobile? The most reliable way to obtain the M24 skin in Pubg Mobile is by purchasing it from the in-game shop. This ensures that you will receive the skin without relying on luck or limited-time events.

Are there any free methods to get the M24 skin in Pubg Mobile? Yes, occasionally there may be free events or promotions that offer the M24 skin as a reward. However, these are usually limited-time and require completing certain tasks or challenges.

Can I trade or exchange M24 skins with other players in Pubg Mobile? Currently, there is no option to trade or exchange skins with other players in Pubg Mobile. Each player must obtain their own M24 skin through the methods mentioned above.

What are some tips for increasing my chances of getting the M24 skin in crates? Crates are a luck-based method of obtaining the M24 skin. To increase your chances, it is recommended to save up UC and purchase a large number of crates at once, rather than opening them individually.

Is it safe to purchase M24 skins from third-party sellers in Pubg Mobile? It is not recommended to purchase M24 skins from third-party sellers as it is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban. Stick to purchasing skins from the official in-game shop for guaranteed safety.

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