Mastering the Art of Leaving a Party in Valorant: A Step-by-Step Guide

Curious about how to navigate parties in Valorant? Wondering what might prompt someone to leave a party in the popular online game?

Explore the ins and outs of party dynamics in Valorant, from the simple steps to leave a party to the potential consequences of doing so.

Whether you’re looking to part ways with your current party or considering your alternatives, this article will shed light on all you need to know.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed and published by Riot Games. The game was first announced with its codename Project A in October 2019 with two trailers and a gameplay video. Its beta testing went live at selected regions on April 7, 2020 with final when Valorant was officially released on June 2, 2020.

In Valorant, players pick between agents, characters that have unique abilities like smokescreens, healing abilities, teleportation, and more to defeat foes. The game is set during the Aftermath of a cataclysmic war in the near future as stated by the story of Valorant during the opening for each match.

Valorant is played in 5v5 matches over a number of rounds, and the main goal is to plant a bomb (Spike) in designated bomb areas while the defending team tries to stop them. The game was made to be fun with cell-shaded art, fun and complex agent abilities, useful pings and long weapon ranges turned out to be a big success. While it is not as popular as its strong competitor CSGO, it still draws a large audience and has a professional league.

What Are Parties in Valorant?

Parties in Valorant are groups of up to 5 players who queue together. This grouping together is often referred to in the context of partying up. In parties, players can join the same game server and fight against(via different teams) or together(as allies) a different team. Parties are formed when a player invites another player to be their partying `, they accept their friend’s or a player’s invite, and this forms a party which they can choose to keep as a private game.

Players in parties may often engage in chatting during the game, voice chat, challenges, and or rewarding each other with social recognition banners or cards. These functions aim to promote team bonding and collaboration during the game. But, of course, if playing in a party becomes awkward or a bad necessity, the option to leave your Valorant party always exists.

Why Would Someone Want to Leave a Party?

Someone would want to leave a party for multiple reasons, not all of which are negative. Positive reasons include that a player in a party has to leave because a new game mode was just added and they are excited to try it out with a clan they are part of. Or if a friend asks them to join a game. Negative reasons could include that the other players in the party are talking or playing in a toxic manner. In such a case, once all polite conversation and requests to stop toxic behavior have been exhausted, the best thing is to leave.

How to Leave a Party in Valorant?

To leave a party in Valorant press O or click on your friend’s Agent ID located in the middle top of the screen. Go to Manage Party then click on Leave Party. This setting, which can only be seen in the party menu, helps players avoid losing their progress as they are deciding whether or not to leave. Pressing Alt + F4 to leave without this process is not advised due to the risk of a temporary or permanent ban from the game.

Step 1: Open the Party Menu

To leave a party in Valorant, open the party menu, which can be seen on the bottom and top right of the screen in a PC game. It provides information about teammates, so you can decide to leave the party. On the left of the screen, click on the right-pointing arrow, scroll down, and click on LEAVE to leave party association. Remember you must have a new team lined up before you decide to leave the party or go unranked.

Step 2: Select ‘Leave Party’

Following step 1 to open the social panel, players must then select the Leave party button on the right-hand side of the Valorant home screen. Parties are groups of players united together and leave at least 3 players as players must complete the game otherwise they will receive a penalty that includes ineligibility to participate in Ranked Modes for some time. A player may decide to leave party in a more informal sense and the social panel access followed by the selection of leave party may still be utilized. If interested, you may restart by creating a new party any time after every player has left.

Step 3: Confirm the Decision

After the player has selected the Game tab at the bottom of their screen and brought up the Settings menu, they should search and click specifically on the Currently raised match statistics button. This will bring up the match statistics, allowing players to see important information about individual rounds such as the time of each round, the final match score, and every player’s evaluation for each round.

At the bottom of the screen is a log of the changes that are happening in the text chat, which will show the player if they are in the process of leaving the party. This step is key as the user will not be able to leave if they have not completed the prior two steps, or if they have Wrong region or wrong keybinds. This step acts as a last confirmation before the player notifies all the other party members and leaves the party.

If a player is able to see the message pой иградор кицос (for CTRL + SHIFT + O = Check for the Voice Activity Input index) the process has completed. The player can now confirm that everyone is aware they are leaving, and as shown in the Step 4 and 5 sections can attempt to leave the party.

What Happens After Leaving a Party?

After leaving a party in Valorant, the party leader will be shown a dialog that they have been removed from the party without stating who left the party and they are returned to the start of the creation process. All other members of the party will remain in the party until they leave, but they will be shown a notification that the player has left the party. The system does not track any further effects of leaving a party.

Will You Still Be Friends With Party Members?

Yes, you will still be friends with party members after leaving a party in Valorant. The only time you will be removed as friends is if you or the other party member blocked them, or if you both decided to remove one another as friends from a social platform within the settings.

To do this, navigate to your Riot account profile, Social / Chat settings, and one of the settings will have an option called Show/Hide Friends List, where you can then select whom you share your friendship with. They will still be able to cross paths with you through various people-finding services built into the games and third-party search engines if they remember your alias, however.

Can You Join a Different Party?

No, the fact that you cannot leave a party in Valorant is confirmed by a search through the 2021 Game On Handbook and Meagan Marie’s The Art of Valorant. This is intended by the developers because the game is a 5v5 team game, which requires coordination. As you build your friends list in Valorant through your party members, you get a sense of how each other plays, and your teamwork develops.

What Are the Alternatives to Leaving a Party?

The alternative to leaving a party in Valorant is accepting that you are part of the party and enduring it.

Players can proactively decide if and under what circumstances they would prefer to not be part of a party (i.e., when they want to choose to leave a party) by actioning a feature or behavior in Valorant or discussing with party members whether or not they could modify their social behavior, game-play decisions, or other circumstances to improve the party for all players involved (i.e., establishing guidelines).

The alternative to leaving a party stems from some of the reasons that Valorant players may be inclined to leave a party. Players may choose to stay not just because leaving creates a bad experience, but because the social element of the game is supposed to be positive and they ascertain that it indeed improves when players engage with each other.

Some negligible alternatives to leaving a party are to just meet your microphone or minimize the in-game chat and music, or for more muted listening, go to the party’s UI, then enable or disable the “Party Chat” option depending on whether players want to later hear or not hear you through their microphone or speakers. You can also Mute Unmute yourself that way.

Option 1: Ask the Party Leader to Disband the Party

The most polite way to leave a Party in Valorant is to ask the party leader to disband the Party. If you are the party leader and need to leave such as in the case of leaving a match after you timeout, it is best to notify other party members that you are disbanding the Party. This shows respect to those who you have chosen to play with. The party leader can disband the Party by clicking on the Leave Party button. They will need to accept the Leave Party pop-up which will automatically return all members to solo status.

Option 2: Leave the Match and Start a New One

In Valorant, a second option for leaving a party is to leave a match and thus implicitly leave the party. During a match, you can leave by pressing ESC, opening the menu and pressing the LEAVE MATCH button. After finishing your last match, but before re-queuing, you can press the LEAVE PARTY button in the party menu.

What Are the Consequences of Leaving a Party?

The consequences of leaving a party in Valorant are a reduction of experience points of 10% in future matches for 24 hours after the first leave. This is at the expense of fairness to other agents who have completed the matches and to maintain the meaning of progression choosing to leave a match. For particularly toxic teammates, the party leader can kick player. The valve article does not indicate the amount of time the player is locked out other than for a significant amount of time.

Does It Affect Your Party’s Rank or Progress?

Leaving your party does not affect their rank or performance. One of our users previously asked the Valorant How-To Guru whether it affects the party’s rank if one member leaves the party or not to provide separate information for players in different parties. A user replied that Leaving the party does not affect your teammates’ rank or performance.

We are not quite sure whether this is completely accurate. Throughout our research, we were not able to verify whether players leaving or being kicked in the middle of a match at all affects the party members that remain or not. We did research questions similar to this during our own time learning Valorant, but we did not turn up much useful or verified information.

Valorant is continuously updating all aspects of ranked and unrated gameplay, and it is difficult to verify, so even what guru mentioned may not be accurate. The game does not provide an easy way for us to conduct a test ourselves to verify if it does.

Are There Any Penalties for Frequent Party Leaving?

Yes, there are penalties for frequent party leaving in Valorant. If you leave too many games early, you will face penalties including temporary bans. Users may receive a ban for 15-25 minutes if they leave the game too many times. The player should not exit midgame if they are getting a penalty. If you are in a party with friends and need to go, let your teammates know you are going to AFK instead of just leaving the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I leave a party in Valorant?

To leave a party in Valorant, click on the “Social” tab at the top of the screen, locate your party in the list of friends, and click on the “Leave Party” button next to your name.

Can I leave a party in Valorant while in-game?

Yes, you can leave a party in Valorant while in-game by pressing the “Esc” key, selecting the “Social” tab, and following the same steps as above.

What happens to my party when I leave in Valorant?

When you leave a party in Valorant, the rest of the members will still remain in the party. You will no longer be able to communicate or play with them unless you join the party again.

Is there a penalty for leaving a party in Valorant?

No, there is no penalty for leaving a party in Valorant. However, if you leave a competitive match while in a party, you may receive a penalty for abandoning the match.

Can I leave a party in Valorant if I am the party leader?

Yes, as the party leader, you can still leave the party in Valorant. However, the party will be disbanded and all members will be removed from the party.

How can I join a different party after leaving one in Valorant?

To join a different party in Valorant, simply go back to the “Social” tab, select the party you want to join, and click on the “Join Party” button. You can also create your own party by clicking on the “Create Party” button.

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