Mastering Inventory Management in Minecraft Aternos: Tips and Tricks

Struggling to keep your inventory organized in Minecraft Aternos?

Managing items efficiently is crucial for a smooth gaming experience.

We explore what Minecraft Aternos is and why inventory management is important.

Discover how to access and organize your inventory effectively using chests, item frames, and shulker boxes.

Find tips on sorting, tracking, and maximizing inventory space to level up your inventory management skills!

Key Takeaways:

  • Efficient inventory management is crucial in Minecraft Aternos to optimize gameplay and organization.
  • Utilize storage options like chests, item frames, and shulker boxes to keep inventory organized and accessible.
  • To maximize storage space, use sorting systems, inventory management mods, and regularly declutter unnecessary items.

What is Minecraft Aternos?

Minecaft Aternos is a Minecraft Account Provider that hosts games for up to 20 users. It is a free alternative to many of the popular pay-to-play Minecraft server providers. The service was created to allow small groups of friends to play the game together without having to rent a dedicated private server.

Minecraft players who play on Aternos and hosts who utilize their services get the game they would expect on single player. The Aternos server software is able to load regular Minecraft worlds and modifies specific settings to make it faster and simpler.

Why is Inventory Management Important in Minecraft Aternos?

Inventory management is important in Minecraft Aternos for optimum storage of important materials and for keeping track of the items a player has access to. It is important to manage inventory even for items that players can access because over time they become scattered and are easily lost if not stored properly. With the scarcity of items in survival and adventure gameplay modes, even the smallest amounts of vital resources can be invaluable. Keeping track of items by organizing the inventory allows players to know exactly what they have available and in what quantities, meaning they can make informed decisions when using these items to accomplish their building and crafting goals. Moreover, many containers that players store items in, like Shulker boxes or Ender chests, maintain their contents when destroyed and allow for easy removal of their items.

The main loss of progress occurs when a player loses an item that they don’t regain. The most common early examples are iron and diamonds. Iron is a key mid-tier ore that enables difficult tasks such as defeating enemies. According to a study by Octopus and Son’s Minecraft Survival Challenge, even a trained player performing a consistent speedrun while attempting to complete the impossible task of winning without mining, could never beat Minecraft without losing iron they mined at some point. Regardless of their playing style or goals, players will benefit a lot from never losing any of their iron or diamond ores. Maximizing available storage, and keeping ones’ storage and containers organized and clear, greatly reduces the likelihood of losing these resources. So in the management process, players should actively utilize and amplify these key goals which are to organize storage well, keep clear containers, and use up all attained materials before pursuing more.

How to Access Inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

Players can access the inventory in Minecraft Aternos in creative mode at any time. Access the inventory by pressing the E key on the keyboard. This is a set of slots that carries up to 36 blocks or items that you can move around. It also provides a player interface to manage items in the player’s hand and armor slots.

The Aternos inventory also allows players to select and drop any number of blocks or items at are carried in the inventory. When an item from the inventory is held in the main and off-hand slots, press the 1-9 hotbar key to quickly move to that particular item. Use the 1-4 and Q keys on the keyboard to move an item from the main hand / offhand to the inventory or vice versa.

The inventory provides players with Creative / Survival mode options. Players in Creative mode use the inventory to collect an unlimited amount of blocks or items and they can shift those items to quickly build items or structures. They use the inventory to quickly access items for construction. Players in Survival mode will use the inventory to carry items that can be used to craft tools utilized for survival in the game.

How to Organize Your Inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

Organize your inventory in Minecraft Aternos by using both restricted and loose tags, easily accessible hand, chest and other personal inventories, and by assigning each item blocks in which to reside. Using both restricted and loose tags on items is helpful because you are prompted to group similarly tagged items and it makes them easier to retrieve. The NotEnoughItems mod allows players to see recipes for any item in the game by searching for them and can be useful for managing Minecraft storage space. When you open your inventory, click the right mouse button on an item to view what can be done with it.

Use Chests for Storage

Minecraft Aternos inventory can be kept by using chests for storage. Just like on regular Minecraft servers, players can create and set up item storage chests with hoppers connected to them, Crafter Blocks to set up autocrafting benches. Along with this, they can make Bonsai pots to create excess resources such as Aper Trees. Using Tinkers Construct smelters can allow players to create beyond the usual Minecraft blocks.

Use Item Frames for Display

Item Frames can display any block and are often used as decorative blocks to make a wall or hallway more interesting to the eye. They are also a useful and semi-secure way to notate specific chests with large categories of items.

To notate a Cave Explorer Chest with Items to Leave Behind in the chest, for example, you could destroy two signs and use the following math to place items or items to create more visual illustrations for Discoveries, Potions, and Tools.

  1. 2 × Redstone Dust
  2. 2 × Apples
  3. 2 × Monster Eggs
  4. 2 × Iron Ore
  5. 2 × Lava Bucket (replace with a Cod or other easily caught fish for flammable environments)
  6. 2 × Water Bucket
  7. 2 × Torches
  8. 2 × Redstone Blocks
  9. 2 × Chests
  10. 2 × TNT
  11. 2 × Gold Ore
  12. 2 × Obsidian
  13. 2 × Milk Buckets
  14. 2 × Cobwebs
  15. 2 × Planks
  16. 2 × Books
  17. 2 × Sticks
  18. 2 × Feathers
  19. 594 × Anvil
  20. 2 × Iron Bars
  21. 2 × Lead

Rachel’s design is simple and effective for assisting with quick access and rapid restocking of a logistic chest.

Chris’ design is fun and efficient helping to quickly show off the materials added to a chest. Note that Chris labels both slots so that whether the inventory is half- or fully-restocked, one side will clearly show the title of the chest the items are added to. Multiple Item Frames with similar designs can be used to keep track of larger chests, or placed on more than one side of the chest for ease of viewing. Most chest designs will require rearranging the pre-modified inventory. Items might be shifted to decrease or increase space, but the top to bottom will be as the chest was first opened. Non-Chest Item Frame Example Arranged Inventory

  • Empty slot
  • Gray Concrete
  • Position 1 written in an Anvil
  • Position 1 Enchanted Book
  • Gray Concrete
  • Red Concrete
  • Position 2 Name Tag
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Gray Concrete
  • Green Concrete
  • Position 3 written in an Anvil
  • Position 3 Leather Cap
  • Gray Concrete
  • Blue Concrete
  • Position 4 written in an Enchanted Book
  • Stone Hoe
  • Gray Concrete
  • Purple Concrete
  • Pink Concrete
  • White Concrete
  • Brown Concrete
  • Black Concrete
  • Yellow Concrete
  • Red Sand
  • Gravel
  • Sandstone
  • Sand

Non-Chest Item Frame Example Guide

  • Captains Store Items
  • Items to fill in Captain’s Store Category from Empty
  • Exploration Items
  • Items to Fill the Exploration Slot from Position 1 to 4(Jurassic Park visitor center costumes)
  • Decoration Items
  • Engineering Items
  • Items to Fill Engineering Slot from Position 1 to 4
  • Agriculture Items
  • Items to Fill Agriculture Slot from Position 1 to 4


Inventory in item frames allows control over appearance and increases the space available on a single block. How to Keep Inventory in Item Frames Set Up and Benefits This type of inventory item is useful for allowing more compact use of space than chests, conveyors, or picture frames and allows more control than block clusters. [Space Friendly] How to Keep Inventory in Minecraft

Item frames can display any block and are often used as decorative blocks to make a wall or hallway more interesting to the eye. They are also a useful and semi-secure way to notate specific chests with large categories of items.

Grid-like designs of a variety of items organized according to category, arranged based on frequency or helpfulness of use, or showing frequency and level of restock all have their place throughout the Aternos chests. Among the many possible uses, a Father Andrews Item Frames Configuration would assist in gathering and readying materials for members occasional serene meeting at church. A Ralph’s Exploration Item Frames Configuration would make advanced preparation of a variety of resources to leave behind for the axiom that “exploration begets discovery” more efficient.

Numbers for Quantity Control

Coltror’s configuration using names of items and Dutchfactory quantities encourages creating specific inventory groups of items that are historically or statistically rare. A less functional yet entertaining example is the Johnny Appleseed Item Frames Configuration which helps players remember good moments of life.



  1. Arbitrary spot for including item nomenclature with a design or logo that doesn’t exist in the main item to show what is in the chest.
  2. Secure place to add items that serve as auxiliary labels to quickly understand what the main inventory is, such as cobwebs and pole handles creating shelving, or torches symbolizing light.
  3. Addition of items as a means of the transfer or application for the storage process.


  1. Takes up a larger area than just adding several similar blocks within a chest because there is space between items to prevent overlap.
  2. More steps required to design unique blocks. Copy-pasting can speed the process if you have the preview feature available to spot irregularities or non-necessities that were not part of the basic scheme.
  3. There can be less aesthetic appeal if a rare block type was mass-added into the default appearance.

Configuring the Number of Item Frames

How many: Many. One per item or group of identical items. Or one or two visual pages per category.

Time to Set Up: Low. Copy-pasting is available. Coding a page once item images are available for a library can take a while.


Inventory in item frames allows control over appearance and increases the space on a block. How to Keep Inventory in Item Frames Set Up and Benefits

This type of inventory item is useful for allowing more compact use of space than chests, conveyors, or picture frames and more control than block clusters.

Grider’s Job-Lock Chest Configuration uses written anvils to show quantity expectation on all the restrictions, causing usage to follow an orderly progression. Anvils with input such as quantity or enchantment look similar to actual production items that will be stored in the chest, though some items or arrangements would likely be rearranged to meet the 8-slot architectural requirements of his setup.

Use Shulker Boxes for Portable Storage

Shulker boxes are a great way to provide portable storage for inventory items. Shulker boxes are stackable blocks which can hold up to 27 stacks of items. They are particularly useful for storing items where taking more than one at a time may be required. Because the content stays within the box when broken, they are easy to retrieve and move with their contents intact.

To create a shulker box in Minecraft, players need to kill a shulker and then use 2 empty chests and 1 shulker shell. Once you have a shulker box, you can change the color of the box by combining it with a dye of the desired color.

How to Sort Your Inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

You cannot sort inventory in Minecraft Aternos. Aternos is a server management service that hosts Minecraft game servers, which obey the same passive control rules as playing single-player Minecraft on your own device. There are no specific mods or plugins for sorting inventory in Aternos, and as such only the built-in game behavior regarding inventory sorting applies. The only way to sort items is to pick them up and then drop them back in the slot you want them in. To make this process easier if many items will move to the same spot, organize so the item you want to move is on the last available slot in the worst possible order for it, and all other items are on low quantity numbers.

Use Sorting Systems with Hoppers

In Minecraft on Aternos, hoppers are the primary blocks for automating the distribution of items in your inventory. Develop a simple sorting system consisting of a series of hoppers that redirect items based on a specific property of the item. This can be the material the item is made from, the number of items, or any other property.

Create a dropper elevator to send the item to the surface of the sorting system. Add water to direct items to the corresponding chest, or push them into lava to destroy items not wanted. You can use redstone machines to make the system more complex if desired. While there are many different methods available, the simplest demonstrates the filtering process and the use of campfires to split two potential routes between the same hoppers. This simple sorting system is particularly useful for when you are starting off with automation.

Use Item Filters for Specific Items

In large chests, utilizing item filters is the quickest way so specific, less used items remain organized. Filtered item dispensers also allow you to accurately trade with villagers. When an item is gathered or supplied by a hopper in your Aternos server (for example in raid farms), additional redstone components can be used to sort and deliver it to the correct container, even dropping excess items in a cactus shredder.

How to Keep Track of Your Inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

To keep track of your inventory in Minecraft Aternos, ensure to set the game mode to Adventure mode (mode 2). This will deny you access to your inventory, ensuring that it remains as is. To exit Adventure mode on Aternos, type /gamemode 1 in the command line. Then, to rectify the lack of files, type /gamerule keepinventory true. This will keep your inventory so that it is not cleared when exiting Adventure mode. There are no ways to access inventory files in Aternos from the user panel or drop-downs, nor can they be in other game modes without downloading a mod. Time intervals in Aternos for saving storage and keeping your inventory as is range from 30 seconds to unlimited. The default is 2 minutes.

Use Inventory Management Mods

Modded servers allow inventories in Minecraft Aternos to be quickly increased and give players more features. Players can use different mods to increase storage space such as Applied Energistics 2, and Simple Storage Network.

Applied Energistics 2 is a modification focused on storage and automation. It offers ways to create complex automation for sorting and storing items, as well as a series of unique machines for creating different items.

Simple Storage Network (SSN) is designed to simplify item management and storage. It adds different nodes which are used to store and manage items with various functions. It includes storage filters for sorting, autosetup for easy item transfer between chests, and distribution channels for large networks.

Read more ways to increase inventory in Modded Minecraft Aternos servers.

Label Chests and Shulker Boxes

Label all chests and shulker boxes to help find resources more easily. The most self-explanatory method is using signs, and in-grid labeling using item frames and solid blocks ensures headings can be seen along with a small inventory of the items contained. Whiteboards mod provides in-grid labeling which is relatively simple compared to the process to hand-make item labels.

What are Some Tips for Managing Inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

The most important tips for managing inventory in Minecraft Aternos are to:

  1. Light up your base to reduce mob spawns
  2. Use an auto-sorting system for bulk storage in larger bases and create storage rooms with signs and item frame labels so you can quickly go to the chest they are stored in
  3. Keep minimal items with you on your explorations so that you can pick up items you find in your travels
  4. Sort your inventory whenever you add new items, like the row four columns up show the before and after of picking up a few new items and organizes them
  5. Have all types of equipment in your hand stored in different locations to easily swap them out

Minecraft Aternos houses should ensure each environment follows these practices to assure everything is easy to identification and all items are safely stored and reachable. Keeping your inventory clean, removing the ‘junk’ from your active inventory during explorations, and keeping all quantities of stacked items the same can make a key difference in efficiency and productivity, as well as making the game more fun and easy to play.

Keep Similar Items Together

Aternos recommends keeping similar items from Minecraft together in your inventory to have efficient access to what you need. Similar items in Minecraft are generally either of the same nature, such as types of food, or items that are related in the ways they are used within the game. Aternos uses a uniform organization of its loaded items adding further ease of handling and faster lookups in chests and against the Item Database Calculators. Viewing the organization through either the Enchanted Books or the Mining category, both of them have mapped the inventory in a nearly identical way. The purposes these represent allow easy simultaneous visual browsing in one tab in your activated compass through the proper setup, with nice visual feedback within the compass map making it easy to obtain a quick view of your available gear and your tailored quick select menu sorted by usage.

Ironically, Aternos itself does not follow the advice to try and make some determination of its ‘most regularly needed organized inventory’. Both app menus are organized by by functions such as Health, Combat, Minigames, Building, Utility, etc. But easy to take advantage of and still revelant to layering them as you believe appropriate. If you know you are going to need leather sometime in the future, you will find it mostly in the Mining category close to iron. You will hardly ever use it in combat where you would not expect to need to open your inventory to activate it.

Have a Dedicated Storage Room

A dedicated storage room is a must-have for keeping inventory in Minecraft on Aternos servers. When accumulated inventory is organized and stored in an easily accessible location, navigation for inventory management and item retrieval within a player’s base will be much simpler.

A clean and organized storage room and area categorized and labeled are its main features. Many players choose to quickly stack blocks which makes their items difficult to find and increases the chance that an important block will be lost in the mass of other items.

Regularly Clean Out Unnecessary Items

In Minecraft Aternos, unnecessary items are useless clutter that only serve to hinder efficient inventory organization by increasing the amount of stuff that users must wade through. If they have long since outlived their usefulness, they should be removed. Get rid of these unnecessary items by regularly cleaning out chests so that the issue of storage space shortage is not further exacerbated. One can keep these items safely on a side island or bigger unused space for ease to get them back whenever they want, but not making space dirty.

Garbage furnaces are useful if users live above ground and do not like to throw items away. They can trash less valuable items such as old tools or cobblestone into the furnace for disposal. Players can use the leftover fuel to cook blocks that have not been cooked or smelted yet, and they are unlikely to go searching for almost depleted resources.

How to keep inventory in Minecraft Aternos if items that are not used any longer are allowed to accumulate? Automate inventory management. Automation minimizes the amount of time and effort spent organizing and storing items. This is particularly true if mirrors or regular cleaning are not possible.

What to Do if You Run Out of Inventory Space in Minecraft Aternos?

If you run out of inventory space in Minecraft Aternos, find a suitable storage location for surplus inventory. This will allow you to make them accessible but out of the way. Some solutions for a surplus of inventory space in Minecraft Aternos are building chests, building barrels, using under-chest storage solutions, using ender chests, and/or leveraging a storage facility. The easiest and most readily available solution is to craft chests or barrels and place them close to the areas you are using most whether, as storage for blocks or items (with barrels if you have a lot of the same item).

Expand Your Storage System

The first part of how to keep inventory in Minecraft Aternos is to ensure that you have a sizeable storage system. At a minimum, you are going to want at least one double chest of every type of item except unimportant junk like extra dying dirt. If there is too much inventory, you will risk losing it all when your storage area collapses or blows up. You will also lose inventory when you cannot distinguish which item goes in which chest.

You will ideally have multiple sections in your storage room to provide players enough room for all the items they can find in Minecraft Aternos. As time goes on and you gather more items, adjust how many double chests you have for every type of item you own. Always go a little over as there are always some items in Minecraft that multiply quickly.

Use Item Frames for Extra Display Space

Use item frames for extra display space in Minecraft Aternos servers. Item frames can be used to display things such as an axe outside a wood shed or a sword outside a barracks. Wall-mounted item frames are decorative and do not need specific block space. Once an item is placed in an item frame, players can interact with it and the item can be removed or placed back. Utilizing item frames is controlled and low inventory use.

Prioritize Important Items

Prioritize important items by using storage where items are placed based on need and urgency. In your home base or safe room, always keep an ender chest and make it easily accessible so you don’t have to squander time to recover those items. This is typically done by storing important items in an ender chest, shulker box, or golden chest with shulker box as backup items. In other locations, much of the ‘A’ priority items of your home storage are good to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Minecraft Aternos?

Minecraft Aternos is a free and easy-to-use server hosting platform for Minecraft players. It allows you to create and customize your own Minecraft server without needing to know any coding or server management skills.

2. Can I keep my inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

Yes, you can keep your inventory in Minecraft Aternos by enabling the “Keep Inventory” option in the server settings. This will prevent you from losing your items upon death.

3. How do I enable the “Keep Inventory” option in Minecraft Aternos?

To enable the “Keep Inventory” option, simply log into your Aternos account, go to your server dashboard, click on “Settings,” and then select the “Game” tab. From there, you can enable the “Keep Inventory” option under the “World” section.

4. Do I need any special plugins or mods to keep my inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

No, you do not need any special plugins or mods to keep your inventory in Minecraft Aternos. The “Keep Inventory” option is a built-in feature in the Aternos server settings.

5. Will other players be able to keep their inventory in my Minecraft Aternos server?

Yes, if you enable the “Keep Inventory” option in your Aternos server settings, it will apply to all players on your server. This means that everyone will be able to keep their inventory upon death.

6. Is there a limit to how many times I can keep my inventory in Minecraft Aternos?

No, there is no limit to how many times you can keep your inventory in Minecraft Aternos. As long as the “Keep Inventory” option is enabled in your server settings, you will be able to keep your items upon death indefinitely.

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