Unlock Skins in Pubg: A Beginner’s Guide to Hacking Your Way to Customization

Do you play PUBG and wonder what all the fuss is about skins?

In this article, we will explore the world of skins in PUBG, including what they are, the different types available, and why players are willing to go to extreme lengths to hack them.

We will also discuss the risks and consequences of hacking skins, as well as provide some legal ways to acquire skins in PUBG.

If you’re curious about how hackers get their hands on skins or simply want to learn more about this popular game feature, keep reading!

What is PUBG?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online game played on PC, consoles (Xbox one, PS4), or via mobile phone apps (iOS, Android). It is a multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean Video Game company subsidiary of the South Korean company Krafton Game Union. PUBG was first released for Microsoft Windows via the Steam platform in early 2017, with later updates transitioning players to the company’s PUBG Lite version.

What is Skin in PUBG?

Skin refers to the design or style of 3C equipment in PUBG. This includes helmets, body armor, weapons, clothes, parachutes, and vehicle covers. The 3C category is used to denote Computers, Communications, and Consumer electronics. Skin does not influence the player’s performance. They are just ways of standing out from the competition or to alter the look of your equipment and digital presence in the game. Any change in performance or abilities should be considered hacking or cheating, not just skin.

What Are the Types of Skins in PUBG?

These are the three types of skins in PUBG:

  1. Seasonal Skins – pubg seasonal skins are limited-time skins that often introduce new aesthetics and themes to the game for an average of 2 months.
  2. Event Skins – These are standard and most common outfit/weapon skins that do not have any particular theme and are limited to a PUBG event.
  3. Honorary Skins – Do not require berries and are paid-by-real-money skin purchase options. Honorary skins are permanent and do not expire; remaining permanently available to use.

Why Do Players Want to Hack Skins in PUBG?

Players want to hack skins in PUBG primarily because it’s easier than officially acquiring them. The game’s trading system creates a black market and places artificial value on rare and desirable skins that would cost exorbitant prices to obtain legally.

Naturally, hackers want to be the most powerful and well-armed on the battlefield. Some hackers may adjust their skins frequently or duplicate them as much as possible to taunt enemies, show off their collection, or claim credit among their peers.

Win.gg, an esports platform that ranks the top professional PUBG players, reported in 2020 that ZooMaa had his Twitter profile hacked and someone who was using cheats in PUBG changed the profile picture to ZooMaa and had a second picture apply a whale skin. PUBG hackers exploit this game feature to have exclusive, rare, and hard-to-find gun and character skins to show off and troll other legal (and mostly non-cheat-using) skin collectors who come across them.

What Are the Risks of Hacking Skins in PUBG?

There are several risks to hacking skins in PUBG listed below, but beyond general consequences like glitches, crashes, or banning, there are no additional risks for using skin hacks in PUBG compared to using other hacks.

  1. Fines and bans from using the account.
  2. Permanent HWID ban.
  3. A possible accusation of credit card information theft (although it is uncertain how often this happens).
  4. Being tracked through security vulnerabilities by even more advanced hackers, who will use personal information for further financial gain.
  5. Stolen personal data can be used not only for the financial fraud of the hacker but also sold to third parties (search engines, credit agencies) and even used for criminal activity in the physical world.

How to Hack Skins in PUBG?

To hack skins in PUBG to increase weapon attributes, you must use illegally developed software that allows EVILPLAN gamers to avoid PUBG Corp’s official guidelines. Anything other than the game’s own in-app purchase system is called hacking. Skin hacking in PUBG is an unofficial way to exploit the premium loot of the game without spending money. Ultimately, skin hacking means manipulating the game and its gaming environment through external software to wear your choice of clothes, gear, weapons, etc. as skin for PUBG.

However, doing so is illegal and unethical, and a big risk that is not worth taking. Standing out with a fashionable or unusual skin is not that important in PUBG. The game requires skill, training, and attention to detail. If team players cannot see you because of skins, then you may not be providing proper team support. It is important to note that downloading and using illegal software can have major consequences. Viruses and malware or other malicious software can be downloaded onto your device. These can spy, steal or manipulate your financial and personal information or to damage your device.

Using Third-Party Software

Third-party software is illegal and violates the End User License Agreement for all Battle Royale games including PUBG. This should never be attempted or encouraged because getting caught can have serious consequences including fines and/or permanent bans in the game. Using software to provide an unfair advantage is considered cheating and should be reported to the game’s developers. Third-party software includes things like radar hacks, aimbots, walls hacks, and skin changers.

Exploiting Bugs and Glitches

The primary means of hacking is exploiting bugs and glitches. This is because software developers inadvertently leave holes in online games that can be accessed by hackers. The popularity of games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds necessitates daily battle against hacking vulnerabilities and breaches outlined by Outsourcing Insight‘s Enforcement Manual.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most actively played online shooter in the world, with over 1 million players in the game simultaneously at peak times. The size of the PUBG’s cyber security challenge means that bugs and glitches are impossible to eliminate entirely, despite the game being updated frequently.

Because humans are not perfect, this means that some players invariably find ways to exploit bugs, before being noticed by the game’s anti-cheat software.

Karensaac is a PUBG player on PC in EU FPP who says in a YouTube comment written on July of 2021 that there are always people either willingly or unwillingly slipping through the cracks with various cheats and glitches. Texcsgo is a PC EU FPP player on PUBG who acknowledges in the comments of a July 2021 video that there are definitely still glitches and incredibly frustrating moments fueled by frustrating cheats.

According to an analysis by eldorado.gg, the most common hacks in PUBG on PC in 2021 were Aimbot (25.8%), ESP (Wallhack) (19.8%), No recoil (5.9%), Speed hack (14%), Instant hit (2.5%), and Others (31%).

Hackers commonly sell PUBG cheats online for a monthly subscription fee, which includes looking for, downloading, and applying any bugs time and again. This is the most common hack and can only be prevented by having PUBG’s game development team regularly find and patch vulnerabilities.

Purchasing Hacked Accounts

Although this is also against PUBG policy, there is good and bad of purchasing a PUBG account that has already been hacked. You strengthen the farm that is raising PUBG hacked accounts by purchasing them. This, in turn, has an additional negative impact on fair PUBG players. The hackers you buy from are better able to capitalize on their old skill and technology and are less incentivized to move to the next game.

What Are the Consequences of Hacking Skins in PUBG?

The consequences of hacking skins in PUBG are that they can be revoked if the game engine detects that they have originated from hacked files. Emulator players can lose their accounts or suffer bans from the game’s servers as a result of skin behavior detections, as happened with a number of cases during the rise of emulators.

PUBG obtained data suggesting that over 98% of high-ranking emulator players made use of hacks. PUBG announced a new way on the PUBG mobile official Twitter to protect the game environment from the unfair use of the NoxPlayer emulator, they introduced an update to restrict players who use the NoxPlayer emulator to only face other players using the same emulator, ensuring no outside passageway to enjoy the authentic game environment.

Rather than hacking there are a number of safe ways to improve and acquire skins in PUBG from playing a lot to taking advantage of free limited time events and promotions. Finding good hacks for PUBG requires some technical knowledge and experience with FPS hacks, including setting up and running cheat program software and various hacks for PUBG. We do not recommend this activity, and suggest that readers use our advice on how to legitimately gain valuable skins in PUBG through authorized channels instead.

Account Ban

There are two ways to hack your skin in Pubg. The first is through techniques that are against the rules and could result in your account being banned. The second is to use legal means to generate in-game content for your character.

Account ban is a method in which PUBG’s developers or official administrators have determined that an account is engaged in one or more violations of Pubg’s terms of service, official rules, and guidelines.

Account bans in Pubg are permanent and cannot be reversed. In specific instances, a suspended or temporary account ban may be issued. Examples of skin hacking that Pubg considers bannable are the following (source: wiki.ezvid.com):

  1. Utilizing unauthorized third-party applications which alter the Pubg gaming experience for exclusively one (or a small group) of players.Difficulties Of Getting Banned Inside The Game
  2. Modifying or hacking program files and other game clients to exploit system bugs and unintentional inaccuracies which deliberately allow a player to gain an unfair advantage in performing in-game tasks or functions when playing Pubg.
  3. Utilizing unauthorized third-party applications or hacking program files in Pubg to farm points, in-game virtual Real-Time Relinquishment, or accomplish feats through deliberate dishonest conduct in a manner which is deemed fraudulent.
  4. Attempting to hack the Pubg skins of other players in a dishonest manner.

Illegal skin hacks may also lead to the inability to participate in favorable gaming aspects. Players who have damaged their reports and ratings through excessive cheating and other dishonest conduct may lose their opportunities to match the gameplay their different pals use, get random reports, or even fight in clan modes. Pubg officials may impose a more restrictive stance on banning players who try to be hackers in the game with their accounts.

Loss of Reputation and Trust

Loss of reputation according to the Cambridge Dictionary is a decrease in people’s respect for someone or something because of a particular situation. Thus, widespread hacking in PUBG can result in a loss of trust with users. Hacks are a form of cheating that goes against the spirit of fair competition, and the use of hacks has been associated with further forms of cheating, such as in esports.

Legal Consequences

Due to the rise of hacks in PUBG and a number of other games, developers and publishers of online games have established strict rules that do not permit the use of such software. These rules allow them to delete the accounts of those found in violation of their regulations. Such action may result in users losing items they spent real-world money on to unlock.

How to Get Skins Legally in PUBG?

You can get skins legally in PUBG through a variety of means, including:

  1. Redeeming them with codes.
  2. Getting them as Royale Pass rewards.
  3. Buying them in the store.
  4. Getting skins that are free to claim.

Codes for PUBG skins are frequently distributed on their official YouTub e channel, as well as their Twitter, Facebook, and Discord channel. When they release a new code, large hauls of the same code are duplicated and illegally disseminated to give to friends.

The new Hired Gun Set was leaked which PUBG Corporation confirmed by releasing what the set will look like along with redeeming them for free before the announcement. The expiry date is yet to be decided so fans can keep an eye out for it. A few Discord channels and Telegram groups track down leaked PUBG skins as well as upcoming exchanges on these channels.

Purchasing from Official Store

You can buy skin in PUBG by purchasing skins with an UC redeem code from the official store. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) regularly brings out new lux known as royale passes and UC redeem codes in the game through partnership with various organizations for players to enjoy new skins. These include weapon skins, vehicle skins, costumes and avatar skins, and more.

To buy skin in PUBG with UC redeem codes from the official store, you need to make a cash payment inside the game named UC and use it to redeem them. An Royale Pass gets you additional RP points that will level up your Royale Pass and increase its rank faster. Points can also be added by buying missions with AG or attending events/missions.

Without RP, ranks can only be enhanced by completing daily/weekly challenges and even then it takes a long time to level up. AG can also be used to claim certain basic rewards. As per October 2021 rates, 600UC costs 80 INR, 1800 UC costs 239 INR, 3300 UC costs 380 INR, 6000 UC costs 610 INR. Given that many items cost less than 1000 UC, 60 Rs might be spent for the cheapest item. Or the most money for a full set of M416 AKM skins and clothing costs 6000+UC at normal price and 3600UC at discounted rate.

Participating in Events and Challenges

The fastest way to get hacks in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is by participating in official events and challenges. PUBG Corporation periodically offers various in-game challenges and events where players can purchase a Battle Pass in order to participate and earn challenge coupons, merits, and contest-related content for themselves.

The winner of these battles as a solo or team stands to win ultra-unique and hyped-up rewards and items. These periodic events are clearly shown in the main game lobby and are hard to miss making them an easy target to add rewards as players log in. At the time of an event, such as the invited friends event discussed in an early section, those extra rewards can include hacks such as fancy uniforms such as hideous turquoise soldier suits which make for easy destruction by more observant players. Colors stand out in a game that prizes blending in.

Trading with Other Players

Players are not allowed to trade Skins in PUBG. Illegal trading means the Skins and cosmetic items you want to sell or buy may have been acquired by fraudulent means such as fraudulently acquired credit cards, crack accounts, or glitch-generated items fraudulently. There are no safe means of trading cosmetics in PUBG, even within the game system itself.

Try to play more and earn a lot of PUBG currency in order to legally purchase the best and most exclusive skins and cosmetic items from Brilliant Supplies to stand out from the crowd. A higher level may open up the ability to earn the lucrative Kill Message, Accessory, Backpack, and Headgear skin sets in Battle Royale mode, and Gear and Emote sets in Payload mode. In addition, if you are associated with PUBG Lite and redeem Battle Coins and Coupons daily, the price for the best skins can be minimized. Try finding the best cartographic information skin on PUBG Maps.

Opening Crates and Loot Boxes

Another way to hack skin in PUBG is through crates and loot boxes. Crates and loot boxes are a type of randomized content in online video games that is usually sold using real money or virtual currency that may be earned by playing the game. They produce skins and other cosmetic items at a preset randomized level and are a way of monetizing the game.

Crates can be bought using the keys or for real money while loot boxes are obtained free just for playing the game. All the crates and loot boxes contain items with different probabilities of rarity, so you could end up with a lot of useless items you do not like by spending a lot of money. The rarest items are only a few percent.

The initial chance to get spins as per probability is set on all items. This is how the game motivates you to buy more crates and gamble. As soon as you get a legendary item, the chance to get it when opening a crate will drop from 4% to around 0.5%. To stimulate players to regularly buy crates, the drop rate increases by about one percentage point for seven days after opening a crate. What is notable, however, is that the seven-day timer will start after opening any crate, not just a crate opened with a key. This may turn the affection created by their new legendary purchase off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pubg Skin Hacking and how does it work?

Pubg Skin Hacking is the process of illegally obtaining skins in the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Hackers use third-party software or scripts to alter the game’s code and manipulate the appearance of in-game items, such as skins. This allows them to obtain rare or expensive skins without having to pay for them.

Is it possible to Hack Skin in Pubg without getting caught?

No, hacking skins in Pubg is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a permanent ban from the game. The developers have strict security measures in place to detect and ban players who engage in skin hacking. It is not worth risking your account and progress for a few skins.

What are the dangers of using Pubg Skin Hacks?

Apart from the risk of getting banned, using skin hacks in Pubg can also compromise your account’s security. Hackers often use these hacks to gain access to players’ personal information, such as login credentials and payment details. Your account and personal data can be vulnerable to theft and fraud if you use skin hacks.

Are there any legal ways to obtain skins in Pubg?

Yes, you can purchase skins from the in-game store or trade with other players using the Steam marketplace. These are the only legitimate ways to obtain skins in Pubg. You can also earn skins by completing in-game challenges and events, or by opening crates with keys that can be purchased with real money.

What should I do if I encounter a player using skin hacks in Pubg?

If you suspect or witness someone using skin hacks in Pubg, you can report them to the game’s developers. You can also report them to the platform they are playing on, such as Steam or Xbox Live. Reporting hackers helps keep the game fair and enjoyable for all players.

Can I get my account back if I have been banned for using skin hacks in Pubg?

No, once you have been banned for using skin hacks in Pubg, it is unlikely that you will be able to get your account back. The game’s developers take hacking very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy. It is important to follow the game’s rules and play fairly to avoid losing access to your account.

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