Mastering Pubg: A Guide on How to Use Schematics

Are you a Pubg player looking to customize your weapons and items with unique skins?

If so, you may want to learn more about schematics in Pubg. From creating custom weapon skins to enhancing your gameplay experience, schematics offer a variety of benefits for players.

In this article, we will discuss what schematics are, why you should use them, how to obtain them, the different types available, and how to use them in Pubg.

Stay tuned to discover all you need to know about schematics in Pubg!

What Are Schematics in Pubg?

Schematics in PUBG: NEW STATE are blueprints with associated construction points (C-POINTs). These blueprints give passive benefits to a player. Although the current use of schematics in the game is primarily about cosmetics (to unlock special characters, squad parameters, emotes), the developers have stated that passive benefits will eventually be incorporated into their functionality.

Why Use Schematics in Pubg?

Use schematics in PUBG to learn basic information about the game weapons and to know how attachments and weapon classes interact. The schematics show that it is a game of fine margins which can make all the difference between winning and losing. PUBG players with an understanding of the schematics of the game weapons can make better decisions when in a firefight. The most appropriate choice of weapon to engage opponents can make all the difference.

Schematics illustrate that some weapons are outstanding in close combat and do not require attachments. In particular, the AKM and UMP are S and A weapons at close range without attachments. That said, attaching a cheek pad or getting out of ironsight when firing them is strongly advised. Not considering the appropriateness of weapon, weapon class, or weapon attachment can make the difference between all connected shots killing opponents or leaving them alive with a couple of hit points. That can result in an opponent dragging players into the storm as they disengage, which leads to those players investing precious time and ammo for a loss in the end. By learning the weapons from schematics, PUBG players can avoid this outcome.

To Create Customized Weapon Skins

Schematics in PUBG Mobile are used to help users create customized weapon skins. The pubg universe gives players control over their weapons, and the weapon skin feature allows them to add various colors and patterns to make their weapons stand out. These weapon skins can be acquired by spending battle points (earned through the game) or by unlocking them from weapon loot crates. Rare and special weapon skins are obtained from materials acquired from the in-game lucky spin system.

A user can spend some hundred BP to buy misfits Team Up weapon version (silver-red) and the blueprint insert for it for an additional 250BP.

To Enhance Gameplay Experience

Players use PUBG schematics to change and enhance their gameplay experience by practicing strategies, learning where to avoid, and honing field marking skills. The mini map shows enemy positions as large noise points according to movements, a useful aspect for players who want to be discreet. By frequently checking the mini map, players can practice deducing locations based off retrieved information. Instead of memorizing guide maps, one can hone field marking skills by walking without any weapons and mark buildings as per their perspective. Upon further reconnaissance of the area, strategies can be built based on PUBG tactics schematics.

Schematics integrated into game features include the muzzle, scope, bolt, stock, magazine, grip, underbarrel, laser sight, and receiver slots. Players can select the exact scope for greater accuracy and take less time to aim using pictorial aids. Aiming time varies for different guns, and players use schematics via receiver attachments to change and improve the aiming time during combat.

To Show Off Unique Designs

Some players like Athena show off and put their designs up for sale using the schematic system. She uniquely designed her Drifter set with the iconic bright pink hair companion and was a record seller. She put up the designs for sale in the black market for FOG currency, with a portion of the sales going to charity. They all sold within 10-20 minutes and sold for 26,680 FOG each, which were 5000$ in proceeds to charity. This shows that there is still a player and a community demand for unique and high-quality designs, and these sales can have a lasting positive impact beyond the gameplay.

How to Obtain Schematics in Pubg?

Schematics have to be purchased from the in-game shops. One Pubg Contra shop will give you recorded Pubg Contra schematics meaning you have to learn the recording to use them. The other shop will give you various weapon painting schemes for the recorded Pubg Contra weapons. Some are rare while others are common. The recorded Pubg Contra weapons are available in gun boxes but are extremely rare items. They can also be obtained in the wormholes but are again extremely rare.

Through Purchasing in the In-game Store

PUBG Mobile players who have a week to spare (7 days) can directly purchase a 7-Day Classic Crate Coupon Schematic from the in-game store, as part of the Just for You event. It costs 900 BP. Classic Crate Coupons are useful for just about all modes of the game. These let you open classic crates where most of the outfits and weapons are found. You are given 4 supplies crates and 1 premium crate per round.

You have a chance to get items that are not made available via the UC store. It increases the chance of getting Legendary items. The PUBG Mobile Classic Crate Coupon Agricultural Bird brings you a set of items which is both functional as well as a fashion choice, with a camouflage pattern sure to provide a few more seconds of life than your opponent will expect. You can see the information on it in the 4th slide.

Through Completing Missions and Challenges

Schematics can be unlocked by completing missions and challenges in the PUBG Mobile Laboratory (Lab). The PUBG Mobile lab is a specially designed research and development zone of the PUBG Mobile world to promote new ideas and prototype concepts to satisfy player curiosity and help developers understand player preferences.

Players can enter Lab in the Activities page on the home screen of PUBG Mobile by selecting the icon in the upper-right corner. The PUBG Mobile lab contains various features, such as new weaponry, unique vehicles or game modes, and new experimental mechanisms for regular PUBG Mobile modes.

The PUBG Mobile lab can also include missions, challenges, and tasks associated with these new gameplay features when they are being tested. By accepting and completing these tasks, players can unlock schematics and prototypes related to that particular feature, such as GA Timely Travel cinematic classroom background, which was unlocked via this physics challenge detailed during the August 2021 LABS EVR Schematics Event. Players can use these schematics to customize their backgrounds, avatars, and items.

Through Trading with Other Players

On rare occasions, you may trade items with other players within Player Unknown’s Battleground in exchange for schematics. While there is no built-in feature in the game for item transaction, Steam provides a third-party platform that technically enables item trading known as Steam Community Market. To access, follow these steps in PUBG:

  1. Press Shift + Tab to navigate to Steam.
  2. Find a player to trade within the Stream Community.
  3. Return to PUBG and trade in-game with the player based on the agreed value.

If you find a player willing to sell a schematic item for Steam Community credit or another item, you can often trade for a schematic via an agreed-upon credit exchange or item trade during the game. Here are a few additional tips for pubg trading:

  • Be warned about scams. Not all trades occur as desired so make sure to follow all security and trade rules in place. Do not trade except through the legally pre-approved channels specified on the game’s site.
  • There are other external PUBG trading platforms. Some other popular PUBG trading platforms include CSGOEmpire, CSGOTradezone, and CSGOPositive.
  • Trading platforms allow relevant access to their cross-platform compatibility trading services.

Trades are always at the players’ discretion and PUBG may ban players who try or succeed in executing pay-to-play transactions with others without authorization. Trading for schematics will be far more prevalent outside of the PUBG platform than inside.

Trading with other players: As a measure to prevent misuse of the in-game economy, PUBG has no official trade feature and forbids players from buying, selling, or exchanging items for money or goods. While it is rare, you may trade an item for a schematic with another player during the game.

Trading for Steam Community Market items: You should bear in mind that this is a dangerous course fraught with the chances of fraudsters. Pay close attention to all the necessary steps to ensure that there is no chance you fall victim to scams.

Note: For more on trading logic in PUBG, see this Battleground.BL guide on How Does Trading Work in PUBG? Specifically, CSGO Community to get started on trading with other players.

What Are the Different Types of Schematics in Pubg?

  • Level 1: Surveillance drone schematic, Emergency airdrop detection device, Rapid construction device
  • Level 2: High speed recycler, Advanced incendiary trap, Runic power expansor
  • Level 3: Advanced power armor blueprint, Explosive charge, Hardened ablative protection blueprint
  • Level 4: Smart patrol cyborg, Anomaly research device, Battle repair robot

There are total 12 schematics shortly referred to as Scraps and sorted into four levels. Drone Control and Signal Amplifier are two additional schematics. These schematics can be divided further into Devices, Structural advantages, and Drone advantages. Structural and drone advantages automatically apply to the in-game character, while devices can be used at the players’ convenience.

Weapon Skins

    There is a DARKKNIGHT weapon skin in Red Magic 6 by playing the associated game with the requirement of removing the anomaly belt. There are scalable targets that become weaker as the match continues, making it easier to eliminate them, and when eliminated they transform into a dragon tank. The skin greatly alters the look of the skin, turning it from the black and gold it defaults as to a diamond-encrusted black and red.

Vehicle Skins

Players of PUBG can create a large number of different Vehicle Skins that cosmetics producers can sell. All Sanhok vehicle skins, such as the ones shown above, are from the collaboration of Chinese automobile manufacturers Geely’s Lynk & CO. Tencent Games and Changan Suzuki will eventually make these vehicles available.

These can be purchased with in-game BP, or it will be possible to buy them as a brand-hired taxi on the Tencent Games Test Server during a cross-promotion with Lyft titled “Lyft into Pubg.” While there is no paywall separating cosmetic items for vehicles meaning that players are able to use them on day one without cost, the numerous articles written about these look an feel items bring more users to PUBG Corporation’s social media and YouTube sites further monetizing exposure to their product.

Parachute Skins

Pubg Mobile added parachute skins to cherry-pick yet another item to monetize. Parachute skins change the look of the player’s parachute canvas when they parachute into a match but do not change any gameplay factors. Parachute skins are purely aesthetic and have no impact on the parachuting or gameplay processes, meaning there is no parachute in-game effect. Schematics help identify an equipped parachute quickly when in the middle of a match. To see what parachutes you are able to use, visit the pubg BaoZou Schematics tool located in and filter, choosing ‘Parachutes’ in the Gears section. Some parachutes are only available in crates which need a key that you have to buy. You can use the schematics tool to see which ones are available this way, but know that Pubg adds new crates and removes some regularly, so frequently check the store to see what crates are live for you.

Backpack Skins

PUBG has offered thematic backpack skins throughout the years. These became increasingly streamer-themed with the PUBLIC ENEMY and trailer park streamer themed skin. Search for the hamster face helmet foam pan to see something similar. These items augment headgear, backpacks, pans, and can affect character models, providing entirely new cosmetic looks for items without changing their base stats.

Creator backpack skins are focused on allowing PUBG’s community of content creators to receive proceeds from sales and are not available to the general public. Backpack skins from special events may be quite valuable and are hard to come by. The another level (3. Changes to the Role of Cosmetics Item Types) section below can be useful if you are interested in flipping backpack skins for a profit.

How to Use Schematics in Pubg?

You cannot use schematics in PUBG as it lacks a crafting system. Crafting games allow players to create and build items from schematics or recipes similar to Minecraft. Many popular battle royale games such as Fornite also incorporate a crafting system.

In Population: One, a top battle royale VR game made by BigBox VR, players use schematics to combine weapons and items to build powerful new weapons. But if you play PUBG, you do not need to worry about using schematics.

Select the Skin in the Customize Menu

To use schematics in Pickle PUBG, select the skin from Joe’s Inventory, then go to the Customize menu and apply the skin to any button, background image, or map. Inventory Mel will give you gold schematics to apply to any skin in the inventory. Challenge Adam is used to buy a skin with silver schematics, though on the current version of Pickle PUBG there aren’t any to buy.

Whether you apply a gold, silver, or legendary schematic to Joe’s Inventory, the PUBG map, or the in-game buttons varies how you officially use Pickle, as the company has yet to offer a roadmap that gives any items for specific purposes. According to the app’s help documentation, Adam and Mel can give you schematics items (parachute skins, weapon skins, and more).

Apply the Skin to the Desired Weapon/Item

After you have freely crafted and modified your skin, you want to apply it to an in-game item that you use. To do this, you should go to your collection to learn how to use pubg weapons and accessories. Once you are on your collection page, select the specific item you created the skin for from the list, and click the Equip button. This will apply the item to your in-game inventory.

If you have multiple schematics and have applied the item to one that you would like to use as a base layer for other schematics, you will have to use the dismantle feature under the manage tool function to reverse the item to its basic skin. This will effectively remove the schematic from the item and make it usable and lose all progress. Make sure you remove the points located under the two section under manage.

These steps are in black and white on the pubg nuclear website, as they are independent of which platform you play. Then go back to your collection. Select the specified item, and select a new skin schematic from your list. You will need to check the desired pattern, material, and colors as well as the levels of scratch, wear, and style to your specifications.

You then apply these modifications by clicking Apply at the bottom of the screen. Now when you go back to the home screen of the app and visit the Customize page, you will see the item you modified in the personalized area of the home screen.

Save the Changes

The panel will ask you to save the changes if you have edited the annihilation zone settings. Once the endgame settings are saved, go back to the platform button in the top right which will open the next screen. Here you can use schematic keybinds to switch easily between the different settings and ensure that everything is as you made it. Make sure these settings are correct and then click on the missions button to adjust this section of the game.

Are There Any Limitations to Using Schematics in Pubg?

There are no limitations to using schematics in PUBG. They only offer benefits and add easy-to-access, detailed maps to help players calculate jump and throw distances, get information on release height from specific locations, find data on optimal looting locations, and get guidance for strafing and scenarios from multiple angles.

Map schematics for PUBG, or jump maps, have been created and maintained regularly for the past few years by the PUBG community. While there was a time when PUBG data was out of date, jump points on the maps have been changed in game updates or new features have been added to maps, as of February 2021 most jump maps have been kept up-to-date.

The purpose of the developing COMMUNITY SCHEMATICS MAP PAGE on the PUBG wiki is to have viewable schema pages at once, toggling through maps or points of interest. One current limitation of PUBG schematics maps is that various versions of maps are scattered across different forums and websites, making it difficult to find the most easily accessible and accurate maps. This limitation should go away in the near future as a centralized site for PUBG map schematics emerges in countries where the game is more popular and this sort of community project is needed by users.

Limited Availability

Schematics are available via supply boxes and airdrops after the 0.21.0 update. Both random and airdrop cases reliably contain schematics while making them available both early and mid-late into a match. While some players have reported the drop as common and easy to find, at time of writing Making#S135/22060 Ice Shield is the only schematic in known circulation and subsequent drop rates/locations may be tweaked in future updates.

Limited Use on Certain Weapons/Items

There are only a few weapons and items in PUBG that can accept schematics, and not all schematics can be utilized on these. Weapon parts, attachments, and backpacks are just a few of the playable and useful items that use schematics. The only two weapon drums for which schematics can be utilized are the Thomson submachine gun drum and the Vector drum. Not all schematics can be utilized with these weapons. At the moment, only Teddy bear Runthalo can be used as part of your team and can take the new appearance through schematics.

Limited Customization Options

There are no limited customization options for schematics in PUBG: NEW STATE. Users do not have the option to choose, switch between, or customize different weapon upgrade schematics. The only way to get better performance for their schematically-upgraded weapons is to exit the game and restart it while hoping for better parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Schematics in Pubg?

1. What are Schematics in Pubg?

Schematics are visual representations of different components, structures, and items in Pubg. They are used to help players understand how to build and use various items in the game.

2. How do I access Schematics in Pubg?

Schematics can be accessed by opening the inventory and selecting the “Schematics” tab. From there, you can view all available schematics and select the one you want to use.

3. How do I use Schematics to build items?

Once you have selected a schematic, the required components and materials will be highlighted in your inventory. Simply follow the schematic by placing the necessary items in the designated locations to build the desired item.

4. Can I customize my Schematics in Pubg?

Yes, you can customize your Schematics by using different skins and patterns. These can be acquired through gameplay or by purchasing them through the in-game store.

5. Are Schematics important in Pubg?

Schematics play a crucial role in Pubg as they allow players to build items such as weapons, armor, and structures. Without Schematics, players would not be able to craft these items and would be at a disadvantage in the game.

6. How do I obtain new Schematics in Pubg?

New Schematics can be obtained by completing challenges, leveling up, and purchasing them from the in-game store. Keep an eye out for new events and updates that may also introduce new Schematics to the game.

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