Mastering Valorant: How to Get Rank Buddy for Ultimate Team Success

Are you a Valorant player looking to climb the ranks and improve your skills?

Discover the ins and outs of the rank system in Valorant, including how it works and the different ranks available.

Explore the concept of a rank buddy and why having one can benefit your gameplay. Find out how to find a rank buddy, how to be a good rank buddy, and the dos and don’ts of having a rank buddy in Valorant.

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What is Valorant?

Valorant is a multiplayer first-person shooting game from Riot Games. It was officially announced with the codename Project A on October 15th, 2019. Valorant was internally developed by Riot Games and as a part of this intended Universe concept is renowned for being the company’s first attempt to enter the ultra-competitive market of shooter games. The 5 vs 5 tactical shooter game was officially launched on June 2, 2020, following a closed beta with access codes distributed to users in US, Canada, Europe, Turkey, and CIS, played by millions of people.

Valorant is a free-to-play game that has an in-game purchase system for players to customize gunplay appearance which includes different gun “skins”. Classic statistics of First-Person Shooter (FPS) games such as aiming and shooting capabilities as well as map design were combined with characters, powers, and abilities similar to team-based games. Overwatch, developed by Blizzard Entertainment is the most well-known of these games, referred to as a hero shooter pattern. This genre of games is also referred to as a “gun day-lobbies” which refers to the use of unique abilities of characters. This blending was popularized by games like League of Legends, also from Riot Games.

What is the Rank System in Valorant?

The rank system in Valorant is a competitive matchmaking system with Ranked Buddy included. Value is used to determine each individual player’s skill and then match players of similar skill together. Ranked competitive matches are the game’s highest difficulty matches and require the most focus and effort to win. Rank is a great open and clear measure of your skill at the game as the higher the rank someone is, the more quickly and accurately the system determines their skill and how good of a teammate and opponent they will be.

The Valorant rank system includes the following types, from lowest to highest: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. Of these ranks, Iron has three tiers, Iron 1, Iron 2, and Iron 3. All other ranks from Bronze to Diamond have three tiers: 1, 2, and 3. Immortal is a catch-ranked tier that houses a vast number of users in the leading rank and as such has 3 different groups.Radiant holds a percentage (max 0.1%) of players with a global rank in the game, displaying their in-game name in the leaderboards.

How Does the Rank System Work?

The rank system is called Valorant ranks. In the competitive mode for Valorant by Riot Games, your ranking is determined by Team player performance and winning matches. Levels range from Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, to Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. Every rank starts with 3 levels, but each subsequent rank adds more and more levels to progress.

To rank up in Valorant you must gain 100 Rating Points (RP) in n consecutive Successes (e.g. 100 RP in 3 wins to go from Diamond 2 to Diamond 1). To derank you must drop 0 RP in n consecutive losses (e.g. drop down from Diamond 1 to Diamond 2 by losing with 0 RP in 3 losses).

What are the Different Ranks in Valorant?

There are a total of 8 ranks in Valorant, most of which have 3 tiers. These are, beginning at the lowest rank, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant. Of the 8 ranks, the Inner Gamer’s Valorant rank buddy and the overview for each rank is as follows at the time of the August 2nd, 2021 Episode of VALORANT: This Week In VALORANT.

  1. Iron: 10% of playerbase.
  2. Bronze: 34% of playerbase.
  3. Silver: 30% of playerbase.
  4. Gold: 20% of playerbase.
  5. Platinum: 5% of playerbase.
  6. Diamond: 2% of playerbase
  7. Immortal: 0.2% of playerbase.
  8. Radiant: 0.014% of playerbase.

What is a Rank Buddy in Valorant?

A rank buddy is a friend you team up with who has similar gaming abilities in rank. The addition of the rank buddy feature in Valorant helps lower-ranking and higher-ranking friends play as a beginner together. More specifically, a rank buddy refers to a player who is two ranks or less apart from their friend. To be rank buddy eligible under the new restrictions, a Silver 3 player can only team with friends hovering between Silver 1 and Gold 3. The same restriction applies to the higher ranks, varying the ceiling at which rank-locked grouping is allowed up to Radiant.

A rank buddy is a player of a similar rank from the Riot Games account of a friend you add as a buddy. They will be placed under the Buddy tab of your friends list. According to scionic, a Reddit user who responded to the new rank-locking changes in a forum thread started by accesskeypotato, both friends must be within two ranks of each other in order to preserve the rank after the update goes live. Before the in-game implementation, the feature served as a promise between friends to help each other and experience the rolling competitive queues together as a duo.

Why Do You Need a Rank Buddy in Valorant?

You need a rank buddy in Valorant for psychological support to help you keep an even keel emotionally during games and to give and get feedback on your strategy in the game. The hidden XP system in Valorant means you benefit from increased team skills playing with the same rank buddy. An IQ advantage can be achieved as the rank buddy would constantly adjust their position on the map according to the best positions of the other players. A dependable rank buddy can bring pleasure into the game and have good communication skills that others lack. They can make in-game jokes and <= company you during your missions.

How Can a Rank Buddy Help You Improve in Valorant?

A rank buddy can help you improve in Valorant by allowing you to first improve your team dynamics and communication without fear of losing your rank. They can also give you the chance to practice more advanced techniques that you might not be able to learn in solo queue.

John Madden: You worry less about losing and falling too far by playing games with your rank buddy.

Since you know that your friend has the same skill level as you, you can comfortably ask your rank buddy to practice a technique or experiment with some strategies to see if they can work. In cases where you lose and you believe the loss was preventable and on your end, your rank buddy allows you to understand what went wrong, how you can improve your game, encourage, and build confidence.

What are the Qualities of a Good Rank Buddy?

Good rank buddies in Valorant share your competitive drive, the same general temperament and tolerance level, have the same game knowledge, and understand match economy. You can establish a game flow, cooperate as a team, give and receive constructive feedback, and have successful game chemistry. Clear, constructive, and easily digestible feedback is essential for improving together. This feedback should be given in a respectful yet firm manner, neither offensive nor defensive.

How to Find a Rank Buddy in Valorant?

The best way to find a rank buddy in Valorant is to network within the Valorant community on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit or within Valorant discords to find players with which to duo queue.

The following are the best places to try to find a rank buddy in Valorant:

  • #VALORANT Discord
    • Find teammates and discuss the game on the official Valorant Discord channel.
  • Valorant Reddit Community
    • Find squads and partners to play Valorant with on the Valorant subreddit.
  • Valeron
    • Automatically generates a unique “LFG code” for you to share on social media to help you find teammates/modal requests or look for players looking for games in your rank.
  • Reddit LFG Megathread
    • Biweekly thread on Reddit to easily find other players looking to team up with players at similar skill levels.
  • Discord Servers
    • These dedicated servers offer you the ability to speak directly with multiple potential partners to play Valorant together – you can even rank tag so you only speak to those at your rank:
      • – LFG duos:
      • – Looking For Group Hub:
      • – Unranked Valorant:
      • – Valorant! – first and only:
      • – Looking For Group!:
      • – Valorant EU:
      • – ❂ с α и ∂ f ε я η e т TM:
      • – LFG Gaming Community for CSGO and Valorant:
      • – Valorant LFG discord:
      • – Chill Hangout + Valorant Community:

Make sure to ask potential rank buddies you find online about their availability and how their playing style fits with your own so you can know for sure if they are the right fit as a rank buddy. Lastly, be patient in your search because finding the right rank buddy may take time.

Joining Discord or Reddit Communities

Join the Radiant and Immortal Valorant Discord to meet like-minded players looking for teammates to earn the Rank Buddy in Valorant. The Discord caters to players of all regions with their EU, NA, LATAM, and APAC sections. Alternatively, use the Valorant sections in Reddit for similar results or to create post looking for squad matches. You can even find Valorant tips and brief but detailed guides for each agent. These are to the point, ideal for those who want to learn all the roles in the game quickly.

Participating in Tournaments or Scrims

Rank Buddys include friends who you participate in a competitive gaming environment with. For competitive games like Valorant, it’s becoming an increasingly good idea to try and create a team to practice with. More and more competitive shooter games are organizing tournaments which you can participate in with a team of friends. ESEA, for instance, allows valorant players to form their team and submit it to participate in tournaments. You can even create smaller scrim matches with other teams. Scrimming other teams allows you to see different playstyles and strategies aside from your platform’s regular matches.

Asking Friends or Teammates

Another easy way to get the rank of Buddy in Valorant is to ask friends or teammates to refer to each other with the rank they want to get. If you would like to receive the Buddy rank, kindly ask your friend to refer to you as a Buddy the next time they want to give you shoutouts. The only way to promote your rank is by asking friends in the Valorant platform to do so.

How to Be a Good Rank Buddy in Valorant?

Rank buddies in Valorant are critical elements of the game rhythm and success. When selecting a teammate to gain and maintain the rank buddies in Valorant, the player should take the following points into consideration:

  1. Constructive communication
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Competition and pushing rank
  4. Flexible players who can fill other roles

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is a proven, vital skill that makes or breaks the team experience. Communicating with your team provides several benefits, such as helping to forge a strategy very quickly, providing valuable insights to teammates on the enemy location, and so on. This is especially the case in Valorant, as fast, clear communication has to do with survival and winning.

Communicating in Valorant

Communicating in Valorant includes using the minimap along with communication such as pinging, giving directions on voice chat, and a call-out system that helps with navigation and situational awareness. When you are passive, you also have to resonate the importance of not losing an advantage, re-strategizing, simply staying healthier for a perfect plant or defuse. Communicating in non-verbal ways is crucial, such as swinging together on a breach ult, executing a flawless fake together, or using the minimap followed by a key of your comm system for instructions to quickly switch a losing site to another with map control.

Be Supportive and Encouraging

Being supportive and encouraging is another method for getting the Rank Buddy in Valorant. Encouragement acts not only as a boost for the discouraged player but also sets a benchmark for performance, particularly when that encouragement is met with an even greater response tackled with a chuckle or a smile by the discouraged player.

On the other side of the coin, negative reinforcement harms emotional states and discouragement can be counterproductive, reducing individual proficiency and leading to a multiplier effect within a team. Multiple Valorant user communities available on different platforms such as Facebook groups, Discord, and Reddit have laid down protocols on how to get a friendly partner. Their advice includes staying calm during gameplay, congratulating and encouraging even after if the player made a mistake, and lastly keeping communications within the area of virtual planets.

Practice and Improve Together

For the Rank Buddy program to succeed, every player must commit and ensure their buddy is also committed. Players can only rank up if both their individual skills improve. If you are serious about the Rank Buddy program, try setting a weekend monthly goal. Teams and ISIS were two of the more highly ranked teams that both utilized runecee’s Reddit post. Every month, record your and your Rank Buddy’s initial, peak, and final MMR on a monthly basis.

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Having a Rank Buddy in Valorant?

The dos and don’ts of having a rank buddy in Valorant are given by players on Reddit in the context of finding a rank buddy in the first place.

For do’s, follow the advice of being respectful of people’s time and interests, predictably being available and on time, playing with the larger goal of improvement in mind, and always exchanging and being a productive teacher of your own gameplay experience.

For don’ts, do not act rude or abrasive, do not get too upset over points or headshouting, do not flood personal communication links such as Discord with spam, and only queue with the buddy when in identical levels with the same victorious mindset. Additionally, many redditors warn that playing with a rank buddy should be relaxed for real friends, as not everyone can handle playing for extended times with a teammate whose every move and comment for over an hour they monitor and critique.


There are various things one should do if they want to get the rank Buddy in Valorant. The primary strategy is to improve your average match MMR score. You can do this by winning matches consistently with the right team and doing your best to be helpful to the team. This involves making the right plays tactically that benefit your team, making good game sense decisions related to crossfire, map control, teammate positions, and playing for the team over oneself according to chosen agent play style.

Being familiar and adaptable with the latest game meta is important and possibly practicing to improve one’s aim and shooting tactics can help if your journey mates have been consistently better at shooting. Understanding each agent’s capabilities and limitations can bring significant improvement to your team-play. Letting your team know when an enemy is playing out of their comfort zone can be useful. Knowing proper jump-throws and smokes as the role you’re playing can give your team an upper hand. Similarly, after understanding the game mechanics and developing your shooting and gaming skillsets it will be beneficial to find a team that stratigizes because it involves having dependable teammates who will follow through on picking agents with syngeries, clutching duels, and responding callouts and comms among teammates. Unranked casual matches should provide ample opportunities to network and team-up with those who demonstrate the right attitude and spirit of teamwork.


First discovered by the Dot Esports Editorial Team, Rank Buddy’s see you later victorious tagline demoralizes opponents in comical yet competitive fashion. These are the don’ts to effectively harnessing Rank Buddy’s winning vibe according to the Valorant expert Thovi of Tracker Network:

  1. While you can use voice lines to communicate with team members, do not spam team or in-game channel with voice lines when a crucial situation is happening.
  2. Do not over-brand, as the primary message and importance of Rank Buddy’s see you later victorious line can be lost in too many other voice lines.
  3. Do not overuse or spam specific voice lines. Voice lines are used to communicate in battle, do not hinder this by flooding the channels with voice lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Rank Buddy in Valorant?

The Rank Buddy in Valorant is a highly sought-after cosmetic item that players can obtain through various methods, such as purchasing it from the in-game store or earning it through gameplay challenges.

What is the purpose of the Rank Buddy in Valorant?

The Rank Buddy is a unique gun buddy that can be attached to your weapons in Valorant. It serves as a visual representation of your current rank in the game and can be seen by both you and your opponents in matches.

Is the Rank Buddy available for all ranks in Valorant?

Yes, the Rank Buddy is available for all ranks in Valorant, from the lowest to the highest. However, the design of the Rank Buddy may vary depending on your current rank in the game.

Can I only obtain the Rank Buddy through purchasing it with real money?

No, the Rank Buddy can also be earned through completing challenges in-game. These challenges may range from winning a certain number of matches to achieving a specific rank in competitive play.

Do I need to equip the Rank Buddy in order for it to show up in-game?

Yes, you must equip the Rank Buddy in your loadout before entering a match for it to appear on your weapons. You can do so by going to the gun buddy section in your collection tab.

Can I trade or sell my Rank Buddy to other players?

No, the Rank Buddy is a non-tradable and non-sellable item in Valorant. It is bound to your account and cannot be transferred to other players.

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