Mastering Valorant: How to Switch from Left to Right-Handed Gunplay

Looking to improve your gameplay in Valorant? One simple yet crucial aspect to consider is changing your gun from left to right.

We discuss the importance of this adjustment, provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it, explore the benefits of changing gun position, examine potential downsides, and offer tips for adjusting to the change.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this article will help you optimize your gaming experience in Valorant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Changing gun from left to right in Valorant provides better visibility, improved accuracy, and enhanced movement.
  • To change gun from left to right, open the settings menu, go to “Controls” tab, select “Left/Right Hand” option, and save changes.
  • While changing gun hand may have downsides such as difficulty adjusting and affecting muscle memory, players can adjust by practicing and finding a comfortable hand position.
  • What is the Importance of Changing Gun from Left to Right in Valorant?

    Changing the gun from left to right in Valorant is important as it allows left-handed players who were previously at a disadvantage when holding or firing their gun to improve their abilities. By changing the gun to be held to either the left or right side, left-handed players will find holding weapons and aiming much more comfortable and intuitive, rather than struggling to be proficient with their right hand or default gun settings.

    How to Change Gun from Left to Right in Valorant?

    The only way to change the gun from left to right in Valorant is to switch your weapon’s handedness along with your desired crosshair. To move the gun from left to right, move your HUD to the opposite side. Valuing mouse accuracy above all else when playing games, many competitive players consider crosshair flexibility an essential part of a game’s layout. Unfortunately, Valorant does not offer as much control over crosshairs. You must, therefore, adjust your weapon hand to fit your new crosshair perfectly.

    Your crosshair can be moved from left to right and right to left by following the instructions given to change how the gun is held in the player’s hands. It is only this step that is required for the effect, following the role reversal of the corresponding counter and changing HUD settings.

    Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

    To change the hand gun from left to right in Valorant, first open the settings menu to open the general settings pop-up to modify your guns and shooting settings. The settings menu allows you to customize key bindings, crosshairs, and other control settings as desired. To use the settings console in valorant, press esc to move inside the main Valorant menu page and click on the settings icon.

    Step 2: Go to the ‘Controls’ Tab

    After you go to the Settings tab, click on the Controls tab from the settings sidebar. This is from here that your gun from left to right hand movement is managed.

    Once you enter the control settings, you can see a Switch/Scoreboard Display option on the forth panel. Click it to see further options. None, Scoreboard Always On, and Switch Only. You can find the Use Item in Camera / Spray Mouse Section button and which key is used to change from left to right in ONE key step.

    Step 3: Select ‘Left/Right Hand’ Option

    After selecting the ‘Graphics’ option, press the gear symbol located under the crosshairs. Scroll on your right until you reach the ‘ADVANCED GRAPHICS’ section. Press the gear symbol on the right side of the screen under ‘ADVANCED GRAPHICS’. You will see an option to switch your ‘GUN HAND’ preference from left to right (or from right to left). If you are a right-handed player trying to use the left-handed option in Valorant, switching the value of this setting will change how you aim and shoot.

    Step 4: Save Changes

    Save changes after switching from changing the guns in Aim Lab. The Escape key takes you back to the previous screens. After you modify or save the settings, make sure to back out of the settings submenu near the right hand side to return to the weapon change screen. You may initially begin to notice that you are a little slower than expected with your firearm changes. However, as you practice this important skill, your time will decrease and you will be able to change weapons according to your needs. Repeat the process of entering training whenever you feel that you need to improve your ability, and focus on this one specific skill. Also do some practice in Valorant matches. Valorant is a more involved first person shooter, but with the numerous bots that are so easily available in training mode, you are given an easy way to practice such skills. Die! Ready to go! is almost like a gun practice. Try different combinations and tactics to find better communication.

    What are the Benefits of Changing Gun from Left to Right in Valorant?

    • Greater use of left-eye dominant preference: approximately 10% of the population is left-eye dominant. If the right-hand option is easier for them, then there should be a left-key alternative for the same ease on the right side. The key issue with this point is the skill evolution. If players have long been practicing right-hand weapons, it will take some time for them to adapt to their less-skilled left-hand usage for favorable gunplay. The best solution to this is to start practicing for both.
    • Enables known solutions for player complaints: such as weapon clipping behind the players’ heads and better visibility when in left-hand corner cover, as pointed out by players.

    Better Visibility

    Changing a gun from left to right in Valorant provides better visibility of the screen, both with the model of the gun and for easier visibility into areas your character has less clearance for visibility. Visibility is important for setting up kills when camping behind a corner, so to get a tactical advantage, try changing gun hands before entering an area where an enemy might be hiding. This will position the gun more to the left of the screen, so it’s easier to see and aim at objects on the right side of the screen and the player’s field of view.

    Improved Accuracy

    Accuracy with Valorant hand switch technology could see a slight improvement, although anecdotal proof of this is scant. This is because the right hand is typically more adept at making small controlled movements, with the left hand being more adept at tasks that require quick and large movements. Moving the gun from left to right could make shooting and aiming tasks at medium to large distances slightly more accurate and controlled, with fine movements turning and aiming at close distances slightly more difficult though.

    Slava Dornonosnykh is a QA engineer and developer of the scientific method who has also explored left, right and bilateral hemispheric brain activity and the dominant hand’s role with brain functioning. He mentions that the right hemisphere is more active in relation to control of the dominant hand. With the left hemisphere being more active in relation to the dominant hand and its role with quicker or larger movements. In part he has written that… In an experiment, the group of right-handed people (58 women and 56 men) that shot with the right hand performed better. This suggests imparting more control and accuracy to the right hand. Consider where your dominant hand (or the hand you have more practice with) is. For example, if you are left-handed and take on the dominant role with the left hand, it makes sense to shoot with the right hand as the subordinate hand.

    Enhanced Movement

    The M4A4 and M4A1-S Carbines (Equip Cost: 2900 Creds) are semi-automatic rifles that can hold 25 rounds in a magazine and are considered the most beneficial by members of the NA squad. Having a more bullets option will have you to change from right to left after running out of bullets fighting opponents. This behavior is often quite risky and easily leads to loss of life, therefore it should easily be switched between both categories.

    Are There Any Downsides to Changing Gun from Left to Right in Valorant?

    There are no documented downsides in changing the gun from left to right in Valorant. Some players who are new to the game may find it confusing or disorienting when they try to mentally manipulate the map to be right-handed.

    You may accidentally press the left mouse click and shoot your gun when adjusting the mouse for right-handed use, an Automatico rimfire rifle designer and former Israeli Defense Forces sniper representative on ISRAEL21c, Yackov Moshe Kantorovich advises. This is especially common when pressing quick complex button combinations, such as leaning. An additional downside of flipping the map in Valorant is that it will greatly complicate customizing and learning any settings in any games that you play in the future.

    Difficulty in Adjusting

    The most common difficulty in adjusting to left-handed play in Valorant is the corner advantage given to right-handed players. A left-handed player can expose almost all of their bodies around a right-handed corner before being able to see or shoot an opponent, while a right-handed player only exposes a small body part when turning a left-handed corner. This means right-handed players can play corners with much less risk than left-handed players. Observe the two animations below.

    1. Illustration 1 (Fyözrak Down the Street Corner).
      A left-handed player exposes their body around a right-handed corner before seeing or shooting. They are then forced to accelerate movement or expose themselves from the right. Thus, this player must be fully prepared to deal with any attackers they may face unexpectedly.

    2. Illustration 2 (Counter Logic Gaming Sage mid door on Bind).
      Similarly to the left-handed player from illustration 1, the right-handed CLG player exposes her body around the left-handed corner before seeing or shooting. They are then, however, backed against a wall which acts as natural cover, reducing the risk to herself if she turns the corner to the right.

    If a left-handed player is continuously getting the corner advantage, playing left-handed in Valorant may be a disadvantage. In this situation, it is recommended that players change their Preferred Arm to Shooting in the game settings to right-handed succession instead of their dominant hand. If playing with their dominant left hand and flipping their setup does not improve their performance because of the corner disadvantage, they will know they will be more effective in the majority of engagements as they return to the right-handed succession.

    May Affect Muscle Memory

    Muscle memory refers to the body’s natural adaptive response to doing an activity repeatedly. Proper muscle memory can help a basketball player with free throws, a violinist with finger movement, and a Dual Beretta user in Valorant with changing hands. Proper muscle memory is generally thought to take at least 21 days to change.

    Although muscle memory changes can happen relatively quickly when necessary, flipping a gun pose has potential to interfere with all types of good muscle memory that a Valorant Agent player has. Changing hands will not help muscle memory if the dual-wield is the situation the player wants to have good muscle memory for. Additionally, dual-wielding Very pistol is not conducive with good muscle memory as you cannot one-tap on the head with the very pistol.

    Tips for Adjusting to the Change

    Many valorant players find it hard to change guns from left to right, but there are some tips that can help, such as the following:

    1. Reduction in game speed: This way players have more room to learn how to use their non-dominant hand. Only increase the game speed again once gun swapping has been fully learned and mastered.
    2. Focus on precision: Make an effort to make steady, precise shots. Don’t wildly swing your gun. This precision will improve your gun swapping technique, no matter which hand you are holding the mouse in.
    3. Increased focus on the crosshair when switching weapons: As you switch from gun swapping side to side, concentrate on the crosshair in order to aid progress.
    4. Exercise patience and don’t focus solely on drifting: Be tolerant and concentrate on the crosshair rather than the hand movement when you see not much progress is being made. Work with both hands at the same time, not just the one you are using to swap guns.

    Everyone’s adjustment period is different. setting the mouse on your left hand instead of your dominant one and get used to the feeling. Go through a range of challenges to see how switching gun aim affects your movement. Practice a lot and play frequently, but try to keep the goal of switching gun using hands in mind.


    Changing the gun from left to right in Valorant is not the magic solution some left-handed players think it is. While using the left-hand gun model can solve some issues some left handers have, hand, and eye dominance are under the control of the player. Drills to practice and improve your current stance or contortions to achieve a target are as valid as switching the gun model. Though uncomfortable, Switching guns from left handed to right handed and even right-handed to left-handed yields is a better fix for the long run, as you will have easy navigation of the eco-system of playing different games with different guns. This allows present and future memorization of patterns and habits saying left/right gun too limited as a solution.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I change my gun from left to right in Valorant?
    To change your gun from left to right in Valorant, go to the game settings and click on “Controls”. Under the “Movement” section, you will find an option to change your “Weapon Switch” from left to right or right to left. Select your preferred option and save the changes.

    2. Why would I want to change my gun from left to right in Valorant?
    Changing your gun from left to right in Valorant can help improve your gameplay and make it easier to switch between weapons. It can also be a personal preference that can make you more comfortable while playing.

    3. Can I change my gun from left to right in Valorant during a match?
    Yes, you can change your gun from left to right in Valorant during a match. Simply press the “Esc” key to open the game menu, go to “Settings”, and follow the instructions in the first question to change your gun from left to right.

    4. Are there any disadvantages to changing my gun from left to right in Valorant?
    No, there are no disadvantages to changing your gun from left to right in Valorant. It is simply a matter of personal preference and will not affect your gameplay negatively.

    5. How can I quickly switch my gun from left to right in Valorant?
    To quickly switch your gun from left to right in Valorant, you can use the “Q” key. This is the default key for switching weapons and will instantly switch your gun from left to right or vice versa.

    6. Is it possible to change the gun from left to right for a specific weapon in Valorant?
    No, it is not possible to change the gun from left to right for a specific weapon in Valorant. The option to change weapon switch is a general setting that will apply to all weapons in the game.

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