Boost Your Pubg Evo Level with These Proven Tips!

Are you a Pubg enthusiast looking to level up your gameplay? Understanding Evo Levels in Pubg is crucial for enhancing your skills and unlocking rewards.

In this article, we will explore what Evo Level is, why it is important, and most importantly, how you can increase your Evo Level. From playing classic matches to collecting supplies and medals, we will cover all the tips and tricks to help you climb the Evo Level ladder.

Stay tuned to discover the rewards and different titles associated with increasing your Evo Level.

What Is Evo Level in Pubg?

Evo Level refers to the overall strategic mobility metric in Pubg which includes recommendations as to when a player should push, rotate, or “bridge troll”. It measures how “alive” an average pubg player is in any given round of Pubg Mobile. It provides information about the total health, armor as well as kill indicators of a player. In the New Era 1.5 update, Pubg United provides Evo Level which is different from the bot-vs-player approach to testing on the PUBG Console and PC versions.

Why Is Evo Level Important in Pubg?

There are 3 main reasons why Evo Level is important in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and can be used to improve your gameplay.

First of all, Evo Level gives you perks, making your player better in the game. For example, the level 1 Evo Vest gives you a 10% reduction in HP damage while the level 3 Evo Vest gives you a 25% reduction. Having more HP in your armor increases your chances of winning against other players. Secondly, when armor gets damaged, you can swap it with other damaged armor on the battleground. To do this in the fastest and most efficient manner, bookmark armor spots on the map.

Finally, in case of an emergency where your armor is damaged and you lack time to change the armor, a higher Evo Level can compensate for having moderately damaged armor. The armor of a higher or full Evo Level will naturally take the same damage as a lower Evo Level of armor, so even if your armor gets weakened, your character resistance will be better than another player with lower Evo Level armor.

How to Increase Evo Level in Pubg?

In Mobile PUBG, Evo level is increased by surviving and gaining Activity points. These Activity Points correlate with the fields in the Training Ground. The insights that a currently increased Evo level can provide, include one’s current kill rating, the amount of damage given, as well as how often the player is ranked among the top list in the worldwide ranking. Knowing how to increase your Evo level can help you both know how well you are performing in a match, as well as rank you higher among your peers.

However, the Evo system is not available in the new version of Mobile PUBG AFTM.Portal 2. The AFTM.Portal’s Evo system has the same rules and functions as the Evo system in training mode. In this system, Performance Index Points are known as Pi Points. Pi Points will be earned when a soldier deals damage or takes out an enemy soldier outside of Training Mode.

Play Classic Matches

This image of the Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile shows a number of different game types that fall under Classic Mode. The Evo level is increased the most in classic matches, such as Erangel (shown here), Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Evo level points are not given for training, Metro Royale, or Payload 2.0 which fall under the classic features category.

For PUBG veterans, Classic Mode gives them an opportunity to earn Evo level points by combining diverse tactics. It should be noted, however, that Evo level rates for Classic Mode will be adjusted more frequently to reflect the actual rankings of players. Classic squads are filled quickly with good players so try to take advantage of late seasons when many other players on the field are bad (or worse, as some gamers like to point out).

Complete Daily Missions

Daily missions are special missions that need to be completed every day. These missions last for 24 hours, and new ones are issued after the current set of missions expire. The evo level page can hold up to 6 uncompleted missions at any time. Each daily mission, such as deal a total of 1000 damage per day, rewards you between 10 and 50 evo team credits.

There are missions for RP, medals, and cubes as well. When you reach evo level 6 (Predator), you can earn up to 30 extra per day for a daily total of 200 per day. After reaching evo level 6, the reward values increase again. According to the evo level chart, when you reach evo level 19 you will have gotten approximately 85,578 credits in daily rewards to date. This is over 57% of credits needed to reach level 21.

Participate in Events

Participating in UGC (User-Generated Content) such as Art Station, EVO app Spotlights, Evo Partners projects, or social media events can help you earn points and unlock levels. Advancement often requires creating EVO brand-specific content, such as creating a UCS unit to share on LEGO Ideas or participating in the Huawei x EVO Gardening Design Challenge to unlock points and advance to the next level. You will need to complete all 12 levels by the end of the year to become a fully recognized member of the Evolution Chambers.

Collect Supplies and Medals

Task-based Supplies and Medals also help earn Evo points and can be undertaken daily or as challenges. Evo levels can be increased by earning and collecting them. These two systems give different amounts of points but collectively provide a large number of points to assist in raising an Evo level. Keep an eye out for them in the wild, on the map, on vehicles, etc. Additionally, check PUBG crates which have become easier to collect and open since 2021.

Survive Longer in Matches

Staying alive for longer periods of time in games will increase your Evo level. To survive longer in games, drop at a location where there are fewer enemies. Once you have good resources, loot other places. Whenever you hear gunshots, be on the defensive as to where the shots are coming from and look around to be sure no one is aiming at you. Defensive playing is a good way to maintain long survival during matches.

Get More Kills

Killing is just as crucial as not being killed yourself. The points you earn for each kill add up and assist in advancing your Evo Level, as shown in the image in the Task List section. Additionally, your score during each match includes points for various activities such as survival time and the amount of damage dealt to opponents. The more of these activities you perform, the higher your killer position will be.

Revive Teammates

Reviving downed teammates is an important aspect in PUBG Mobile, which is why they rewarded players with +4 evo points for reviving teammates in the past. This process of reviving helps teams stay stronger through the match, as revived teammates can use their weapons and resources and bolster the chances of the team by providing support after the revive.

However, currently there is no evidence that reviving teammates contributes to one’s evo level. The PUBG team only uses the term evo points to mean merit points which are earned by performing various activities such as the revival of the team.

Use Evo Grounds to Practice

According to the Pubg Fandom official guide, Evo Grounds is a special gaming session inside Pubg Mobile. The game mode changes frequently, with one of the most popular modes inviting players to try different weapons out only in Evo Grounds mode. Other popular Evo Grounds versions include Rapid Fire Mode with the same two Evo zombies, fighting alone, sniper training giving weapons like the revolver and win94, etc. You can increase your evo level to get better via practice, though utilizing the Evo Grounds mode prior to entering a game can actually make you worse at the game. Overall however, Evo Grounds will hike the training value of your internal Pubg device to make you versatile and quickly adaptable.

Practicing in Evo Grounds is a plug for issues when you’re out of Whatsapp box and need new or easy training time. The map setting and range of moves from players are nearly equivalent to traditional Pubg games, with the same basic battle rules.

Avoid Getting Knocked Out

Another survival factor to consider in PUBG is how often a player gets knocked out and requiring their teammate to revive them. This results in a significant loss in Evolution Points. Regardless of a player’s Evo level, more Evos will be lost in comparison to their teammate. So try not to get knocked out to preserve evolution levels. If a teammate is knocked out, players should prioritise assisting them and redirecting potential enemy fire by creating a distraction.

Stay in a Higher Tier

Evo level is also greatly influenced by what tier you are in. A player’s tier is the level reached by gaining rank points through playing the game. Players start at Bronze and work their way up through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and then finally Conqueror which represents the Master or Pro competition tier.

Players in Sayan’s Youtube brief talked about Evo level and said that playing in higher tiers is more intense with better players, adding that after hitting Crown Tier, Evo level goes somewhat smoothly to a maximum for each player, although it continues to be directly impacted by performance within that tier. Other streamers in Sayan’s Youtube Apex channel like Cool1 and Godlike also believe similar things.

If you are searching for Pubg mobile tips to increase evo level, then one thing you may focus on is the overall tier level of your team. In other words, how new or experienced your opponents are. Undoubtedly if you are always one of the best players in a team of rookies, you will get superior evo points as this relates to good skills, abilities, and weapons management, meaning that in addition to a solid rank point boosting strategy, aiming to get good friends or a skilled squad is critical to consistent max or almost max Evo level scores.

What Are the Rewards for Increasing Evo Level?

The rewards for increasing Evo level in PUBG are receiving free supplies in exchange for rewards, unlocking more evo-gifts, and unlocking exclusive evo-technologies. Any Citizen Supply boxes distributed based on evo points can be opened for free without any keys. In addition, citizens get to evolve in the env in order to access exquisite customized attire, allowing them to distinguish themselves from the rest. From the tech lab, where exclusive evo-technologies can be acquired, rewards for career soldiers and veterans is their own base, in which they may rest and recover as they choose, receive free Evo med-kits, or purchase supplies at their leisure at My base’s convenience store.

What Are the Different Evo Level Titles?

According to the page, these are the various possible evo level titles.

  1. No Title (0)
  2. Cold-Blooded (1-4)
  3. Hot Shot (1-4)
  4. Predator (0-1)
  5. Resilient (1-4)
  6. Warrior (1-4)
  7. Expert Marauder (3-5)
  8. Fiora (5)
  9. Vigo (5)
  10. Expert Marauder II (3-5)
  11. Expert Marauder I (1-5).

A player can rise or fall between evo levels by displaying the attributes associated with the respective evo level. Evo Title is applicable till the season ends. Evo Titles have associated achievements which are valued inflations of the players’ prowess. Expert Marauder I grants a +5 benefit to import discounts at the Syndicate Store. Cold-Blooded I and Hot Shot I grant a bonus of +2 Temporary Armor closing down ring centers and then moving in ahead of the closing area. Predator gives squad members a harder time by increasing the reload times of enemy weapons, etc. The various evo levels are dynamic aspects of the game attached to each player’s performance. They incentivize players to achieve mastery of the game to maximize profits as efficiently as possible.


Rookie is the initial Rank and evo level. All the benefits in-game are the same as in Season 2 set rewards of achievements only until Gold III before you can start the journey to Conqueror. The evo level can be increased by consistently performing well in various game parameters and styles. Recent tuning of the game has tightened parameters and actualized accordion-like growth for your level depending on your performance.


Achieve experienced evo level in PUBG by continuing to expand past the average gamer’s capabilities. Play hours per day have increased from the last level. At experienced, you are maximizing strategy and tactics capabilities, which require consistent practice to continue improving. During the Evo Royale tournament in north america there was a team that had everyone between accounts of 80-84 evo level, and there were continuously switching in and out the starting line-up which according to keeping the top and some of their best players fresh because that is where some of the advantage will lie.

Plan your zones and never push unless required at experienced level. Keep a medkit of 6-7 and use the first kit for healing. The benefits of increasing your Evo level after becoming experienced is that you will be able to make split-second decisions that eventually pay off in a game. When you are playing, you should try to use different weapons for close, mid, and high ranges. When you feel you are lacking in forward positions, move and change positions regularly. You may only get a few chances to get this wrong before you end up losing this round.


Skilled is a category where PUBG demonstrates the most transparent methods for increasing EVO (excluding the performance of squads as it is not under the control of an individual player but rather a team as a whole).

Skills can be acquired, honed, and demonstrated through high damage dealt and survival time in the game. Therefore, any positive activity of high skills brings more Evo. The way skilled players improve Evo in PUBG is by achieving their maximum potential in terms of kills, damage, and survival time as often as possible.


In May 2021, Pubg Mobile updated its game to introduce the Specialist feature. Each Specialist has its own unique abilities. When you use the abilities in-game, your Evo level will increase. Play some of these Specialists to see which one you prefer. All skills level up as levels are gained, from 1-star up to level 6 by default.

As of October 2021, there are six different Specialists in the game, including Sara with her Woodland Training, which rewards her for gathering supplies and restoring armor after every kill, and Yanrique, the Beast Hunter who is rewarded for every kill with random burn supplies. In the future, it is likely that Pubg Mobile will introduce more available Specialists with unique abilities, abilities of others will be tweaked, or rarity will be adjusted.


This is the final level other than the legendary and shows that the player is ready to enter competition professionally or already is an existing professional. Such players, like the elite, are typically knowledgeable about professional esports and are likely to have followers who are fanatical about esports.

There are multiple hundreds of top esports athletes who exhibit EXPERT characteristics and compete professionally in PUBG competitions. They have excelled at evicting errors out of their playing style, are no longer contemplating the meaning of BR, and are operating at the maximum level of their abilities. People reaching this level such as players Pio, KK, GODADDY go to extreme measures to be the best in their field. The Korean-Japanese PUBG Mobile team RRQ Athena is one of the best in the competition and ended up winning the PMCO Global Finals in 2019.


The Survivor style of play focuses on staying alive, and 16%’s EVO score comes from PUBG Mobile deciding such activity is safer. Win only when you are certain (or are playing in a team with a strong player who is certain). The most basic principle of survivor play is avoid encounters with other players. Find safe places with easily defensible exits where it is difficult for enemies to spot you. Then camp and patiently await the playzone to force you from your hiding spot inwards towards the final stages of the game. In tense situations, lean towards waiting in a safe position rather than moving.

Stamina management is a key part of a survivor playstyle. Use these suggestions for sleek movement with minimal exposure. If one suggests sprinting ahead to the car for cover use this pathing. If one suggests staying with the team in the open use this pathing. Understand the importance of when to be comfortable in being the last player standing for as long as possible. Survivor play allows less goal-oriented player less skilled in the ways of a assault or sniper play to be helpful with the 16% EVO factor.

Lone Survivor

Lone survivor is not an official map offered by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Rather it is a community-created end-only map for the death racing mobile game titled Player Unknown Battlegrounds: EVO. In this damage racing map, 60 players race against time as the electricity drains their health. Gear is sparse on this map, and the safe zones are even sparser, offering players zero cover.

This is a last-man-standing map where all various mechanisms are intended to focus the competitive desire of each player onto themselves. The end simulation of PUBG: EVO is to ensure that only the best skilled, or at least the luckiest players, make it to the end. The best strategies for evo survival maps will not work here. There is no hiding or avoiding fights in this deathracing map. Expect to die as you scout out the first couple of walls. If you are lucky or skilled enough to last past that, boss battles will become quite regular in this last transition. Do not take the brief moments available to reach safety lightly. Get in quickly and stop those last-second ammo reloads. When you do this, you will watch your Evo raise considerably.

The creature will find you, and all dream of having little health return if it can make its way through. Keeping your focus on the end game, and entering early, as the time ticks towards zero you can anticipate or enter the safe exit. Because it is impossible to predict safely and perfectly, you will need to move through the map alive, as you will shift forward towards safety when the zone changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Increase Evo Level in Pubg?

The Evo Level in Pubg is an important aspect of the game that reflects a player’s skill and progress. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about how to increase your Evo Level in Pubg.

What is Evo Level in Pubg?

The Evo Level in Pubg stands for Evolution Level, which indicates a player’s skill and experience in the game. The higher the Evo Level, the more skilled and experienced a player is.

How can I increase my Evo Level in Pubg?

To increase your Evo Level in Pubg, you need to focus on improving your gameplay and completing challenges. This includes winning matches, getting kills, and surviving for longer periods.

Do I need to spend money to increase my Evo Level in Pubg?

No, you do not need to spend money to increase your Evo Level in Pubg. It is purely based on your performance and progress in the game.

Are there any tips or tricks to quickly increase Evo Level in Pubg?

Yes, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you increase your Evo Level in Pubg quickly. These include playing with a skilled squad, focusing on completing challenges, and practicing regularly.

How does the Evo Level affect my gameplay in Pubg?

The Evo Level does not have a direct impact on your gameplay in Pubg. However, having a higher Evo Level can give you access to more advanced challenges and rewards, which can enhance your gameplay experience.

Can I lose my Evo Level in Pubg?

Yes, it is possible to lose your Evo Level in Pubg if your performance and gameplay deteriorate. However, you can always work on improving and increasing your Evo Level again.

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