Boost Your Gameplay: Learn How to Get AP Fast in Valorant

Are you a Valorant player looking to boost your AP quickly? Wondering how AP affects gameplay and what benefits come with having high AP? This article has got you covered. From tips on improving aim and mastering agent abilities to understanding map control and utilizing boosting services, we will explore all the ways to increase your AP in Valorant. Stay tuned to learn about the risks of using boosting services and the advantages of having high AP in the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to getting AP fast in Valorant is to improve your aim, master agent abilities, understand map control, communicate effectively with your team, study pro gameplay, and utilize boosting services.
  • Having high AP in Valorant allows for better weapon selection, more effective agent abilities, improved accuracy and damage, and higher ranking and competitive opportunities.
  • While boosting services may be tempting, there are risks involved, such as account suspension or being matched with higher skilled opponents, so it is important to use them cautiously.
  • What Is Valorant?

    Valorant is a team-based, tactical, first-person shooter, pioneered by Riot Games to take on Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

    Each team picks characters called Agents, with complementary abilities to grapple, block, heal, and deploy various gadgets. Matches consist of 5v5 showdowns fought in rounds, with bomb placements, defusions, and eliminations determining the victor. Despite its brilliance, players have been known to ask how to decrease their Valorant ping.

    What Is AP in Valorant?

    AP is a term abused in videos on YouTube to mean Ability Points. However, as of May 2021, ability points do not exist in Valorant. The PVPlive website’s 20 best tips of Valorant article defines AP as shorthand for a shot at earning Agent Points. And Agent Points refer to battle pass progress and by proxy means getting kills during a game. To get AP (Agent Points) in Valorant, win games. Boost your K/D if you can. Plant the spike or don’t, these will keep you alive and give you the best opportunity to collect AP.

    How Does AP Affect Gameplay?

    AP is an important factor in Valorant gameplay to add a strategic and time element to push-play. Initially slower AP acquisition was designed to prevent either team from executing a full push too early in the round. A round with four quick AP rushes would be near impossible to handle, especially as an underperforming force at a significant AP disadvantage.

    But now that same starting force can reduce the AP gain of the other team. The ideal AP strategy is to push once first, reap the benefits, then switch to play-from-behind play to restrict the opposition’s resource accumulation to the best of your ability.

    How to Get AP Fast in Valorant?

    You get Ability Points (AP) in Valorant by buying the right equipment, staying alive and getting assists, and using your abilities. When spending some of the money, your ultimate ability costs 7 AP (6 with a Blaze cast), so the more money you spend between the 1000 AP range gives you 1 point, approaching and eventually getting your ultimate. Building AP from 0 to 7 three times, while maintaining a positive kill-death-assist KDA sheet, should take at least six rounds under regular circumstances.

    Practice and Improve Your Aim

    Improving your aim is likely the single most impactful way to increase your ADR, reduce your deaths, and increase your AP in Valorant. The best ways to practice and improve your aim include the following:

    1. (Target practice in shooting range): New players should use the tips for leveling up fast to experiment with different weapons and learn the basics of aiming in a no-stress environment. Later on this can be used to fine-tune your spray control, warm up your aim, try new mouse senstivities, or practice flickshots.
    2. (Third party aim training software): The best way to improve your aim is dedicated aim training. There are number of third party aim training software such as Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer, Aim Lab, or 3D Aim Trainer. Even using standard bots in deathmatch helps.
    3. (Don’t spend too long in DM): Only using deathmatch is a common mistake. A much larger portion of your practice time should be spent in game against other players, as it is more beneficial practice than against bots.
    4. (Understand different aiming techniques): For long distances Arm Aiming is suggested, while for short distances wrist flicks are the alternative.
    5. (Go for the head): The head is the most important part of the body. This deals double the amount of damage that is normal for a kill, so always aim for the heads anyway.

    All these tips and methods can and should be combined for the best results for players of all skill levels. Learning to aim is a fundamental skill, so all players will improve by practicing it. However, better players should not forget to practice their aim either, or else they risk falling behind more aim-intensive parts of the game, such as their opponent’s dueling abilities.

    Learn and Master Agent Abilities

    Learn and Master Agent Abilities Fast:

    • READ the ability category information about your core agent from the start of the match
    • USE your abilities during warmups. (including different side agents.)
    • PRACTICE IN CUSTOM GAMES. Ask friends or join Custom games online to learn your agent more intensively
    • STUDY YouTube. There are plenty of tutorials available that will teach you how to effectively and quickly use agent skills
    • KNOW your agent’s abilities before learning secondary agent abilities

    There are two things that stand out in this early VLR article. First, you have to have “the knowledge on the type of skill (ability) an agent will have.” This underscores the importance of reading the abilities section of an agent’s bio to increase your understanding of each agent’s abilities. Second, you must use Viper in this quest. Teammate abilities also greatly add to agent skill use. Let’s emphasize this once more because it’s so important to know how all abilities on the present map can work in your specific game situation.

    Given that about half the agents in each select group have good stats, the ability to properly use teammate abilities has taken on new importance in addition to the AWP. If you are trying to quickly become good with all the agents on a team, we would recommend sticking with one and working through the list while playing games until another skillfully uses teammate abilities, or you’ll never deepen your understanding of them. This is another reason to ensure you understand the abilities of your main agent before moving on to select a secondary one.

    Understand and Utilize Map Control

    Map control refers to the knowledge defenders have of where attackers might be coming from, where the defuser and other defenders who might take down the defusers, location, ultorbs, or trap allies and other objectives might be on the site heading for potential pushes to other sites depending on the ease or difficulty they have in controlling territory.

    In simpler terms, map control is how the balance of power and control is determined based on the location of allies and enemies. It is crucial for playing post-plant scenarios and can be even more crucial than having agents with high abilities, armor, or weapons.

    Communicate Effectively with Your Team

    Effective communication with your team during an Ap match is crucial. If Ap is running down the clock or if you feel like you’re falling behind, it is important to create an opportunity for the ‘opener’ or the _first explorer_ on your team to be aggressive. They can not only gather information about the enemy but will likely open the bomb site up and make things easier for the rest of you.

    These are some common terms and slang used in Valorant communication according to an April 2021 article from PC Gamer:

    • Copy (Copy that)

    • Hold here

    • Push together (all of you should push the site together)

    • Right here

    • A main B main (The hallways immediately leading to the main doors of B-side or A-side, respectively)

    • Scout something (go watch something and get back to the team with information)

    • Shroud cover

    • Smoking here (use smoke grenade right here)

    Study and Analyze Pro Gameplay

    Selected pro gameplay from or is watched by thousands of other players who are hoping to learn from the best. Pick one of the many live feeds available during the major tournaments, such as the VCT using the Liquipedia site, and observe which agents and attacking and defensive strategies are being used at that moment.

    ScreaM and Shroud are among the most popular players to learn from, as they are excellent aimers with accuracy that few others in the world can match. ScreaM is particularly known for his lightning-fast left-right flick headshots. Shroud is acclaimed for his accuracy at speed, often making seemingly impossible headshots. Watching streams can be an entertaining way to refine your aim and reflexes.

    Use Boosting Services

    Boosting is when an experienced player logs into your account to quickly level it up. There are dozens of exclusive boosting providers who offer professional help and custom boost options. Bluesodapref and Myboosting are a couple of the most popular.

    BP write an article highlighting General Noodles who is one of the players noticed the branding potential for boosting and creates a company called EZ. They offer their services to users who want to go up to Gold 2, which is a big step up from the bronze for only $50, where $50 gets 2 episodes aired. The $200 option for the Airing being known episode or the secrurely becoming partner would get gold advertisement 2 times in 2 episodes. This would instantly jump their profile on Valorant one rank higher, boosting the client’s valorant profile, amongst established gamers.

    It is against Riot’s TOS though, so bear in mind that the seriousness of the IP ban is up to them if you get caugh. Boosting is illegal.

    How to get a job in the black market is one of the most searched questions on Google but unfortunately there does not seem to be a safe and legit way. For that matter, no one metal coins (xp grinding services) can really assist you to legitimately earn AP on valorant. Bypass all this by focusing on developing your gaming skills naturally. But if you have the kind of money where the $1,500 price does not hurt your pocket and you are willing to take the risk of access to your account being banned, boosting services can be a high-speed option.

    What Are the Benefits of Having High AP in Valorant?

    The primary benefits of having high AP in Valorant are higher damage, reduced damage falloff, and increased wallbang damage. These statistics depend on the weapon, with sniper rifles having the highest AP, followed by SMGs, rifles, pistols, while shotguns effectively have no damage falloff except in range terms, and Knives + Meele have improved wallbang and no damage falloff. Below is a quick overview of the benefits of high AP for each weapon category in terms of value for money against light armor opponents.

    1. Sniper rifles (Vandal and Operator): Using an AWP is the most value-for-money high-AP choice where buying it in buy rounds ($4700 and $5000 respectively) will maximize damage. Snipers in accuracy-based shooters are the equivalent of a shotgun unit, but to a much higher degree of strength. Snipers excel at taking down opponents from a long range.
    2. Shotguns (Bucky and Judge): Similarly with shotguns, in this instance the Bucky and Judge, weapons that have an increased amount of AP are good options. Shotguns are close-range weapons and are not wildlife to do lots of damage from a long range. Mid to close-range combat is the most optimal use for a shotgun where it will take opponents down with a single shot.

    Better Weapon Selection

    The Bulldog costs 2100 credits and is a great option for improved AP because it has the ability to one-tap headshot enemies, while its automatic shooting style helps to control long-range spray scenarios, according to a video by one of the most popular Valorant content creators valorant Yoru.

    The rifle shoots quickly enough to drop the best Valorant Operator peekers who come around an unexpected corner and are slow moving enemies at the far end of a map, according to the Samurai-Gamers Guide. Conserving the game’s in-app currency and spending it on alternative for an AP-focused weapon famously pitted against AP at the launch of the official Valorant release.

    More Effective Agent Abilities

    There are two types of abilities that are used by Valorant agents. There are basic abilities that help agents move through the spatial layer of the game and utilize basic utilities such as area denial or smokes. While helpful, they do not offer as much as advancing in the game compared to signature and ultimate abilities.

    Signature abilities come into play more often than ultimate abilities. These are more effective in speeding up play than basic abilities. Another point to note is that players who invest in improving their aim will find Assassin type agents easier to get kills with and skillful use of those agents will quickly increase one’s combat score. Agents with the extremely unique pull ability like Astra or Viper are some of the most effective in the game for both playing and eliminating opponents.

    Improved Accuracy and Damage

    Accuracy is an important statistic for riflers and duelists, but perhaps the most defining characteristic of Agents who require high AP is the amount of damage they can inflict. Agents like Reyna, Phoenix{“entities”: {“urn:valorant:gamer:162ec0ce-421a-6c8c-7eb2-3862635efb8f”}>’s fire power, and Vandal power rifle are all designed to inflict headshot damage of 160 AP maximal (140 AP minimal). If the total AP of an enemy player is 150, then it is possible for the rifle to kill that player with a single shot to the head.

    These AP numbers do vary between wingmen, but having a general idea of the amount of damage your agent can inflict and prepare appropriately is essential in addition to improved accuracy.

    Higher Ranking and More Competitive Opportunities

    Your ranking in the main Valorant playlist allows you to compete in higher-level competitions, paving the way to the pinnacle of competitive Valorant play represented by the Champions Tour. To secure more competitive opportunities, you need to increase your rank by giving yourself the best opportunity to improve, which Ap Fast can provide.

    Improvement will lead you up the competitive hierarchy in a more predictable path, as players in higher-level lobbies even in the main playlist will provide better competition and help you secure access to more structured head-to-head events.

    The AP system is a tool created by the GTP to provide the structure you need to improve and maximize your success as a Valorant player.

    What Are the Risks of Using Boosting Services for AP in Valorant?

    Risks of using boosting services for AP in Valorant include losing your account and being scammed. Banned for selling accounts. Use caution and conduct online research to find reviews and any available online reputation for providers if you choose to use a boosting company. It is illegal to sell accounts or boost, and Easy Anti-Cheat states on their website that the clients may have their accounts completely terminated in such cases.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I get AP fast in Valorant?
    The fastest way to earn AP in Valorant is by completing daily and weekly challenges. These challenges offer a significant amount of AP and can be completed quickly.

    2. Are there any other ways to earn AP in Valorant?
    Yes, you can also earn AP by playing in competitive matches and completing contracts for agents. The amount of AP you earn will depend on your performance and the difficulty of the contract.

    3. Do I need to purchase anything to get AP fast in Valorant?
    No, you do not need to purchase anything to earn AP in Valorant. However, you can purchase a battle pass which will give you access to additional challenges and rewards.

    4. What should I focus on to get AP fast in Valorant?
    To get AP fast, make sure to complete your daily and weekly challenges, play in competitive matches, and complete contracts for agents. Prioritizing these tasks will help you earn AP quickly.

    5. Can I earn AP in custom games or practice mode?
    No, AP can only be earned in regular game modes such as casual, competitive, and spike rush. Custom games and practice mode do not offer AP rewards.

    6. Is there a maximum amount of AP I can earn in a day?
    Yes, there is a daily cap of 1,000 AP that can be earned. This encourages players to spread out their playtime and not grind for AP in one sitting.

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