Maximizing Your RP Points in Pubg Without Missions

If you’re an avid PUBG player, you’ve probably heard about RP points and their importance in the game. But did you know that you can actually earn RP points without completing missions? In this article, we will explore various ways to acquire RP points without the need for missions. From participating in events to using redemption codes, we’ll cover it all. We’ll discuss the benefits of RP points, the different types of missions in PUBG, and tips for earning RP points quickly. So, if you’re looking to boost your RP rank and unlock exclusive rewards, read on to find out more!

What Are RP Points in PUBG?

RP (Royale Pass) points in PUBG are a premium in-game currency that players can earn by completing daily or weekly missions/tasks referenced in every PUBG mission guide. They are similar to experience points in other games and the RP points one has determines their Royale Pass level in PUBG. RP points can be accrued during a season, according to PUBG’s official YouTube channel. Players can see their RP point balance displayed on the very top of their gameplay screen beside the season leaderboard.

When a player reaches RP 100, the rewards are wrapped up and the player is encouraged to start preparing for the next season. All RP rewards are either cosmetic items like clothes or weapon skins, more chances for loot crate spins, or in some cases, special themed weapons or vehicles. None of this affects game progression or performance, it is merely the objective of reinvigorating engagement by having players come back to grind in every new season.

How Can You Get RP Points Without Missions?

Rp Points in PUBG can be received without missions if you reach a new Royale Pass level and do not have enough RP Points to unlock it. You will be given a chance to get completing some missions on the new Royale Pass, but in case you cannot or do not want to complete them, there is another option. You expand an older Royale Pass entirely.

You can convert UC cash to RP points in PUBG, as is the only way to obtain RP without playing a teammate, completing missions, or doing anything else.

Participate in Events

There are various Pubg mobile events that regularly appear during significant updates. These events can frequently have tasks challenging players to complete missions in return for Rp points. These missions can be as simple as playing a number of games or killing an opponent with a certain weapon. Regularly check Pubg mobile social media channels for updates on event schedules and rewards. Certain Pubg mobile website pages like the ‘Pubg Mobile Americas‘ news blog will also show the latest events with the required update.

Pubg mobile events also have other rewards that can help players acquire Rp points in instances where they cannot do missions. Players typically get 1-10 Rp points after a few hours of collecting these rewards


Complete Achievements

You complete achievements of PUBG Mobile to get RP points. These are task challenges or objectives that can be met for a certain number of times to earn rewards. There are different levels of achievements ranging from novice to veteran to weapons master that are assigned with individual objectives according to the advancement level.

More difficult levels give more RP points as rewards. You can earn up to YES RP points by completing difficult achievement challenges. Following our article, Pubg Mobile has a page dedicated to mission types in the game where they always update their newest achievements and what you receive by doing them.

Purchase RP Points

RP points in PUBG can be exchanged for in-game items, but PUBG Corporation states that they cannot be freely purchased. This simply is not true. In PUBG Mobile players can outright buy RP points using real money. Players can purchase 600, 1800, and 6000 UC for $0.99, $2.70, and $9.99 respectively. additional amounts can be obtained for more than the three options listed by going to the in-game point purchase menu. After buying the RP points, players can use them to level up their Battle Pass and earn rewards.

Use Redemption Codes

Redemption codes are a quick and easy way to rebuild your Rp if you are a player of Pubg Mobile 1.6 expecting the Redeem Visions pass. To use them, copy your Pubg id by tapping on your name on the main screen, then paste it into the Pubg redemption channel to gain Rp points. Google or Bing search for redemption codes, rather than platforms or websites, to discover codes ranging from seasonal codes from workers and to custom codes given away during other events. Ubisoft, the game’s publisher, releases Redemption codes for a free RP pass in the game that last for a limited time. Players in India, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Latin America have the advantage of finding copious amounts of daily content to help rebuild their RP and utilize redemption codes.

It is up to you to take advantage of this unfairness. Different parts and social groups of the world give different levels of attention to games. This all should not be understood as they do not play the game. No. They play play it but play it in different quantities and amounts. Japanese people, for example, get stressed and busier than Indians or South Americans. As for India, pubs are considered sacred places which should be free from any technology and games.

What Are the Benefits of RP Points?

The benefits of RP Points are that they allow you to get significant discounts on Battle Passes. When using RP points in Pubg Mobile, an additional 2200 UC saved by using RP points only to pay for Elite Passes would allow you to buy 3 Elite Passes instead of 1. If you usually buy the Elite Plus passes, that’s 5750 instead of 1900. Assuming of course you have progressed far enough in an RP to not buy UC only for an empty BP.

Unlock Exclusive Rewards

PUBG Mobile occasionally offers RP as a reward for completing in-game events. Events include Community Events, which feature bonus resource points and rewards, and collaborations with other apps, games, or brands for bonus RP earn benefits.

Most events provide RP Points as rewards, though the amount can vary. To access the list of in-game events and rewards, go to the in-game event center, either from the right banner in the lobby or the icon in the lower left of the lobby interface. While there is no systematic way to find events to earn RP, one can expect to find some amount of RP for every new set of events that are released by the PUBG Mobile developers.

Increase RP Rank

Another way to get Rp points in Pubg? Yes, if you can rank up as quickly as time and money will allow. Focusing on the activities required for Royale Pass Missions can achieve this. The best way to increase one’s RP rank quickly is to focus on the mission and complete it, from the daily to the challenge, weekly, and achievement missions. Increasing the RP rank also automatically provides points to the player.

Access Elite Pass

The Elite Royale Pass in PUBG is a premium Royal Pass which an owner obtains by paying a certain fee using real money. It is one of the best sources for getting an arsenal of parachute, avatar frames, outfits, weapon finishes, and more.

There are two variants of the Elite Royale Pass: the Elite Pass and the Elite Plus Pass. Both of these offer a higher return of UC and RP points. The Elite Pass has a return forecast of 620 UC and 120 RP points, while the Elite Plus Pass has a return forecast of 1860 UC and 120 RP points.

The Elite Plus Pass allows a player to skip the first 20 ranks, allowing them to access and acquire the more valuable rewards available at levels 21 and higher.

What Are the Missions in PUBG?

Missions in PUBG, or Royale Pass missions, are daily and weekly tasks and objectives that bring extra points and rewards by providing RP (Royale Pass) points — either limited time or generic. PUBG gives players new missions on Monday at midnight and they fix 7 days time limit on every RP mission, after which they disappear — although sometimes, as it is aimed more at regular spending players, quick shoppers are given shorter timelines for offers.

Daily Missions

For get RP points in PUBG, you can work on Daily Missions. Logged-in players will find three maps in the daily section, and you can navigate to view the missions for all three. Players will find a plethora of daily and weekly challenges here, as well as RP points and experience which players of the game have earned.

Weekly Missions

You can earn Rp points through weekly missions, but these all require a significant amount of gameplay. Standard weekly missions are intended to be completed over the course of a week (though many can be completed in a single game).

If you have completed all of your daily and challenge missions, it is easy to start in on the easier weekly missions. The most straightforward way to earn Rp quickly using weekly missions is to complete auto-assignments. Auto-assignments automatically generate random missions for use and can be accessed by clicking on the + re-roll button within the weekly missions tab. Auto-assigned missions incubate for one hour. If you don’t like the task, for example, if the mission is too challenging or requires a pay feature, you can click + re-roll again to pick a new one after one hour has passed.

If you find any particular Re-Roll mission undesirable, wait an hour for the change before going back to matched or all missions. You only have the one chance to swap until that hour is up. At the beginning of the day, all remaining open slots can be filled with auto-assigned missions. But, after that, you must wait out each hour period before re-rolling. So, if you come back to the game in the evening and want to fill out your weekly mission slots, you have to wait an hour between re-rolls.

Seasonal Missions

Seasonal Missions are challenges that PUBG Mobile releases periodically to celebrate holidays or gaming milestones that reward those that can complete them. The challenges can take the form of weapon skins, clothes, emotes, or other in-game items and can be exchanged for a number of Royal Pass points.

Select the Mission window in the lobby to head to the official website where seasonal missions are listed. They are generally simple and involve things such as logging into a special event, playing a specific mode during a specific period, achieving milestones in a game mode, or inviting friends. From 80-200 Royal Pass points depending on the mission, PUBG mobile adds up rewards fairly quickly for those who complete them.

How to Complete Missions Efficiently?

Complete your PUBG missions efficiently by partnering with experienced and friendly players, letting easier missions dictate your play style, regularly updating missions by activating completed ones, saving the hardest mission cards for the weekend warrior week, and knowing which missions years the most RP points beforehand. Stay patient and positive during gameplay for a more enjoyable experience.

Focus on One Mission at a Time

PUBG Mobile frequently changes its missions and challenges, so players having multiple missions to progress through at once used to be a major advantage. However, with relatively few missions offering RP points as a reward, it is important to focus on those to work them off as fast as one can.

This is a double-edged sword, as quests with multiple sub-objectives would allow players to simultaneously complete multiple quests as they play minimizes play time. For all the added complexity in the Royal Pass Missons of season 19, there are still numerous quests that only require kills, weapons, healing, or even playtime. Concentrate on the mission you can complete the most of in the least time, not the mission requiring the most sub-objectives.

For Royal Pass Mission quests providing no RP points, choose the simplest that will be fastest to accomplish and help pick away at them rapidly. Not a huge fan of the DP-28? The and use of at least Lvl. 1 military armor? You can get those done with a few games as long as you are solely focused on that rather than playing to win.

Play with a Squad

Squad play is a good way to maximize your RP points as you can share the responsibility of fighting, looting, and reviving downed teammates. When you play as a full squad of four, the chances increase that at least one of you will survive, which means more endgame survival RP points. Continue sticking with your squad after landing as long as it makes sense. The more teammates you have, the more skillfully you can accomplish missions and the greater your chances are of completing daily challenges, which in turn can earn further RP points.

Playing as a team in squad mode also places less emphasis on individual performance, so failure to place in the top 1-3 in a squad match or defeat other squads does not result in RP point loss. Opt for a player with higher RP scores in the same tier for more channels to play with in classic squad mode to optimize RP gain. If they get a chicken dinner, you need to get a chicken dinner. For the RP point bonuses and the M4 skin, the gang must have the greatest rank.

Use Boosters

Another way to collect RP points in PUBG is by using battlefield loot or pick up from a victim. Scope and ammo loot or pick up in matches, and you can get from 5-16 RP points according to the PUBG Gamepedia Game Mechanics Guide. Get from a drop, especially during the final slicing of the map for a match, or after a flare gun, and you can gain 60 points. So earn RP using boosters and looting in PUBG mobile and PUBG PC sessions.

Utilize In-game Tools

Pubg has various add-ons when using in-game analytics. Some add-ons such as WTFast will help improve your game experience. Others such as Red Magic provide a good environment for team play by connecting with other locals or groups. This can help improve the skill and improve your experience with the game.

After a certain amount of time, you can earn Rp points for playing matches. So make sure to get yourself set up using the best Pubg mobile settings for you.

What Are Some Tips for Earning RP Points Quickly?

Some tips for earning RP points quickly to get RP points in PUBG without doing missions are by increasing your in-match survival rating, performing well in the arts used, and winning matches. Some further suggestions to earn RP points quickly are regularly spending time in the crew, actively taking part in the crew challenge, and participating in custom matches. Earning camouflage with active friends who play PUBG, using Wax for RP, participating in in-game surveys, logging in daily, playing ‘Update’ and ‘Event Mode’, and focusing on loot are best practices to increase RP points.

Play Regularly

A core aspect of the rewards in PUBG is that players are given some free points for playing regularly. Play the game daily for a month and on some days earn points by completing missions. Point rewards are scaled according to the number of days logged in a row. More Iogs = higher points and faster acceleration. In the end, over a 30-day period, you will earn 160 RP points. This free, guaranteed amount should make up the minimum portion of a player’s points. And if one sets a relatively doable mission completion goal of 20 points each day, players can get the weekly mission rewards by playing casually without much reliance on missions.

Participate in Ranked Matches

Participate in Ranked Matches to get Rp points in PUBG without missions. In Ranked Mod, players can earn RP in larger amounts by improving their skill and going up the ranks on the PUBG ranking system such as the Top 500 Boards.

Additionally, the conventional way to receive the ranks and rewards is by ranking at the end of a season. Players are given the flexibility to choose when to play Ranked matches as opposed to daily and weekly missions which occur on a set schedule.

Complete Daily Challenges

You can get BP and RP points in PUBG when you complete daily challenges. You can complete a maximum of 3 such tasks per day. Daily challenges can range from reviving 6 teammates in a single game to driving a total of 10 minutes in a game. By going to the missions menu, you can see if there are any daily challenges for the day. Once you have completed as many as you are able to, you have to wait to see if more are assigned or go to sleep and check again the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I earn RP points in PUBG without completing missions?

There are a few ways to get RP points without completing missions. One method is by playing in arcade mode and winning more than one game. You can also participate in special events organized by PUBG, which offer additional RP points as rewards.

2. Are there any in-game purchases that can help me get RP points without missions?

Yes, you can purchase RP points directly from the in-game store. However, keep in mind that this is a paid method and may not be feasible for everyone.

3. Can I get RP points by playing with friends?

Unfortunately, playing with friends does not directly earn you RP points. However, playing with friends can increase your chances of winning and therefore getting RP points through gameplay.

4. Is it true that completing daily missions can help me get RP points without missions?

Yes, completing daily missions can earn you RP points as rewards. However, these missions are limited and may not always be available.

5. Can I transfer RP points from my alternate account to my main account?

No, it is not possible to transfer RP points between accounts. Each account must earn its own RP points through gameplay or in-game purchases.

6. Are there any other ways to get RP points without completing missions or making in-game purchases?

Unfortunately, there are limited options to earn RP points without completing missions or making purchases. However, you can try participating in community events or contests, where RP points may be offered as prizes.

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