Unlock Sara in Pubg Using Character Voucher – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Pubg player looking to add Sara to your character collection?

Wondering what a Character Voucher is and how to get one to purchase Sara?

In this article, we will explore acquiring Sara in Pubg using Character Vouchers.

From completing missions to purchasing from the in-game store, we’ll guide you through the various methods of obtaining this unique character.

Stay tuned to discover the benefits of buying Sara with Character Vouchers and other ways to add her to your roster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Character Vouchers can be used to purchase Sara, a unique character in Pubg with special appearances, voice lines, and interactions.
  • Character Vouchers can be obtained by completing missions, purchasing from the in-game store, or participating in events and challenges.
  • Other ways to obtain Sara include purchasing with in-game currency (UC), redeeming from events or giveaways, or trading with other players.
  • What Is Sara in Pubg?

    Sara is a balanced skill-based fighter who is also the leader of K/DA (a virtual K-pop themed girl group originally from League of Legends) an outfit is available in the in-game shop for 200 UC. In 2019’s collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Riot Games, K/DA members were used as in-game outfits, with Sara being the first to be introduced to the game. Her in-game title is The Falcon.

    What Is a Character Voucher?

    A character voucher is an in-game item in PUBG Mobile that allows players to get a premium player for less cost. Character vouchers are acquired as rewards, but players can also purchase them. They help with gameplay by doing more damage, silently reducing foot noise, decreasing fall damage, increasing bow drawing speed, increasing the speed of health recovery after a revival request, and playing defense against grenades and melee. For these reasons, using a character voucher is to a player’s benefit.

    The character voucher in PUBG MOBILE costs Classic Crate Coupon x 5, but this can change. To buy a character voucher in Sara’s honour, you should upgrade the Sara character level corresponding to the Character Voucher. Once you get the needed character level (cp), under the Character option, you can click the level up Sara after the character voucher icon. It is an automatic process and you don’t have to select Sara whose details are shown next to the character voucher icon, but you can switch the plan and level up another character.

    How to Get Character Vouchers in Pubg?

    There are various ways to get character vouchers in Sara in PUBG, all of which require the user to achieve game milestones such as the 3 types of Battle Styles (Bat Master, Fire Ranger, Freezing Avenger), RP tasks, or pass missions like daily or progress missions. You can buy PUBG character vouchers in royale pass missions. These vouchers can be found on the Free pass of the Royale pass or the Elite pass.

    Complete Missions and Achievements

    If you don’t want to spend money and are wondering how to get Sara in PUBG, focus on completing the various activities offered during your gameplay. Missions and achievements often reward players with currency to make in-game purchases. In some seasons, there are missions that reward players with a character voucher for Sara character in PUBG. By completing these missions and achieving milestones in the game, players can acquire the Sara character in PUBG without spending any real money.

    Purchase from In-Game Store

    Sara is available to buy in PUBG with a character voucher from the in-game purchase store. Character vouchers are not often given out by PUBG, but can be bought by players and later used. Characters are also called avatar skins. The character voucher costs 150 UC or US$2.99. It Alternatively, you can purchase character vouchers in the PUBG mobile shop.

    Participate in Events and Challenges

    Special events and challenges offer many different ways to earn or claim character vouchers. Look out for news announcements from PUBG Mobile on their social media platforms, official messages or e-mail newsletters. Often, these include free vouchers. In the past, these events have included the Vachick Challenge, Third-anniversary celebrations, and numerous sponsor events such as the Tesla cooperation and Grenade baby events.

    What Are the Benefits of Buying Sara with Character Vouchers?

    Now that Pubg Mobile has converted the game to Pubg: New State, certain details regarding usage of these papers and finding the Sara character may have changed.

    The benefits of purchasing Pubg’s Sara character with character vouchers were as follows at the time of her introduction in mid-2021:

    • She costs 800 character vouchers so is not prohibitively expensive.
    • Sara has a pop star look with special clothing.
    • There is no serious in-game benefit or advantage. Though in the player’s screens she has a slightly large hitbox.

    Unique Appearance and Voice Lines

    Appearance: Sara has eight unlockable outfits. Her Road warrior outfit suits her war veteran look. To earn her outfits, purchase Sara-specific crates with UC, or perform tasks in the game. Voice Lines help give your PUBG character its own unique personality.

    Appearance: Sara has eight unlockable outfits. Her Road warrior outfit suits her war veteran look. To earn her outfits, purchase Sara-specific crates with UC, or perform tasks in the game. Voice Lines help give your PUBG character its own unique personality.

    Costumes and voice lines: Sara has a total of 13 unique voice lines. Use wardrobe and voices for your Sara character by choosing the character in the game lobby, then selecting the wardrobe option.

    Basic Info Survival Instinct is Sara’s ability Sara Unique Voice Lines and Appearance (29 May 2021). YouTube.

    Special Emotes and Interactions

    Special emotes and interactions are unlockable features of Saraste and other Bone Collector sets in PUBG Mobile. Like the Bone Collector Set, Saraste showaction outfits can perform special em a player’s crate. Here are three special emotes and interactions of Sara worth noting for excited players:

    • A x10 Scope interaction that involves throwing up three small headdresses and has Sara juggling them on tomahawks.
    • An M24 scope interaction that involves Sara throwing up a blue headdress and disappearing, then reappearing just in time to catch it as it falls. A smaller version of the interaction occurs with the AKM scope emote.
    • Users can earn Puppeteer Sarah 1 and 2 dance moves which strike a pose then involve her moving subtly to the music, full control over Jio with a square icon of emojis where his moves can be customized, horns for vehicle gestures, and many more interactions and emotes.

    How to Buy Sara in Pubg with Character Vouchers?

    In PUBG Mobile, four models of Character Vouchers can be purchased, stored, and exchanged for UC. Character Vouchers can be used to buy Sara. In the shop section of the PUBG lobby called Community Market, an exclusive Sara Character Update package is available. The player will require the required number of UC to buy the PUBG mobile Sara Character Update. The items that may be included in the update can vary. For two Character Vouchers a player can obtain 60 UC, for 3 vouchers 120 UC, for 4 vouchers 205 UC, and Scout’s Package (a crate coupon scrap, 2 silver fragments, and room cards), for 5 vouchers 335 UC, Mercenary’s Package (a premium crate coupon scrap), for 6 vouchers 500 UC, and for 7 vouchers 700 UC.

    On the day of release for an offer, the character voucher cost to buy Sara character using Sara Character Update was 60 UC. The promotion continued with price increases until it was removed, spending 270 UC. There are regions in PUBG where there are no suppliers of Character Vouchers. For such regions, PUBG Mobile declared that Sara would be released for Battle Coins. With a BP of 1200, this upgrade was issued (Battle Points). PUBG discontinued the BP option for the Sara character on the same day.

    Open the In-Game Store

    As of October 2021, opening the in-game store requires launching PUBG Mobile, selecting the mode you wish to play solo, with friends, etc., and pressing the yellow RP symbol in the top-left corner of the lobby screen. This opens the Royale Pass paid rewards screen where you see SARA in PUBG. Press her icon, which will take you to the store that shows the items where you can buy her using vouchers or UC. Steps are likely similar in the future, though the screen’s design may change.

    Go to the Character section

    After clicking on the Shop icon, go down from the Shop icon to the middle of the screen and click on the Character icon as shown on the Anniversary Special Character Voucher screen. The Character icon shows the number of available Character Vouchers. In the Character section, Sara’s character should automatically open and the Sara’s set should appear as the first character set after the end of the loading. Note that all 10 Sara vouchers were already bought before these screenshots were taken.

    Select Sara and click on ‘Purchase’

    To get Sara from PUBG with a character voucher, you will need to navigate to the exact location of where the discount character is to select her for purchase. After choosing ‘Shop’ and selecting ‘Characters’, you will choose Sara from the list of featured shop characters. But this process can only start if she is on that list. According to a PUBG manual, you will only see Sara as an option if you buy a character voucher from the Others tab under Characters.

    A single character voucher in PUBG costs 120 UC or $2. According to the PUBG Mobile game, after purchasing a character voucher, a percentage-based discount will be displayed on the main entrance. That page of the PUBG game will then also display the discounts to other characters available from the same shop. A menu will pop up under the featured character’s avatar with an option to use the voucher to buy Sara if the user has no characters who have completed their crystals anymore. The discount on Sara, which is larger than any current shop characters, will be displayed with the new price in UC.

    After clicking on ‘Purchase’, you can now roam to join the game and see the new Sara character offered in her default red track suit. You may change her appearance and emotes after purchase by selecting the Sara icon in your collection tab.

    Use Character Voucher as Payment Method

    Another way characters are sold in PUBG is via character vouchers. Players are occasionally rewarded with pilot character voucher which they can trade with both clan points and UC. However, to go beyond the basics of obtaining Sara, real UC will have to be expended. Here is the cost broken down in tiers: Tier $0 (players must make account region USA as it doesn’t work in India and Korea) works out to $3 in UC. Tier $1 = 70. Tiers $2-40 = exactly 10 000 UC At Tier $50 = 15, 813.

    What Are the Other Ways to Obtain Sara in Pubg?

    A few other ways by which you can obtain Sara in Pubg are given on the image after you click the character. They include obtaining Sara in solo gun play mode, and if lucky, as a reward for doing logged in tasks on RP (security rewards) or for upgrading RP and doing a specific task to be promoted to a different level. These are not guaranteed and may require much playing time. Similar to costume vouchers, you can get character vouchers by participating in lucky draws and mini-games and use them to get Sara.

    Purchase with UC (In-Game Currency)

    The primary method to purchase Sara is with the premium credits of UC. UC is the in-game currency that helps you to buy UC with real money. You can purchase UC starting at $2 from rare to permanent items. UC in PUBG can be utilized for buying Royale Pass, Crates, Restore, rename card, vehicle and much more.

    Though we have not yet been able to determine the cost of Sara from updating PUBG prices as there are not any vouchers available at the moment, but you can look at different price points for purchasing Sara.

    Redeem a Character Voucher from an Event or Giveaway

    There are several giveaways and events where character vouchers can be redeemed. For browsing past and current events and giveaways, users should check the official PUBG Mobile social media channels daily or weekly. Users can earn character vouchers through these events by simply participating in activities hosted by PUBG Mobile, as seen in the following example from an event on the PUBG Mobile Discord server in 2020.
    1. Find Game ID to redeem the watch: User: where to put the character voucher Processor: Open the character section, find Sara icon and click on it, find Redemption tag, put the character voucher code there.
      User: Does it give me Sara right away? Processor: The character voucher gives you the Character, Outfit, Headgear, Backpack, and unique features (face, voice, etc) of that character.
    2. Join the PUBG Mobile Discord official server. Threads related to event quests and giveaways are regularly updated and communicated on the server.
    3. Participate in the RP mission. Enter Sara’s research code into the voucher bar.

    As of the time of researching this topic on October 26, 2021, there were no recent PUBG Mobile events or posts related to PUBG Mobile character codes.

    Trade with Other Players

    Sara is an exclusive pubg character. She is one of the game’s oldest pay-to-play characters known for her unique storyline background and aggressive queen-like manner of fighting. Sara was released along with the Badge 1.0 Update. The badge is a commemorative award for the time when original PUBG developers and trolls Bryan, Andy, and Koo joined (about one year and two months after the test) and continues to hover in the main menu until the user clicks it. Sara has 3 regal-looking and high-priced outfits so many players opt to trade for her via the battle boss option who also happen to have the high-value outfit.

    If you can’t gather enough character shards or change tactics and want the character immediately the best means of getting in-game character Sara is to trade with another player. Ask in the PUBG community or fansites if someone wants to trade a Sara character for someone else. Be ready to deal with another renowned character or a large number of character vouchers for this trade to go through. There are reports in forums such as askcorran.com of going rates for trading a PUBG character. Buyer and seller need to decide what terms they are willing to agree to for the trade.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I use a character voucher to buy Sara in Pubg?

    To use a character voucher to buy Sara in Pubg, first go to the in-game store and select the “Characters” tab. Then, choose Sara as your desired character and click on the “Purchase” button. You will be prompted to select a payment method, where you can choose to use a character voucher if you have one.

    2. Can I buy Sara in Pubg with a character voucher from any store?

    Yes, you can buy Sara in Pubg with a character voucher from any store that sells them. This includes online stores, physical retail stores, and in-game stores. Just make sure the voucher is valid for use in Pubg and has not expired.

    3. Where can I get a character voucher to buy Sara in Pubg?

    There are several ways to obtain a character voucher to buy Sara in Pubg. You can purchase them from the in-game store, redeem a code from a physical or digital card, or receive one as a reward for completing certain challenges or events.

    4. Can I use multiple character vouchers to buy Sara in Pubg?

    No, you can only use one character voucher at a time to purchase Sara in Pubg. If you have multiple vouchers, you will need to use them separately for different transactions. However, you can combine a character voucher with other payment methods, such as in-game currency or real money, to complete the purchase.

    5. What happens if I accidentally use a character voucher to buy a different character in Pubg?

    If you accidentally use a character voucher to buy a different character in Pubg, you will still be able to use that voucher again to purchase Sara. The voucher does not expire after one use and can be used for any character in the game.

    6. Is it possible to trade or gift a character voucher to someone else for them to buy Sara in Pubg?

    No, character vouchers are non-transferable and can only be used by the account that originally purchased or received it. They also cannot be gifted or traded with other players. Make sure to use the voucher on the account you want to have Sara on before completing the transaction.

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