Unfriending in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Curious about how to unfriend someone in Pubg Mobile? Wondering why you might need to unfriend someone in the first place?

Let’s explore the reasons for unfriending in Pubg Mobile, as well as the step-by-step process of unfriending someone in the game.

We will also discuss what happens when you unfriend someone and provide tips on how to avoid the need for unfriending in the future.

Grab your phone and let’s dive into the world of Pubg Mobile friendships!

What is Pubg Mobile?

Pubg Mobile is the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a free-to-play shooter-survival game where you and up to 99 other players fight to the death. Winners are the last person or team alive, and maps shrink during a match by an ever-shrinking Safe Zone. When you play subscribe to Pubg Mobile from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Huawei App Gallery, you can chat and make friends before, during, and after matches.

Why Unfriend in Pubg Mobile?

You unfriend in PUBG Mobile to create space on your friend list for other players that you may play with more often. Having so many friends on your list that you are unaware of causes clutter. An unfriended friend who later sends you a request will reappear on your list.

This can occur if you accidentally unfriend someone and wish to continue playing with them. While alternatives for platforms like adding to a blacklist exist, adding a nickname to a player does not change their friend status. Simply unfriend and refriend them if you no longer wish to play alongside other members on your list to the same degree.

What are the Reasons for Unfriending Someone in Pubg Mobile?

The reasons for unfriending someone in Pubg Mobile are a person or player becoming annoying or abusive, due to mutual consent, to maintain performance, and to prevent hacking. Friend Request and Friend Suggestion Lists can show all Pubg Mobile friends from the local server. Tap an existing friend’s icon to show the user interface with friends listed on the right.

Whenever the player named Player61181111 wants to be close rather than fight, Player61181111 keeps sending invitations to quarrel, the player plays on Discord as well to make it difficult for anybody to concentrate rather than recovering, or the players cheat to improve their rankings and keep disturbing the true nature of the game of PUBG, They can be deleter under unfriendly cutoffs. They can be deleted in the same way.

How to Unfriend in Pubg Mobile?

To unfriend in PUBG Mobile, search for the friend you want to unfriend using the Friends tab. A message ribbon shows up, tap the ribbon. A Remove Friend button will appear. Tap that button and receive a warning message. After, the Friend menu appears with the friend no longer listed. From the chat screen, get to the personal info box, and press the Remove Friend button. Messages will appear and send to delete the friend.

Step 1: Open Pubg Mobile App

To unfriend in Pubg Mobile, open the mobile application. The Pubg Mobile app is best accessed as a mobile device application according to official instructions. Running the game on a desktop system such as through an emulator will increase the game’s likelihood of crashing or otherwise inadvertently unfriending or blocking or friend status changing. This is typically not a desired outcome and will require the steps with the friend to be repeated once the issue is corrected.

Step 2: Go to Friends List

To unfriend is PUBG Mobile, make sure you are in the lobby and then open the “Friends” tab in the “Clan title” area in the bottom menu. If you have a player added as a friend but are not in the same game, you can go to your “profile” tab to Unfriend them as well. Once in the Friends tab, you will see two sources in the top menu: Pubg Friends and Facebook Friends.

If you were recently playing with him, you can unfriend fast by clicking on Pubg Friends and clicking on the Friend’s friend image thumbnail. You will see a red “Unfriend” button at the bottom of his profile. Click on the “Unfriend” button to unlink you from the user you want to unfriend. He will disappear as a friend from PUBG. If he is a facebook friend, the system will set in automatically once you unfriend him on facebook. There is no need to delete him on PUBG itself.

Step 3: Find the Player You Want to Unfriend

After searching the player’s In-Game Name (IGN), you can find the player (if they have not changed their name) by looking them up in your friend list. If this is not possible, you will have to launch a new game of PUBG Mobile and look for the player’s IGN in active buddy lists (similar to the friend list). Remember the search function is still helpful for this when you know the player’s current IGN.

Step 4: Click on the Player’s Profile

After opening the Friends menu, click on the user whose role you want to unfriend. After clicking on the user, you can Note Tap for 3 seconds to open the full player profile page like shown previously in the Step 3 guide for sending a friend request. The friends list will appear as a sidebar screen. Tap on the player’s Facebook, SMS, and email to establish contact. You can tap the Unfriend button here, which will erase the player from your friend’s list. Of course, you can find any players who send you a request in this guide.

Step 5: Select ‘Unfriend’

After viewing the friend’s profile page, if you would still like to unfriend your PUBG Mobile friend, then follow these steps to unfriend them.

  1. Briefly open the friends tab by either tapping on the friends icon on the top of any game screen or tapping on your royale pass icon (the red bordered crown) and then tapping the friends option on the top of the screen, as in step 2 above.
  2. Search for the friend in your friends’ list.
  3. Tap the manage button (which is three columns of sliders).
  4. Then tap unfriend.

Step 6: Confirm Unfriending

Conformation Dialog is the final screen after you click UNFRIEND button in PUBG Mobile and shows who you are unfriending. Simply click YES. The following image shows the CONFORMATION box after unfriending Harakha.

Potential Reasons Friends Show as Pending Deletion. If a player shows as pending deletion, the unfriended friend must first grant access to you to see their real primary account. There are two main reasons why friends appear as pending deletion.

  1. Privacy Restriction. A lot of players have customized their Facebook Page privacy settings such that outside profiles cannot access all information. If friends have set up these restrictions on their accounts where certain information is not accessible by specific user types, friends may show as pending deletion.
  2. Primary Account Change. If the friend has started using a different profile-type or primary account, the prior profile may become inaccessible.

Topic Researcher at PUBG Mobile Victor Moraes and Gaming Editorial Staff at BlueStacks provided the reasons above for why friends may appear as pending deletion in PUBG Mobile.

What Happens When You Unfriend in Pubg Mobile?

When you unfriend in PUBG Mobile the other user is permanently removed from your ties list and cannot view you in their connections any longer. You unfriending someone on PUBG Mobile has no direct impact on gameplay statistics or any other aspect of their or your playing experience.

The repercussions on the other users account depend on how they have tailored their own settings and friend list as well as possible behavior afterwards. If profiles remain entirely open they will not be able to see if they are unfriended. It is the exact same process as other online games, like Facebook or Twitter.

Once you unfriend they will no longer even be noted on your friend request list where they were marked with the connected icon. Trusting them back in the future will require a new friend request and approval. This basically means accepting the facility to track each other’s Journals and achievements on PUBG is denied.

If they had friended you back, and one day find they no longer have your profile on their own list, they can see that you decided to unfriend. Unlike many other social media apps, PUBG chooses to alert users when another chooses to break the digital bond.

Do You Lose Any Progress or Items?

No, you do not lose any progress or items when you friend or unfriend users. Friends have no in-game benefits in PUBG, so removing them will not impact your gaming or item acquisition in any way.

While you may lose out on gaming tips and strategy advice from friends, you also lose the toxicity, arguing, and directly kinesthetic stress that comes with competitive games. You will expend less energy by not having the extra groupings and notifications of friends and opponents.

How to Avoid Unfriending in Pubg Mobile?

To avoid unfriending others in PUBG Mobile, play regularly so you do not fill up your friend’s list with unofficial friends converted to friends by the game. This means playing the role of a Friend Request Rejector where you can ‘Ignore’ the friend request you do not want and prevent the requestor from sending more at least for 24 hours. The Maximum Friend Request Received notification jumps to the top of the friend request tab, pushing old ones out of sight.

Communicate with Your Friends

If there are issues with a friend, be an adult and either find a peaceful solution or ask them to leave. Perhaps switching to the Friends Only option will help. Letting them know early and in a non-offensive manner will ensure you do not waste each other’s valuable game time. They might even help you track down friends to replace them. You can even suggest practicing more in the training center first so they do not lose rank in the actual game.

Set Boundaries

Set boundaries in PUBG Mobile by maintaining minimal personal connections and clearing communication expectations. Keep a friend stuck in gaming? Lighten up near-invisible personal relationships. Remove them from friends lists and limit profile privacy settings, or create new profiles with the same username in order to avoid re-friending and resetting account progress, score, rewards, and connections.

Personal ongoing communications represent a higher likelihood of distressed friend requests. Unique call/ping signals or periodically changing only username angrily or overtly is a situation that should be done with acrimonious friends from the past or those about to become uncooperative. It is impossible to interact within PUBG Mobile and not communicate. Even an uncommunicative gamer MUST provide instructions, warnings, or strategies for his team.

Even occasional speeches inevitably give other team members a view on personality and personal life that they sometimes take varying actions. Bitter future problems can be avoided by setting communication targets. Example: Default in-game instructions, a single emergency notification in life-threatening circumstances, and one ‘good job’ in each match. With the emergency call the clock could begin to distance personal relationships from random players or past friends who were always just passively friendly.

Take Breaks

Taking a break is one of the most important unwinding methods, especially for those players who struggle with Mobile Gaming Disorder. If you find that Pubg Mobile is negatively impacting your daily life, mental well-being, or relationships with friends and family, it may be time to take a break. It would be best to uninstall the app and stay away from it for a good while. How long you should take a break from Pubg Mobile is a personal preference, with options ranging from a day to a week or even longer.

According to a review in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, the primary long-term treatment for Mobile Gaming Disorder is attaining complete abstinence from the game. So, what should you do during your break from Pubg Mobile? You can try your hand at sporting activities (with social distancing) and even other games that claim to improve mental skills. During your break away from Pubg Mobile, focus on hobbies or activities that you tend to neglect during your normal daily life. Make the most of the physical world, get some outdoor life, and just reconnect with yourself.

Find New Friends

Finding a new friend in PUBG Mobile can be a good opportunity to understand different gaming styles or switch to a new playing style completely. To find new friends in PUBG Mobile when using the older account you will need to research public forums related to the game, contact gaming websites, or browse social media outlets.

Gaming communities such as GameFAQs has a User Review category to review which profiles may match gaming interests. Websites such as GamerLink make it easier for users to search for and message players with similar gaming interests. Social media platforms such as Facebook have gaming groups that can host chats and events for users to connect. They can search for the title or platform they are interested in, post on the group with their intent to make friends, or browse the latest posts from users in their country, timezone, or on the same server.

Delete old friends by going to the Friend Tab and tapping on the “” icon in the top right corner and selecting Anybody.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unfriend someone in Pubg Mobile?

To unfriend someone in Pubg Mobile, go to your friends list and find the player you want to unfriend. Click on their profile and select the “unfriend” option.

Can I unfriend multiple players at once in Pubg Mobile?

No, currently there is no option to unfriend multiple players at once in Pubg Mobile. You will need to unfriend each player individually.

Will the player know if I unfriend them in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, the player will receive a notification that you have unfriended them in Pubg Mobile. This notification cannot be turned off.

How can I prevent someone from sending me friend requests in Pubg Mobile?

To prevent someone from sending you friend requests, you can block them. Go to your settings, select “Blocked Players” and add the player’s username to the list.

What happens to my in-game progress if I unfriend someone in Pubg Mobile?

Unfriending someone in Pubg Mobile will not affect your in-game progress. You will still be able to play together and see each other’s stats in matches.

Is there a way to undo unfriending someone in Pubg Mobile?

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo an unfriending action in Pubg Mobile. You will need to send a friend request again if you want to add the player back to your friends list.

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