Mastering the Drop in Pubg: Tips and Tricks for Landing Like a Pro

Are you looking to improve your dropping skills in Pubg? Dropping is a crucial aspect of the game that can greatly impact your gameplay.

Here, we will discuss what dropping in Pubg entails, why it is important, and how you can effectively drop in the game.

We will also explore the best locations to drop in Pubg and common mistakes to avoid.

If you want to enhance your Pubg strategy, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Pubg?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a widely popular multiplayer battle royale game developed and marketed by the South Korean company Krafton. It was initially developed by the Japanese video game company Bluehole studio. The game was inspired by 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale and the 1999 book of the same title. Up to 100 players parachute onto the battlefield, where they must scavenge for weapons and supplies before fighting to be the last person alive.

What Is Dropping in Pubg?

Dropping in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) refers to the strategy and action of selecting a starting group location and deployment strategy at the beginning of a match. All players are brought to an airplane, which travels from a randomly selected map edge toward the center. Players then choose a drop point to parachute out, starting the match.

The majority of strategic options in this battle royale game require a player to begin in a place chosen for the tactical expansion it offers in Phase 1, the early part of a match before shooters are close enough to fight. Dropping can also refer to selecting a location with more or fewer unknowns depending on how much in-match time one wishes to spend obtaining loot and getting into an advantageous position. The article argues that dropping is one of the biggest strategic maneuvers in PUBG, as it determines the entire dynamic of a match for a player. One’s Drop Mode refers to the strategy and location one selects for dropping, and includes parameters like a hot, slow, squad, solo, aggressive, or safe drop, which are more fully described in the article “Strategies for Making the Perfect Drop”.

Why Is Dropping Important in Pubg?

Dropping is important in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) because every player’s goal in the game is to win. Dropping is one of the more important steps on the path to victory. Dropping is the term used in PUBG for the act of jumping from the plane and parachuting down to the ground at the beginning of each population. Because of the various characteristics of buildings, the distribution and specificity of the gear inside them, and various other factors, including loot quality, cover, or local geography, some areas are better for landing than others.

The choice of where and how to land, which is referred to as drop location, is therefore one of the most important decisions you will make every game. Dropping in a high-traffic area increases the chances of an initial firefight and reduces the likelihood of having good gear to survive this firefight. Contrastingly, dropping in a high-quality looting location significantly increases the likelihood of finding high-quality gear quickly, while reducing the likelihood of encountering other players immediately.

More experienced (better) players are more likely to survive higher interaction locations than less experienced players, so it may be more advisable to drop in locations where experienced players tend to go. Despite the advice for newcomers to drop in low-traffic areas, PUBG Mobile has various factors that make dropping in high-traffic a good strategy for new players. Higher interaction areas tend to have better loot and can help you become a better player more quickly.

How to Drop in Pubg?

You drop in PUBG by pressing either the F key by default or the JUMP button on mobile until either upstream or the airplane reaches the direction you want. You then head in the correct direction using the W, A, S, and D keys according to your compass as shown in the upper part of your screen. To travel further use parachuting by hitting the W key, otherwise s and a turn into allies since PUBG uses a WASD system.

PUBG players can enjoy two different drop systems namely fast drop and steady drop. If you are playing classic mode and in need of a quick attendance to a special location that is quite far from your plane line, it is better to do only a quick drop for ~300 meters and then parachute drop to reach the location. This way you can move approximately 150 to 200 meters before you are in the danger zone.

If you are playing in the Erangel map, sites that are near your starting point include Yasnaya Polyana, Rozhok, Novorepnoye, Mansion, Lipovka, School Apartments, Hospital, Swamp, and Shelter. If you are playing with Sanhok, sites that are near your starting point include the Bootcamp Military Base, Paradise Resort, Dock, Pai Nan, and Crash plane. For the Miramar map these sites are Power grid, Water Factory, Water City, Middle of the Barcelona City, Mining Factory, Bridge close to the Casinos, Impala, Lost Montarosa. And finally if you are playing with the Vikendi map, these sites are Dino Park, Cement Factory, Castle, Advancetown, Cosmodrome, Pokemon, Villa, and City in the Snow Area.

Choose the Right Location

When you want to drop into PUBG you must choose the right location to make the most strategic start. The map has three key areas, with unique features and the ideal locations for dropping in these areas are as follows.

  • On Erangel the best spots are Midfield and the Georgopol Power Plant.
  • On Sanhok the best spots are Bootcamp and the area in the top right of the map near Quarry.
  • Finally, on Miramar the best spots are Los Leones and Pecado and the area to the east of Water Treatment.

Plan Your Route

If you are not able to drop 1000m directly over your chosen target, high-skilled players recommend that you should always come to a standstill before the drop. A parachute is much faster at covering shorter distances due to the initial in-game physics when first exiting the aircraft, meaning players who don’t pause will often find they have missed their target. Dropping while pausing to reach 234km/h plays a very important role in enabling soft landing as it gives you the proper distance coverage without turning into a stationary target.

This map timetable, released by the Official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Website has the specific distances, aircraft flight paths, and times the aircraft has left each drop point. This knowledge can help you choose a closer jump point to reach your desired starting location, or give you an alternative starting point if another team has already occupied your original choice.

Adjust Your Speed

A faster or slower approach to dropping than other players can put you in a better position. Dropping slowly to remote areas with vehicles increases your chances of immediately finding one for a fast transition. Dropping rapidly and low not only allows high-speed transitions to important areas, but also reduces the time and distance possible snipers can operate from.

PUBG chooses the exit location of the plane at random each time. This leaves the distance and position of a potential sniper, another variable only influenced by predicting where the plane hasn’t been. You need to be very, very lucky for a player who doesn’t see the plane at all to even be able to set up within lethal range of you during a fall.

– If you want to drop early and far, descend more slowly.; If you want to drop closer to the plane path, descend faster.

Use Free Look

Drop in PUBG uses Free Look as a critical strategic and safety tool for monitoring the lines of descent and scouting the area around you. Free Look, while generally used with the ALT key on a desktop, may be trickier to switch to depending on mobile and control settings and even impossible depending on gaming machines. Since all parachute cinematic views are fixed in direction and only show nearby players if they are within viewing distance, Free Look is the only means for a user to look at angles other than those in the cinematic view for final circle landings. Furthermore, without this feature, users drop in the game completely by surprise as they are unable to see the final landing spot once they have parachuted below the tree-line.

Use the Parachute Wisely

Your parachute deployment technique is crucial for a successful drop in PUBG. After leaving the plane, wait until you are 500m from your intended point before deploying the parachute. According to streamer sHiya, before deploying the parachute you can look around using the free look mode while in the air to make sure that nobody has chosen the same drop point. If they have, and they are lower than you, you can still redirect to a new drop point to avoid any immediate encounters.

Utilizing this technique will also make you dive faster than other players, allowing you to loot quickly and escape before they have even landed. This technique is vital for hot drop scenarios where there isn’t much time to find gear.

If you deploy your parachute too soon, you will hover in the air for too long, making you vulnerable in the sky to other players’ gunfire, while a delayed parachute deployment can lead you to miss the distance you need to travel. A good habit to form after parachuting onto the ground is to look around to see if anyone is approaching. If it seems there is nobody nearby, do a quick survey of the surroundings to see what loot is available before getting down to finish off landing safely and quickly.

What Are the Best Locations to Drop in Pubg?

The best locations to drop in Pubg are generally small compounds with two to four buildings, named locations with good loot that are undergone a good distance from the airplane’s flying path, and along the very edge of the map where other players are less likely to drop. Choosing a parachute drop location requires a game-to-game situational analysis as the airplane’s location, the flight path, and the number of players going to any location in a game will always be different.

General and strategic Pubg parachute landing locations that consistently have good loot include Yasnaya Polyana in Erangel, the Shooting Range in Miramar, and Pochinki in Erangel, though Pochinki is a riskier location because so many players drop there.

When playing solo Pubg, the best locations to drop often have two or four buildings or so that players can quickly loot and then try to shoot down other players with a good vantage point. This video shows some popular Pubg parachute landing locations you may consider. Note that as the game has changed over the years, some of the loot characteristics mentioned no longer exactly apply.

High Loot Areas

  1. The Yasnaya mountain located on the eastern part of the Erangel map is one of the highest points on the map. If you drop on the southern edge of Yasnaya and go up into the grassy area on the peak, you can get an unobstructed view of surrounding areas, including safe zones.
  2. Just south of the Severny settlement in the Erangel map is a large hill that overlooks the settlement. If you drop here, you can quickly pick up weapons and positioning to get jumpshot kills on anyone dropping into Severny. To escape, vehicles spawn in Severny that you can quickly grab and preferably drive northwest to the safe zone. Weapons and level 1 loot will be easier to find here at the start of a game than its more high value counterparts like the AWM or Level 3 gear.
  3. On the hill right near the museum in Yasnaya Polzyana, which anchors the center of the Sanhok map, you can get an elevated position to scan the area for enemies. You can easily retreat down the hill into cover while still covering enemies at the top and bottom of the hill. In this spot, you are centralized and can still see the majority of the map even if you do have to leave.
  4. Just to the north of the Cocanara club in eastern Sanhok is the best high hill for elevation on that half of the map. This will give you a nice view of people coming from the downslope, while being able to keep an eye on the road to pick off people running by.
  5. South of the Paradise Resort in the southern part of Sanhok is a good place to gather weapons and decent level loot, as well as scope the tower at the resort for players who may have chosen to parachute there instead.

Low Populated Areas

Low populated areas, such as the ones shown in the map (Sosnovka Military Base, Severny, Farm , Mylta Power, Mylta, Lipovka), are beneficial to those wanting to drop in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds as they present less competition for fighting, looting, and potentially early-game survival. These areas in Erangel and Miramar feature at least some loot such as weapons and armor, and sometimes cars or two-wheel vehicles despite the low population.

Vehicle Spawn Points

Vehicles in PUBG are generally found on main roads or in use. However, choosing some offroad spots for vehicle drop-ins can lead to quicker loot and better positioning.

Rural areas have a higher probability of not being looted yet. If you predict that the first and second Blue zones will be in favor of rural spaces, it is going to be much easier for your team if you can find a little jeep or Dacia. For successful vehicle drop-ins in PUBG, players should anticipate the center of the circle rather than the edges as it shrinks.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid While Dropping in Pubg?

The most common mistakes to avoid while dropping in PUBG include the following:

  • Landing at a hotspot.
  • Forgetting to survey the competition.
  • Waiting until you hit the ground to choose a Location.
  • Falling from such a great height that opponents do not have to compete with you for weapons.
  • Not changing your destination based on new Information or Opportunities.
  • Telling your teammates where you will land before you know yourself.

Dropping Too Late

Dropping too late means that by the time you land you have relatively less time to gear up and have to recover in the safe zone after only 10 minutes shown on the timer. Whether you are solo or with a team, having to vest up, pick up weapons, medical supplies, and ammunition often depends on how much time you have. If you drop late you are essentially running a looting level speedrun.

In battle royale games, this is crucial because you are spending more time not doing the most important task of gearing up and fighting. If you opt to be passive for ten minutes you will then spend 5 to 10 getting geared up, and you only have 10 minutes to gear up before the safe zone becomes a critical issue. The best method is to play a move by the safe zone or else you will need to do a marathon to get to safety where you are easy pickings.

Playing and of course winning a chicken dinner is possible dropping late in dense locations near the flight path. But once you lose track of the loose herd and are intended to stay out of peoples vision, it gets hard to read behavior and anticipate movements. If you are experienced enough to play a fast and direct method in lone wolf style, it’s a viable option to drop in a place within two maps from the flight path.

Not Paying Attention to Surroundings

One of the major drop mistakes PUBG players often make is not paying attention while choosing their drop location. Whether it is about in-game surprises or tactical mistakes, being aware of the world around your landing spot can save your game. The most serious instances of failing to survey the area can be seen when a player is trying to land near a popular looting point and unintentionally finds multiple other players.

Another common hazard of not paying attention to surroundings when drop in PUBG is geographical. High “Farm” locations, as well as near the river’s turn from Pachinki or Leones, are also popular places to land early on. But visibility is of paramount importance, so players prioritize areas where cover such as grass or trees is plentiful. Roofs and cranes are a good place to have the upper hand by monitoring the surroundings without the risk of getting ambushed. Using ancient drops is a common strategy for not paying attention to maps and drops and will lead to more kills.

Not Communicating with Teammates

Not communicating with teammates will cause all of your teammates to fall, so playing PUBG without communicating is better suited to solos. When you do not talk to your teammates in squad mode, each honeycombing towards opposite parts of the zone – three fall out of one, four fall out of seventeen, and so on. That is a minimum ratio but the point is this: Communication is key.

A GREEN BEING, Avid PUBG Mobile Player, explained in his guide that when in duos or squads, different regions such as middle or edge locations, you and your teammates create corridor barriers and spots to provide cover. With multiple strange areas in the center of the zone, everything is very different. Alternatively, the responsively moving position with only the edge of the zone leadership is quite the opposite. You never realize the knowledge to control where opponents are when relocating and where teammates can give you, using a minimal advantage and the other steps therein. It’s easy to run TOP SECRET MILITARY SPY MISSION LEVEL RADIO SILENCE when playing with strangers or facing language barriers, so it’s an effective way to fit-in-it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Drop in Pubg?

When playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg), one of the first things you’ll need to do is decide where to drop in the game. This can greatly impact your gameplay and chances of survival. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers on how to drop in Pubg.

How do I drop in Pubg?

To drop in Pubg, you need to first enter the game and wait for the plane to start flying over the map. Once you’re in the plane, you can press the ‘F’ key on your keyboard to jump out and start gliding towards your desired location.

Can I choose where to drop in Pubg?

Yes, you can choose where to drop in Pubg. While in the plane, you can use the ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and ‘D’ keys to control your direction and move towards a specific location on the map. You can also use the map on the right side of your screen to select a specific area to drop in.

What are the best places to drop in Pubg?

The best places to drop in Pubg are usually areas with high loot and low player traffic. Some popular locations include military bases, school, and Pochinki. However, it ultimately depends on your playstyle and strategy.

How do I know when to drop in Pubg?

The best time to drop in Pubg is when the flight path of the plane is far away from the location you want to drop in. This way, you can avoid running into other players and have a better chance at looting and surviving.

Can I change my drop location in Pubg?

Yes, you can change your drop location in Pubg. If you change your mind after jumping out of the plane, you can use the ‘F’ key to deploy your parachute and glide towards a different location on the map.

Is there a specific strategy for dropping in Pubg?

Yes, there are different strategies for dropping in Pubg. Some players prefer to drop in high-risk areas to get better loot and engage in early fights, while others prefer to drop in quieter areas to avoid confrontation and focus on survival. Experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.

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