Mastering PUBG: How to Sign In and Conquer the Battle Royale Game

Are you a fan of PUBG but struggling with how to sign in to your account?

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to download PUBG, create an account, sign in with your existing account, and even reset your password if needed.

We will also cover important tips on how to stay safe while signing in, such as using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication.

Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about signing in to PUBG!

What is PUBG?

The full form of PUBG is Player Unknown Battlegrounds. This is a multi-platform battle royale game that was developed using the Unreal Engine by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of a South Korean video game company called Krafton Inc. It was made available on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 gaming stores in December 2017 after testing among the early access participants for emerging markets. PUBG offers a variety of gaming modes, maps, events, and features that have kept it a top choice among battle royale players worldwide.

How to Download PUBG?

To download PUBG on Android, go to the PlayStore’s search bar by opening the application. Search for PUBG Mobile by TENNET Corporation. The app is free and can be downloaded to the device by tapping the install button and waiting for the installation to finish. It may take some time to download, depending on the speed of the network. Once PUBG has been downloaded and installed on one’s Android device, one can find and launch the application in the device’s app library. A shortcut will also be placed on the home screen if the user prefers quick access.

PUBG can be downloaded on iOS devices in the iTunes Store. Swipe right on the home screen of the iOS device, go to the App Store, and tap the search button indicated by the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Type in PUBG and select PUBG MOBILE by TENNET Corporation from the search results. Tap the download cloud icon to begin downloading the application. PUBG installation shall begin as soon as downloading is complete. Once the game is installed, launch PUBG on the iOS device using the app library or an icon placed by the operating system on the home screen.

How to Sign in to PUBG?

To sign in to PUBG, you need to click launch on your chosen platform. You are then asked to log in. You can sign in with an email address, account details from social media (like Facebook), or you can register an account if this is your first time. Supported platforms include PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

In-game menus will offer you the chance to select language, data storage options, and privacy settings as well as linking to your chosen streaming service. The associated social media account is the quickest sign-in method for many accounts. But it is wise to have an email and password option available in case the social media account is unavailable for any reason. On sign-in, you should be back at this screen with your region and account type signified.

You can find the game’s privacy policy and an easy way to opt-out of data sharing under the basic tab of the in-game settings screen. There’s no separate LOG IN or SIGN IN button. Merely select the associated platform of the account you’d like to play PUBG with.

Creating a PUBG Account

PUBG Mobile accounts are called Guest accounts and are available to players who do not wish to link their accounts to a social media account. To create a PUBG account, download PUBG Mobile on either an iOS or Android device and start the game. The game will ask you for permission to access and link to your social media account or allow you to register as a guest. Click on Register under the Create A New Player Account section to activate the account. You can link any of the social media platforms (with the exception of Twitter) by clicking on the icon of the social media platform you wish to link to and following the steps provided.

If you do not want to link a social media account, you can sign in as a guest by entering a username. This is a limited account and all rewards will be as a temporary (Temp) profile, with no way of recovering it if it is accidentally lost. Be aware that you might lose profile data associated with a guest account and there is a nominal fixed charge for linking additional guest accounts.

WhatsApp, Line, and Twitter are Ver.1.3’s latest social signup method. PUBG does not recognize Twitter as a valid social platform anymore, so it can’t legally link any existing accounts. The system prompts for ‘Consecutive failing to match accounts’ because Twitter accounts can only be linked with old existing PUBG ID accounts and their progress.

Version 1.3 PUBG accounts are considered temporary, and you will not be able to create or use them for new accounts, even for PUBG Mobile if you still see them. PUBG Sign Up System – Features of the system, explained from a Reddit thread.

Linking Social Media Accounts

Linking your Twitter, Facebook, or Google Play profiles is another frequently cited method for signing in to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Mobile only gamers would need to link social media accounts with their Apple ID for this to work. However, once the social media profile option was removed on Twitter, these login options became nonexistent. There is currently no method when trying to sign in through social media except the link to Twitter that leads to error.

Signing in with an Existing Account

If you have an existing account, you will have created it prior to attempting to sign in. You will need to remember the social media account or email you associated with PUBG Mobile as well as the password. If you forget the password, PUBG Mobile will help you reset it via email. There is a Forgot Your Login? button that will help you if you experience difficulty doing this.

What to Do if You Forget Your PUBG Password?

If you forget your PUBG password, go to the PUBG login page and click the Find password button. You will be required to fill out another form on the PUBG website. You must provide your username, email address, and other identifying information associated with your account to find your password. After the information has been verified, you will receive an email with the password reset link. After clicking on the provided link, enter your PUBG account details, fill the new password and click on reset password. Sign in with the new password.

Alternatively for PUBG mobile users, You can reset your account password through PUBG Mobile if it is directly linked to your Facebook ID or Twitter account. Please click forget password? button on the login page. Your Webpage should look like this:

Steps for Resetting PUBG Mobile Password

  1. Type in your registered email address and click Reset Password
  2. Check your registered email for the one-time password from PUBG Customer Service
  3. Submit the one-time password and your phone number
  4. Set your new password
  5. Log in with your new password

How to Change Your PUBG Password?

You change your PUBG password by going to the Account Center on the PUBG official website. Click the Edit button in the Password and security section. Verify it is you by choosing how you would like to receive a verification code and then follow the steps of the verification code. You received. Once on these accounts or mobile and received the text with the code, go back to PUBG, enter the code, create a new password and confirm it. Click Change password to complete the process. You will be given a confirmation screen that the password has been updated if successful.

How to Sign Out of PUBG?

You cannot sign out of PUBG Mobile. There is no option to log out of your account on the login screen or in the game’s settings. If you wish to start a new account and delete your existing one, you will have to delete the game or clear the app’s data.

Likewise, if you are logged out already, you need to create a new PUBG account or retrieve your existing one by logging back in. Deleting the app altogether may be the only way to accomplish this. Signing into PUBG is not permanent. You can log out of PUBG by deleting the app or its memory; however, should you decide to play again, you will have to start from the beginning. For security, Do not unlink the existing account as it may lead to account suspension if done in a wrong way.

What to Do if You Can’t Sign in to PUBG?

If you can’t sign in to PUBG, it may be due to server issues. To check if it is a problem at PUBG’s end, try signing in to another game account or check if other people can sign in to PUBG from their phones. Sometimes lengthy log-in problems occur in countries where the game in being launched.

According to PUBG account sign-in help on Twitter, if you are experiencing issues signing into your PUBG account, you can please send an email to mobilecs With as much of the following information as you can provide. While they do not provide help directly via email or chat, this information might help them solve the problem and provide you with further advice to regain access to their account.

Check Your Internet Connection

To sign in to PUBG Mobile, the first thing to do is to check and make sure you have a working internet connection. You won’t be able to sign in without it. On the sign-in screen, the option to link different accounts is available. You can link Google Play Games, Facebook, and Twitter to create a PUBG Mobile account, which can then be used to easily sign in with just a click.

If your internet connection is weak, it may sign you out while you’re playing the game, and it can result in the loss of some of your earned in-game reward items. As an alternative, you may also sign in with social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can link their Facebook or Twitter profiles to their PUBG Mobile account, thereby allowing them to easily sign in.

An error in your device’s date and time settings might also be the reason you are not able to sign in to PUBG Mobile, as a mismatch might block you from logging in. Ensure that you have the right time zone set on your device. Check in Settings → General → Date & Time. If the location and time zone are inaccurate, switch on the Set Automatically option and the proper settings will be enabled [PEM].

Clear Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data is an effective way to sign out of Pubg mobile. It is typically found in the Account and Sync and then the Player and Security settings. Open your mobile phone Settings and look for App Settings. Pick Manage Applications or Mobile Apps and give a tap on Pubg Mobile. Click on storage and Clear Data and Cache.

Note: Pubg data settings are not exactly the same on Android and iPhone.

Update PUBG

Frequently, the inability to sign in to PUBG using accounts is related to old APK files and not receiving updates. Older versions of the games may contain bugs that cause issues with signing in, while there may be new versions of the sign-in protocol available that are not compatible with old versions. Checking if an update is available is a common sense solution to many problems with mobile devices and should be tried if other solutions mentioned here have not solved your issue.

To see if an update is available do the following:

  1. Open the Google Play or Apple App Store app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on your profile (where it says your name beside your picture).
  3. Scroll down to the PUBG mobile app. If the app is running it will show a button that says Open, meaning it is updated.
  4. If there is an update available, it will instead say Update. Tap on this to update PUBG mobile.

IOS and Android users can also set automatic updates. According to an article from Clotheshorse, for Android users automatic updates can either be set for all apps or for specific apps such as PUBG mobile. Users using Android versions 6.0 or below follow these steps:

  • Go to Play Store >Tap on three horizontal lines from the top left corner.
  • Go to Settings > Tap on ‘Auto Update Apps’. Select Don’t auto-update apps to disable the settings.

Users on Android versions 6.0 or more follow these steps:

  • Go to Play Store > Tap on your profile pic (with the Gmail id).
  • Go to Settings > Tap on ‘Auto Update Apps’. Tap on Don’t auto-update apps to disable the settings.
  • Users on iOS devices can update apps as follows. Go to Settings (gear icon) > Tap on iTunes & App Stores. Merely toggle the Updates option to enable/disable updates as per your choice.
  • Whether they see Update beside PUBG on Apple App Store or not. To the right of the iTunes & App Store settings, click on Apple ID > Find Settings from the pop-up menu which will appear.
  • Go to Ratings & Reviews > Enable (toggle) In-App Ratings & Reviews. Rating and reviews make bugs and issues transparent.

Contact Customer Support

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) does not have customer support accessible as part of the PUBG website. The PUBG Help page does have direct links to their customer support e-mail form. The PUBG customer support service can be accessed at one of the following emails:

  1. For PUBG Mobile general concerns: [email protected]
  2. For PUBG Mobile RIOT specific issues: [email protected]
  3. For acquiring information for both PUBG Mobile and PC: [email protected]

How to Stay Safe While Signing in to PUBG?

You can stay safe while signing into PUBG by ensuring that you never sign in with any unofficial links that could be sent through spam or fraudulent emails or websites. In this way, PUBG players can protect themselves against phishing attacks by ensuring that they are always reaching the correct login screen at

Legitimate emails from HUYA, DMM, KONGKAST, and GARENA linking to the PUBG website to log in can be trusted. Companies in China, Japan, and Thailand are likely to have their own unique PUBG login links on their official websites. By carefully typing in the official site link to sign into their account, users can ensure security.

Ensure that you have never been phished and your email is legitimate. In PUBG or other gaming pages, login through the company’s verified homepage, friends list, or game clients (Steam and Epic, for example). Be suspicious of login pages that are asking you to login using your PUBG account but have a slightly altered web address of the real thing. Make sure you use a good password.

Never choose a password that is easily guessed or that has been used for your other login accounts. The use of a password manager can help. Always enable 2FA to help secure your account. Download all available security updates to help ensure your connection to PUBG is secure. Use a reliable VPN, such as the Google Fi VPN. If chosen right, a VPN will shield your IP, encrypt your passwords, and provide an anonymous and secure connection for any device to check emails, communicate online, or stream sites.

To prevent cyber leaks and boost your bandwidth speed by keeping your identity hidden, use a reliable VPN. A bandwidth-speed-boosting VPN will help you contact servers located all over the map so as to find the best one by monitoring their speed, latency, and stability while also covering your identity.

Use a Strong Password

An account registered with PUBG Mobile requires a Password at all times. When you activate two-step verification, the PUBG system will require you to enter a Verification code(OTP) that is only sent to users on their registered e-mail or telephone to complete the log-in. This way if your Password is compromised, a hacker will be unable to access your PUBG Mobile account without the received two-step verification code.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

You can only sign up for PUBG after creating a game account. If you do not have a game account already, click the Sign Up button or the Log in with your social accounts icon on the right of the PUBG login field. This is done on the PUBG registration website by entering a username and password and agreeing to their terms of service.

After registration, to log in to PUBG, enter the username and password you chose during signup. Only search for PUBG Mobile in the App Store and Google Play Store and not on the PUBG account website. At both app stores you can download and install PUBG for your phone or tablets. On the login screen, make sure you pick which platform (iOS or Android) you want to download Zone in. PUBG Mobile can be downloaded and Stone Age begins in both iOS and Android versions at the same time.

The PUBG Mobile API does not provide any way to sign up. To sign up, you require your mobile device. You cannot use a PC to create a PUBG Mobile profile. When you have enrolled, try closing the emulator and relaunching to ensure Comfortable KEYMOUSE controls to access PUBG Mobile. Or start playing after clearing the cache of Nox and try again.

According to a post in The Verge, two-factor authentication (2FA) is now available and can be set by going to game > basic settings > security > 2 step verification. This can be used for enhanced security.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

If it all possible, avoid using Public Wi-Fi while looking to sign in to PUBG on your mobile device. The problem with public Wi-Fi is that if you can see a network on your phone, it is possible for hackers to as well and, in turn, access your information. The main dangers to phone security that come with Public Wi-Fi malicious software, man-in-the-middle attacks, and of course someone simply looking over your shoulder and taking your password which is not at all impossible in a public space.

Public Wi-Fi can raise the possibility of falling victim to different types of cyber-attacks, but security on mobile devices such as phones offers active protection that cannot be matched to online security programs on laptops or desktops. VPN options that can securely transfer user data and enable the creation of secure connections and hidden user identities to a large extent, meaning that using a VPN on top of public Wi-Fi could be a feasible solution for PUBG and other online gaming users to secure their personal information even with Public Wi-Fi. Further research would have to be done on using secure VPNs properly before connecting to a network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sign in Pubg?

1. What is Pubg and how do I sign in to it?

Pubg, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a popular online multiplayer game. To sign in, open the game and click on the “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Facebook” button on the main menu.

2. Can I sign in to Pubg without a social media account?

Yes, you can sign in to Pubg with a PUBG account. You can create one by clicking on the “Create Account” button on the main menu and following the prompts.

3. I’m having trouble signing in to Pubg. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble signing in, try resetting your password or clearing the cache and data for the Pubg app on your device. You can also contact Pubg’s customer support for further assistance.

4. Can I switch between different social media accounts on Pubg?

Yes, you can link multiple social media accounts to your Pubg account and switch between them by logging out and clicking on the desired login option on the main menu.

5. How do I sign in to Pubg on a different device?

To sign in to Pubg on a different device, open the game and click on the “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Facebook” button. Make sure you’re using the same account you used on your previous device.

6. I accidentally signed in to the wrong Pubg account. How do I switch to the correct one?

To switch to a different Pubg account, log out of the current one by going to “Settings” and clicking on “Log Out.” Then, sign in with the correct account by clicking on the desired login option on the main menu.

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