Unlock Exclusive Rewards: A Guide to Using Premium Crate Coupon in Pubg

Are you a fan of Pubg and looking to unlock some exclusive rewards?

Premium Crate Coupons might just be the key to achieving that!

We will explore what Pubg is, the ins and outs of Premium Crate Coupons, how to obtain and use them effectively, the rewards you can expect, and some tips for maximizing their use.

Learn all about Premium Crate Coupons and how they can enhance your Pubg experience!

What is Pubg?

PUBG is a competitive battle royale shooting game where a large group of players is dropped onto an abandoned 8×8 kilometer island. The last player or team surviving wins. The game is published by KRAFTON Game Union, and was developed by the subsidiary of KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation. The corporation is based in Madison, Wisconsin. The game was originally launched in March 2017.

During the game, players can gather loot items from buildings such as weapons, scopes, ammunition, and healing items. Premium crates contain unique cosmetic items for both male and female characters that can’t be obtained by any other means. These premium crate items can be sold in the Steam marketplace for key money. They can only be opened using premium crate coupons which are special coupon items.

The Pubg coupon allows players to open specific crates in the store, even when they have zero BP points for the crate. Using a premium crate coupon allows players to bypass the BP points cost to open a crate they desired. Some of the crates go from using a single premium coupon up to three of them.

PUBG is available on numerous platforms, including both PC and mobile. There are both a free and a paid version of PUBG. The paid version is referred to as PUBG New State.

What are Premium Crate Coupons in Pubg?

The Pubg Clothing Crate and Pubg weapon crate both have an option for a Premium Crate Coupon. It is a currency that gives the player the option to open a paid crate without having to spend actual real money.

Typically, only cash (i.e., a player to directly pay for it with a credit card or a virtual currency purchased with real-world money such as UC (Unknown Cash), BC (Battle Coins) can be used to open a paid crate. But a player can use the Premium Crate Coupon as a substitute for this process and open the crates without having to ever add any method of payment to their Pubg account.

How to Obtain Premium Crate Coupons?

You cannot directly obtain a Premium Crate Coupon in Pubg as they are no longer made available as stand-alone drops. The only way to get a Premium Crate Coupon code in 2021 or coupon for a Royale Pass is to spend money on the game. A Premium Crate Coupons can still be obtained by buying the Premium Crate Pass with BC (Battle Coins). BC can be earned as Royale Pass rewards or can be purchased with UC. UC is the premium currency of the game and can be bought with real money.

BC can be accumulated with free passes which take a lot longer to garner enough for important rewards. The last two seasons (in Season 17, Tv Roy Ragdhan and Wasteland Survivor are the two) have not had TV advertisement campaigns wrapping up. BCE has not given the most significant rewards for quotes for the last two seasons, which includes the new Royale Pass coupon. Pubg Corp has not included Premium Crate Coupons in special event rewards such as the Valentine’s day event. There were no rewards including the Premium Crate Coupon during the Lunar Festival event 2021.

How to Use Premium Crate Coupons in Pubg?

You can only get premium crate coupons in PUBG versions for the mobile platform. The coupons can be used to open Premiium Crates, which give you a better chance of getting completely new clothing and weapons not available in the regular crate. The process is different than for soldier’s crate coupons, so I’ll explain. How to use the premium crate coupon in PUBG involves selecting Shop > Inventory > Crate > Premium Crate for any coupon marked Premium Crate Coupon in your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Premium Crate Coupons

These are the steps you can use to redeem Premium Crate Coupons and top-of-the-line Crates:

  1. From the left-side panel, enter the Shop.
  2. Go to the Redeem section by clicking on it, or press Rs on a keyboard and choose the coupon you wish to redeem.
  3. By clicking on the coupon, it is redeemed once and used immediately. As the redeemed coupon disappears in the inventory. The crate to which the coupon is made is also highlighted and placed in the middle as an opened or unopened crate.

Premium Method Two (Coupon Labs) is the third line of the Crate Coupons Store. This is where you can redeem the Project T coupon lab coupon. Personally, if you only play BGMI and use normal and premium coupon scraps to combine them into premium crate coupons, you will not use more than one all season. And not having to choose only coupons kept in inventory for a long time is the better option.

Opening PUBG crates, including Premium Crates, is not a high-value activity. projectT YouTube Channel concluded that from extensive experience. While a lot of people do get good items, most people just get the garbage items that fill up crates and the odds are purposely made so rare that some of those items mean very little. A better value for spending in the game than Crates is returning often to redeem your free rewards, and some limit (depends on personal situation) of the waste of time that the game is. That is still a personal choice and many players enjoy collecting items as part of the game experience, however, just remember that while Premium Crates may expend fortunes to buy in-game, their actual value is closer to spare change.

What are the Rewards for Using Premium Crate Coupons?

The reward for using a premium crate coupon is a 50% discount on the payment for a premium/supply crate. Without the premium crate coupon, the cost is 12 UC, making the discount 6 UC. For Orange Uzi-Yellow sets in the PUBG Lab, the discount is from 16 normal ucs to 8 ucs for sets in the Featured Items of the Lab. Note that the 50% discount from the PUBG lab only is temporary and has been applied to just the 2 Premium Boxes which have been in the PUBG Lab so far, the Sparks n’ Blood UMP and the Thunderous UAZ.

For other premium crates in general, the discount is 6 UC. Note that if you already have certain items of a premium crate, you will not need to roll for those items to get them, which will further reduce their price. So far PUBG has not published the percentage the items will decrease if duplicates are rolled and found.

Types of Rewards

There are two types of rewards for redeeming a Premium Crate Coupon in Pubg. The first of these comes when the player redeems the coupon for a guaranteed reward. When the player redeems a Premium Crate Coupon, depending on the crate they choose, they can be guaranteed cosmetic items that have a 3%, 10%, 20%, or 100% chance of appearing in that particular crate.

The second type of reward comes when the player earns the item for free by leveling up or receiving it from a lucky spin. This means that a player who redeems the Premium Crate Coupon to earn these same items will gain not just the satisfaction of having the item they want, but will keep in-game currency for other items they want.

If using the Classic Crate Coupons, these provide the opportunity to earn items also found in the items that come when the Premium Crate Coupon is redeemed if the player is willing to take the risk. The Pubg Esports Crate Coupon provides the ability to earn a variety of blue premium coupon scraps, the same as the premium coupon itself, except that the chances of earning some are higher and others are lower.

There is no such benefit or detriment to using the Supply Crate Coupons. These select one of the three bronze, silver, or gold supply crates, where the rewards are generally common and less shiny than the Classic, Premium, and Esports Crates. There are several other specialized crates available.

Chances of Obtaining Rare Items

The chances of obtaining rare items from normal crates using the Pubg Premium Crate Coupon is as follows:

  • Rare items: 30%
  • Mythic items: 1%

The Arclight Aug (Refinery Lab Research) and Gangster M416 (People’s Icons) are the two most recent rare and mythic dresses added by PUBG Mobile. Arclight Rainbow Aug could be obtained from a Crate Coupon in Refinery Lab Research. Gangser was a previous premium crate research member, as was the S10 Blaze suit and Aryan, as additionalls. It is not possible to determine the chances of obtaining items from different microcategories such as gun skins. The percentages of rare items and mythic items do not add up to 100%, so the odds of otaining other items belong within the remaining category percentages.

The image below shows the PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon. Other than the initial purchase of Prime Plus, PUBG Mobile very rarely gives these items out for free.

How Much Do the Crates Cost?

  • Normal Crate: 20 UC (US $.1.5)
  • Classic Crate: 30 UC (US $.2.2)

How to Get Premium Crate Coupons in Pubg?

  1. Daily Logins: Players can receive a premium crate coupon as a Prime Plus subscriber. 1 Coupon scraps = 10 Prime Plus Coupons are presented.
  2. From Events: Pubg Mobile often introduces new events and challenges that provide premium crates. These events can be found at the Event Center under Player Info on the main screen. Do the new challenges that come online regularly.
  3. Training Books: There is a random chance to receive a premium crate coupon by turning in training or silver platoon points.

How to Use Premium Crate Coupons in Pubg?

  1. Go to the Shop and tap on the bullet symbol.
  2. Choose the premium crate you wish to open. Viking Drifter Set is the most recently added costume to Premium Crate in PUBG. It would not be possible to receive it from Pubg Product Research. Opening one Premium Crate will cost you one Coupon.
  3. Tap on Use Premium Crate Coupon to claim it.
  4. Tap on open

Now your Premium Crate is open…

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Premium Crate Coupons

Tips for maximizing the use of Premium Crate Coupons in PUBG include starting by researching the cost and likelihood of the best items available with the coupon in order to estimate how to get the best value from the coupon. Only use the coupon if the coupon’s contents are part of the desired spend and save up to the highest value coupon for rocket or mythic items by taking one extra step of saving a lesser tier coupon for future seasons.

Save Coupons for Special Events

PUBG rewards players with premium crates during major gaming events such as the New Year or HalloweenThe Major Gaming Event in October. Never open these coupons once you have received them as they offer the best rewards and have unique items to celebrate the event. Known as event royale passes, they add a special feature to the iconic Erangel and Miramar maps.

Royale Pass Season 18 drew from the red and black themes of carnival to produce the Hallows-Dancing Clown Set on March sixth of 2021. This could be purchased for a limited time as a premium crate and has three unique clothing items to the set.

Use Coupons on Specific Crates

Since the Premium Crate Coupon frequently includes desirable items such as Mythic outfits and weapons, the user acquires these items by tapping the advertised coupon at the bottom of the PUBG crate opening page. The Premium Crate coupon is visible in the crate pages and makes purchasing a premium crate for the user easy as it brings them to that specific crate with a single tap. Users can purchase the premium crate once per day. To open a crate at any other time another coupon for the same or a different crate would need to be applied. Users would follow the same process, including watching a promotion from the advertisement channel category to receive a coupon to get premium crates or opening premium crates directly with an existing crate coupon.

Trade Coupons with Friends

Coupons from the shop can be traded with friends. The player grants permissions through opening the Coupon Shop in the PUBG Mobile shop, choosing permissions, and sharing with their friends. Coupons can be shared with up to 5 friends at a time.

Rarity and type of coupon for trading do not matter. This means a classic and premium crate coupon are interchangeable for trade with friends. The PUBG system is set up to trade the same types of coupons with the same availability to friends because players typically get the same coupons from their Classic Crate pulls.

For advanced tips on coupons, they can read more in the ‘coupons page’ of PUBG’s official website.

What are the Alternatives to Premium Crate Coupons in Pubg?

The alternative to Premium Crate Coupons in PUBG are Classic Crate Coupons and Supply Crate Coupons. The former can only be used to open classic crates and are obtained from the Classic crate through the coupon shop by exchanging expensive classic coupons and through the RP reward on level over 80 according to playing.guide. The latter can be obtained from the supply crate that is opened every week. These coupons can be used to open premium crates, special crates, and PUBG crates.

Other Types of Crates

There are five broad types of crates available to PUBG players. These are:

Soldier’s Crate – It can be bought with UC currency (https://www.republicworld.com/technology-news/gaming/battlegrounds-mobile-india-uc-hack-what-is-and-benefits-of-battlegrounds-mobile-india-uc-hack-methods.html)

Classic Crate – Obtained for free from rewards, events, and missions

Supply Crate – Found within the game map

Special Crate – Acquired from shooting range matches

Event Crate – Obtained from completing events

  • How to use Classic, Soldier’s, and Supply Crates:
      Typical ways to get Classic and Soldier’s Crates are through mission and event rewards. Use these as soon as you get them. Supply Crates should only be opened when free, meaning without the need for a key purchase.
  • How to use Special and Event Crates:
      The only way to get these is from events and thus they should be of special focus in inventory management and only opened when desired event keys are in hand.
  • The above details combined with the ways in which to get these crates should be kept in mind while moving forward.

    In-Game Purchases

    This PUBG tutorial helps with premium crate coupon in PUBG by explaining how to buy and use in-game money to buy premium mystery crates. PUBG allows users to purchase the coupon directly for UC (Unknown Cash), which is the game’s currency obtained with real-world money. After selecting the number of crates that the player would like to purchase, the player must select which rewards they are shooting for. PUBG then shows the total number of UC needed for that number of premium crates, and then offers an extra 20% discount. This is for players averaging less than 10 premium crates a year, referred to as ‘non-whales’ of the game. The purchase can only be completed with the player verifying with a fingerprint, phone number, password, SMS code, or two-factor authentication (2FA).


    You rarely find the Premium Crate Coupon as a reward for achievement. In two straight PUBG Season 17 Update reward grids, there is not a single mention of the Premium Crate Coupon as a reward. As we noted earlier, the coupon was sold frequently in the past and when it was, premium crates usually cost around 60% of an argument crate and the items are slightly less popular with 70-75% selling in the steam marketplace within one week versus 54% for the superior crate. These days when the coupon shows up and you win premium crates, the coupon can apply an attractive free discount to obtaining these lower-cost sets.

    The Premium Crate coupon gives users new rewards for weapons, parachutes, and more. A lot of people like using up free regular coupons, while others wait to build up premium crate coupons. Coupon crafting permits changing regular crates to premium. But if you are so manic about rewards that you’ve run out of coupon boxes in your inventory because you’ve converted them to premium, take it easy. The Premium Crate Coupons will come when you least expect them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Use Premium Crate Coupon in Pubg?

    Here are some frequently asked questions about using premium crate coupons in Pubg:

    1. What is a premium crate coupon in Pubg?

    A premium crate coupon is a special item in Pubg that can be used to open premium crates, which contain rare and exclusive items.

    2. How do I get premium crate coupons in Pubg?

    You can get premium crate coupons through various means, such as completing missions, events, or purchasing them from the in-game shop.

    3. Can I use a premium crate coupon on any crate in Pubg?

    No, premium crate coupons can only be used on premium crates, which are marked with a yellow crown symbol.

    4. How do I use a premium crate coupon in Pubg?

    To use a premium crate coupon, go to the “Shop” section in the game and select the “Crates” tab. Then, choose the premium crate you want to open and click on the “Use” button next to the coupon.

    5. What happens if I use a premium crate coupon on a crate I already opened?

    If you use a premium crate coupon on a crate you have already opened, you will receive a duplicate item and the coupon will be consumed.

    6. Can I trade or sell my premium crate coupons in Pubg?

    No, premium crate coupons cannot be traded or sold in Pubg. They can only be used by the account that received them.

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