Learn How to Easily Delete Your Valorant Account

Are you considering deleting your account in Valorant but not sure how to go about it?

We will explore what Valorant is, why someone might want to delete their account, and the steps to take to delete your account in Valorant. We will also discuss what happens after you delete your account, alternatives to deleting it, and the steps to take before making this decision.

Let’s dive in and learn more about managing your Valorant account.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooting game developed by Riot games and released for Microsoft Windows in June 2o2o. It is a tactical game that pits two teams of five players against each other as one team of attackers and one of defenders. The defending team must prevent their opponents from planting a bomb at select locations on the map, while the attacking team must do this under time-constraints, with victory going to the last team standing.

It is an online game that requires bandwidth of roughly 1 Mbps for a smooth gaming experience, and engages teen and adult users.

Why Would Someone Want To Delete Their Account In Valorant?

Someone would want to delete their account on Valorant for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Limited storage: With time, the Riots games install size may grow as new maps, agents, and modes are added. Players with low storage in their machines may want to delete games and accounts of games they no longer play to make room for others.
  2. Game addiction: A player may find that they are playing too much which is interfering with more important aspects of their lives such as work, family, and education. They may decide that the best way to stop is to delete their game accounts for the games that they are addicted to.
  3. Desire for a break: A player may simply have lost the desire to continue playing, but feel that if they keep their account they might again get the urge to play again after committing to quitting. They may delete the account as a further precaution against the likelihood of a destructive relapse.

How To Delete Your Account In Valorant?

To delete your Valorant account, you need to contact Riot Support. Valve enables account deletion by users, but Riot Games, the company responsible for Valorant, requires you to file a request with their support team. The value of deleting a Riot Games account is that it will stop attracting the attention of people using the account. Regardless of the reason you want to delete the account, the exact process to delete a Valorant account depends on the platform it is being played on.

Step 1: Log In To Your Riot Games Account

To delete your Valorant account, start by logging into your Riot Games Account. The login page is https://auth.riotgames.com/login. Riot Games allows you to link your Riot Account with several different types of accounts, including your Apple ID and Facebook. If becoming permanently inactive is the goal, ensure all linked accounts also become inactive.

A Riot Account ID begins with a country code, followed by a string of numbers and letters, e.g., US12345678. You can delete all non-game data for your Riot ID as shown by one user’s experience with these instructions. The below actions did not remove game options for upcoming games or pre-existing friends.

Login into your Riot account.` Click on Data sharing. Deselect all processing operations of your personal data.` Click on Request deletion of your account. If requested, provide your reason for account removal.` Paragraph from video instructions inactive your riot games account

Step 2: Click On ‘Delete Account’ Option

After you have successfully logged in, the next step to delete your Valorant account permanently requires you to click on the ‘Delete account’ option. Here are the instructions to follow after you have logged in:

  1. Click on the girl-shaped icon at the center-upper-right part of the screen.
  2. Click on ‘Account’ below the ‘VIEW ACCOUNT’ popup.
  3. Click on ‘More’ under ‘AGENLDA ON OPGG’.
  4. Click the ‘Change membership tier’ button under ‘OP.GG Multi Game Access’.
  5. Scroll all the way down and click ‘Delete account’.
  6. Select the reason for deletion from the drop-down list, provide any necessary additional information, confirm that you are not a robot by typing the displayed words or clicking the button, and press ‘SEND’.

OP.GG will then send a verification email to the email account that is associated with your account. Deleting your account will not be effective unless you click the email verification link to confirm that you have requested your account be permanently deleted.

N.B. From the time you request account deletion through completion of OP.GG.s verification email, you have 48 hours to change your mind and cancel account deletion. If you do not click the verification email within 48 hours, your account will be permanently deleted.

Step 3: Confirm Your Decision

Before being allowed to delete your account, Riot Games requires confirmation of your decision to delete your account. After you have submitted a deletion request, you will receive an email within a few hours to confirm your decision. Look for an email from the sender [email protected]. The email will ask you to confirm your decision to delete your account. Click the Permanently Delete My Account button to finalize your decision to delete your Valorant account.

What Happens After You Delete Your Account In Valorant?

After you delete your account in Valorant, Riot Games cautions that you will no longer have access to any of the game’s settings, character progress, or inventory. All the VP and real-world currency in your account will be deleted. A new account cannot be created for the email address you used for the deleted account. Valorant’s customer support agents suggest that a new account cannot be created through your Riot ID which was used on the deleted account after 14 days.

All Your Progress Will Be Lost

If you delete your account in Valorant, you will lose all your progress associated with that account. This includes things such as your Rank, your account’s Level (which helps determine who you get matched against), along with various cosmetic sprays, skins, or skins that were achieved unlock or purchase. If you recreated your account with a different email and password, Riot will not transfer any of the progress associated with the deleted account to the new one.

You Will Lose Access To All Your Purchased Items

When you delete an account on Valorant, you will lose access to any purchased items in the account. This includes any VP, RADs, or any other microtransaction-based currency. You will also lose access to levels, rewards, skins, and any special items that you purchased in Valorant. You can always access your accounts for other Riot Games with the same login email, just not Valorant.

You Will Be Removed From Your Friends’ Lists

If you delete your Riot Games Accounts or Valorant accounts, unfortunately you will be deleted from friends lists as well. Since they will no longer be able to play with you in Valorant and League of Legends and see the games you are playing, it does not make sense for your friends to remain in the list. Your friends can attempt to add you again once you create a new account.

Are There Any Alternatives To Deleting Your Account In Valorant?

No, there are no publicly known alternatives to deleting your account in Valorant. But there are ways to accomplish the same goals different from the built-in VALORANT account deletion methods. The most straightforward way is to do nothing. If a player stops playing games, after three days they are no longer matchmaking eligible, and after some time they will be considered inactive. This is not an alternate method to account deletion, but a common goal of account deletion is to stop playing games. Players can manually impersonate an account deletion by overwriting their current account with a new one.

Player ratings and any data associated with the old account will be frozen, and from that point on, there will be no usable log-in data or email addresses to access that account. One consideration here might be that an old account has unique skins or other personal information that a player prefers to seal off from outside access. If someone wants to start from zero again, or have another account with Riot with a separate identity, they can write in to player support. The process is easier when done in tandem with a deletion attempt, as they can be processed together.

Taking A Break From The Game

Taking a break from the game is one of the most direct and simplest ways to delete an account on Valorant. When a player consistently violates their lifestyle boundary and cannot stop themselves from playing Valorant every day, they may decide to delete their account. Taking this break not only allows for a refreshing of the body, mind, and soul, but also the opportunity to reflect on the possible causes of this excessive passion for gaming, making it easier to break the habit. Valorant’s system does not allow you to delete an account directly as such, so taking a break may be the most temporary, emotional solution.

Creating A New Account

If you do not want Riot Games to hold your data for your current account, there is no automated method to do so. Your alternative is to delete your account by submitting a support ticket and answer the customer support staff’s questions about why you wish to delete your account and what is the original email it was associated with. This situation is why many individuals choose to create a new account instead, as this requires the least amount of effort to accomplish what they want to do.

To create a new account in Valorant, sign out of your existing account (if you are not already), and then select an option to create a new account such as ‘sign up’.

What Are The Steps To Take Before Deleting Your Account In Valorant?

The steps to take before deleting your account in Valorant are to first sign out and confirm it’s what you really want to do. Logging back in after the account deletion process is irreversible and will permanently delete all your player data. Despite this, it is recommended for players to deactivate their account temporarily rather than delete it permanently if they have security concerns.

This leaves an option open to restore the account in the future. Such a situation might arise if the account was hacked. If the process was initiated recently, beginning on January 8, 2022, then there is, as mentioned, a 14-day safety period during which players can log back into their account and cancel the deletion process. If the deleting process is confirmed in a player’s account, the proactive next steps are to cancel any automatic renewals if Riot or Valorant Plus, or other third-party subscriber features, are being charged against the deleted account after the fact.

Spend Any Remaining In-game Currency

If you have any funds remaining in your Riot Points (RP) account, they cannot be withdrawn, and it is suggested to use them before deleting your account. Funds are non-refundable and will not transfer to a new account.

Use Up Any Remaining In-game Items

Jared Grelck of Daily Esports explains that Valorant only allows you to digitally delete accounts if you have never used real money on their platforms. In other words, you are simply “never going to use it again and don’t care about any remaining in-game currency or collectibles”. If you have in-game currency or content purchased via the platform of Valorant, the recommendation is to offload the premium content onto other accounts so it is not lost.

If you’ve already submitted a ticking support ticket to have the premium content refunded when you created the new account, then shorten the account deletion process time by making sure the premium content is already gone before submitting. Follow this process to ensure nothing is remaining in the account when Whalerock Industries deletes it.

  1. Launch Valorant and log in
  2. Click the circular icon in the top right-hand corner of the game denoted by a person’s silhouette
  3. On the left tab, click either player cards, buddy’s, agents, weapon skins, stacks, or bundles to view what items are left
  4. Using the exclamation mark in the right corner of the icon select on an unredeemed premium content drop that you want to select. Since premium content of this nature does not carry over to another account, make sure to click it and claim the content in a short session.

If you have in-game currency or content purchased through Valorant, transfer it over to deletedaccount2 if you can. If not, make sure you use or give it to a friend. You can also provide it as a giveaway to another player by making an offer in the various Valorant discussion forums for a price that is at a discount from the overall in-game resale value. Once you are sure everything of value is gone from the account, you are ready to officially submit the deletion form at oly-koura.icims.com. This is the same form as the prior option, but make sure you have built a deletion justification that will help speed up the process if necessary.

Inform Your Friends About Your Decision

Let your gaming friends know that you are deleting your Valorant account. This will help minimize any harm to your social network by reassuring them that you have not just disappeared, which can cause concern. Deleting a Valorant account at the moment is almost impossible, so they may not otherwise understand why you are no longer in their accounts list. This is important housekeeping to avoid confusion and frustration for some of your friends. Help them find you if they ever wish to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete Account in Valorant?

1. Can I permanently delete my account in Valorant?
Yes, you can permanently delete your account in Valorant by following a few simple steps.
2. What happens to my game progress if I delete my Valorant account?
Deleting your Valorant account will also delete all your game progress and items associated with the account.
3. Is there any way to recover a deleted Valorant account?
No, once you delete your Valorant account, it cannot be recovered. You will have to create a new account if you wish to play the game again.
4. How do I delete my account in Valorant?
To delete your account in Valorant, you will need to log in to the game’s official website and go to the account settings. From there, you can find the option to permanently delete your account.
5. Do I need to contact customer support to delete my Valorant account?
No, you do not need to contact customer support to delete your Valorant account. You can do it yourself through the account settings on the game’s official website.
6. Will my in-game purchases be refunded if I delete my account in Valorant?
No, deleting your account in Valorant will not result in any refunds for in-game purchases. Make sure to use all your purchased items before deleting your account.

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