Learn How to Afk in Minecraft: A Guide for Players

Are you a Minecraft player wondering what AFK means and why players do it?

We explore the world of AFK-ing in Minecraft, including how to AFK using various methods such as fish farms, mob grinders, and auto-clickers.

Discover the benefits of AFK-ing, such as resource collection and experience farming, as well as the risks involved, such as being kicked from the server or attacked by other players.

Learn how to avoid detection as AFK and whether AFK-ing is considered cheating in the Minecraft community. Let’s dive in!

What Does AFK Mean in Minecraft?

AFK in Minecraft refers to Away From Keyboard and can be a polite or cheeky way to let others know when someone will not be able to respond. While AFK, a player may want to communicate that they are still browsing the internet on their computer, for example.

AFK in the Minecraft game context has resulting in Idle-Kicking, which is the game automatically kicking players who are AFK offline from server worlds. This prevents AFK Pool cheating and frees up the server.

Why Do Players AFK in Minecraft?

players AFK in Minecraft

to allow for crops to grow, smelters to cook, fish to be caught, etc. Time and patience are the main factors as to why people AFK in Minecraft. Average block smelting time is 10-11 seconds, meaning your iron ore will turn into real usable iron in just about 20 real minutes. This is certainly not quick furnace progress, but it is free iron nonetheless as all it required was a one-button click-and-build.

Real time approximations are impossible in Minecraft because there are no such devices, so the closest recommendations represent the aforementioned Goldilocks zone ideas where you have minimal interaction while also not abandoning the game. Browsing the web, watching television or engaging in a conversation are common AFK activities while you wait.
In the case of crop growth, two components are critical which greatly influence the growing process. Player proximity and random ticks. Random ticks are what triggers the growing process of crops. The probability of a random tick increases as time passes and reaches an equilibrium with the Grow modifier. Positive numbers influence the event more favorably, while negative numbers lessen the probability. It is near impossible to calculate an accurate amount of time required to cultivate a crop to its finishing stages because, as previously stated, the random tick system of Minecraft is lightning quick.
It is helpful to know, however, that very young growth stages (those less than age 7) are three times more favorable for the initial growth, and are most commonly found in jungle saplings. A good approximation from this is, within 10-15 minutes of daily upkeep of jungle saplings, you can AFK until full growth.
If you’re less worried about your potato crop and more worried about your rested XP bonus, then the best way to optimize your time away from the computer is to calculate when your new day begins. Now some math is required. In Minecraft, the day resets when a new day begins, and that personally assigned time is determined based on the end of your first day playing on a server. Assuming your initial time playing was around dawn at 5:00, the pattern is that the first system assigned reset will come at exactly 5 in the morning of the real world (system-assigned). It would then be reset by the server at an earlier time, for the next day which goes to a date of +1.
Based on this system, the allocated personal activity time for a day is 17 hours (5 AM – 10 PM), and the resting hours are accounting for the 7 remaining hours in that day. Some days, the resting hours could be more or less than the designated time, because the resets of the server cannot be selectively exact. Use this to your advantage to show up to the party early, and sometimes to show up just in the nick of time.
In conclusion, while afk-ing in Minecraft may be able to achieve random desires, put time into achieving too few benefits in certain game activities and you can raise your profile in others.
The two biggest factors determining Minecraft AFK activity are time and the activity you desire, along with two outside sub-factors, particularly player proximity and random tick access. The game’s activity and how you can benefit
The most efficient way to calculate your Minecraft sleep plan
The favorable opportunities to AFK with proximity and ticks. Play on, CPAs!

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`Professionally, the behavior of Professor Snape and Harry Potter staying more than the status quo of 7 hours away from their team had them hiding, in trouble, or kicked from their team. The most significant factors involved in AFK-ing or non-AFK-ing focused on profession type, planned tasks, hourly scheduling, and group support while away`
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Group AFK Activities
Many players have resources such as Guardian forms that are integrated with redirection portals. Created by duplicating and automated trading between these forms and other traders to keep the portal stocked (Note: Each employer, except competitive groups, was visited for a few hours at least twice per month and generated substantial benefits for the service providers.`
Minecraft Behavior from Overnight AFK-ing (30 to 76+ days total on the server)
If anyone is not telling that this is happening, as in all day, every day of total to most of the last five months… TFC moved the economy to WAR`
`Batman Videos
Lucky block (1.91.3 based on 272 days of in-game experience)
Fortnite Skyblocks – (18h 41m)
`Timedeo Cult of the Forbidden Network
Techno Skyblock – The Guaranteed – (17h 55m)`
Minecraft: playing the game 24/7 for a week
`Mumbo Jumbo
Hermit skyblock – 16h 53m)
Hardcore Minecraft but a teammate speeds up the monster`
MC Championship 11, 392.5 hours over 94 days`
`João Elias Official
1k player Save
Hardcore wandering trader for 400 days over two sessions
Razboi! Minecraft! (War! Minecraft!) – live for 300 days on the server
Group AFK Activities
Many players have resources such as Guardian forms that are integrated with redirection portals. Created by duplicating and automated trading between these forms and other traders to keep the portal stocked (Note: Each employer, except competitive groups, was visited for a few hours at least twice per month and generated substantial benefits for the service providers.`
Minecraft Behavior from Overnight AFK-ing (30 to 76+ days total on the server)
If anyone is not telling that this is happening, as in all day, every day of total to most of the last five months… TFC moved the economy to WAR (from 1.91.5 to 2.0.7, 119 to 324 days on the server).
`Batman Videos
Lucky block – building a city from scratch; building every block with sultan blood (from 68 to 272 total offline experience, many using AFK with me thinking about the strategy real-time or a day or two beforehand, quoting another player in the note)
Fortnite Skyblocks – a nice break from those CS:GO games. Running one game of TTT and “giving moneyz” to both groups hoping for better cooperation (from 66 in-game experience on the server to 11, 18h 41m outdoors building a piece of scavenger, 16h 45m)`
Techno Skyblock – The Guaranteed – after fan messages indicating he needed to study on August 1st (when he had time off), he conducted a stream, and also regularly welcomed donations out of new excitement he had not helped

How to AFK in Minecraft?

To AFK in Minecraft, follow these seven steps (some of which are optional).

  1. Choose a safe environment.
  2. Reduce the frame rate.
  3. Go inside a safe room. Put a concrete wall around your work area or safe room.
  4. Go in a 1×1 tube. This is a highly secure ways to afk in minecraft.
  5. Build a safe room beneath water. Mobs must enter at the top, drown because they cannot exit at the bottom, or be killed by other mechanisms while unable to reach you.
  6. Ensure you cannot take damage. This means flying or having an appropriate skeleton-proof door, for example.
  7. Permanently disable noise. Mute the game sounds from Settings ingame if the monotonous mob or pig noises will bother you while you are afk.

AFK farms in Minecraft can help you collect items or XP while you are away from the game. The Zedaph guide shows how to safely AFK in Minecraft by combining several of the above steps with creating a passive mob farm.

Zombie, Skeleton and other Mob Farms – Are also useful not just as a way to AFK XP in Minecraft, but as a way to get mob drops (Rotten Flesh, Bones, Arrows, Gunpowder, String, Ender Pearls) or even a way to get the rare or special items (wither skeleton skeleton drop coal, blades, and even the rare wither skeleton skull) from mobs that would be harder to encounter if you are simply out exploring and mining.

Using an AFK Fish Farm

AFK Fish Farms are machines connected to magnets that allow players to fish without pressing the mouse button. Turn on the farm, give input to the game to start the setup, and go AFK. Eventually, once the farm is set, the machine will keep fishing even though the player is no longer provided a mouse input. The player will stop when all fish available are caught, the fishing rod breaks or they are attacked.

Using an AFK Mob Grinder

An AFK mob grinder is a device or system that generates hostile mobs and moves or kills them, allowing the user to gain resources from them in their absence. Mob grinders are sometimes used as AFK farms to gain XP from experience orbs or player-killed loot. They take advantage of mob spawning mechanics and mob pathfinding behaviour.

The mob ‘drops’, which are the items that mobs leave behind that the player can pick up, are transported by water flows or hopper chains from mob grinders to AFK spots for villager training or storage. Examples of AFK mob farms include Baby zombie / drowned farms, Endermen/spider farms, Blaze farm, Slime farm other than the typical zombie/skeleton/etc mob grinders.

As an example, the image of the typical AFK drop grinder in the Minecraft Wiki is shown below. It is a fall trap mob grinder where naturally spawned mobs fall into a chamber of water that carries them to a hardened suspension point. Here, a second water stream drags them to live their last moments for use as loot or xp grind for the user.

Information when mobs are dropped off cliffs, water, lava, grinders, or other entities to die. In addition, they must constantly be lured by an AFK player rather than tracking the player they are attacking. Mobs can be taken to a target location using animals with leads, or water, when the AFK player is alive or using minecart tracks when they are deceased.

Using an Auto-clicker

An Auto Clicker is a software or hardware tool that automatically performs clicks without requiring the user to click on the mouse or touchpad. Users can adjust the number of clicks per second and the length of inactivity needed to activate it. They can also specify the area of the screen to perform clicks. This approach is most commonly used when it is needed for a Minecraft afk fish farm.

Using a Weighted Pressure Plate

Used in a variety of complex machinery such as T-flip-flops or servers for crafting modules, the redstone signal generated by the weighted pressure plates can also be used to avoid being AFK-kicked in Minecraft. By connecting the weighted pressure plate to a Redstone Lamp, the light will continue to turn on and off, preventing any AFK messages. If one plans to be away for a particularly long period and is worried that this method may not be as effective, they can alternate between having two different modes to improve the average.

For the first mode of operation, the plate can sit under a block that is rapidly being created and destroyed by pistons. In the second mode, the pressure plate is installed at the entrance of the house and provides access to inside. This way, players need to keep moving on the pressure plate every so often.

Using a Command Block

A Command Block is a block that can execute commands at the press of a button, or it can be automatically triggered. To use Command Blocks in a default world, players need to be given creative mode privileges by an operator. Command Blocks are programmed with Minecraft’s Java Command Language. The following command, which contains an AFK_script, instructs a Command Block to teleport a player a particular distance.

Use this script to afk, but you can change the duration in gameTicks to adjust the duration. The ownerafkblock creates the afk command block and replaces the variable coordinates. Note that every command that would require server privileges must have permissions activated by the operator. Command Blocks do not work with Minecraft Pi as they are designed for the Java version of Minecraft. But here is a demonstration of their use. Select the i icon in the upper right corner for a guide on how to make a Command Block. Typing /setblock ~ ~ ~ command_block in the Java version of Minecraft, or setblock ~ ~ ~ 137 in the Bedrock version, will summon a command block on your coordinates.

What Are the Benefits of AFK-ing in Minecraft?

  • Automated farms can be run
  • Excess mobs can be cleared out without endangering a player with them being killed in the process
  • Mobs can be collected without the player needing to actively do anything
  • Grinders can automatically kill mobs for the player for XP and drops
  • Furnaces can be used without fuel worry

Resource Collection

Resource collection refers to gathering natural materials and works best during nightfall when it is too dangerous for players to work outside. To collect resources, simply begin walking around the map and mine natural materials including:

  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Copper
  • Cobblestone
  • Several types of blocks

To obtain enough resources to succeed in Minecraft, one should construct large-scale mining projects. The resources obtained during afk times can be used to construct bridges, castles, and even underwater buildings. This time should also be spent perfecting the creation of supplies such as bows, swords, and arrows to ensure the player is fully equipped during active play.

At a minimum, players should attempt to build and maintain at least 3 or 4 pickaxes of different types as well as a shovel and an axe. Another strategy is to create used pickaxes (mostly iron ones) to repair your main diamond tools.

Players should be cautious during resource collection and avoid areas where there are aggressive mobs as death will make them lose everything. Wood supply is something that does not get automatically generated with the passive mob spawner afk and should be actively collected during the main playing times.

Experience Farming

Experience farms are a way to automate experience farming. They are far more complex to build and difficult to maintain than farms for crops and animals. Finding and gathering the necessary ingredients becomes time-consuming but they are ultimately the best way to grind experience AFK in Minecraft without actually playing. Mob grinders can yield between 200-400 experience per hour, and as pointed out by this helpful YouTube video, the more complex an experience farm is, the more experience it will yield. Spiders (as illustrated by the primary image in this subheading) can be the one of the easiest and least resource-intensive mobs to farm for experience.

Mob Drops

  • In the morning, explore the part of the area in which you are AFKing to collect the items to aggro mobs.
  • When you get back to your AFK space a few minutes before dark, choose an entity and herd it towards your aggroed mobs.
  • Stake out a location to prevent the mob from running away until dark. In the case of the cow, herd it towards your aggroed mobs and let the mob’s initial retreat motivate it to stand still.


Afk in Minecraft Confound is a great option for saving time. It provides the opportunity for players to remain logged into the game while doing other tasks, efficiently saving the time required to perform those in-game actions. For e.g., players may be able to construct new homes or create lucrative in-game farms by having their character remain in the game and accomplish tasks while they are gone.

What Are the Risks of AFK-ing in Minecraft?

The main risk of AFK-ing in Minecraft is allowing one’s character to get attacked by hostile mobs. Creeper, Skeleton, and Spider attacks are common when players AFK at night or in dark locations. When a player is AFK, they make it more likely that they’ll die, losing equipment and items that they would normally protect if they were active.

Being Kicked from the Server

One way of getting kicked out of a Minecraft server is to go AFK without permission. An administrator can decide how long a player must be AFK before an automatic kicker is triggered which removes the player from the server. For many server operators, a period of 10-20 minutes is typical as per the advice of William Christopher Stephens, a computer programmer for Facebook and formerly of Amazon Game Studios.

Stephens took to Gamer Stack Exchange in 2019 to answer a player’s question of how they can prevent being kicked from a server for going AFK. He advised players to perform any of the following actions to avoid falling under the server’s AFK cleanup:

  • Use in-game chat
  • Move any on-screen viewport controls such as windows around on the screen
  • Move their physical view around
  • Enter and exit vehicles or game elements such as portals or elevators
  • Play music or sound effects
  • Move back and forth
  • Keep an object (like a grenade) pressed down

Uploading maps on multiplayer Minecraft servers currently does not play a significant role in players being kicked.

Being Attacked by Other Players or Mobs

If you are AFK in Minecraft and are attacked by other players or mobs, you can either equip a powerful shield and walk into a corner to minimize damage while away or look for a secure location where you will not be found. Additionally, you can log off the server for the duration that you are AFK to avoid any potential damage that occurs when you are not paying attention.

If you are building or need to avoid other players, such as during a PvP server where you are in the middle of combat and another player starts attacking, it is safe to go AFK, but it is advisable to find a secure location where you will not be spotted. If another player sees you log out or appear to be AFK, they may seize the opportunity to destroy your work or attack you which can be devastating in some situations.

Glitches or Bugs

Errors in the Minecraft game software are sometimes mistakenly exploited by players to become afk in Minecraft. However, while these glitches are available in less recent versions of the game, they are often fixed by game updates. You can become afk in Minecraft by taking advantage of certain glitches or bugs. One way is to utilize the unstable conductivity of Redstone Traps for your electrical system, a cheat code that occasionally works. Another way to exploit an afk glitch is to remove your world’s Nether Portal while there is a player still located there. Currently, there are few active errors due to bugs that allow being afk, as new updates usually remove them.

How to Avoid Being Detected as AFK?

You can avoid being detected as AFK by using another account or logging on and off of the server. You can use a second Minecraft account with Minecraft-Console-Client (MCC), an open-source project for every known version and emulator of the game which simulates real user activity. Signing in and out of servers is the simplest way to not being reported as AFK. Active AFK methods involve repeating patterns to avoid being detected as AFK if logout is impossible.

Moving Slightly Every Few Minutes

Moving slightly every few minutes is a good method to AFK in Minecraft when you’re worried about disconnection. Minecraft only detects if a player has been active every few minutes. Instead of walking back and forth twice a minute or at a slow speed, make a hole in the wall and simply move your player one block to the right or left once every five minutes. This will save you time and effort and keep you in the game.

Using an Anti-AFK Mod

After joining various servers and even coming to conclusions about making their own for the purpose of which is the best type of afk farm Minecraft players use, I learned that not all servers permits for anti-AFK bots. For those that want to cheat how to afk in Minecraft, doing so with an AFK mod is most effective. A specific one that has been verified by real players is AFK Display

Setting Up an AFK Pool

In Minecraft, you can AFK by creating an AFK pool where your character idles while swimming or floating. When using an AFK pool, you will not be automatically disconnected from a multiplayer server and you will pass the time faster. This is another useful method of AFK that has been utilized by many in Minecraft. Jumping spots and revenge-style devices sometimes combine pools. This will also ensure against multifaceted encounters and construct low-risk bases for resource farming.

Is AFK-ing in Minecraft Considered Cheating?

AFK-ing in Minecraft is not considered cheating. It is not cheating because players can always opt for the peaceful game mode and can adjust the settings for easy survival, allowing them to AFK without issue. Crying obsidian of Minecraft brings players back to life with all their gear if they die. Plus, Minecraft is one of the few games in existence that offers regular game updates and is financially supported by new versions, mod packs, skins, and custom maps. Aggressive or active play is an entirely legitimate and popular way to use Minecraft. If players do not AFK in Minecraft, then they are taking a different strategic or playstyle approach to the game. The choice of how to play the game is left entirely to the player and is not regarded as cheating, even by some advanced strategies found within custom maps and popular mod packs.


Afking in Minecraft can help you auto harvest, keep yourself busy doing something else while you wait, or simply avoid the night sleep. In the game settings, you can choose to change the F1 + P menu to have the possibility of alt+tabbing away while in Auto-Jump mode. Make sure to loot helpful weapons and armor so that you do not experience a bump in the night as an unbarricaded AFKer. Remember your boundaries while you AFK.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Afk in Minecraft?

To afk in Minecraft, simply stand still in the game without moving your character. This will make you appear as if you are away from your keyboard (afk) to other players.

2. Can I afk in Minecraft without getting kicked?

Yes, you can afk in Minecraft without getting kicked by using certain features or plugins. Some servers have a built-in afk feature that prevents players from being automatically kicked for being away too long.

3. How do I ensure my character stays afk in Minecraft?

You can ensure your character stays afk in Minecraft by using a rubber band or placing an object (such as a book) on your keyboard to keep your character from moving.

4. Is there a way to afk in Minecraft while still performing actions?

Yes, you can use a macro or a script to perform actions while afk in Minecraft. However, be sure to check with server rules as some may consider this a form of cheating.

5. How long can I afk in Minecraft before I am automatically kicked?

This varies depending on the server settings, but typically players are automatically kicked after being afk for 15-20 minutes. Check with the server rules or ask a moderator for more information.

6. Can I afk in Minecraft and still collect resources?

Yes, you can use certain features or plugins that allow you to collect resources while afk in Minecraft. However, be sure to check with server rules as this may be considered a form of cheating on some servers.

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