Ultimate Guide: How to Inspect Knife in Valorant

If you’re a fan of Valorant, you know that the knife is not just a tool for close combat – it’s also a stylish accessory that can make a statement. In this article, we will explore what Valorant is and why inspecting your knife is important. We’ll also walk you through the steps to inspect your knife in the game, as well as discuss the different knife skins available. If you’re looking to up your Valorant game with a new knife skin, we’ve got you covered with tips on how to get them. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of knives in Valorant!

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games. It was first teased with the codename Project A and made its official worldwide release on June 2, 2020. Gameplay features of Valorant include 5-on-5 multiplayer online playing, ability usage in addition to firearms, weapon purchasing between rounds, and agent selection. At launch, Valorant had a total of 11 agents (playable characters) each with unique gameplay abilities. Radiant is the highest rank in competitive play.

Players choose from a pool of available agents (each regular act adds one new agent) and join one of two sides with the goal to eliminate the enemy side or complete the mission. Missions rotate between attack and defense where the attacking side has a spike they must plant in one of two available plants, and then defend until it detonates or succeeds in eliminating the enemy side.

Game modes in Valorant include unrated mode (default 5v5 competitive), competitive mode (regular rank play with rewards), spike rush (a light and fun 5-round game mode), and deathmatch mode (game mode specifically made for practice).

What Is a Knife in Valorant?

A knife is a melee weapon that players use in Valorant when they are out of ammo and do not have time to reload their primary gun. Players can only equip a knife when they have their hand completely empty – this includes dropping their any primary or sidearm weapon. Knifing an opponent deals 150 damage so is always a one-hit kill although players can use knives for vandalizing and shooting bells or equipment in the map for sound cues.

Why Is It Important to Inspect Knife in Valorant?

It is important to inspec the knife in Valorant because the knife is a player’s default melee weapon of last resort. It is intended to only be used as a last option panicky strike at very short range due to its slow attack speed and slow movement while attacking. Its usual benefit is that it speeds up a player’s movement speed by +30% allowing them to rotate or escape to more defensible positions far more quickly when not in combat, increasing their survivability.

According to DoNotPeakEntertainment LLC, common knife inspection settings will show a knife from different angles. Often they zoom in first person before showing a third person view so you can see the grip and trigger presser on the knife you have equipped in Valorant.

How to Inspect Knife in Valorant?

To inspect knives in Valorant, first pull out the knife by pressing 1 during a match. Then to inspect the knife, hold down and press the right mouse button. A dedicated command to inspect knife skins in Valorant that bypasses any action is absent.

Knife is the default melee weapon in Valorant and is sufficient to use a character’s respective melee attacks. Sit and wait in various angles if players inspect their knives during a match or use them in short ranges around an opponent’s accuracy radius. This can provide the key to avoiding detection and suddenly reaching a flank if the cover of the players have not been given away yet.

Step 1: Equip the Knife

Select the knife by scrolling down on the mouse wheel or pressing the 3 button. The knife is useful for quick close-range attacks but has no zoom and does less damage than guns.

  • There are 3 options when it comes to knife deployment in Valorant: draw only, holster only, or both draw and holster. Knife-only mode is beneficial if you want to for either personal challenge training or warming up for competitive games.
  • Switch to the knife weapon quickly by either scrolling down with your mouse wheel or pressing the number 3 during the game if you wish to practice your dexterity. Knife mode can improve movement dexterity for knife rounds when two teams agree to engage only with knives at the start of a competitive game.
  • Move your sniper rifle up and down quickly to inspect a blue knife handleflip while moving it left and right to inspect red, holds the knife with the finger-ring facing outward, if you can see it.

Step 2: Hold Down the Inspect Key

To inspect a knife for skins in Valorant, you must ensure the Item Inspect Feature is set to ON in the Key-bindings settings. Once confirmed, press and hold down the key that you have assigned to inspect. You can subsequently use the Mouse Wheel Down key to see other features of the weapon or a limited 360 degree view of the weapon.

Step 3: Rotate and Inspect the Knife

On a mobile device, use a finger to swipe up while checking the contract page to display the knife. You cannot see the knife while waiting in the buy phase in FFA practice or Team Deathmatch when the buy phase is active.

Rotating your knife will allow you to check the other sides of your knife and inspect its looks. Depending on the knife, one side of the blade may look different. On mobile, two fingers in a spread-out motion rotates the knife on the inspection screen. On desktop, rotating the knife involves a click-and-drag with the mouse to pan as using the Q and E Keys to inspect the knife.

When you rotate the knife, its appearance may change to show scratches, patterns, or edged paints along some or all of the surfaces which will be on display during use. If you are browsing in the shared contract area, you should be able to observe inspectors examining the knife from all angles. If you are planning to buy one of the knives, not all sellers allow direct in-game inspection or demo follow in your inventory, so you may have to go through a browser to see all the angles.

What Are the Different Knife Skins in Valorant?

The different knife skins in Valorant are listed in the table below. These range in price from 1750 VP for the default knife to 9600 VP for the Luxe knife. The most expensive skin available for a specific knife is the Prime skin available for the Oni knife. This is available for 8750 VP. Ruination is the least expensive alternative skin with a 1275 VP price. Note that prices change as conversion rates are set by region and thus these may not be current. Prices can change as skins are offered in limited-time promotions. Rarity and perceived quality are the main factors which determine the price of knife skins for Valorant.

  • Default
  • Bulldog
  • Luxe
  • Ruination
  • Prime
  • Oni
  • Ronin
  • Splinter
  • Ruin

Standard Knife

In Valorant the Knife (or Melee) is a default weapon that does not deal damage since there is no friendly damage in the game. It has two primary animations, one is a horizontal slashing animation for the first three knife attacks in a single ‘swipe’ motion. This attack reaches out 1.6 meters and is mostly useful for revealing hidden traps or to take shots after an Operator attack to slow down confirmed kills. If you come behind an unsuspecting enemy or who is not looking in your direction, this knife animation will leave an X shaped cut on their back as a graffiti style pro-gamer move from you. Though technically almost impossible in an actual match unless your enemy is AFK, a tactical shooter needs some cool easter eggs.

The other animation is different, featuring a thrusting motion where the player lunges forward for every subsequent knife attack. This attack reaches out 2.6 meters and you can see yourself leaping forwards every time you use it violently in the air. As it does not deal damage, its price tag is Free.

Prime Knife

Prime itself is not a skin; the Prime collection is a series of premium weapon skins that add cosmetic changes to the weapons and their knife. Players can obtain access to the Prime skins through the Radiante points upgrades in the game, and the cost is typically determined by how many Radiant points are required for them. Radiante points are unlocked through the completion of the Battle Pass and missions in Episode 2.

The Prime knife provides players access to gold, chrome, green, and blacksmith colors. It has a sharpened blade similar to the Tethered Realms knife. A cheaper knife with the same general model is the Spline knife that is part of the Collab Collection 2021, although it has a different set of color options.

The handles of all Prime Knives use the michelle texture. The stylized images are stamped into a metallic surface to create a custom holographic effect that stands out because of the digital gates of VALORANT and has only a specific styled description that will be passed to it.

Luxe Knife

The Luxe Knife is the most expensive cosmetic knife in Valorant, priced at Management Premium variant cost of 8750 VP. A special set rarity called Ultra Edition was introduced to justify the substantial expense. The blade lacks information such as attachments or kill counters. The handle is a blue&yellow gradient with a high-polish metallic base. This shows the Luxe logo. The guard is a very small hilt designed more for looks than to provide protection. The identifier 27KT can be seen.

Sovereign Knife

The most expensive knife in Valorant Update 3.0 is the Sovereign Knife. It was originally offered at 1775 Valorant Points but it was raised in price to 2550 Valorant Points after Episode 3 Act 1 in early 2022. The real-world price for this knife in the United States is $20.00 on keyboardcat.net which charges a fee of about 1.25% on credit card transactions and a fee of 3.30% on PayPal transactions.

The US Dollar equivalent in various other countries for the Sovereign knife comes to the following amounts which are getting updated after the recent Valorant patch of episode 4.0:

  • 🇮🇪 Ireland: $21.3
  • 🇵🇹 Portugal: $22.4
  • 🇺🇸 United States: $20.00
  • 🇩🇪 Germany: $22.4
  • 🇦🇹 Austria: $22.4
  • 🇸🇪 Sweden: $22.2
  • 🇯🇵 Japan: $25.4
  • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom: $18.3
  • 🇫🇷 France: $22.4
  • 🇸🇬 Singapore: $27.7
  • 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia: $20.7

Glitchpop Knife

The Glitchpop skin collection was released in Valorant in Act III. This knife has a simple retraction mechanism that sends inner glitter elements into motion, reinforcing the idea of a glitch-themed personal computing assistive device character the collection follows.

The Glitchpop knife slowly closes when it is holstered and opened quickly. The animations were previewed by Snakesona in September of 2020 in a youtube video on the channel. He pays special attention to its features claiming the Glitchpop Knife was both sinister and elegant at once. Here is a more recent video of that showing the Glitchpop Knife in Valorant. The Glitchpop Knife in Valorant can be previewed in the game’s custom skin store, collection, and in the practice range. To inspect the Glitchpop Knife, do the following:

How to Get New Knife Skins in Valorant?

You can get new knife skins in Valorant by going to the in-game Store and finding the Weapon Skins section next to the Agents section. When you are in the Weapon Skins section, choose the knife in the roster of Arms. The ones that can be updated will have a personalized splash screen. To browse all available Knife Skins in-game, choose the Default Knife or active upgraded knife, then choose to update the item to get the list of options available in the store. We have `Unboxing Valorant Knives` section towards the end of the article that explains exactly that. Find the option you are searching for and then select Upgrade. To continue, complete the buying procedure using any accessible VP (Valorant Points) or VRP (Radiant Points). These new Knife Skins will then be accessible to be equipped in-game right away.

Purchase from the In-Game Store

To specifically inspect a knife in Valorant means to purchase it. Knives are available for purchase from the in-game store when you have enough points. They are cosmetic items that do not enhance the abilities or damage of the player. To purchase a knife, press the B key. In the bottom right of the screen, find the in-game store by clicking the highlighted dot with the knife, and then choose a knife you want to purchase that you have enough points for.

Unlock through Battle Pass

You can inspect the knife in Valorant by unlocking another skin in the Battle Pass. Battle passes include knife skins and other weapon skin collections, and if you own the pass you can inspect these at any time. Because the Prism II skin variant has knife skins the Battle Pass may be the easiest way for players to get to inspect the knife that comes with the Prism 3 collection.

Purchase from Third-Party Sellers

To purchase from third-party sellers, players in Valorant must find unofficial sites or wait for a player to list the items on their profile. They can use a service or enlist someone to sell skin models on the steam market or sites such as CS.Money because SteelSeries does not officially list them and they must be traded if they were obtained after Episode 1: Act 3.

Be sure to use a reputable site when you buy or sell. There are numerous sites that scam users out of skins worth large sums. If one does wish to meet in-person to buy items, it is critical for safety to ensure the meeting place is public and well-populated. Skin prices will depreciate if they have been used.
 Knives are the most lucrative weapon to upgrade, with a price range that is typically $50-$44,000 USD.

What Are Some Tips for Inspecting Knife in Valorant?

Some tips for inspecting the knife in Valorant that may help optimize your experience are:

  1. Settings configuration: Reduce the number of distracting noises that can make you miss the knife inspection. You can do this by lowering the volume of other music or sounds in settings to make sure you fully experience the satisfying noise.
  2. Perform the knife inspection when you take a short pause: You are unlikely to be as stressed or distracted mid-game. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any enemies.
  3. Briefly change the perspective: Get a good look at the gorgeous weapon from every angle to see if there is something you missed the first time. The details on it are what you aim to see.

Inspecting the knife in Valorant is a voluntary task that is separate to the game and has no influence on the outcome, so only spend time inspecting the knife if it increases your enjoyment of the game.

Experiment with Different Angles

One very unscientific way to determine whether your knife is working in Valorant is to test out different angles on the enemy. There is always a small chance that your peek is just not hitting the enemy due to some issue with game mechanics such as netcode or hitregistration, especially in cases where your peek is close to the corner. So in some circumstances, just trying a different angle on the corner you’re working may help you determine if there is a problem at all.

But this is considered poor Valorant strategy in general as peeks that work 10-30% of the time, but 0% at the time you need them to work, aren’t very useful. Simply work around new angles without the knife, keep a similar pacing and charge, and then try your peek again in the future.

Use the Inspect Key while Moving

When you are moving in VALORANT, you can inspect your weapon by pressing the ‘F’ key. If you press the hotkey while holding another movement key, your agent will attempt to stop moving and then perform the inspect animation. However, the player will find it locks their agent in whatever state of movement they were in when the hotkey was pressed.

If you are in a hurry and rapidly changing your movements, bringing the direction key to a stop (for example by first pressing the opposite direction key) can help you perform quick inspections while on the move without slowing you down. When you are in open areas on the map and there is no movement on your periphery, you can inspect your weapon with great visuals without running into any obstacles.

You can mix up jumping and inspecting to have an impact on the overall look of weapon models in VALORANT as they will change depending on what the player is doing. An inspection while jumping will change the fields of view for the player, showing off different parts of the gun they hadn’t paid much attention to before when looking at the weapon.

Show off Your Knife to Friends

The final troubleshooting aspect of inspecting your knife is using the inspect method to show off your newly acquired elite or iconic knife skin to your friends. Bot and player camera mode can be enabled to capture this final view. Bot Spectator Mode shows everything a player enters in a match from other players’ perspective. With this, they can easily make a video or camera shot of you inspecting your knife for however long you would like. Player Camera mode takes a video or allows you to rotate the camera at any given time to get the desired viewing angle of your new skin. Turn it on by typing mat_queue_mode 2 in the command prompt of a match or training session. Set gif_everything 1 to make sure that all video plays are saved for later access and editing in a program like Movie, Photoshop, or similar. This is the final and most thrilling and customized use of the knife inspect command. There is no minimum-required time, it’s all about showing off your new look! The video player command is showcased on the Rechyy YouTube channel



The power of TVARVC MP4 wizard is highlighted by TopQ channel so that you do not have to be a pro to show off your personalized rendering, nor does it involve the typical screenshots from the Steam online catalogue used by YouTubers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of inspecting a knife in Valorant?

Inspecting a knife in Valorant allows players to view its unique design and animations, adding a personal touch to their gameplay experience.

How can I inspect my knife in Valorant?

To inspect your knife in Valorant, simply press and hold the ‘I’ key on your keyboard while in-game.

Can I customize my knife’s inspect animation in Valorant?

Currently, there is no way to customize the inspect animation of your knife in Valorant. However, different knives have their own unique inspect animations.

Are there any benefits to inspecting my knife in Valorant?

While there are no in-game advantages, inspecting your knife can be a fun way to show off your knife skin and add some flair to your gameplay.

Is there a limit to how many times I can inspect my knife in Valorant?

No, you can inspect your knife as many times as you want in Valorant.

How can I access the knife inspect feature in Valorant?

The knife inspect feature can be accessed by pressing and holding the ‘I’ key on your keyboard while in-game. Alternatively, you can also click on the inspect button located next to your knife in the in-game inventory menu.

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