Mastering Layout Duplication in Pubg: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to improve your performance in Pubg by optimizing your layout?

We explore what Pubg is, why layout is important, and how you can effectively copy layouts to enhance your gameplay.

Discussing the benefits and risks of copying layouts, as well as providing tips on customizing your layout to suit your individual play style.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned player, mastering layout customization in Pubg can elevate your gaming experience.

What Is Pubg?

Pubg is an acronym for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – a multiplayer online video game of battle royale genre.

Battle royale games are online multiplayer video games where a number of players, usually 100, team up and enter an ever-shrinking arena to fight, with the last man or team standing being the winner. The term “battle royale” is derived from the Japanese movie of the same name, which was later adapted into a movie called The Hunger Games in 2012.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the video game company Bluehole in 2017. It was developed by game designer Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene who initially worked as a modder for ARMA 2 and ARMA3. The company later collaborated with Tencent Games to develop the mobile app. PUBG quickly took the world by storm, even drawing notice for its impact on the mental health of the players.

What Is Layout?

The term ‘layout’ in PUBG Mobile refers to an user interface (UI) that organizes controls and chat boxes in a similar way to another UI. This includes the positions of the map, quick inventory, scope, backpack, throwables, fire buttons, camera controls, and much more. Multiple layouts can be used during gameplay, and a rift customized layout can be used to optimize performance on devices with varying levels of load.

A customized layout can be achieved by rearranging each function requiring a lot of tapping on the customization screen. These are then saved as a new layout according to the process for changing and saving slots. Quick configurations come from settings to choose from. Othewise, third-party apps like TapTap by Huawei can save and load customized layouts.

Why Is Layout Important in Pubg?

The layout is important in PUBG for the following reasons.

  1. If you are new and learning, having a good layout set up before a match begins can save seconds of time and reduce the number of mistakes. This means you will not forget to press an essential button when in a panic.
  2. Presets can make it easier to aim and shoot in seconds since it reduces the need to mentally analyze and process layout changes.
  3. A good layout reduces the risk of missed taps.
  4. Having a good layout allows you to monitor the game better, including as well as knowing where the messages are showing where the safe zone is.

PUBGM Guides also recommends the following layout tips for players who want to grow and improve their game.

  1. Your layout should make it easy to access movement and firing controls quickly.
  2. Make sure you don’t make your movement and firing controls too small to make it easier for you to defend yourself when you need to. If you have a small screen size, move the firing and movement controls a bit further out.
  3. Make peek and fire toggle functions into your layout. This allows you to peek and fire around the cover without the need to hold the screen.
  4. Add the Run option to your layout so you can set up the run toggle.

How Can You Copy Layout in Pubg?

You can copy layouts in Pubg Mobile, Lite, or New State by performing the following steps:

  1. Open PUBG.
  2. Locate the layout you wish to copy.
  3. Click on Customize in your profile.
  4. Your current control layout will show with Controller instructions beneath it.
  5. Click on the Plus button on the top right.
  6. Select UI or Sensitivity as per preference.
  7. The display will continue onto which you select the option necessary. For example, selecting the Fire Ratio setting (firing methods appear) or Drop Sensitivity (sensitivity settings appear).
  8. Select from a customization you already like or edit from scratch and proceed to use it.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Choose a grid type.

That’s how you can copy layout in PUBG.

Understand Your Own Play Style

Very few have the ability to change their play style on the fly, especially in fast-paced settings such as PUBG Mobile. Certain play styles demand particular layouts, so understanding your own style will help nail down several features expected in an ideal layout. While there are countless ways players can be categorized, below are some of the most frequent styles used in PUBG play.

  1. Aggressive Play – Including the classic rusher or the aggressive wide flank player. These players aim to get as many kills as possible while being very mobile and frequently outnumbered.
  2. Support/Clutching Play – These are the players who have the ability to stay back and finish off any remaining enemies. They generally have a good idea of where their enemies are and plan their fights accordingly.
  3. Passive Style – Including Trappers, Campers, or Snipers. These players avoid large groups and tend to play from a distance aiming at easier kills.
  4. `Hive` Tactics again – These are the ones that try to stay in crowds while fighting with the enemy or just after firefight. They are good in such situations and use prettier and frequent touch controls.

Understanding your own personal style will allow you to choose an optimal layout that enables you to excel. M24 (NE)].

Study Professional Players’ Layouts

The best professional players to copy layouts from are Jonathan Amaral, who plays as Jonathan, Made in Brazil (MiBR) player and Alexander Yan Baumann who plays as Konina Power. Jonathan is ranked at #3 in India and 172 globally, and Konina is ranked #6 in Germany and 388th globally according to esports page Liquipedia. Jonathan follows a layout of having an RRU (Real-time Resource Usage) icon on the right side of his HUD layout, a minimal on-screen button scheme, and a single Fire Button. Following research by the Yale School of Art and Communication into why Jonathan is so good in PUBG, his layout has the following advantages:

  1. Proximity: The distance between buttons is the smallest once for easy access and the HUD does not obstruct his view.
  2. Ergonomic Design: Buttons are easy to click quickly and repeatedly without moving his fingers unnecessarily.
  3. Little Visual Information: His HUD does not have many on-screen additional elements so as not to provide defensive advantages.’

Konina Power has a unique layout for the mobile version of PUBG. He configures his HUD layout to use three-finger claw to mimic a game controller’s analogue stick movement.

  • Best PUBG HUD layout in the world according to Liquipedia
  • HUD Designed for 3-finger claw usage
  • Next Level Aim and Accuracy

Experiment with Different Layouts

  • Group button layout: Solo button layout.yaml
  • Honey button layout: Solo button layout.yaml
  • Hiro button layout: Solo button layout.yaml
  • Classic Realism button layout: Solo button layout.yaml

These button layout files can be copied in the game settings by clicking the Enable Custom Layout option and then replacing the existing layout with either the Pubg global button layout which has buttons arranged in PUBG Mobile’s default layout, the custom layout_js.yaml file which is a completely custom layout that has been slightly more optimal according to major user engagement buttons, or any of the pre-existing button layout files associated with latest PUBG interface buttons customized by developers.

A frequently recommended layout copied from the pros & famous PUBG players directory is the layout used by Pubg Riddim. Check out the page to see their performance as well as easily copy their settings and layout.

Use Custom Layout Tools

Custom layout tools are programs or materials that allow you to experiment with layouts in PUBG Mobile. They are not provided by KRAFTON and may or may not be against the terms of service, depending on how they are used. It is always best to contact the actual support to determine whether the tool was violating the terms of service or not and create a custom layout that does not upset the fair competition in the game.

Custom layout tools can be software or applications such as PUBG Mobile itself, CAD or drawing tools, or even simple items such as paper and pencil. These custom layout tools help you visualize how you want your layout to be and give you a rough idea about the look of the screen overall.

In Android, several custom layout tools allow you to potentially adjust layouts. While these are not custom PUBG Mobile settings layouts, you can adjust the scaling of the entire screen.

  • Developer options – The built-in developer options for Android allows for easy and powerful outward configuration of settings. To activate developer options, go to Settings then choose About phone. Tap on the Build number seven times. This gives the user access to a ton of features including DPI scaling which affects the in-app display.
  • Changing the screen size within the Acceessibility menu.
  • The DPI Changing Tool which can be accessed via Advanced Screen Settings. While they do not control layout settings within PUBG Mobile, they allow the user to adjust and change the settings of their screen.

What Are the Benefits of Copying Layout in Pubg?

The benefits of copying layout in PUBG Mobile are players focusing on improving their own strategy, gaining inspiration from top players, and sharing their own custom designed layout (like Sensivity, Custom controls). Learning to create a complex custom layout helps achieve self-improvement and a sense of ownership among players. Being inspired by layout strategies used by top players can help individuals improve their own gameplay. Additionally, copying layouts from top players will give players a unique layout, which they can modify to make their own.

Improved Gameplay Performance

When you copy layout in PubG, the result in terms of gameplay performance can be improved. One of the main reasons for this is that players begin to understand how weapons such as shotguns and ARs respond when they are fired. Continued use of a specific layout means their muscle memory for working with the guns they retrieve from the battlefield improves.

There is an overall improvement in a player’s gameplay by copying the settings of good players or professional gamers. These might include the ability to assume and fire from different cover spots effectively, visually clear open spaces, and predict and react faster to the movements of opponents. Over time copying a layout will help improve a user’s gameplay so that they are able to earn a better KDR. In other words, they will be able to make more kills and last far longer in the game without being eliminated.

Once you feel you are gaming at your best performance, it can help to pause occasionally to review all your settings, buttons, and layout. Settings may change after regular usage and it’s important to ensure they are accurately reflecting the copy you want to maintain in your PubG mobile game. Repeat these steps as necessary. As in the example of a PubG mobile emulator, you might need to do it whenever you update your program or change settings.

Better Muscle Memory

Muscle memory or motor learning is a type of movement that does not need to involve the brain because the nerves in the spine will remember the movement pattern and allow the movement to become automatic. Regularly copying a layout in PUBG can help improve your motor learning.

If you are the type of PUBG player who swipes their thumb across the screen, you can quickly press all the layout keys by alternating between putting down fingers on opposite palms and rapidly pressing them. You want to practice first using your right hand, then using the left, and relearn how to use all of the buttons for your apps with the opposite hand from what you are used to. Over time, you will become ambidextrous concerning what app you can use with which hand.

Ability to Adapt to Different Devices

The typical layout in a video game is adapted to suit a wide range of different touch screen devices. You should have the ability to adapt to different devices as the designer of the game has not adapted the layout for the device you are using.

You can, however, adjust the layout setting to better match your device manually. In Pubg Mobile, the basic setting of the layout was designed for devices around 6-inch mobile phones, roughly 15-16 cm in length. The layout was not optimized for tablet devices, and the team makes a conscious effort to measure the best layout as much as possible so that the UI is consistent across devices.

What Are the Risks of Copying Layout in Pubg?

The biggest risk of copying layouts in Pubg is that you reduce a valuable aspect of natural self-expression. Layouts detail people’s expressions, small details they enjoy, and their personalities. By adopting someone else’s views you stifle the possibility to truly express your own. There is also a risk when copying from competitors using hacks or bots since you could get banned.

Difficulty Adjusting to New Layouts

There are certainly pros and cons to switching layouts. Just as there is the plus that it is an empty choice to compensate for the default layout, so there is the minus that a layout preference that does not work for that individual may lower their performance before changing back. Remember that when first changing your layout, it takes at least 4 to 5 days to adjust. Stick it out long enough to get used to it.

Loss of Personalization

Copying the layout used by another PUBG Mobile player involves having a space established with preferences and strategies determined over time by the player. When you adopt someone else’s layout over your own established preferences, you face the risk of a loss of personalization. By becoming familiar with your device’s size and controls, your PUBG Mobile layout, and player preferences such as the weapons with which you are comfortable, your layout choice will help you win more battles based on your personal prowess rather than just making your location feel convenient.

Inconsistent Performance

Copy and pasting a layout in PUBG may not be optimal due to inconsistent performance. Changing the layout to mirror another player’s layout can mess with muscle memory. Any minor mapping differences between keyboard and trackpad configurations can be the difference between being able to swap weapons quickly and open inventory or simply not swapping weapons. Having a different layout makes training in the training ground useless and could significantly lower your in-game performance.

How Can You Customize Your Copied Layout in Pubg?

You can customize your copied layout in PUBG in the following ways:

  1. Placement of controls. This will depend on what works best for you. Many players prefer joystick pads for the movement in the left region and buttons on the right as shown in the copied layout.
  2. Button density. Look at the two recommended layout screenshots above to see what different button densities both look like. Players usually have higher density layouts because they find it quicker to access the controls on their layout.
  3. Button size. As mentioned in the copied layouts, the sensitivity of shooting controls is critical for effective gameplay. This sensitivity might be harder if buttons are too small. Therefore, try not to make buttons too small.
  4. Choice of aiming and shooting button (if you use a two-finger-claw button layout). Will you aim and fire with the same or different fingers using a two-finger claw button layout?
  5. Adopt Left-grip or right-grip button layout. A good layout should not obstruct the player’s screen most of the time. This guide will help with figuring if having a left or right prop button layout is okay for you.

Adjust Sensitivity Settings

The first step to copying a layout is to adjust your sensitivity settings. The controls in PUBG settings allow customization, and by copying the layout that you like, you mimic the settings of the user who originally set the desired layout. This step is important because players’ sensitivities can vary greatly. Choosing to copy layout in PUBG visually without adjusting sensitivities for your requirements will give a similar, but not optimal, experience. Not personalizing sensitivity settings to a player’s unique style could be the factor holding them back from playing at their best and performing their best side in a game.

The sensitivity settings will differ for movement, ADSing, aiming, and scope. You’ll need to adjust these manually. It is important to keep in mind that overly sensitive controls could negatively impact your kill-death ratio, time to kill, and even enjoyment, as explained by Kairos who is a PUBG Mobile enthusiast and Youtuber.

Sensitivity settings can be picked up by visually copying the map of a game that you’ve played or by imaging your mobile switches components as meridians traversing PUBG and sticking all techniques because sensitivity is swapped out in no time just as highlighted in this reddit question.

Change Button Sizes and Positions

Changing the Button Size and Position will help familiarize yourself with the copied layout of another player. Open the controls menu after activating Custom Layout, and click the Button Size and Position Adjustment. When copied controls are not working properly or feel awkward, it could simply be that they are not the right size or position. Adjust until you reach the sweet spot that maximizes efficiency during gameplay.

Add or Remove Buttons

After pasting the settings, Add or remove your custom buttons by holding and dragging to desired locations. First, access settings by selecting the gear icon at top of the main screen. Check and fix all default button settings, because these may not have transferred with a copied settings paste. After adding or removing button space through settings verify they are aligned where you want them based on your thumb-tap in your saved layout. You may instead verify by simply playing around with the screen during gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Copy Layout in Pubg?

To copy layout in Pubg, follow the steps given below.

1. How do I save my current layout in Pubg?

To save your current layout in Pubg, go to the settings menu and click on the ‘Layout’ option. Then, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Can I copy the layout of another player in Pubg?

Yes, you can copy the layout of another player in Pubg by going to the settings menu and clicking on the ‘Layout’ option. Then, click on the ‘Copy from Another Player’ button and enter the player’s username.

3. How can I reset my layout to default in Pubg?

To reset your layout to default in Pubg, go to the settings menu and click on the ‘Layout’ option. Then, click on the ‘Reset to Default’ button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Is it possible to have different layouts for different game modes in Pubg?

Yes, you can have different layouts for different game modes in Pubg. Simply go to the settings menu, click on the ‘Layout’ option, and select the game mode you want to customize.

5. Can I save multiple layouts in Pubg for easy switching?

Yes, you can save multiple layouts in Pubg for easy switching. Just click on the ‘Save’ button in the layout menu and enter a unique name for each layout.

6. How do I apply a saved layout in Pubg?

To apply a saved layout in Pubg, go to the settings menu and click on the ‘Layout’ option. Then, simply select the desired layout from the list and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

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