Unlock the Jinx Banner in Valorant: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a fan of playing as Jett in Valorant? Do you want to unlock the exclusive Jinx Banner to show off your skills with this character?

In this article, we will explore how you can unlock the Jinx Banner in Valorant, including completing the Jinx Banner Contract and purchasing it from the store.

We will also discuss the requirements for unlocking the banner, the challenges you need to complete, and provide some tips to help you achieve your goal.

Let’s dive in and master the art of unlocking the Jinx Banner in Valorant!

Key Takeaways:

  • To get the Jinx Banner in Valorant, players can either complete the Jinx Banner contract or purchase it from the store.
  • Requirements for unlocking the Jinx Banner include reaching Level 5, having enough Valorant points, and completing necessary challenges.
  • Tips for completing the challenges include focusing on playing as Jett in competitive matches, practicing using her abilities efficiently, and playing with a coordinated team.
  • What Is Jinx Banner in Valorant?

    Jinx Banner in Valorant is an in-game item that represents the five variants of the game’s most prominent pistol, the Classic Sidearm. The Classic is both the default pistol that players start each match with and the only pistol that does not need to be purchased.

    The development process of the Jinx Banner is detailed in a behind-the-scenes look at Valorant’s Circle Network. Its various designs commemorate winners of important match-ups during developed or testing seasons and reflect the design of the stacked classic by designer Rick Romero from produced concept to final design. The designs of each variant have become known by their own unique companies as they have been designed by brands that might pronounce the weapon’s mechanics.

    The Dark Horse variant was made by the pioneering technology company DES-1 which was ahead of its time, The shiny Aquamarine variant was from a distinguished but notorious weapons maker Ranco Enterprises. The remaining three are designed by the Horizon Light Electric company in their veined versions, the easy repair system of Judge side arms in their color variants, and the polished Val wavy version. The Jinx Banners when used in Valorant relate to a particular journey or goal but also display player loyalty to the unique positions of the agents who have used the Classic Pistol during the game.

    Valorant Circles of Valor (Valorant COV), created by developer Riot Games, gave fans a chance to experience new characters and refine game tactics while clashing with previous teams. This allowed the developers to analyze and make key balance improvements to the game by tracking the strengths and weaknesses of new agents and weapons.

    How to Unlock Jinx Banner in Valorant?

    To unlock the Jinx banner pick up the A.R.M. team leader card from the objective in episode three of Act one, then complete the Chaotic Mission 1. This mission calls for upgrading equipment with the shop, and you can do so by visiting the Stores Lab. The mission will end once the upgrade is purchased and you return to the main room and interact with either the painting of the unicorn on the wall, or the shop.

    For further details on how to use the ACM agent 9 character to complete the mission, see How to Get A.R.M. Team Leader Card in Valorant? Also, you can visit the gaming site, Sportskeeda, to read a detailed guide on How to get Jinx Banner in Valorant?. The site includes a youtube video of Austrian player, and Twitch streamer TheACM unlocking the Jinx banner.

    Complete the Jinx Banner Contract

    Completing the Jinx Banner Contract is the most straightforward way to get this weapon banner in Valorant. From the drop-down menu in the Agent Contracts tab or in the Collection, you can select episode 4, and both volume 1 and volume 3 to find the Jinx Banner Contract. The pass contains rewards at an average of every ten levels, for a total of 50 levels upon completion.

    To rank up fast in Act II: Prism, you will need to spend more time playing. With a direct relationship because of their reliance on mission-related activities, Contracts and Battle Passes are the different methods of such mechanics. Players that become more skilled or use agents that can easily achieve more mission goals will rise considerably faster.

    The fastest way to fulfill the elements of an agent contract as easily as possible is to spread them out among the agents you regularly use as the majority of the objectives run concurrently. During the game, switch weapons to maintain Squad Commander progress or work towards completing round goals. But using guns that you are unfamiliar with may reduce your impact on the game’s overall effectiveness. So find a nice mix and complete the contract at your own pace.

    Purchase the Jinx Banner from the Store

    The Jinx Player card can be obtained in Valorant by purchasing it in the store for two hundred Radiant Points (200 RPs). Radiant Points are a paid-in Minted currency introduced in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2. It was originally available a couple of weeks after the end of Act 1. When using real money to purchase Radiant Points for the Valorant store, each Radianite point requires a value of 1 cent (USD). The Jinx player card set has a total price of $3, with the player cards costing a dollar each to purchase.

    To purchase the Jinx banner for 200 RP, one must first have Radiant Points in their account, which can be obtained by leveling up in the game, or spending more money to purchase the requisite number of points. Once in the store, select the Jinx Player Card you are shown to the cards you do not own and Add It To Cart. Open the Cart and complete the purchase once all desired items have been added. Note: Purchases are not reversible.

    The RGB border around the Jinx player card can be customized in the Appearance tab under the Player Card section with three color options. Equipping the Prestige variant of the Jett agent in the Agent selection menu will display the Jinx banner on player cards such as weapon skins during the game.

    What Are the Requirements for Unlocking Jinx Banner?

    The requirements for unlocking the Jinx Banner are to simply create a new Riot Account in LATAM to get access to it. As of late November 2021 the Jinx Banner is only available for new LATAM player accounts. Riot states that it is introducing a new beta launcher that offers benefits not available to players in North America, along with the noted Jinx Banner design. Whereas it was previously difficult for players from other regions to do so, now it has become quite simple even with a VPN to access their servers. To get the Jinx Banner, players in other regions can turn on a VPN and choose Chile, use their Country Change service to choose a LATAM country, and log into the beta servers through the newly created account to get the Jinx Banner in any region.

    Reach Level 5 in Valorant

    The first step to earning Jinx’s banner in Valorant is to reach Experience Level 5 in the game. To reach level 5, players need to earn 4,100 experience points. Players earn experience points by playing games in any typical Valorant mode. However, the only mode where they do not earn experience points is the ‘Spike Rush’ mode. Experience points earned are equal to 0.45 times the number of game time minutes played. Therefore, a 20-minute game is equal to 9 experience points which rounds up to 10 experience points in the system put in place by Riot Games. Players also earn varying amounts of experience points in each multiplayer mode, with higher limits on team modes. Players earn the most experience points in matches where they earn the most kills, complete tasks and give the most assists.

    Players at Level 1 actually need 500 experience points to progress to Level 2. The number of experience points required to progress to each new level can be seen on the battle pass interface.

    Have Enough Valorant Points

    A player needs enough Valorant Points (VP) to buy the corresponding skin in the VALORANT armory to obtain a Jinx Gun Buddy. Valorant points or VP are a form of virtual currency that can be bought or obtained through events and contracts in VALORANT. Valorant points can only be used to purchase cosmetic items such as weapon skins, weapon bundles, exclusive player and weapon skins, as well as RP Jett character and weapon skins.

    Because Jinx use special brand weapons and not their usual weapons, the player must buy them out of the shop for the weapons they want to use on that specific episode on in the game. The minimum number of Valorant Points that can be purchased at one time is 435 for $4.99 and the maximum amount is up to 11,000 VP and is priced at $100.00. The conversion value for the number of vp points and their pricing can be seen in the world of valorant image for Valorant in-game purchases. So some quick math based on these numbers, say the Jinx gun buddy costs $2, then a player would at a minimum need to spend at least $2 on 215 VP to secure the Jinx Gun Buddy. At the higher end of $100, only 1.88% of the package cost will be enough to obtain the Jinx Gun Buddy.

    Complete the Necessary Challenges

    Complete all the A New Chapter chapter challenges and the actor challenges to get Jinx. This is easiest of the cat characters to attain as it is part of the core character unlock.

    1. Milestone one: Own at least 12 agents.
    2. Milestone two: Own at least 16 agents.
    3. Milestone three: Own at least 20 agents.
    4. Milestone Four: Own at least 24 agents.
    5. Milestone Five: Own all 25 agents in your career agent field guide.

    What Are the Challenges for Unlocking Jinx Banner?

    The challenges for unlocking the Jinx Banner in Valorant include a 2-person link required to complete Spike Rush Mode matches. It takes a total of 338 hours and 26 minutes and 880 matches played to complete these challenges. For the average player, they estimate the time around 18 weeks or 4.5 months. The Ranked Play requirement will take the most effort as long as you’re completing other missions along the way.

    Get 50 Kills with Jett’s Ultimate Ability

    You have to get 50 kills with Jett’s ultimate ability Bladestorm to unlock the Jinx banner in upcoming episodes of Valorant ADR, a version of Valorant for a more casual and fun gaming style with unique agents. Secure kills against enemies most effectively by securing long-range vision with the Cloudburst ability which charges 3 seconds after use.

    Win 10 Rounds with Jett in Competitive Matches

    You get the Jinx spray (R6) when you win ten rounds with Jett in competitive matches. Competitive matches in Valorant have higher stakes because there are more challenging matches, they have longer durations, and they require more dedication as you are incentivized to win. To win with Jett, it means that you are really in tune with the character and are really good with the game, as Jett is one of the champions that is harder to use correctly. Win the specified number of rounds and the player gets a strike towards the goal. Ten rounds with Jett means you only need to win a total of two matches, plus a win on one more round.

    Get 5 Kills with Jett’s Cloudburst Ability in a Single Round

    To get Jinx in Valorant, you must kill at least fives opponents with Agent’s abilities in a single round. If the opponents are weakened or killed primarily by guns or sharp objects, those kills from the gun will not count as one of the five required kills but will keep the round going to secure the banner according to Riot’s requirements. The Cloudburst ability from Agent Jett is likely best as it has such a short cooldown and can grant the user some level of invisibility. It’s also one of the easier abilities to get multi kills with if thrown with precision and timing.

    Tips for Completing the Challenges

    The Jinx banner in Valorant is part of the Act 3 battlepass, which was released on October 13th, 2021. The Valorant Act 3 Battlepass includes new Episode 4 themed weapons, agents, gun buddies, cards, player cards. It also has Premium and Free Agent Contract alongside giving things like Aerosin Local Avatar, Photon Phantom, etc.

    The speakeasy-themed Jinx player card is a premium-tier player card in the rewards track at tier 27 of the battle pass. Picks up to 40 abilities without the help of teammates as opposed to focus on custom matches. For example, one of the challenges requires you to pick up 3 spike orbs to win. How else will you do that in 2 kills in a normal game?

    Focus on Playing as Jett in Competitive Matches

    Jett is a duelist agent, her playstyle prioritizes mobility and speed, and she focuses on engagements. This means she is expected to pull off bigger plays compared to non-duelist agents and often gets more kills if played correctly. Unlocking the 9 pieces of the Jett Radiant Clutches mission, shown at right, will unlock the option to obtain the new Jinx agent banner in Valorant.

    Competitive mode is a player-versus-player standard game mode where players play against similar players to continuously improve their skill in multi-round 5-versus-5 plant/defusal or bodyguard scenarios. Individuals unranked in competitive usually play between 5-10 placements matches to get their rank. Requires a minimum agent unlock limit of 5 agents. Pros recommend agents Jet, Eduardo, Chamber, K.O. or Raze. The better agents players are with, the easier it is to adjust to the opposing team’s agent. Players will also get more credit selection opportunities, such as ending a duel early to bypass the enemy team or getting information more easily against aggressive agents.

    Practice Using Jett’s Abilities Efficiently

    Practice using Jett’s abilities is the next step to getting the Jinx banner. She is an Initiator Duelist character with high mobility and good long-range abilities. In terms of positioning and playstyle she is the most similar to Jinx.

    Jett’s E ability Cloudburst is a projectile smoke grenade that can be thrown at enemies to obscure vision. You should practice using it at key points during Valorant to keep yourself hidden from enemies. Her Q ability enables her to glide across the map making her a good choice to quickly relocate and strategize with her team. Her R ability Blade Storm gives her a burst of damage capability against enemies and is similar to Jinx’s E ability with greater mobility and faster shots.

    While Jugs is with TENZ earlier on in the tournament, they discuss Pokémon as well as Jett’s abilities. It is a good session to get some insights on how to use Jett’s abilities effectively. She explains that as a duelist-initiator you should be able to control zones and work as if you are on the offensive.

    Play with a Team to Coordinate and Complete Challenges Faster

    Playing with a full team of five ranked friends can make these games more fun as each game mode will just turn into a team deathmatch. You can also coordinate one friend to be your favorite food while another is duelist. As you complete the challenges as a team, you will not be seeing directives that your team has progressed with as frequently you will see the personal directives that your team or you have not made progress on.

    This will simplify the challenges and focus the team. When playing as a team, remember that 20 kills in competitive all count as the team’s 20 kills. When playing solo, you will only be able to select one of the five agents you are comfortable with to kill as an agent. However, if your team gets the other four, you will get that many kills in all of a sudden!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I obtain the Jinx Banner in Valorant?

    The Jinx Banner in Valorant can be acquired by completing the Jinx Collection bundle, which includes the Jinx player card, spray, and gun buddy.

    2. Can I purchase the Jinx Banner separately or do I need to buy the entire collection bundle?

    Unfortunately, the Jinx Banner is only available as part of the Jinx Collection bundle. It cannot be purchased separately at this time.

    3. How much does the Jinx Collection bundle cost?

    The Jinx Collection bundle costs 2,475 Valorant points, which is equivalent to approximately $25 USD.

    4. Are there any special requirements to unlock the Jinx Banner?

    Yes, you must first unlock the Jinx player card, spray, and gun buddy before the Jinx Banner can be obtained.

    5. Can the Jinx Banner be obtained through gameplay or is it only available for purchase?

    The Jinx Banner can only be obtained through purchasing the Jinx Collection bundle. It is not currently available through gameplay.

    6. Is the Jinx Banner a limited edition item?

    Yes, the Jinx Collection bundle is a limited-time offer and will only be available for a certain period of time. Make sure to purchase it before it’s gone!

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