Maximizing Your Earnings: A Guide to Making Money in Pubg

Do you enjoy playing PUBG and want to know how you can earn money while doing what you love?

We explore various ways you can make money through PUBG, from participating in tournaments to selling in-game items.

Discover the best strategies to win in PUBG, such as choosing the right landing spot and communicating effectively with your team.

Avoid common mistakes to improve your gameplay. Stay tuned to learn more!

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royale game created and published by the South Korean video game company Krafton. The game is a free-to-play one hundred player match in which the last player or team alive wins. Released in March 2017 for Steam and Windows, versions for Android and iOS were soon developed. A lightweight version, dubbed PUBG Lite was released in January 2019.

How to Earn Money in PUBG?

You can earn money in PUBG through a combination of leveraging your skill levels in-game for prizes, investing in in-game and off-game items that have appreciated, or by engaging in professional esports management. Money can daily be earned in PUBG by competitive gaming, via free-to-enter tournaments and esports tournaments with prize money worth as much as $50K to $200K according to Esports Earnings. There is online tutoring and coaching available to improve your game, giving more possibilities for earning.

Myriad channels have been created through which to find paths to earning money in PUBG. There are self-organizational, advertising, and streaming opportunities on YouTube for PUBG content creators. Elektronik Device is another popular social media platform for such gaming content creation. Influential esports organizations such as Clutch Gamers Entertainment, Team Liquid, TSM and Fnatic hire players and even streamers. The ‘PlayerUnknown himself suggests building relationships with these esports professionals to find monetary opportunities. Alternative revenue streams from PUBG gaming can be found in cryptocurrency in the form of __pxgm tokens which spin off from PUBG-themed projects.

Participate in Tournaments

Different tournaments are held by Outlook, Tencent Games, Star Challenge Series, and more. Players in North America, Europe, Brazil, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and India can try out for their national tournaments.

All official PUBG tournaments must be authorized by Tencent. There are lower-budget tournaments, but fans and players must be cautious, as it is not uncommon for people to attempt to scam others out of their money or information in order to participate in tournaments that do not officially exist.

Sell In-game Items

PUBG has an Official Merchandise Store where you as a PUBG player can purchase merchandise such as PUBG hoodies, t-shirts, masks, mugs, and phone covers. But a business insider article mentions that workers claim they have lost up to $50,000 in stolen electronics while making PUBG at work (although they do not specify that workplace theft of PUBG items is a thing among its staff this statement is misleading as it seems to claim it is). The PUBG one-year anniversary highlights video mentions a total of 2.5 billion dollars of PUBG merchandise sold.

Stream Your Gameplay

Streaming your gameplay on your favorite platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming is a popular way to make money by playing PUBG Mobile. For monetize livestreaming, the YouTube Partner Program requires at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours in the past year.

Twitch similarly requires an average of 3+ simultaneous viewers and 50 followers. If you have already reached these milestones, you can earn money with advertising, sponsorships, fan subscriptions, donations, sale of your own merchandise, media and gas, game sales, game in-app purchases, and Twitch chat badges called emoticons.

You can use YouTube Super Chat, Fan Funding options for earning more tips. In India, companies like Razer and Real Money Earning Games India offer an affiliate program; the dynamics of the program remain to be seen, but it is worth investigating further as PUBG is extremely popular in India.

Create Content on YouTube

Creating YouTube content covering Arena Mode, beginners’ guides, latest updates, where to find money rooms, Puzzles Escape events, collaborative videos with professional players, etc, is a way to earn money in PUBG. If you can build up a healthy subscriber base while earning revenue from your videos, you could receive a certain amount of Super Chats or Tips during playing. This means your fans are contributing you to show their appreciation for your content and ally with you virtually in the game and will help you stay solvent.

Join a Gaming Clan

Though this way to make money is not offered directly in money, people might find opportunities to earn money through special types of cases. Clans in PUBG often have practice games to get their members great at the game. As such, one might make themselves available as a mock opponent from which other players can develop their skills. Inside the clan the play money to whoever wins a tournament or special championship among members can be applied.

What are the Best Strategies to Win in PUBG?

The best strategies to win in PUBG are to play smarter and more cautious. Newer players should stick to solos and duos as opposed to squads. Learn to use vehicles, but avoid frantic playing in the driving seat. Cruiser, road block, or transport vehicles for the entire squad are useful. Take the time to choose your starting point and carefully select your drop zone. High-possibility and safe areas are best for beginners because crowded areas are difficult to manage.

Knowing how to manage your inventory is another essential strategy. You should always pick up necessary items, but avoid carrying unnecessary or replicant items. Using mobile finger sleeves can help with easy organization. Successful players learn common loot areas and good and bad camping locations.

Abu ‘Attacker’ Sayed of Team SouL provides a number of strategies for staying safe. These include avoiding difficult opponents, avoiding hot landing locations, and avoiding long-distance fights.

Even if you are not going to be killed quickly by your opponent, make sure to avoid enemy attacks wherever possible. Simply disengage from fights without taking direct confrontation because you will never know the number of his squad. Also, avoid hot landing locations as there are many good players who can kill you before you even pick up the loot and gear. If you are looking to win in PUBG Mobile, use the above tips to come out on top.

Choose the Right Landing Spot

Choose a landing spot that is near but not directly on the flight path of the aircraft. While being near to the aircraft means that you get to the ground more quickly with access to loot items before your competitors, being far away from the direct path means that you will have lighter competition and a higher chance of being the last person alive in the area. Find a location marked in white that is away from the aircraft’s trajectory if you want to find good items quickly and have them all to yourself.

Collect the Best Weapons and Gear

The difference between defeating an enemy and an enemy defeating you in PUBG can often come down to a weapons accuracy, recoil handling skills, and the amount of time you need to reload. Go out of your way to find the best weapons and gear in PUBG. You may end up killing a powerful enemy, looting their crate for valuable items, and using this to win the prize in a chicken dinner.

Here is a broad classification of all weapons in PUBG based on skill requirement, Reload Time, Sensitivity, DPS(Damage Per Shot), and Likelihood of Finding (as per the rarity of a PUBG weapon):

  • Low Skill Weapons
  • Medium Skill Weapons
  • High Skill Weapons
  • Default Weapons
  • Rifle
  • Sniper
  • Heavy weapons
  • Shotgun
  • SMG and Handgun
  • Melee

The most effective weapons in PUBG have been the Bereta M416, Kar98, and AWM rifles. Continued practice to correct aiming and firing skills is required, as these are high recoil weapons. The team at Inventiva went to these PUBG veterans, who were kind enough to share their thoughts on their favorite guns. Here it is:

  • Salman Razi – Vector
  • Sahil Kamal – DP-28
  • Sameer Gupta – AWM
  • Unrash Sharma – AKM
  • Mohinder Paul Verma – M416
  • Ashwani Aggarwal – Crossbow
  • Anshuman Tiwari – QBZ-95
  • Digbijoy Roy – SLR
  • Manas Anand – M762
  • Devender Saharan – UZI
  • Sumeet Singh – Groza
  • Mayank Singh – AUG A3

Remember, 80% of your strategy to earn money in PUBG is in the preparation, and best weapons and gear with a lot of ammunition can make the difference.

Play Smart and Use Cover

It is always useful to be a smart player in PUBG. Smartness in PUBG refers to the player’s ability to avoid dead zones, make strategic decisions, communicate with their teammates, move according to incoming zones, and most importantly provide cover to themselves.

There are two types of coverage PUBG players can seek, namely natural cover and constructed cover. Natural cover refers to rocks, trees, hills, and other natural terrains. Constructed cover refers to any buildings that have not been destroyed on the map. Using in-game items for cover such as smoke grenades and flashbangs can also allow for strategic movements and saving a player from potential deaths which will allow finding and killing others. Although relentless, engaging in confrontations draws attention more and more towards them. Hence, it is essential to use guns having lesser firing sounds. There are many other tactics and tips to become a smart player for making money while playing PUBG.

Defined as tactics such as opening your parachute as late as possible and selecting drop zones wisely. This also includes using the map for navigational value to avoid the red zone. As a smart PUBG player, it is recommended to collect as much information as you can while also keeping an eye on your back and ensuring to have enough cover moving from location to location.

Communicate Effectively with Your Team

  • Getting the best loot
  • Win on the battleground

Discussing strategies and tactics can help your team work together more effectively, which will prevent loot hoarding altogether and increases your team’s chances of winning. Talking with your team through in-game means like PUBG’s voice chat or may be needed but is often dangerous as enemies can hear you, so it is smart to do so when you are a large group and are in a safe location. Communicating outside the game through Discord, Facebook Messenger, or other similar tools is often used and recommended. Larger teams may actually have meetings on Discord or Zoom, in addition to in-game strategy sessions. Training together in-game is critical to building teamwork. Practice drills, weapon accuracy, communication techniques, and strategies for different kinds of terrains and buildings. Assign roles to each team member: sniping, rushing, recon, etc. As everyone will be looking for the same items, it is also recommended for all team members to carry different weapons so the chances of you finding the ammo you need are higher.

Stay Aware of the Circle and Plan Your Movements

The circle is a glowing white circle outside the safe zone. Every time a new circle appears, it is smaller than the last circle, and the safe zone appears inside the newly formed circle. This continues until the last circle remains and every player falls within it to engage in combat.

Cycles can be around 5 to ten minutes long and repeat until one player or team is left standing. Areas ranging from farmland to mountains and ranching communities to urban areas, military bases, and power plants often provide map themes, and the PUBG game has multiple maps.

When planning ahead, choosing the angle to take on an opponent can make a huge difference in your chances of victory. Try to discover enemies before they find you. Predetermine how you will use the map settings to your advantage to catch them off guard. Knowledge of high ground, cover, and vantage points can provide a huge advantage.

Knowing how to acquire money in PUBG can only take you so far. Experience and high-level combat skill are still required in case you are surprised by an opponent. Be prepared for movement while on the run, have a weapon ready, and do not let enemies get a first shot advantage. Avoid moving objects appearing near you in PUBG and within realistic movement constraints due to lack of realism for gaming. Always stay prepared with weapons and alternatively use bound and thumb sliders for comfortable and quick movement.

What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid in PUBG?

The common mistakes to avoid in PUBG are not communicating with teammates, not using first-aid kits and bandages, and not finding cover. There are three types of mistakes that you avoid.

Pubg is a team-focused game. Always communicate and work together to win if you are playing squad or duo mode. Players must not forget to quickly use an on-hand first-aid kit or bandage after taking or giving damage. Lastly, keep right on finding cover – if no obstacles are available while advancing, find one in front of you, behind you, or on the sides. Do not advance into the open field.

Not Paying Attention to Your Surroundings

Not paying attention to your surroundings in PUBG is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Use the free look function as much as you can to ensure you’re not caught out by someone sneaking up on you. Three-dimensional audio in PUBG will enable you to hear footsteps, gunshots, and vehicles from quite a far distance. Be alert and don’t allow yourself to become distracted by checking your mobile device while moving or looting.

Not Communicating with Your Team

This one sounds a bit harsh in the context of PUBG Mobile and PUBG in general because PUBG games are team-based ones. Therefore, this recommendation implies not to communicate with the enemies. We know that communication with the team puts you at a disadvantage as the opponents can hear you, so this is one way to potentially make some cash. By not engaging in conversations with the enemies in these Battle Royal games it helps to increase survivability.

Not Managing Your Inventory Properly

Not managing your inventory properly in PUBG is a major wasted opportunity. Players using backpacks to solve inventory limitations need to consider the time needed to fully unpack and repack the backpacks. It is very risky to do so if not in a concealed position, whether stationary or moving as you will give away your position. Constantly check and monitor your inventory to prevent accumulating useless or extra-weight items.

Not Using Vehicles Strategically

Vehicles in PUBG can be used for transport, travel, cover, and traps. Pros have demonstrated consistent skill on how to use vehicles properly. Azoz showed composure with the motorcycle, Forsen used the UAZ for cover, and Shroud drove the dacia with control.

Using a vehicle unnecessarily or without proper strategy can sound the siren on death from adjacent buildings due to the loud engine. Conversely, using a vehicle with a sprinting or dynamic playstyle can divide an enemy team’s focus.

Even though many vehicles were removed from the game for its successor PUBG: New State, there are still many of the following vehicles you can use for the following purposes in New State’s map, 2023 Troi.

  • Roadster (all maps): quick transport
  • Motorbike (all maps): quick and nimble transport
  • Off-Roader (all maps): quick transport across difficult terrain
  • Coupe (Erangel): discreet transport
  • UAZ (Erangel): cover
  • Buggy (Vikendi): cover
  • Aquarail (Sanhok): quick and discreet transport
  • Dacia (Miramar): quick combat
  • Tukshai (Sanhok): cover for multiple enemies

Not Practicing and Improving Your Skills

Not practicing and improving your PUBG skills is a mistake too, just as practicing poorly is a mistake. Commit yourself to daily sessions for upgrading your aiming, scouting, and multiplayer battling abilities. You can even find custom training modes in an open area where you can practice without being in genuine danger. Inside of a one-week period, you may expect to see some major changes if you remain devoted to playing more than a few hours per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Earn Money in Pubg?

1. What are the different ways to earn money in Pubg?
There are several ways to earn money in Pubg, such as participating in tournaments, streaming your gameplay, selling items on the marketplace, and completing in-game missions.

How can I make money by participating in Pubg tournaments?

2. Can you earn real money by playing Pubg tournaments?
Yes, players can earn real money by participating in Pubg tournaments, as many organizations and companies host them with cash prizes for winners.

Can I earn money by streaming my Pubg gameplay?

3. Is it possible to make money by streaming my Pubg gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube?
Yes, players can earn money through streaming their Pubg gameplay on various platforms by attracting sponsors, subscribers, and donations from viewers.

What items can I sell on the Pubg marketplace to earn money?

4. What kind of items can I sell on the Pubg marketplace to make money?
You can sell in-game items such as weapon skins, character outfits, and crates on the Pubg marketplace to earn money.

Are there any in-game missions that offer rewards in Pubg?

5. Can I earn money by completing missions in Pubg?
Pubg has various in-game missions that offer rewards, including Battle Points (BP) and items that can be sold on the marketplace for money.

Is it possible to earn a steady income by playing Pubg?

6. Can Pubg be a reliable source of income?
While some players have been able to make a living through Pubg by excelling in tournaments and streaming, it is not a guaranteed source of income and should be treated as a hobby rather than a job.

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