Mastering Emergency Pickup in Pubg: Tips and Tricks

Are you a PUBG player looking to take your gameplay to the next level?

One crucial aspect of the game that can make a huge difference is knowing how to use Emergency Pickup effectively.

We will explore what Emergency Pickup is, why it is useful, and how to activate it in PUBG.

We will also discuss different scenarios where Emergency Pickup can come in handy, the best locations to use it, the risks involved, and how to counter it as an opponent.

Stay tuned for some valuable tips and tricks to make the most out of Emergency Pickup in PUBG!

What Is Emergency Pickup in PUBG?

Emergency Pickup in PUBG is a new gameplay feature introduced in Update 13.1 of Event Mode in the recently launched game version 1.5 update. Emergency Pickup Posters will appear in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi Event Mode. These posters enable players to call for quick support while in a pinch. If players activate these posters near them, they can display an Emergency Pickup signal, and an AI-controlled Fulfillment squad will airdrop a vehicle or short-range helicopters that can transport players to safety. In the PUBG Emergency Pickup game, players can use Emergency Pickup around three times. After deploying Emergency Pickup, it will cool down for 45 seconds. Once the Fulfillment squad has been contacted, interaction is impossible, and players cannot call for a second one instantly. The emergency pickups in PUBG can appear only at specified time intervals throughout the game. This feature allows for a short experience of close gun battles and sheds light on PUBG’s lore.

Why Is Emergency Pickup Useful in PUBG?

Emergency pickup is useful in PUBG because it is the quickest and most efficient way to pick up knocked teammates. It is particularly effective when you are in an exposed location and you need to end the picking up process quickly. Emergency pickup is done by moving the downed player directly above your character model. If the very first step of pickup placement is performed incorrectly, emerfency pickup should not be used as the knocked player will be tossed outside of emergency pickup range jus as frequently as they will be picked up.

As the Live on Three esports podcast by djWHEAT discusses, Emergency Pickup is designed to address indoor and outdoor scenarios, and should be utilized by players whenever the opportunity presents itself.

How to Activate Emergency Pickup in PUBG?

Emergency parachuting out of the plane can be activated by clicking the jump icon at the bottom left of the plane map. This has the same icon as the emergency pickup request you’ll need to accept when it comes through your HUD, and it adds a parachute and directional lock to the end destination for quick navigation.

In some games, the map won’t let you indicate a drop point, but it still allows you to parachute out of the plane. Use the WSAD keys to select an exit point as normal. Find the jump button on your HUD where you normally find the fire button. Depending on whether the right or left side is selected by default, click on the left or right side.

Once initiated, you can steer your parachute as you normally would when you drop from the plane. It takes you to the emergency pickup point being requested by a teammate or random player that is requesting an emergency pickup. Review the pickup point to decide if you want to accept it.

If you want to accept it, click on the usable button on the HUD. If you don’t want to accept it and would like to suggest a new location for emergency pickup, click the cancel button.

Step 1: Find and Activate the Emergency Pickup Device

If you have an emergency and need to reach an open landing zone quickly, utilize emergency pick up. You use emergency pick up in PUBG by pressing the CALL POLICE button at the bottom of the screen. The cost of getting picked up this way is a little less than calling a normal helicopter – usually 1 or 2 thousand CP. As soon as the police are dispatched, their helicopter takes off from an Airdrop Box and flies to the Emergency Pick up Device location.

Utilize the emergency pick up device the same as calling a normal helicopter. The duration from calling the police to reaching the location is about the same as a normal helicopter pick-up. Once they have dispatched, a Police helicopter is dispatched and travels to the emergency location. Once the police helicopter has arrived, the police line goes from the emergency pick up device to the opened helicopter door.

Step 2: Wait for the Helicopter to Arrive

The next step to using the Emergency Pickup mode in PUBG is to wait for the helicopter to arrive. The helicopter will make its entrance by lowering an evacuation rope. Additionally, the helicopter is quite conspicuous, and players will most likely see it heading towards them.

The helicopter will not land on the ground, so the only way to board it is to walk up to the rope and climb until it flies high enough that other passengers can board. Simply follow the beam which shines in your area to the specific spot for the end location of the chopper, and stand below that spot. The helicopter will turn to face that spot just before it drops its rope.

How to Use Emergency Pickup in Different Scenarios?

Emergency Pickup can be used in a variety of scenarios, but these are the most popular methods for how to use Emergency Pickup.

  1. Reach a destination when normal vehicles are unavailable.
  2. Move undercover avoiding detection.
  3. Reconnaissance to determine more info.

Situational awareness for vehicle density, player movements, terrain cover, expression of current objectives, and time management are some of the factors that may determine the necessity and discretion of use. There are no wrong ways to use emergency pickup, but those who remember it’s in their inventory in vital moments will have a significant edge during gunfights.

  1. Land: There are numerous occasions, such as in the first search for vehicles when you land, when you may find yourself needing to quickly move towards the play zone but being unable to find a vehicle quickly on foot or even by short-range road. In such cases, players can leverage the six suspension balloons found on-site for emergency pickup and quick travel until they can identify an appropriate normal vehicle.
  2. Undercover: There are instances when you must prevent detection by other squads. In such situations, the Emergency Pickup item is a silent vehicle selection. If you have used your normal vehicle already or don’t want to announce your location with the extra noise of engines and tires, this item is invaluable for reaching the next safe zone while concealing your location.
  3. Reconnaissance: If you’re out of gas or in a vehicle that’s unfit for the terrain nearby, you may like to check one final nearby area before taking off. The Emergency Pickup is a fast, rapid way to reach that area to ensure no one is in your path.

Scenario 1: When You Are Alone and Need to Escape

Escape straight away, as opponents may have noticed your alerted status due to vehicle visibility of a pickup, and might try to get the kill because you could be alone – but of course, be aware that sound may provide them with information about where you are if this method is about to be used. After the teleportation timer finishes, it is good practice to try and pick some good cover with vision, so you’re ready for the enemy. We recommend using the last circle with the guaranteed center point of excitement (usually a building, rock etc.) when possible.

On maps such as Erangel and Sanhok, using emergency pick up when alone might get you out of a difficult situation in which you are trapped. Possibly a location in the red closing circle, or between two teams of enemies are two examples of being trapped. If you use emergency pick up or thunder mode, you can shock your opponents who might expect you to continue in a certain direction, giving them time to find out where you are, adjust to being able to aim and lock onto your position, and try to shoot you. This method is even risker if the enemies have vehicles or if you have no cover to hide behind once you are teleported. On the Mad Miramar map, having a lone player is one of the best things that could happen to you, especially if you are in a location surrounded by nearly endless desert, as you will have ample time to switch windows, reload, heal quickly or use a booster if necessary, as your opponent leaps around.

Scenario 2: When Your Squad Is Down and You Need to Revive Them

There are often situations where the majority of your squad gets downed but the enemy push is slow or they are taken out still leaving your team with the majority of the 20 points of seconds the downed members reserve. If you think there’s even a remote chance your squad will be finished, notify your team before clicking the emergency pick-up button. It costs 1 housing unit and reduces your respawn time by max 5 seconds while reviving everyone in a 10-meter radius.

Scenario 3: When You Are in a High-risk Area and Need to Evacuate

TrooperTP, who is a Top 100 US PUBG Mobile player, describes having to use Emergency Pickup in a high-risk area when he is trying to run into cover but knows that there is probably an enemy there waiting for him. This scenario requires that you maneuver outside of the critical area and use the map as much as possible to identify an area with cover to evacuate from.

What Are the Best Locations to Use Emergency Pickup?

The best locations to use Emergency Pickup in PUBG are secluded compounds, complexes, or other protective locations near the center of the safe zone. These unique locations allow users to board comfortably and protect themselves with an environment that adds another layer of safety to the choice of Emergency Pickup. The best and safest locations are the halves of Isla Muerta as well as the few isolated spots adjacent to Los Leones or Minas del Sur.

In the northern play zone, a cabin in a hug or the southeast of El Pozo offer a mix of isolation while still being near to the center of the danger zone. In the zone outside of Sanhok, Mt. K provides extreme safety near the edge of the play zone, making it an ideal location for Emergency Pickup, while Camp Bravo provides a bit more safety inside the play zone.

In the recently updated Emergency Pickup feedback map in PUBG, the best locations for Emergency Pickup according to Bluehole were near the Compound, Underpass, and Tunel compounds of Erangel. These were followed by complexes such as Woods, Castle, Kameshki, and West Bypass.

What Are the Risks of Using Emergency Pickup?

The primary risk of using Emergency Pickup in PUBG is the possibility that an enemy team shoots at the helicopter, inside which you may not have full cover (especially from bullets coming from the gas tank side near your feet). There is also a risk that enemies can shoot you while you are preparing to get onboard.

Along with the danger posed by opponents, another risk of Emergency Pickup is the possibility that it could be bait set up by an enemy squad hoping to ambush your team. If you are given the option to use an emergency pickup, your best course of action is to expect that an ambush awaits you at the alternative end of your journey.

How to Counter Emergency Pickup as an Opponent?

There are few direct tactics to counter emergency pickup as an opponent in PUBG and the risk to the enemy team when reviving downed teammates is generally considered to be low. The primary tactics that players use to give themselves a better chance of countering emergency pickup are through cover, mobility, and use of area denial tools and tactics.

Cover refers to items and environmental features that provide concealment and limited protection from enemy fire such as hills, boulders, and walls. Players who see the enemy reviving a teammate can hold their fire until they are able to shoot while popping up from behind cover and concealing themselves when the enemy looks around and aims back their way.

Mobility not only means moving tactically to prevent the enemy from killing you while down, but if you are the one trying to kill an uprevive teammate you may need to reposition if you see that your current position is not effective for stopping the enemy team’s revival.

Area denial tools and tactics refer to the use of grenades, weapons with high stopping power to prevent the revival or finish the downed enemy, or even having teammates send grenades. Effective teams will often have one or two players (the ‘snakes’) move independently to flank and distract the enemy while they are reviving a teammate. Which of these strategies you use to counter emergency pickup is largely determined by the in-game tactical situation. Success will depend more on game sense, decisiveness, and tactical acumen than any specific fighting minutiae.

Shoot Down the Helicopter

If you need to use the Emergency Pickup item in PUBG, first shoot down the helicopter to earn its contents. The helicopter flies overhead anywhere from 3.5 to 5.5 minutes on Miramar and from 4 to 5 minutes on Erangel. You will hear an announcement of the Emergency Pickup event 3 minutes and 45 seconds after the start of the game. Listen for the sound of the helicopter when it is near.

Aim and shoot your weapon to take down the event helicopter. It only takes a few shots with most weapons to achieve this, though a player using a pan has had success by deftly throwing their pan up to the helicopter. Make sure other players who are closer to the helicopter than you do not pick up the Emergency Pickup item if the helicopter goes down. Run to the yellow smoky area just below the helicopter and pick it up from there. It will be dropped from the downed helicopter like all other airdrop contents.

Emergency Pickup boxes provide 3 throwables, 3 perks, 2 attachments for armor #3 backpack #2 vest, and 2 attachments for the gun. In the rare instance that the helicopter of the Emergency Pickup didn’t spawn or was shot down before you could pick it up, leave the area and any assumed cover immediately, adversaries nearby or further might look to eliminate you out of sight or out of mind.

Use Smoke Grenades to Block the Helicopter’s View

Blocking the view of the helicopter with smoke grenades is another way to safely gather your squad. If there is a building to hide inside of temporarily, closing doors and tossing smoke grenades in the most visible direction to the helicopter is a next best move. The smoke will cloud the chopper pilot’s field of view and force him to navigate other directions, thereby providing you with cover from overhead death.

Smoke Grenades used to be scattered all over ERANGEL and all were throwable to create smoke. Now PUBG only offers a special airdrop called a smoker with more than 10 smoke grenades.

The helicopter needs a brief time to find you, but as soon as you receive it you should pick up your smoke grenades and throw them. Smoke will last for 15 to 18 seconds will remain 5 seconds and cover up to 10 meters of your surrounding environment. Request smoke grenades from your special airdrop early if have not already picked one up by buying a smoke grenade.

Ambush the Players as They Land

A supply crate landing via an Emergency Pickup Call will be tracked and shown to all players on the plane prior to reaching their jump destination. This creates the opportunity to ambush the players waiting for the crate, with parachutes up and on the ground.

A napalm firefight in bunkers and hangars could kill any players you encounter as they’ll be encumbered by their extra loot, and fledgling weapons training. You’ll get the biggest strategic advantage from Emergency Pickups by clearing the small area surrounding the crate. Then camp the crate location, kill any peakers or downed players while still at a distance, and wait outside in a safe open area for evac. As the Emergency Pickup location is revealed to everyone on the plane, you should wait until the dropping plane passes over the area you’ll be setting the Emergency Pickup point to disguise your intentions.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Using Emergency Pickup Effectively?

These are some tips and tricks for using the emergency pickup suit effectively with examples:

  1. Get near a vehicle before jumping from a high location. If a player is about to jump from a high location, they may take damage when they land. If this happens already, their emergency pickup suit is used effectively by near a vehicle beforehand and then jumping. This allows a player to take advantage of the immortality period following a hard-landing, or rather what was supposed to be used for emergency healing.
  2. Don’t use it too late. A player might think that most likely, they will be eliminated immediately upon cleaning. Loss of body armor is common and much less players will go into a heavily viable fight. The useful functioning time is probably less than five minutes due to the size and number of the blue circles. It is more advisable for successful escape to be cautious rather than aggressive. Given that blaster has one additional HL or the other two special armors are more suitable for avoiding extermination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emergency Pickup in Pubg and when should I use it?
Emergency Pickup is a feature in Pubg that allows players to call for a helicopter to airlift them out of a dangerous situation. It is best used when you are low on health and need to quickly escape from enemies.

How do I activate Emergency Pickup in Pubg?
To activate Emergency Pickup, you need to find a flare gun in the game. Once you have the flare gun, shoot it into the air to call for the helicopter. The helicopter will then fly to your location and pick you up.

How do I know if my Emergency Pickup request was successful?
If your Emergency Pickup request was successful, you will see a red flare in the sky. This indicates that the helicopter has been notified and is on its way to your location.

Can I use Emergency Pickup in any game mode?
Yes, Emergency Pickup can be used in all game modes in Pubg. However, it is only available in certain maps, so make sure to check the map before attempting to use it.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use Emergency Pickup in one game?
No, there is no limit to how many times you can use Emergency Pickup in one game. However, keep in mind that you can only use it if you have a flare gun and there is a helicopter available.

Can other players steal my Emergency Pickup?
Yes, other players can see the flare and may try to intercept the helicopter before it reaches you. It’s important to stay alert and defend yourself while waiting for the helicopter to arrive.

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