Discover the Best Method to Obtain Feathers in Minecraft Without Harming Chickens

Are you looking to gather feathers in Minecraft without having to harm any chickens?

We will explore various methods on how to obtain feathers in the game without resorting to killing these friendly creatures.

From breeding chickens to utilizing enchantments and dispensers, there are several strategies you can employ to gather feathers ethically.

We will also provide tips on farming feathers efficiently to enhance your gameplay.

Discover how you can acquire feathers in Minecraft without harming any chickens!

What Are Feathers Used For in Minecraft?

  • Feathers are crafting items in Minecraft. In the game, chickens mainly drop one feather when they die, but it is possible to find feathers as a part of rubbish or loot.
  • Feathers are used in Minecraft to craft Arrows which are a visually pleasing and cheap ranged weapon that deals anywhere from 2 (1 heart) to 6 (3 hearts) damage points upon successfully hitting a mob. Players seeing when they equip a sword will how 1.6 attack damages in their first-person point of view, known in the game’s community as one red heart the 2 or 3 simply means you’ll get health reduced per shot successfully.
  • Arrows are also used to craft the tipped arrows that are ammunition for the bow and crossbow, which are also complex, ranged weapons that deal up to 10 damages upon hitting a mob. Players can use a bow to shoot a nicked or regular arrow, this is the least amount of crafting steps for any subsequent arrow type except spectral.
  • The initial modification of the arrow is done with a potion. Either the player creates a specific tipped potion just like healing or invisi and combines that with an arrow, or they launch a regular potion at a group of standing arrows and all of them get tipped. Next up, the player can then combine these arrows with 1-to-8 torches (in a crafting table) to add a light source so the player can see in a cave or how far the arrow flew.

How to Obtain Feathers in Minecraft?

To obtain feathers in Minecraft, players can either

  1. kill chickens and after they die loot their drops, or
  2. look for fluffy white silkie chickens in jungles and watch them molt to obtain Feathers without killing chickens

Minecraft Chickens are passive mobs of birds that live in the Overworld. They have very low health, but do not attack, deal or take damage. Tamed wolves will attack them, but they will only respond by running away. Chickens are small mobs, which makes it harder for players to hit them from a distance normally. They have the highest spawn rate of all naturally occurring mobs.

Killing Chickens

Chickens are the most efficient source of Feathers in Minecraft. They spawn frequently in the world and can always be reproduced by breeding. Chickens are easy to kill for both beginners and advanced players, as they possess low health and don’t provide attackers with harmful status effects, nor do they drop any harmful items like those of blaze rods. Some players with an online avian phobia may find these creatures’ excessive presence startling and/or annoying.

Ways to make an efficient and automatic feather farm include a Chicken Cooker to kill them and with regular collection, or the Viaduct Chicken Farm which automatically collects eggs with a Collector Anchor, uses a Relay filter set to input mode to only allow eggs into dispensers, and releases all the chickens into one collection area when the player turns off the filters. The player can then switch on minor parts of a magic and Iron golem Moss farm in the same area to auto-kill the chickens all at once.

Minecraft players that want to venture out and find feathers outside of classic slaughtering of farm animals can do so incredibly quickly and easily. Any body/living thing death will almost always yield at least one feather, making them omnipresent.

Finding Feathers in Chests

Another way to get feathers in Minecraft without killing chickens is by finding chests. Chests are randomly generated multi-block structures containing loot usually located in randomly generated structures. They can be found in certain terrain features such as villages, dungeons, pyramids, strongholds, temples, nether fortresses, wood/mansion buildings in the dark forest, shipwrecks, and other generated structures scattered throughout the Overworld and Nether.

Along with randomly generated chests found in the End Cities and Bastions Remnants, all the loot shown in the figures is the loot available in the chests. The probabilities of where feathers can be found in the chests are not hugely varied. It is most commonly found in loot chests in the nether fortress (93.7%), end city (51.3%) and bastion remnants (50.4%). In end cities, it is second in likelihood only to there being a diamond that spawns (51.3% of all chests).

In the table below, eagle is a mod added by the Zoocraft Discoveries mod that gives several birds in different biomes. 18 of 22 have a chance that they will drop a feather (or multiple). Some of the birds have a 100% feather drop rate in exchange for a new bird species being granted, which eliminates them as sources of feathers. The only bird species unique for users playing solely with Zoocraft Discoveries is the Red-Beared Vulture, southeast Europe.

Trading with Villagers

You can get Feathers in Minecraft from trading with villagers. To do this, you need to find a Villager Outpost where you can see many villagers. Trading is the exchange of emeralds, coal, and other items for new items for the game’s players through offerings from villager NPCs. Villagers require you to trade with one of them at least one or two times before you are granted access to see the trades in which feathers might be an item to acquire. It is easy to find a village in Minecraft as they will be automatically generated during world generation or can be created manually.

The 1.14 Village and Pillage update made it easier to find and interact with villagers as they are much more common. Simply walk in the overworld until you find a village. Go inside and check out the numerous houses to find a zone where villagers hang out. Trade with villagers, and who knows, maybe they’ll give you feathers.

How to Get Feathers Without Killing Chickens?

You get Feathers without killing Chickens by having them swim in water sources, as they are non-lethal sources of damage in Minecraft. Feathers will obtain by repeatedly exposing them to the currents. An alternative method of obtaining Feathers in Minecraft is by throwing eggs from Chickens at any receptive surface until the Chickens living in the eggs come out. Depending on the player’s fortune, there is a probability that the Chickens of the Eggs will deliver an Egg of their own.

Breeding Chickens

To get feathers in Minecraft without killing chickens, breed them. All you need to do is throw seeds (wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds work) near two chickens, and the chickens will come together and produce a baby chick. After 20 minutes, this chick will become a fully grown chicken. Chickens are great for home Minecraft farms as they lay products which are more utility than beef, mutton, or squid ink (Feathers).

Using a Looting Enchantment

The Looting enchantment boosts the probability of dropping items from your opponents in Minecraft. Players can use a Looting Sword or an Enchanted Book to obtain this capability. Feathers in Minecraft are dropped by birds, most significantly chickens. Therefore if the player wants to obtain feathers then they need to kill birds. An enchant with the looting domain will raise the bird’s drop probability.

Using a Dispenser

A dispenser in Minecraft is a block used to dispense/drop a variety of items, such as water, lava, snowballs, and arrows. A bowl for making mushroom stew can be created with only wood planks and placed inside the dispenser. Using a tripwire to activate the dispenser when a player crosses a hidden plane, the eggs inside the nest can be shot out without players coming near. Found in dungeons, dispensers can be crafted using seven cobblestones and one bow.

To create a feeder system for the mod you are using, wire the switch or dispensers with a Mod Interaction Upgrades from the plugin, which will allow input from all sides of the machine. As an example, the Invar Boule arrangement mentioned above has all three items input and output on the same side. This wired them into opposite facets using the appropriate mod’s Side Configuration or Mod Interaction upgrade, when taken as an example.

Dispensers must be powered with a redstone circuit, using either a lever, a button, or some other redstone source. The three ducts on the left are pushing out the chicken and feathers, which will be dropped after they touch the outermost duct.

Tips for Farming Feathers in Minecraft

The only way to get feathers in Minecraft without killing chickens is to rarely obtain them as rare loot from the following sources, or much more commonly as normal loot from the second source:

  1. Killing ravagers yields a drop rate of a maximum of 14.3% with a Looting III sword. They also rarely drop heads and saddles. This is not a recommended or practical method as they hit very hard, have a lot of health, and are tough to kill.
  2. Destroyed cobwebs yield zero to two feathers, in addition to four strings, when destroyed by arrows that miss their intended targets, tridents, or ender pearls tossed near them. Feathers are found naturally-four at a time-in the corners of a map’s grid to the northwest of a Pillager Outpost. There are quite a number of cobwebs in abandoned mine shafts throughout the Minecraft world that can supply numerous feathers. All together, this is perhaps the least practical but most common and passive way to acquire a lot of feathers in the game.

Bulk orders of feathers can be placed on online shopping transactions for a small amount of money if obtaining feathers legitimately is not an option. When a large number (up to thousands) of feathers are wanted quickly, turning to the website Fiverr to find someone selling Minecraft items might be one potentially unsafe option if sought as an actual in-game competitive advantage.

Building a Chicken Farm

The best way to get feathers without killing chickens in Minecraft is to build a chicken farm. In survival game mode, this provides a regular stream of feathers as a byproduct of the farms’ goal to provide as many chickens as possible. The more chickens, the more you spend on corn and the more feathers you will have within a few days. Chicken farms can be automatic or manual; the main components of them include 3-5 chickens, hoppers to take away eggs, a chest to store eggs, a hopper to feed chickens, and a way to harvest cooked chicken.

Kodingtrhab in this YouTube video explains how he set up his basic and easy chicken farm in his video.

The effectiveness of a farm will depend on the space utilized. So, building a small chicken farm with a collection hopper on the second level is suggested to maximize use of space. The typical example of this is the Mumbo Jumbo chicken farm. This should contain about 5-10 chickens. Over time the farm will fill with chickens and when there are enough, the player can kill some of the chickens to maintain the desired population.

To extract feathers in this method, wait for chickens to molt their feathers and they will become collectible cloth-colored blobs. Regularly collect these blobs of feathers or replace your chickens frequently and they will automatically drop feathers when killed.

Using a Looting Sword for Efficient Feather Collection

A looting sword in Minecraft is an enchantment that will provide a higher chance of more feathers (and other drops) dropping when the chicken is killed. The Looting enchantment increases the maximum loot drop by one per level. Therefore, the Looting III enchant will increase the drop chance up to three times. Using the Looting III sword, and depending on luck, you can efficiently kill three chickens to collect one feather.

Keeping Chickens in a Fenced Area

The third way to collect feathers in Minecraft without killing chickens is to keep them in a fenced area that is partially open to the sky. This allows for the natural death of chickens by lightning or lava which will yield feathers. This is the least efficient method as even in a thunderstorm there is no guarantee a chicken will be killed and drop feathers, and the chances of a chicken stumbling into dangerous terrain is even less likely.


To get feathers in Minecraft without killing chickens, interact with them to encourage a frequency of mating. Chickens make fertile eggs every 5-10 minutes and the best way to make sure you do not miss when they lay an egg is to have a hopper under them. If you collect the eggs laid in time, you can have unlimited chickens to make the process faster and easier.

If one wants to get feathers in Minecraft without using chickens, wait until they see a lot of mobs (pigs, sheep, cows, etc.) button so chickens will breed with the rest of the mobs and provide a chance to obtain feathers. Snow Golems are a non-kill alternative to chickens and they will produce snowballs every couple of minutes. If snowballs or feathers from chickens are part of the recipe to build something, then it is a good idea to cultivate Snow Golems to maintain a supply of the resource without killing animals for it.

When building a chicken farm in Minecraft, digging a collection pit with a hopper underneath will collect both eggs and feathers, which will help you to build up a supply for a wide range of items. In most cases it is quickest to get as far as breeding two chickens, but it becomes even easier by adding a hopper, and may take a little longer to store a surplus of feed. Collecting chickens to a specific place close by and ensuring a surplus of eggs is the quickest way to get a steady supply of feathers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get feathers in Minecraft without killing chickens?

There are a few different ways to obtain feathers without harming chickens in Minecraft. One method is to find and explore abandoned mineshafts, as they often contain chests with feathers inside. Another option is to trade with a librarian villager, who may offer feathers in exchange for emeralds. Lastly, you can also find feathers in dungeon chests or by fishing in a body of water with a fishing rod.

Can I craft feathers in Minecraft?

No, feathers cannot be crafted in Minecraft. They must be obtained through other means, such as finding them in chests or trading with villagers.

Are there any specific biomes where I can find feathers?

Feathers can be found in any biome in Minecraft, but they are most commonly found in forests, plains, and taiga biomes. You may also have luck finding them in swamp biomes.

Do I need any specific tools to obtain feathers without killing chickens?

No, you do not need any specific tools to obtain feathers without harming chickens. However, using a looting enchantment on your sword while killing chickens may increase the chances of obtaining feathers from them.

Can I use a mob grinder to automatically collect feathers without killing chickens?

Yes, mob grinders are a popular method for automatically collecting resources in Minecraft, including feathers. However, keep in mind that building a mob grinder may require more advanced knowledge and resources.

Is there a limit to how many feathers I can obtain without killing chickens?

No, there is no limit to how many feathers you can obtain without harming chickens in Minecraft. You can continue to explore and trade with villagers to obtain as many feathers as you need.

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