Mastering Pubg: Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro Player

Looking to elevate your gameplay in PUBG and become a pro player? This article covers everything you need to know to improve your skills in PUBG, from mastering the basics to utilizing effective strategies.

Discover the key tactics used by pro players, how to enhance teamwork, and common mistakes to avoid. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips and insights will help you dominate the battleground and climb the ranks in PUBG.

What Is a Pro Player in PUBG?

A pro player in PUBG is a highly skilled, competitive player who earns a living by participating in PUBG tournaments. During competitions, pro players must display teamwork, game knowledge, quick decision-making, and expert shooting abilities. Their status as pros can be recognized by their membership in a professional esports organization where they compete against the world’s best players, or by their celebrity status within the gaming population as a whole, signified by a strong following on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. Merely being skilled is not sufficient to reach the level of a pro player. It is their ability to be better in all areas of the game than their competition that sets them apart.

Players who aspire to become pros skilled at positions in armored vehicle piloting, sniping, or close-quarters combat must invest the time for individual practice within the various PUBG maps. The best players adopt a variety of playstyles by acquiring proficiency with different weapons across all the PUBG maps including Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin, and Vikendi. The best PUBG professional players earn money from prize pools in tournaments, salaries from their teams, merchandise sales, game partnerships, and donations from fans, and in some cases, sponsorships with companies such as Zowi offer substantial additional earnings.

How to Improve Your Gameplay in PUBG?

The main ways to improve your gameplay in PUBG are training, knowledge, and understanding actions and reactions. The term gameplay can refer to anything related to the game itself, but in the context of this article, it refers to playing the game with an eye towards improving. Some players will naturally have better hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Training can maintain and even improve those attributes, but the capacity for improvement stems from the foundation they are born with.

Knowledge can be learned through events happening in the game, understanding the capabilities of each weapon, listening to directions, and reading guides. Understanding refers to strategic thinking in the midst of a game. A very general tactical principle for PUBG or any other Battle Royale game is to minimize the number of engagements you participate in as much as possible. Each engagement is taking you away from two key objectives: improving your loot selection and improving your position on the map relative to the eye of the storm.

You should only be taking fights where the reward justifies the risk. The risk is your chance to go from actively participating in the game to being a spectator. While you will not improve as quickly if you are always avoiding fights, you will last longer in games and get more opportunities to practice your gameplay. Note that not all encounters mean a fight will happen. Players and squads will often see you and shoot you, but if you withdraw from the situation without engaging them, the encounter turns into an opportunity to position quietly for a more favorable engagement. In sum, improving your PUBG gameplay requires a balance of training, knowledge, and understanding.

Master the Basics

Mastering the Basics includes mechanics training, skill development, and battleground awareness. From knowing how to jump and land smoothly, to learning how to zero in on a target and fire. Battleground awareness has everything to do with paying critical attention to the play area, plane trajectory, and paying critical attention to the play area, plane trajectory, and adjusting your pace and movement style to stay ahead of the shrinking safe zone. It also includes learning the art of map reading.

Practice Your Aim

Practicing your aim can greatly influence your PUBG gameplay and can enhance your overall performance in PUBG. Improved aiming skills in PUBG will allow you to eliminate opponents much quicker, reduce ammo wastage, ensure fewer heart-stopping moments, and rise up the leaderboards swiftly.

Use Training Grounds and Shooting Range Mode. Scrim with friends, as it enhances aim and adds a bit of excitement. Play Death Matches on local servers to improve your aim. Altering your sensitivity is a quick way to enhance PUBG aim. Lowering your sensitivity on consoles, or R.I.P. on mobile, will help you zero in on the target. Practicing on lower sensitivity will make you more accurate with your actions, comparable to an IRL basketball player who makes a significant number of free throws to get better at long-distance shooting. Make sure to do plenty of Target Practice. The Sensitivity session will help players hone their shooting skills. Utilize Gyro Controls. The gyro sensor contributes significantly to a player’s ability to move smoothly and quickly. With gyro controls and gyro sensibility, the player can improve their play.

Learn the Map

PUBG Corp estimates that it takes 8 seconds for players to move from one end of the map to the other in Erangel, and close to 33 seconds in Karakin. Knowing the # of steps needed to run or swim across a body of water, different terrains where vehicles spawn, and loot availability in different areas is vital in the game.

Maps are randomly generated. The ability to complete objectives varies based on said randomness, which makes map knowledge essential to successful navigation in differing conditions. When you are new to PUBG, assume the use of perimeter buildings and skyline hilltops. Be highly conscious of the location of cliffs.

Use Headphones

Using headphones is absolutely necessary when playing PUBG. How to get more kills in PUBG mobile? Using headphones in PUBG can save lives and lead to more kills. Since sound is crucial in the game, monitoring environment sound and listening to footsteps and gunshots are significantly easier when wearing headphones. Eg: Depending on the accuracy required, a player with headphones can easily differentiate footsteps sounds from different surfaces like that of a running player on grass or mud surface etc. Headphones with a built-in or microphone, or even using a separate microphone, are beneficial for communication. Headphones reduce background noise and distractions and improve overall focus on the game.

Know Your Weapons

Pubg has 42 unique guns within 29 sets of attachments and 30 ammo types. That may seem overwhelming, but while you don’t have to remember all of those weapons at all levels of the game (especially since the vast majority will be in the vaulting update to be implemented currently only within the Pubg master test server), it is worth learning the ins and outs of the most common weapons and the ones you prefer to use. This basic knowledge about the guns can help you better analyze situations and choose the best weapons for you, increasing your performance. Here is a quick list to get you started with several guns to notice and learn about in Pubg that old version of .pubg has them:

  1. M416

  2. AKM

  3. UMP45

  4. Kar98K

  5. P1911

What Strategies Do Pro Players Use in PUBG?

Pro players in PUBG use different strategies depending on the game situation, game mode, and the map being used. Pro players drop in looting spots where they can get high loot immediately while avoiding enemy teams, and then travel to the next safe zone. They usually assume that other teams are going to target them and enter combat, so they constantly stay close to cover and change positions to avoid being an easy target. Additionally, the_chaco offers another nuance in that you must not play recklessly. Instead, try and identify a team that is playing defensively and wait for a shooting opportunity.

This playerunknown battlegrounds strategy guide shares the knowledge and tactics of professional player Caster PlayIGN. He explains that the PUBG safe zone strategy varies across game modes. In competitive matches where BrDMs (seal delivery vehicles) and armors are available, they even sometimes stay at the edge of play zones. However, in classic matches, players tend to hit the center of the first and last circles and fend the semi-choke points around the perimeter of the circles.

Professional players in PUBG have strong teamwork skills and stay in their designated roles to ensure the team runs efficiently. They also have strategic backup plans, such as when their drop spot did not go as planned. Along with this, their ability to snap to a headshot accurately is another essential quality, according to the PUBG strategy guide from the player Caster PlayIGN of PlayIGN.

Drop in High Loot Areas

To be a pro in PUBG, experienced players use tricks like dropping in high loot areas. Players search for buildings or compounds that are usually high-density areas and do not require them to travel too far from the airplane path. Heading to the center of the map in medium density areas is suitable for beginners, but pros aim for large buildings on the edge of the map.

Move Strategically

Specifically in the Pochinki area, players have the best chances of seeing the action as it comes and not being hit from behind. If that’s not possible, head for a safe zone, avoiding narrow water bottlenecks. The motorway is highlighted because on all maps, players can use the motorway to find cars to escape the blue and be directly in the center of the map which assists with awareness of their location.

Use Vehicles Wisely

Using vehicles in PUBG can be a mixed bag for pros. It is most useful in the early game to quickly get to the spot on the map where the pro player wants to set up. There is underlying tension for proper vehicle strategy because as PUBG Expert Ian Smith notes someone can always be hiding near an intersection or spot where the pro player plans to fill up on gas. Players in the car are often sitting ducks even against less skilled opponents as featured pro teams discovered on PUBG Mobile’s Survival Heroes tournament 2018.

Later in games, they make noise and are an automatic beacon for other teams who hear them. The pros do not want to be caught while in a moving vehicle as it is almost impossible to fight a wheeling wheel. It is better to bail on a car when it is a rolling coffin. Vehicles, particularly helicopters, can be incredibly powerful communication and flying instruments in such games such as PUBG.

To be a PUBG pro, do not use vehicles when opponents are nearby. Drive fast when driving over open country so snipers do not hit easy shots. Abandon a car if it starts burning and communicate effectively during flights to maximize teamwork and loot possibilities.

Communicate Effectively with Your Team

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, getting to act as a team and to communicate with your group members can help improve your overall gameplay, especially during handwritten and strategically demanding matches. The importance of effective communication with your teammates in PUBG is noted by Tommy aka Zanpah from the North American professional esports team Ghost Gaming. Especially during heated moments he has noted how, if you are not putting a lot of effort and time into communicating effectively, you are not going to get anywhere.

Focus in on your teammates and adjust the microphone volume levels if necessary as Noizeeh from Noble Esports Serbia mentions, to ensure that you effectively communicate with your teammates during the heat of battle.

How to Improve Your Teamwork in PUBG?

You can improve your teamwork in PUBG by playing as a tag team, choosing the correct team members, improving pampering habits toward teammates, and making teammates comfortable.

One of the key ways to improve teamwork is to play in a two-man team on PUBG mobile. A top-ranked player says that while any of the four teammate formations have strengths, after evaluating which of them to prioritize, a two-man squad should be chosen are utilized allowing information gathered in previous scenarios to be put to full utility.

Another way to improve teamwork is by choosing the correct team members. Meddler and sandeep emphasize that if you’re an aggressive player, choose teammates who play passively. Conversely, if you’re a defensive player, choose a teammate who likes to play aggressively. Modifying modesty and demeanor in the team is also a key element in order to make the members and ultimately yourself comfortable in a team. For example, it illustrates a lot. Instead of tactlessly accusing and yelling at players for poor performances, players can give them a motivational swanky wave.

Assign Roles to Each Team Member

Each player in a team has different skill sets. Assign different roles to complement strengths. Roles include entry fragger, mid clear, sniper support, leader, or flanker. Strong leaders are useful during fights since they can direct teammates to focus fire on the most dangerous enemies, provide stealth cover during retreats or offensive pushes, or advise on effective role changes.

A good role allocation strategy is 2 entry fraggers, 1 mid clear, 2 sniper support (if required), and a leader giving advice and change roles if required. This update to the classic 3/3 arrangement is often the best setup for players new to the game and who have not decided on their playstyle. You can update this as you better define strengths and weaknesses.

Practice Together

Networking with other players is a critical part of the PUBG esports experience. Teams are contingent on alliances that players must spend time fostering beyond simply playing in battles. Moreover, playing to learn from others is a reinforcer for training to be pro in PUBG with the French team in the East. XEW securing a spot at the PUBG Global Invitational.S after going through the EU qualifiers showed how regularly playing PUBG becomes important for high-level competition success.

The Reckoners, a PUBG organization that creates training content, elaborates about how well you need to know your team members. This is why it is important to have a good healthy conversation within teams and discuss what went right or wrong on the field.

Communicate Constantly

Communicate with your squad or duo partners constantly to relay important information in real time. You do not need to verify with your teammates every decision that you make. However important and pertinent information such as enemy positions, vehicle locations, player requests, logistical information, and any other pertinent information should not only be shared but repeated multiple times as necessary for emphasis. Constant communication helps lower the chance for miscommunication and ensures that the team’s strategy is known by everybody.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid in PUBG?

  • Ignoring strategy and tactics: Do not think just because you are good at shooting that you always have to. You can outwit your enemy instead.
  • Not differentiating weapon importance: Especially in the early game, try to get good weapons. Level III armor won’t save you when a shotgunner blindsides you.
  • Not utilizing attachments: Make sure to use attachments on your pistols and assault rifles for strategic purposes.

These are three of the most common mistakes to avoid in PUBG.

Panicking in Combat

Panicking in combat element in PUBG is visible on newer players as they have not gotten the experience of multiple tense moments and cannot maintain a level head in PV. This is because of their unfamiliarity with PUBG’s gun mechanics. Panicking is counterproductive as worsens recoil management, exposes the player to the danger zone of the map, and can result in moving towards the enemy rather than away from it. In times of panic, just breathe and shoot the enemy with short, measured bursts.

Not Paying Attention to the Circle

It’s easy to get distracted by shooting and gathering weapons/ammo while not paying attention to the white circle. The white circle dictates every minute of the early, middle, and late parts of a match. If you’re not following it, you won’t be in a good position to reach safety in time. Get in the habit of frequently checking the white circle when it is moving and use it to dictate your movement to ensure you are the first to the spot you want.

Not Using Cover Effectively

When to Use Cover: You should use cover at any point that you can reasonably do so – especially if you are taking enemy fire. Always attempt to move towards any cover in the area if you are caught without it, and then arrange your movements and shots to make the best use of cover.

Mistake Explanation: Dying because of a lack of cover is one of the most common mistakes new players make in the PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC versions of the game. The environment has been deliberately structured so you will almost always have at least some cover available to you. Not using it effectively makes you an easy target. Do not wander into open ground without looking where the nearest cover is, is it something solid enough to obscure you completely, and where will your next best avenue of defense be.

Wasting Resources

The site GameRevolution’s article ‘PUBG Guide: How to Win and Dominate on Xbox One’ by Michael Leri points out that pro players do not waste their resources. Thoroughly think about every move before you make it. Do not heal yourself when there is no danger. Do not sit behind a tree and start emptying ammo at an enemy you cannot even hit. Every time you needlessly fire ammo, you’re exposing your location to the entire world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for becoming a Pro in Pubg?

To become a Pro in Pubg, practice is key. You should also focus on improving your aim, mastering different weapons, and learning strategies for different game modes.

How important is communication in becoming a Pro in Pubg?

Communication is crucial in Pubg, especially for team-based game modes. Being able to effectively communicate with your squad can greatly increase your chances of winning and becoming a Pro.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to become a Pro in Pubg?

One common mistake is not paying attention to the map and circle. Another is rushing into fights without proper gear or strategy. Avoiding these mistakes can greatly improve your gameplay and help you become a Pro.

What are some advanced techniques to master in Pubg?

Some advanced techniques include peeking and leaning, controlling recoil, and using grenades effectively. These techniques can give you an advantage in gunfights and help you become a Pro.

How important is knowing the map in Pubg?

Knowing the map is crucial in Pubg. It allows you to plan your movements, find better loot, and avoid danger zones. As you become a Pro, you should also learn hotspots and high loot areas on the map.

What are some ways to improve my decision-making skills in Pubg?

One way is to analyze your gameplay after each match and identify where you could have made better decisions. Watching replays of professional players can also give you insights on decision-making in different situations.

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